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The floor is the most important part of the house. It symbolizes the basis of all spheres of human life. It’s not for nothing that they say that cleaning, or more precisely, washing the floors, helps to put things in order and decide on future plans. Many people are interested in why they dream of washing floors. In order to correctly interpret such a night plot, it is worth paying attention to the small details that accompany it.

General interpretation

When interpreting a dream in which a person is washing the floor, he should pay attention to his own emotions and sensations. If the plot does not have a negative connotation, then it portends changes for the better. In addition, the execution of the procedure with clean water indicates that all plans are destined to come true.

However, if the dreamer washes not just a dirty floor, but also one that is broken in some places, he should pay attention to relationships with loved ones. Perhaps a conflict situation will soon be brewing or has already matured, which needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Otherwise, this will lead to friends or relatives stopping communicating altogether.

Dream Interpretation of the Yellow Emperor: wash the floor

In general, gender is perceived as half of something. For example, a family consists of two halves - male and female - yin and yang. Washing a smooth and even floor means peace of mind and peace of mind, harmony in the family. If it is dirty or destroyed, it means unforeseen dangers and troubles. Washing a stone floor in a dream means family life is based on material values; a wooden floor means family relationships are built on love and emotional experiences.

Why dream of washing a dirty floor?

When a person dreams of overly dirty floors, it is likely that in reality he is negligent in fulfilling his duties. In addition, this is a signal that it is worth visiting a doctor and undergoing an unscheduled examination, since he may have health problems that he refuses to notice.

However, if the dreamer managed to clean the floors, it means that he will easily cope with all life’s problems that will arise on his way. Muddy water in a bucket during this activity indicates that the person is constantly tormented by a premonition of danger. He should relax and let go of what is happening, because what will happen cannot be avoided.

Seeing traces on washed floors is a sign of an approaching quarrel with your soulmate. Perhaps a loved one has decided to cheat, but is hiding it. The truth will sooner or later become known, but for now it’s worth spending more time together and not getting hung up on petty quarrels that provoke big scandals.

When the carpet on the floor is too dirty and needs cleaning, this means that the sleeper should stop being wary of people who are trying to help him in every possible way. Such a negligent attitude towards those who care about him can lead to the fact that they simply turn away from the person and will never come to help again, even at his request.

Who washed the floors in the dream

The interpretation may differ depending on who did the cleaning:

  1. Mom - to well-being and prosperity in the dreamer’s family. Very soon all the troubling problems will be solved and forgotten. A white streak is coming with pleasant and joyful events.
  2. Grandmother - to a prosperous old age. It's time to increase your savings. The dream book recommends investing money in starting your own business. You should choose a line of activity that will bring not only income, but also pleasure.
  3. Mother-in-law - to move to a new place of residence. The dreamer's friends and relatives will share the joy of the upcoming important event.
  4. An unfamiliar man means favorable changes in your personal life. This could be the birth of a child, a wedding, a wedding or a trip.
  5. A deceased person washes the floors - to career growth and salary increases.
  6. A cleaning lady means a change in workplace to a more prestigious and highly paid one.
  7. Wife - to participate in a fun holiday. The sleeper will soon experience positive emotions, joy and communication with pleasant people.
  8. Husband - to make an important decision. If the dreamer has long been tormented by questions and doubts regarding some matter, an event will soon happen that will help him make the right choice.
  9. Former lover - to increased attention from the opposite sex. Those around you will appreciate the dreamer's new hairstyle or outfit, and it is possible that the sleeper will receive invitations to a date from several admirers at once.
  10. Son - to the emergence of a new and interesting, but expensive hobby. For example, this could be surfing, diving or riding an electric scooter - any sports activity that will require a person to make large investments in the purchase of equipment and uniforms.

What affects the color of the floor?

When a person dreams that he is washing the floor, it is worth paying attention to what color it is:

  • dark flooring portends strong emotional experiences. However, they will appear for the reason that a person will imagine something that does not actually exist. It is worth taking a sensible approach to resolving any issues that arise;
  • a light floor covering is evidence that the dreamer has chosen the right path in life. He is a rationalist who makes adequate decisions. Hence his constant luck;
  • a white floor covering, previously washed and washed again, indicates that the sleeper can control himself in any situation;
  • red shades of the flooring indicate that the dreamer is too aggressive in reality. He should be softer, kinder, perhaps then his relationships with others will reach a new level.

If you dreamed of a wooden covering

Most often you see wooden flooring. On the one hand, this is a sign of a correct perception of the world, on the other, a warning that something is preventing you from living a full life. Remember where exactly you were and what you tried to clean up in your dream, then feel free to look into the dream book:

  • steps, threshold - to forced travel;
  • staircase opening - to precarious official position;
  • bridge - to the emergence of enormous opportunities;
  • hospital corridor - to bustle, interference in business;
  • oak parquet - to the growth of spirituality.

How to interpret washing the floor outside the home?

It is known that washed floors in a dream symbolize changes for the better. However, this is a general interpretation of the plot. To understand what meaning it actually carries, you should pay attention to the place where the dreamer was cleaning:

  • washing the floors in someone else's home indicates that the dreamer has a beneficial effect on its owner in reality;
  • To dream of washing the floors in the workplace means that the bosses will finally appreciate the efforts of the sleeper. Perhaps he will be promoted soon;
  • Washing floors in an educational institution usually portends a change in place of study or work. If the sleeper is not mentally prepared for this, it is worth starting to tune in, otherwise in reality this event will be accompanied by severe stress;
  • Washing the floors in the entrance of an apartment building portends an imminent move. Most likely, its date has already been set, however, the dreamer is too worried about this. It’s better to gather your thoughts and start organizing routine moments;
  • Dreaming of washing the floors in the kitchen signifies the beginning of a new, strong relationship with a member of the opposite sex. In addition, such a plot may become a harbinger of obtaining a new, more significant position at work.

Cleaning place

In order to interpret the dream as accurately as possible, you need to remember where in the dream you had to wash the floors. After all, the room in which the cleaning is carried out is of great importance. For example, if the action takes place in the kitchen, then this portends a new, higher position, and in the living room - an unexpected bonus or gift. Cleaning up the bedroom may be a sign that you will have to spend time in pleasant company.

  • If a girl was cleaning someone else’s apartment, this means that she can have a strong influence on the fate of some person.
  • Cleaning your workplace indicates the employee’s value to his superiors.
  • If the floors were washed at your former job, this may promise small financial losses.
  • But cleaning the boss’s office foreshadows a major purchase, for example, new furniture or some equipment.
  • When a person tries to clean the corridor at work, this is a sign of love and harmony in family relationships. If at the same time some valuable thing was found, then your most cherished desire should soon come true.

Cleaning the church suggests that a person is washing away his sins. Perhaps he committed an act for which he felt remorse for a long time. Such dreams mean that the dreamer wants to atone for his sin and start a new life.

When the floors are washed in the entrance, this is considered a favorable dream, foreshadowing a move to another place for permanent residence in the near future.

Doing wet cleaning at school promises a change of job or a promotion to your current position.

Cleaning your parents' house means that a big family holiday is expected soon, and in the hospital - a deterioration in your financial situation, or perhaps spending money on treating one of your relatives.

If you had to wash the floors in the bathroom or toilet, this may portend gossip. But cleaning the kitchen promises a pleasant acquaintance with an interesting young man.

  • In the case where order was restored in the mother-in-law’s house, serious life troubles are expected in the near future.
  • Washing the flooring in the house where the deceased is located is a sign of trouble. Such a dream can promise illness, problems at work, or a quarrel with a loved one.

Wet cleaning in the store promises a successful purchase.

When a girl cleans a rich mansion for some celebrity, this indicates her desire to have her own family. At the same time, if the owner of the mansion paid for the work, a suitable candidate will soon appear on the horizon, and then a wedding will not be far away.

What does it mean to wash floors with your hands or a mop?

When trying to understand why you dreamed about washing floors, you should pay attention to the devices used to carry out this procedure. So, if a woman was mopping the floor at home, it means that something in her life does not suit her. Most likely, she is tired of the routine, she needs to go out into people and unwind a little.

Washing the carpet with a rag suggests that the dreamer will have to make every effort to achieve what he wants. Moreover, it does not matter who sees such a dream, a man or a woman. Using a washing vacuum cleaner during cleaning is a good sign. Most likely, improvements in living conditions await the sleeper.

Many people are interested in why they dream of washing floors with their hands. Oddly enough, this does not bode well. The dreamer faces significant life changes ahead, which will be accompanied by certain difficulties. Only after he manages to achieve their solution will the quality of life become better.

Everything is changeable

Did you notice in your dream that someone else was mopping the floor? Alas, the dream book warns: the profitable vacant position you dreamed of could be taken by a more nimble colleague.

Sometimes people see washing parquet or other materials they walk on in the house in their night dreams on the eve of rapid changes in their personal lives. And if the dreamer had to wash the floor in an unfamiliar room, then when making important decisions he will have the opportunity to influence the destinies of many people.

In your night dreams, did you polish a floor covering of excellent quality, stable and massive? Then, according to Miller, in reality you have solid ground under your feet - you are confident in the future. But wobbly, half-rotten floorboards in a dream are a sign of betrayal, betrayal of a loved one.

If in a dream another person washed the floor

There are often cases when in dreams another person washes the floors. If the sleeping person’s mother did the cleaning, he should not hide his problems from her. Most likely, only she can help in this situation. It is important to maintain a trusting relationship with such a close person.

If a neighbor washed the floor in the house, it is likely that the person’s ill-wishers have become more active. They will try to spread gossip about the dreamer so that his relationship with the people who patronize him will be upset. However, do not worry, their efforts will not be crowned with success. If the dream shows how a woman’s husband is cleaning, it means that you should expect support from him in a matter that is especially important for the dreamer.

Seeing an old woman mopping floors in a dream means difficulties. Don’t despair; it’s better to weigh the pros and cons. There will definitely be a solution to the problem, you just need to make some efforts. If in the dream the washed floors were the result of the labor of an unfamiliar man, the dreamer will receive help from a person with whom he was not previously acquainted.

When a parent dreams that his children are cleaning or washing carpets, it is likely that they are ready to share with him something that worries them. Perhaps they will finally decide to repent of something unpleasant, and therefore you should not attack them immediately. It is best to show generosity, talk to your child, understand him and forgive him if it comes to a bad act towards the dreamer.

Clean, washed floors always indicate that harmony and tranquility reign within a person. Having reached such a state in a dream, in real life it will be much easier to cope with difficulties and issues that arise in various areas of life. It is important to remember that you should not pay attention to a negatively colored dream; it is enough to regard it as a warning about something bad.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep depending on the details

It is of great importance where you wash the floor (in your own or someone else’s house, at your mother’s or your mother-in-law’s, at a friend’s or a friend’s, at a colleague’s or at a stranger’s), what kind of floor (dirty, clean), what kind of water is in the bucket after washing. Try to remember in detail so that we can help you correctly interpret the dream, because if you lose sight of something, you may misunderstand what was intended.

A good sleep value can be based on the following important points:

  • The water used to wash floors is clean;
  • A sleeping person feels a positive and pleasant mood;
  • There should be no discomfort or negative mood during sleep;
  • The result of labor should be visible to the eye (the floor becomes clean)

This is what he says about the negative meaning of the dream:

  • Muddy, black and dirty water is a bad sign;
  • The sleeper sees that a completely different person is washing the floor in his house. This means that he will definitely take advantage of your benefit (for example, he can sit on you at work and be promoted instead of you).
  • The worst sign: a dream for a dead person. It often comes true in cases where there is a seriously ill person in the house.

Where exactly did you clean in your dream?

If you dreamed of washing the floors in your house, you can forget about all the troubles, you will easily get rid of them. It is especially good if relatives or friends help you in a dream - in real life they will help you sort out your problems, you will be surrounded by care and attention. All minor troubles will go away without a trace. Perhaps the annoying neighbor moves or you manage to replace the old chair, either way you can breathe deeply because all your worries will go away. It's time for change!

If you are cleaning the house of strangers, then your actions will affect their fate.

  • Dream Interpretation: washing the floors in someone else's house is interpreted as the fact that your actions will affect the fate of the owners of the house if they are familiar to you in reality. Perhaps you already influence these individuals or are an authority for the owners of the house. You help them change for the better or cope with any difficulties. If the people you help are especially unpleasant, people laugh at you, you should beware of job offers, there will be no benefit and you will fail.
  • If you wash the floor of your significant other, you should not be dependent on your partner; such a relationship does not bode well. Perhaps he or she is using you for personal gain; you need to beware of any offers (especially in financial terms). Don’t be upset, you need time to understand “who is who”; perhaps this dream was influenced by the negative emotions of his friends or parents.
  • If you are cleaning your friend’s floor, they are trying to drag you into a dubious adventure, for which you will have to pay for yourself. On the other hand, all the profit from it will go to you (especially if you wash the floor with your own hands). If your friend helps you with cleaning, then you will divide the results equally. It is very important how you yourself feel towards your friend: if you have a good relationship and are not in a quarrel, then you help consciously, regardless of the circumstances. If you do not trust your friend, you are afraid of her, she will use you for her own purposes.
  • If you are cleaning your friend's floor, perhaps he needs your support, he feels lonely. You should definitely check on your friend if you are cleaning the floor and he is standing over your soul. If your friend is impatient in a dream and rushes you, then the problems that you help him solve will remain at the same stage (the solution to the problem does not depend on you).
  • If you are cleaning your mother’s floor, you need to quickly find out how your parents are doing, maybe they have problems. If your mother asked you to wash the floor in a dream, it means that in reality she is embarrassed to do it. In a dream, when you come to your parents’ house and take a rag from your mother, you will try to solve all your parental concerns yourself. When your mother walks on the washed floor, it means that she is pleased with your help. It does not bode well if your mother is unhappy with your work, in the present she is upset by your actions, dissatisfied with your actions towards your family.
  • If you are cleaning your mother-in-law's house, expect trouble to arise.

  • If you see that you are washing the floor in your mother-in-law’s house, then expect enemies to appear. Soon there will be people who will annoy you. Their presence will make you feel resentful. These faces will drive you crazy with their obsession.
  • If you are cleaning the floor in the house of a grandmother who has died, prepare for conflicts in the family. There will be a scandal, at the end of which everyone will remain “right.” Resentment towards another will overtake everyone. To get out of this unpleasant situation, find out everything at once. Time is not on your side. Do not delay disassembly for more than one day.
  • Why dream of washing floors at work - if you see yourself washing the floor at work, then know: you will not receive moral satisfaction from what you are doing. Most likely, you are a person who unconditionally and meekly fulfills your own and other people’s responsibilities. At the same time, your boss is satisfied with this state of affairs. If you sweep the floor with a broom in a dream, then in reality you are a bad worker.
  • If you are mopping the floor of a colleague, this person is not short of cunning! She is trying to transfer work responsibilities to you, but don’t worry in vain, now it will be difficult to do this, because you have been warned by higher powers. You need to be vigilant and not succumb to provocations from your colleague. If you are washing only a small area in the house, then it will not have time to load you with work. In a dream, when you clean together together, in reality you will become a good team.
  • Why dream of washing floors at school - your career will skyrocket. Good changes will come in your life. In addition, you can be pleased with the upcoming financial well-being.
  • Washing the floors in the entrance in a dream means that the thought of improving your home will soon arise in your head. You may want to build a house or buy a better apartment. In fact, you will even start saving money for this. The only disappointment: the dream will not come true soon.
  • If you see that you are washing the floor in the open air, then know: you will soon have disappointments. A loved one will get into trouble that will disturb your soul. You will have to make every effort to help your loved one.

Which part of the floor are you cleaning?

If you see that you are washing the floor close to the threshold or the threshold itself, then know: there is no support in your life. The past follows you around. And no one can distract you from this and help you forget.

A dream in which you had to wash the floors in the kitchen is definitely a sign of love. There will be changes in relationships: you will experience new love or an old spark will suddenly flare up. In fact, you will soon “lose your head” and be ready for unrealistic actions.

If you see yourself simply wiping a stain off the floor, then in reality you are impersonating someone else. You are deceitful, you are an insincere person, he exposes you in this.

Manual cleaning means that serious changes will occur in life.

How does the dream book interpret washing floors in a dream with your hands? Everything we do with our hands in a dream means persistent, patient work. You have been reaching your goal for a long time and deserve a reward. If there are no difficult stains or marks during washing, then you can easily cope with your problems. When you scrub a stain for a long time and persistently (especially if it is bloody), there is some kind of deception in your life that prevents you from achieving your goal.

What material was the floor made of?

  • Unstable surface (maybe he's rocking) - reconsider your surroundings. Beware, even the closest person can betray your feelings.
  • A reliable hard floor means you're lucky. There are people who can support you. You can always rely on them, in any difficult situation;
  • Leaky floor - be wary, you are losing peace of mind, happiness, and gaining trouble;
  • Wooden flooring - you have a desire to establish bad relationships with people;
  • If you wash the floor with clean water, then you are trying to wash away all gossip from your life line;
  • Tiled floor - your life is full of consistency and stability;
  • Gender dark palette - study yourself. You care about unnecessary and unimportant things. Your worries are unfounded.
  • The floor is a light palette - you are the right, adequate person. It is possible that there will be pleasant and joyful changes in the future.

Was it clean or dirty before cleaning?

The floor is dirty and covered in garbage - this means problems. If you wash for a long time, and there is still a lot of dirt, you should give up and wait, perhaps your problem cannot be solved yet. If you quickly deal with the garbage, and then the floors sparkle with shine - you are great, you will cope with troubles without outside help.

Washing a clean floor is a good sign, especially for women. It means supporting loved ones, preserving the hearth and peace in the house. Family quarrels will be resolved, conflicts will be settled. For the expectant mother, washing clean floors means a good pregnancy and an easy birth.

What kind of water did you see in your dream?

The water after washing is clean and transparent - quick relief from the disease, a successful contract, a truce with the enemy. If someone helped you wash the floor, and the water in his bucket is dirty, you need to break off the relationship with this person, he is trying to discredit you.

The water in your bucket is cloudy or dirty - during everyday chores, do not forget about your health, you may get sick or succumb to the bad influence of others. In a dream where you are washing the floor at home, dirty water means that you will get rid of old prejudices and look at the world with new eyes. You will cope with the oncoming illness without much loss.

Have you watched the process from the outside?

  • Ancient Hebrew dream book. Watching from the sidelines as the floors are washed is not coming to the aid of a friend. Seeing stains being scrubbed away or debris being removed from the floor - someone will correct your mistakes. Communicating with a cleaning lady in a dream means bringing trouble to someone.
  • Psychoanalytic dream book. You will have to work hard and suppress the desire to argue with authoritarian bosses if you want to achieve truly good results. This period will not last long, but with the right approach it will bear fruit.
  • Dream book of Evgeniy Tsvetkov. In a government house - expect bad news from afar. At a funeral there is a forced period of downtime, but soon you will make up for everything you missed. A woman washes the floor with her hands - a promising business proposal, bonuses and awards in the service.

Interpretation from dream books

In dream books, washing floors is interpreted differently. Some of them rely on images sent by a person’s subconscious, while others give an everyday interpretation of the plot.

Miller's Dream Book

Miller pointed out that it is worth paying attention to what kind of rag a person has in his hands when washing floors. If it is dirty, most likely some difficulties are expected at work. Someone from the dreamer’s circle is trying to prevent him from moving up the career ladder, seeking to denigrate him in front of his superiors.

When the dreamer slips on a freshly washed floor, in reality he should spend more time thinking about the decisions he is going to make. There is a saying: “He who flies high, falls hard.” Such dreams warn of precisely this outcome of lightning-fast decisions.

Vanga's Dream Book

Vanga interprets cleaning a dirty floor as evidence that the dreamer’s life will begin to improve. However, a person should be more attentive and more lenient towards colleagues and close people in order for success to truly come to him. Otherwise, luck will fly away from him.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

When interpreting such stories, Tsvetkov first of all paid attention to the quality of the water used to carry out the procedure. If it was dirty and even smelly, it means that the dreamer will soon learn about the death of a loved one. However, you should not get hung up on such an interpretation if all his relatives and friends feel great.

Main character

Another important point to pay attention to in a dream about washing floors is who exactly is doing the cleaning. Options may vary:

  • When your mother washes the floors in a dream, this foreshadows quarrels and deterioration of relations with her in real life. In this case, you should show wisdom, tact, patience and not quarrel over trifles.
  • If the grandmother is cleaning, then the sleeper will avoid a difficult situation, thanks to communication with more experienced people.
  • A mother-in-law washing the floors means a good and harmonious relationship with her. Perhaps the husband’s mother will help with household issues.
  • When a man puts things in order in a dream, it means that soon the dreamer will be surrounded by people who feel jealous of her and spread various gossip about her. In this case, caution should be exercised.
  • If a stranger washed the floors, this is a harbinger that a festive event is expected at work soon, which will give a lot of positive emotions.
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