Dream Interpretation of Meetings: why do women or men dream of Meetings?

Why do you dream about a meeting?

Dreams about meetings are interpreted based on your emotions from the meeting. In most cases, a dream about a meeting brings positive changes if it was pleasant, and negative ones if there was something in the meeting that upset or upset you.

If you dreamed of a long-awaited meeting, the implementation of your plans awaits you. Seeing a meeting with old friends in a dream means unexpected news. According to the dream book, an unexpected meeting promises a sincere conversation. If you dream of meeting with your ex-boyfriend, it means you are ready for a new relationship.

Dream about meeting your ex-boyfriend

Meeting your ex-boyfriend in a dream, according to the dream book, may indicate that you will soon become an outstanding or famous person. Your success will bring with it adoration, which you will greatly enjoy.

Meeting with your loved one

Why do you dream about a meeting? A dream about meeting a loved one foretells the possibility of reuniting with that person if he or she is currently far away or unavailable for some reason.

Why do you dream of a friendly meeting?

Why do you dream of meeting old friends? A meeting with an old friend can be interpreted depending on the context. For example, a meeting that brought you positive emotions reflects upcoming success in your personal life or career. An unsuccessful or tense meeting may mean that some mistake in the past is about to cause you trouble and numerous inconveniences.

Meeting of classmates

According to the dream book, seeing classmates meeting in a dream foreshadows problems that will arise in the near future. It will take you a lot of time and effort to successfully solve these problems.

Seeing a meeting with an actor in a dream

If you met an actor in a dream, then according to the dream book, this means that your life will be full of pleasure, love and recognition. All your desires and aspirations will be fulfilled.

Why do you dream of a terrible meeting with a dead person?

Dreams about meeting a dead person are interpreted in the dream book as the kindness and compassion with which other people treat you.

Dreaming of an official meeting with the president

Seeing a meeting with the president in a dream predicts positive events occurring in reality. For some time after this dream, you will find that your tasks have become easier or more fruitful than usual. However, your luck will run out quickly enough, don’t waste time.

I dreamed of meeting a celebrity

According to the dream book, if you meet a celebrity, be it an actor, singer or some other famous person, the dream suggests a desire to imitate them. For example, you can donate to a charity they endorse or copy their sense of style.

Why do you dream of a strange meeting with aliens?

Seeing an encounter with aliens in a dream means that you are going to have a small party at home. Neighbors, acquaintances from work, as well as unfamiliar people, will be your guests in this case.

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  • 23-Feb-2018 Valentina My husband is bewitched by a witch, she is 18 years older than him, she was my friend, I was young and didn’t understand people, but my friend caught evil glances in my direction, I couldn’t understand the reason, I saw strange books from her, and the deception was like her own mother, my husband unexpectedly disappeared 18 years ago, it turned out he lives with her, when he drinks, he looks for me for hours, crying, bowing his head on the table, and scolding himself in different words. Then I found out that he was bewitched, and that she was not a simple sorceress, her grandmother passed on all her evil skills to her, the sorceress walks through the forest, collects snake skins, makes powders from this skin and gives my husband drink, and my husband and I got together out of great love, everyone was envious, they thought there would be no end to our happy life. And now I see a dream - my husband gives me a plow and says that it is mine, and I say that I have never had a plow, but still I take it for myself, I really want to know what this means?
  • 30-Mar-2017 Anastasia I have a dream and it leads to a long-awaited meeting, but I wake up.

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Meeting // Stern Robinson's dream book

If you dreamed of an unexpected meeting, then the dream promises a sincere conversation. To dream of meeting a friend in a dream is a sign of a pleasant surprise. Meeting the enemy is a bad sign that promises sadness, failure and disappointment.

Seeing a business meeting in a dream means lethargy in business, worries and worries. For young people, seeing their date portends their mutual cooling. To see a meeting interrupted by someone in a dream means a hasty and thoughtless step in some matter that will lead to trouble. Meeting a close relative in a dream means good luck. Seeing a meeting with a crowd in a dream foretells disappointment.

According to the dream book, to meet a person you know at a funeral procession - the dream predicts good luck in business, not even just good luck, but rather luck. A meeting at a demonstration predicts a headache in a dream. If you meet marching military men on your way in a dream, you will have to defend your idea. You met your child - a joyful message. Meeting a priest or monk in dreams is a new thing; in reality, things will not work out.

Ideal in night dreams

Here are the various aspects of everyday life that a meeting with the man of your dreams can tell you about:

  • If a meeting with a handsome man took place in a crowded place, popularity is inevitable;
  • When you really like the person you dreamed about, getting to know each other in reality is problematic;
  • We found ourselves on a train with a handsome fellow traveler - a long romance ahead;
  • The plot warns against excessive gullibility and frivolity;
  • Meeting a handsome man promises spending time in unpleasant company;
  • If a married lady dreams of the symbol, a family scandal is brewing;

Tsvetkov's dream book states that the symbol can be taken literally. It is quite possible that a date with a man similar to the one you dreamed about will take place in reality.

If you dreamed of Meetings according to the dream book from A to Z

Why do you dream of a meeting at an official level? This means that in reality you are so tired that you do not notice the changes happening in your home. For lovers, meeting on a date in a dream means experiencing mutual cooling. Meeting an enemy in a dream predicts that soon you will have to fiercely defend your interests, otherwise losses and illness await you.

Celebrating the New Year in a dream means prosperity in the future; for young people it is a harbinger of a happy marriage. If you dreamed of a meeting with acquaintances and you have a pleasant conversation with them, then this portends a successful course of business for you, except for small family disagreements. Meeting guests in a dream means that in reality you will encounter people who will treat you with distrust or even hostility.

Meeting a large animal in the forest that you scared away means a hasty and thoughtless step that will have negative consequences.

Interpretation according to other dream books

Miller's dream book is sure that joy in a dream symbolizes real harmony and mutual understanding with loved ones. The Dream Book of Lovers believes that dreaming joy promises trust and happiness with a lover.

The 21st century dream book says: excessive joy in a dream leads to worries and sadness. If you dreamed that you were moderately happy about something, then you will gain confidence in your own abilities.

And the most important thing: if the feeling of joy remains after awakening, then in the very near future a number of wonderful events will happen that will provide you with money and other everyday blessings.

Why do you dream about meetings according to the dream book of fortune teller Evdokia

Did you dream that you met an acquaintance and were having a pleasant conversation with him? Hurray - your friends and family will make you happy, and at work everything will go like clockwork. If, when meeting with a familiar person, you experience an unpleasant feeling or the meeting took place at the wrong time, you will face pangs of conscience for committing illegal actions that will become public.

To see a meeting with your grandparents and a conversation with them - get ready for difficulties that will not be easy to overcome. However, following good advice, you will successfully get out of the situation.

I dreamed at night that I would meet strangers - this meant good or bad events, depending on the appearance of the strangers. If the stranger’s appearance is pleasant, the dream is favorable; if he is ugly and gloomy, expect trouble. Seeing the New Year is a sign of prosperity and marital understanding. A dream in which you meet someone at the airport or train station means: some hidden problems will require your solution. In addition, you will receive news from afar.

Meeting someone with bread and salt on the threshold of a house, according to dream books, you will have pleasant chores around the house. A dream in which you meet with a representative of a company that is your business partner indicates uncertainty and a desire to correct the current situation at the expense of others.

Why dream of a romantic meeting at sunset? The dream means parting with your loved one. If you make a date at the airport or train station, it means that you may soon be late for some important event. For a young woman, a dream in which her lover is late for a meeting hints that her feelings have not yet strengthened and need daily nourishment.

Secret sympathy

Sometimes in dreams you manage to meet the one person you like in real life. In order for what you dreamed to come true in reality, the Psychoanalytic Dream Interpreter calls for more active use of feminine charms. Suppressed feelings threaten to turn into psychological trauma, while even if unsuccessful, an attempt will significantly increase self-esteem.

The Jewish dream book offers its own version of why you dreamed of a pleasant conversation with a young man you like. The fortuneteller claims that this is a sign of fate, which itself will take care of everything, regardless of your activity.

Seeing Joy in a dream: G. Rasputin’s dream book

Receiving joy in a dream means that big changes for the better await you, the joy of which you will share with your friends; spoiling joy in a dream means that in the near future you don’t have to worry about anything: all difficulties and problems will be resolved by themselves.

Bringing joy to someone else is an unfavorable symbol. It foretells separation, quarrels with friends and relatives, and financial losses. If you dream about someone experiencing joy, such a dream means dissatisfaction in love or a final break with your loved one.

Experiencing joy in a dream, but not understanding what caused it, means future successes and fatal luck that will follow you everywhere: take advantage of the opportunity. Joys in a dream that you have not experienced before are a harbinger that in the pursuit of easy money you may lose what is most dear to you. Screaming for joy in a dream portends domestic troubles or the machinations of your enemies. For unmarried people, this dream foreshadows new romantic acquaintances.

Seeing that you are experiencing joy, and you are surrounded by people with sad faces, means that you will show the best sides of your character. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop the potential inherent in nature.

If, on the contrary, everyone around you is experiencing joy, and you are very sad, this portends minor disappointments. If you buy joy in a dream, it means that you will most likely be slightly ill. If you see that someone else is doing this, you will receive good news. Your business will go well.

Feeling the joy of meeting dear people, of business success or a pleasant vacation, enjoying the beauty of the landscape, the taste of food, the sound of music - all this predicts a change in life for the better, good luck in love and work. To receive joy is to rejoice in reality.

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