Dream Interpretation of Fights: Why do women or men dream about Fights?

Each person can see in a dream various plots that do not come true in life. However, often the situation is so real that an unpleasant feeling remains after waking up. Often women want to know why they dream about men fighting. Representatives of the stronger sex can also have a similar dream, but ladies see it much more often. To interpret what you saw correctly, it is recommended to turn to dream books.

Fight according to Astromeridian's dream book

To dream that you are involved in a fight or are watching a fight, according to the dream book, means an event in your life that may take you by surprise. It can be either a pleasant surprise or a terrible incident. Dreamed of being killed in a fight - something will make you lose faith in humanity. Dreaming of victory in a fight speaks of good news brought to you by the person closest to you.

Seeing a fight from the side in a dream

To dream that you witnessed a fight is good news. It is a symbol of freedom and indicates that you are free to decide and shape your own life regardless of what other people may think. As long as you respect other people's rights and space, you can pursue your own idea of ​​happiness and success.

Why do you dream about fighting with animals?

To dream that you are fighting with animals foretells darkness and death. Hurting animals is actually a pretty bad sign. Doing this in a dream means that you may be entering a difficult period in your life, filled with anxiety, pain and sadness. The consequences of this unspeakable cruelty may be such that you will find it very difficult to get your life back on track.

Seeing a fight with injuries in a dream

If you dreamed that you got into a fight, according to the dream book, this indicates your excessive tendency to impose your help and advice or interfere in other people's affairs when in fact this is the last thing they need. Of course, you can have the best intentions and your messianic complex can get the better of you.

Why do you dream about men fighting?

Seeing men fighting in your dream can symbolize a dark period of separation in your current relationship. Certain events in the past may have caused you to burn out and cause your intimacy to fade. The separation may be temporary. But if neither party tries to mend the relationship, he may die a natural death.

Dreaming that you are involved in a fight

To dream that you are fighting is interpreted by the dream book as a stern warning that if you allow yourself to be intimidated and refuse to fight injustice directed against you, this is tantamount to choosing evil over good, even if you did not provoke it. Seeing evil and doing nothing about it can have a terrible impact on your future.

Why do you dream about a terrible fight with your ex?

A dream that you are fighting with a former loved one and losing foreshadows a losing streak in real life. You may be involved in a series of unpleasant events or make bad decisions regarding your financial situation. If you win in such a fight, it means that in the near future you will experience victory in many matters, especially in the area of ​​career and profit.

Seeing a fight with blood in a dream

A dream that you are in the middle of a fight in which either you or your opponent begins to shed blood, according to the dream book, says something about some kind of betrayal. This dream warns you that you trust too much in your friends and people who you think would never put you in danger. Sometimes the people who are supposed to protect you can hit you worse than your enemies, at a time and place you've never seen, and in the most unimaginable ways.

I dreamed of a fight over a young woman

A woman who dreams of being involved in a fight or trying to break it up should take this as a warning that some people in her close circle may be spreading nasty rumors about her when she is not around.

Why do you dream of participating in a fight?

To dream that you are involved in a fight is interpreted by dream books as evidence of your arrogance and callousness.

Common versions

A fight usually symbolizes opposition to some life circumstances. Common interpretations have the following meanings:

  1. If a person sees a mass fight only from the outside, then this is a sign of future news about intrigue between enemies. It is worth considering that if the fighting individuals do not pose a danger to the dreamer, then no negativity is expected in real life. A fight between acquaintances who communicate well in life leads to aggressive arguments between these people. Seeing friends who are negatively disposed among themselves in a dream means that they will have a quarrel over all sorts of random gossip.
  2. A guy may dream that his girlfriend is fighting with an unfamiliar woman. This is a sign of future danger for your significant other. But there is also a version that such a dream indicates a struggle between two personalities: good and bad.
  3. A vision in which unknown male objects are fighting is deciphered by involving the dreamer in a serious conflict.
  4. Danger is predicted by a dream where bladed weapons or firearms were used in a brawl. If the sleeper was not drawn into a conflict, then no troubles should happen in real life.
  5. A woman’s fight in a vision is interpreted as competition for a young man.
  6. If you had to fight with strangers in a dream, this could mean all sorts of troubles - from domestic problems to major conflicts with business partners. For women, fighting is interpreted as resistance to male attention. Seeing in a dream a showdown that affected relatives and friends is a direct hint at disputes with them.
  7. A man may dream of a fight with a woman. This means that there will be plenty of attention on her part, which the dreamer will have to constantly ignore. Also, the vision can bring trouble or blackmail from the female sex.
  8. A fight with an incredibly beautiful girl can predict the establishment of affection for a lovely person.
  9. A brawl without a stabbing can predict various conflicts of interest and attempts to resist the will of others.

Injuring someone with a cold weapon in a dream means that you will soon receive a shocking blow from loved ones.

Why do you dream about Fight according to Miller's dream book?

Being involved in a fight means an unpleasant clash with your business opponents, as well as legal proceedings.

Watching a fight or fight means that you are wasting your time and money recklessly. Such a dream warns a woman about slander and gossip.

If a woman sees her lover participating in a fight, this means that he is not worthy of her.

Why dream of a fight in which you were defeated - being defeated in a dream means losing your property rights in reality.

A dream in which you beat your opponent with a whip or whip promises you honors and prosperity deserved by courage and perseverance.

Witnessing a pistol duel means worries and numerous difficulties. If the participants in the duel are not seriously injured, then it is possible to make a small profit along with the disagreements.

If you dreamed that on the way home you were attacked by a group of dark-skinned people with knives, then in reality you will experience a downturn in business, you will be outraged by the service staff, and by family members at home.

Fighting with dark-skinned people means that in reality you will be outraged by the behavior of people belonging to a lower social class.

General interpretation

Most interpreters agree that night dreams reflect unfulfilled dreams and experiences that are ignored in reality. Therefore, a fight in a dream is usually perceived as a sign of dissatisfaction with events that force a person to suppress negative emotions and give up his own desires . However, when interpreting, a number of additional factors should be taken into account, for example:

  • The dreamer's place in the plot. Separating opponents without directly participating in the fight is a sign of gossip and unfair accusations. Looking at a woman’s fight from the outside means an improvement in one’s financial situation. In the latter case, it is also worth paying attention to how the winner behaves. Most likely, in reality the dreamer will need to do the same thing to successfully solve problems.
  • Opponent's state. A fight with a clearly weak and sick rival foreshadows the dreamer that in reality she will soon be asked for help. Fighting with a dead person symbolizes deterioration in well-being and the emergence of health problems.
  • The outcome of the brawl. If the match ends in a draw, in reality the sleeper will achieve his goal much faster than he expects. Defeat in a fight warns of envy and gossip from ill-wishers. Victory denotes good luck or a joyful event - for example, a big win.
  • Enemy status. Fighting with family members usually predicts improved relationships with them in real life. A fight with friends can serve as a warning that these people will soon become sworn enemies. A clash with strangers warns that the dreamer should be less hot-tempered in order to avoid serious problems.
  • Gender of participants. If a single man dreams of a female brawl, his wife will not be able to find a common language with her mother-in-law in the future. Fighting with a girl in a dream means in reality behaving dishonestly towards a representative of the fairer sex. For a woman, such dreams foreshadow intense rivalry on the love front.

Why do you dream about Fight // dream book of I. Furtsev

  • Watching a fight in a dream is a waste of money.
  • For girls, seeing their beloved as a participant in a fight in a dream foretells that he is not worthy of her.
  • Separating participants in a fight for a man when he wants to achieve a high position in society. The dream tells the girl that there are evil gossips about her.
  • Why do you dream of a fight in which you are participating - you will find yourself in a whirlpool of events that you have no influence on. Try to avoid new things - there will be no success.
  • Losing in a fight in a dream means losses, litigation.
  • Dreaming of a bloody fight, after which you are wounded and blood flows, means betrayal of a friend.

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