Dream Interpretation Knights: why do women or men dream about Knights?

Why do Knights dream // dream book of E. Avadyaeva

Why does a Knight dream according to the dream book:

If you dreamed of a knight, then you are a noble and brave person.

Such a dream suggests that you will have good luck in love and win in some exciting competitions.

If you saw in a dream a knight who offered you his hand and heart, then you need to be wary of a love trap.

If in a dream you put on knightly armor, then you will achieve a high position in society.

Financial troubles are approaching

If you dreamed that you picked up a knight’s helmet and tried to put it on - get ready to experience material difficulties in reality. You should carefully consider your decisions in order to avoid additional waste.

The Eastern female interpreter reminds young ladies of the need to take control of the family budget. Perhaps planning for embezzlement will help in the situation that arises to survive severe financial hardships.

Knight // David Crisp's dream book

This is an ambiguous symbol due to the fact that it needs to be interpreted differently depending on the plot line of the dream. If you see yourself as a knight dressed in armor, then this is a sign of your readiness for active action and possible difficulties on the way to achieving them. If you dream of a knight's armor, which is pretty worn out, then this is an indication of fatigue and insecurity in life. If a woman dreams of a knight, then this dream portends her the danger of falling under the influence of a dishonest person who will talk about love, but in fact think only about profit.

Lovely moments...

For a man to be a knight in a dream, heralds reckless jealousy, which can lead to a long-term conflict with his other half.

For a girl who dreamed of a knight on a horse, the Lovers’ dream book promises a meeting with an interesting young man who is capable of becoming the head and protector of the family.

A dream about a knightly tournament, where you get to watch the battle of knights, symbolizes unrealistic romantic dreams. For an unmarried young lady, night vision predicts a fight between several admirers for her favor.

Why do knights dream according to Miller's dream book?

According to Gustav Miller, such a dream symbolizes frivolous behavior at a party.

Other interpretations:

  • a knight on a white horse dreams of a pleasant holiday;
  • on black - to participate in a losing business;
  • a knight in shining armor - to cancel plans;
  • in rusty ones - to troubles because of a new acquaintance.

The meaning of the dream depending on who was the knight

The interpretation of the dream depends on who appeared as a knight in the dream:

  • dreams of a father in the form of a knight foretells failure and loss of money;
  • deceased father - to changes in family life;
  • grandfather - to the unexpected arrival of friends;
  • deceased grandfather - to the intrigues of an ill-wisher;
  • brother - to receive a small inheritance;
  • son - to quarrels and conflicts with your lover;
  • husband - to get rid of unnecessary connections;
  • ex-husband - to unpleasant consequences;
  • a stranger - to a fair decision;
  • friend - to the implementation of a long-planned business;
  • colleague - to receive support from relatives;
  • neighbor - to solve domestic problems;
  • dead person - to happiness and improved well-being.

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Interpretation (meaning) of sleep Knight

If a girl dreams of a knight, a brilliant future awaits her in all respects: dizzying success, passionate love, a lasting successful marriage.
Meeting a knight returning from a campaign means for a girl that she is ready for family life. A knight leaving is a warning dream that a girl should think about her actions that harm her reputation. If a knight kneels and asks for her hand or declares his love, the love of an honest and noble man awaits her. Seeing a knightly tournament means that several fans will seek the girl’s favor at once. A dream in which a knight takes a girl away on a horse predicts that she will soon leave her parents' home. A knight in a young man’s dream is a symbol of the fact that in reality he has a faithful and reliable friend. A dream in which a guy sees a knight fall from his horse means the loss of friends. This dream is a warning that mistrust can lead him to complete loneliness. If a young man dreams that he is fighting a duel with a knight, his hard work and diligence will help him climb the career ladder. The defeated knight is a symbol of the fact that in reality the young man will be able to defeat his rivals and ill-wishers. If the guy is defeated, a long struggle with his enemies awaits him. Seeing a knightly tournament means a bright future awaits the young man. A dream in which a guy sees himself as a knight is a reverse dream. In reality, he often acts ugly, and he should think about his behavior.

For a woman, a dream in which a knight bows to her or kisses her hand is symbolic. dream books interpret that very soon the material well-being of her family will improve significantly. Seeing a knight's tournament has good relations with household members. The kneeling knight means the end of misunderstandings between a woman and her husband.

If a man sees a knight approaching him, he must prepare for a long fight with competitors. To defeat a knight in a duel means good luck will accompany you in all your undertakings. To be defeated is a warning about an upcoming streak of failures. Seeing a knight's tournament means receiving an unexpected inheritance or a large gift like a car or apartment. A dream in which a man sees himself as a knight is very important. The dream predicts to him that in real life he will achieve a high social position. To see a knight galloping or walking away from a man - a dream warns of difficulties in his personal life.

In our dream book you can find out not only about what dreams about a knight mean, but also about the interpretation of the meaning of many other dreams. In addition, you will learn more about what it means to see a knight in a dream in Miller’s online dream book.

Other dream plots

  1. Watching a knightly match means being fired due to meanness on the part of colleagues.
  2. Participating in a knight's tournament means an unsuccessful attempt to start a new relationship.
  3. If a knight kills a dragon in a dream, it means emotional dependence on another person.
  4. A knight protects the princess with a shield - to unexpected news or an important event.
  5. Seeing a knight's castle means trouble at work and financial losses.

Seeing a Knight: A. Pushkin’s dream book

Why do you dream about a Knight? Interpretation of sleep:

If you dream about armor, then this is a kind of prediction. The success of your business will depend on what kind of armor you see: intact and new or old and dirty. You can also expect pleasant events that will soon happen in your life.

If you see new armor on yourself, then such a dream means that you will soon move away from your current environment, make new acquaintances, begin to do new things, and also start new love affairs. If you are wearing dirty armor, then sad changes await you.

Islamic dream book

According to the Islamic dream book, such a dream portends stress due to frequent conflicts with loved ones.

Additional values:

  • a knight's helmet symbolizes depression or apathy;
  • shield - the need to focus on business;
  • sword - to great disappointment in the people around you;
  • crossbow - for an unplanned visit from relatives;
  • bib - to disagreements with a business partner;
  • shoulder pad - for a short rest from work;
  • knee brace - to improve relationships with loved ones;
  • elbow pad - to demonstrate leadership qualities at work.

Interpretation of the dream Knight: D. Mendeleev’s dream book

Seeing in a dream beautiful, new, shiny armor of knights, sparkling brightly in the sun, is a warning that in the near future you need to avoid various conflicts and quarrels, because they can turn into major troubles for you, which will subsequently be almost impossible to eliminate, because... the current situation has already reached a dead end

Putting on armor, trying it on and admiring yourself is a signal that, perhaps, in the near future you will go to eliminate any armed conflict in your country or on the territory of some other state as a true patriot, loyal and faithful to the end devoted to his Fatherland.

What does it mean if you dreamed of a knight, according to Vanga’s dream book

According to Vangelia Gushterova’s dream book, such a dream symbolizes minor problems that can be easily solved.

For woman:

  • dreaming of talking with a knight means meeting new love;
  • hugging him means working with a dishonest person;
  • kissing - to material disadvantage.

For a man:

  • dreaming of fighting with a knight means your desire will come true;
  • defeating him means a long-awaited vacation at the resort;
  • lose - to participate in sports competitions;
  • to kill a knight - to fulfill your dream of traveling.

What kind of knight did you dream about?

Interpretation depending on what kind of knight was seen in the dream:

  • a knight in armor dreams of dissatisfaction with work;
  • with a sword - to betrayal of the other half;
  • without a head - to bright and memorable events;
  • with a lowered visor - to self-confidence;
  • fiery - to acquaintance or strengthening connections;
  • naked - to uncertainty or a manifestation of weakness;
  • dirty - to little troubles in reality;
  • wounded - the need to show patience in business;
  • dead - to meet a generous young man.

Why do you dream depending on the day of the week?

The correct interpretation of sleep depends on the day of the week:

  1. On Monday, a knight in armor dreams of a successful completion of current projects.
  2. On Tuesday - to unplanned purchases and losses.
  3. On Wednesday - there is a risk of serious injury at home.
  4. On Thursday - good luck and an unplanned trip.
  5. On Friday - an attempt to improve relationships with friends.
  6. On Saturday - good news from distant relatives.
  7. On Sunday - to household chores before the visit of guests.
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