Why do you dream of Iron: interpretation in various dream books

On the one hand, iron objects foretell trouble in dreams. On the other hand, as the dream book says, iron is the metal that speaks of your strength and ability to cope with any problems. What exactly your dream means depends on its details and the actions performed with the metal...

Why do you dream about iron? Interpretation in popular dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud on the website of the Gadalkin House.

Why do you dream of Iron according to S. Karatov’s dream book

Iron - Seeing iron in a dream means a profitable business awaits you.
If you see iron in stripes in a dream, then your merits will be recognized. Hot iron - you will have reciprocity in love.

Seeing that you are forging iron means more energetically arranging your destiny. To be chained in iron means sadness and sorrow await you.

Giving something iron in a dream means a quarrel.

If you dreamed of an iron grill, then very soon you will have to face serious life obstacles.

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Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

In Nostradamus's dream book, iron symbolizes war and confrontation, strong power

  • Seeing a man whose head is chained in iron indicates troubled times, a clash of armed groups striving for power;
  • Seeing children with various iron weapons in their hands portends the enslavement of the country by enemies, slavery by foreigners.;
  • Trying to crush an insect that has an iron shell warns that a vile person in power with a strong position is realizing his plans;
  • Witness the moment when the king revealed the secret of his invulnerability: he has an iron heart - warns of a sharp change in the government’s policies, which will become fair and loyal, which will bring relief to the people;
  • Seeing that iron is valued more than gold indicates the end of the truce and one must prepare for war.

If you dreamed of forging Iron: dream book of V. Melnikov

Iron - Seeing iron in a dream - this portends hard, unprofitable work. If in a dream you are trying to get out from under the rubble of iron, then this may mean mental depression and financial losses.

Seeing rusty iron is a harbinger of poverty and disappointment.

If you see sheet iron in a dream, it means that your expectations are destined to come true. Cutting iron sheets in a dream means you will show selfishness and rudeness towards the people who are under your command.

Seeing metal around the house means you have nothing to fear

If you surrounded yourself with a metal fence in a dream, you can live in peace, nothing threatens you.

Any metal structure near the house is a symbol of the protection of higher powers, says Miss Hasse’s dream book.

If you see an iron ladder against the wall of your house, you can count on the help of a very specific person. Moreover, the more steps the staircase has, the higher the position in society the patron will have.

A metal door or gate that you dreamed of is a sign of internal isolation, which is the result of excessively protecting yourself from the influence of others. You shouldn’t be so categorical towards everyone, advises the Lunar Dream Book.

Why do you dream about Iron according to the Big Dream Book?

Iron - Seeing iron in a dream is a sign of trouble. If in a dream you felt the weight of iron on you and tried to free yourself from under it, then you may suffer material losses.

If you hit someone with an iron in a dream, then you will show selfishness and rudeness towards those who depend on you.

To see that they were selling iron means that you have dubious success and disappointment in friends ahead.

Rusty iron - dreams of poverty and disappointment. Hot iron means bad luck.

Dream book of Simeon Prozorov

  • Seeing iron means the business you have started will be profitable;
  • Holding a piece of iron in your hands means that on the path to success you need to show will and unyielding intentions;
  • To see a pile of rusty iron - things that seem uninteresting and routine hide great opportunities;
  • Bend under the weight of iron - seemingly impossible financial obligations will become a quick start;
  • Forge iron - a team of like-minded people will help you achieve results;
  • Selling iron means quick profit;
  • Buy hardware - new business partners will be a good injection into your business;
  • Red-hot iron - at the most crucial moment you will receive the support of an influential person.

Seeing Iron: A. Pushkin’s dream book

Iron - Seeing iron in a dream is a stern sign of trouble. If you dreamed of rusty iron, then such a dream promises poverty and disappointment. Seeing red-hot iron foretells failure caused by the abuse of one's powers and power. To see that you feel the weight of iron on you and are trying to free yourself from under it, then such a dream portends you mental confusion and material losses. To dream that you are hitting someone with an iron means that you will show selfishness and rudeness towards those who depend on you. To see that you are working iron means that you will use unacceptable means to become rich or famous. A dream in which you sell iron means that dubious success awaits you in the near future, and your friends will turn out to be liars. If you dream of a pile of iron, then such a dream foreshadows unintentional harm that will be caused to you and which will bring you misfortune and will cause loss, and possibly material damage. If you see a blacksmith making something from iron, then such a dream promises you uncertainty about your property rights.

Iron - to failure, unnecessary troubles and disappointment. They will give you a gift, but it will not benefit you.

Curious moments

Small Velesov's dream book interprets hot iron not as hot temper, but as mutual passion, but prophesies bloodshed if a person in a dream saw him blowing bellows in a forge.

Seeing iron itself is a sign of profit, wealth, a new successful business. Huge metal products represent safety. And the sword fight brings glory. The only thing that doesn’t please us in interpretations is what it means to be injured by iron - it portends an illness. And if you dreamed of trading it, it means losses in reality.

See Iron: dream book of O. Adaskina

Iron - In the old days, dreams that the sleeper was standing at an anvil, forging iron, meant for him quarrels, abuse, a quarrelsome but kind wife. Iron things - security (protection from something or someone), profit. Small iron objects are all sorts of troubles that are best avoided. Iron rods - to danger, iron tools - to success in the business you have begun.

A dream in which you feel the weight of iron and try to free yourself - to moral and material losses. Trading iron is unlucky; buying is good luck. Hot iron - to reciprocity in friendship or love. Rusty iron - to poverty, disappointment in loved ones. If you see that you are covering the roof with sheet iron, then you will soon encounter difficulties on your life path, which, however, will not bring much disappointment and worry and which you will easily overcome.

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