Why do you dream about a horse's head? Why do you dream about a horse's head?

  • The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in dreams that the conscious mind gives us the deepest and most important clues.

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    Did you dream about the head of a Horse, but the necessary interpretation of the dream is not in the dream book?

    Our experts will help you find out why you dream of a Horse’s head in a dream, just write your dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

    Hello. The dream is this: a bunch of dead horses, lifeless, dying. Among them are horse heads cut off from the body. What could this mean? Thank you.

    I walked around the trading pavilion, took a severed horse head from the counter and walked further with it, tearing pieces of meat from the neck and eating them, the meat was well salted. Then she was surprised what I was doing at all, went and turned my head back.

    In a dream, I could fly into the air and move things, I showed everyone my talent, but they didn’t pay much attention to me, then I saw my grandmother, who had on her table: a book (about chess), scattered chess, and a gray picture of a man( with a horse's head).

    I dreamed that I called my late boyfriend and asked permission to go to a disco, he didn’t allow it and left the suitcases on the road, then all the people walked around these suitcases until they turned into a big black bag, I left the house and looked into it, it was lying there rotten horse head.

    Stadium, a lot of people, I was sitting with some girl who is several years younger than me. Then I went to the fence and through the bars began to talk with other girls I know. Then I saw Nika and wanted to approach her, but another girl walked up to me, didn’t say anything, just looked at me. Eventually I returned and sat down in my seat. They sat a small child nearby, who fell to the ground. Then some magnificent lady ran up to him and lifted him back up. Then I was in some kind of square, opposite me there was a wooden two-story house and I was singing... Then I found myself in my room in bed. The girl I was sitting with tried to wake me up. But I stubbornly resisted. And when the voice died down, I opened my eyes, it turns out that she was trying to wake me up from the street, and the window slammed shut and I could no longer hear her. Another girl joined her (one was red, but the new one was dark). They still managed to wake me up. Afterwards I found myself in an old village hut, where there were two rooms, both very small. The room was too dark, the windows were tiny. There were a lot of people, namely adult men, and among them there was a young guy, handsome, tall, with dark brown hair, which was neither short nor long, just perfect. He was wearing a white shirt, we knew each other because... I stood next to him the whole time. And this guy had to draw something. I was not in the mood, then some man took me to another room and put me under a wall cabinet and told me to open it. After which I was covered in flour and something sweet. I felt funny. I looked out into the street and saw the same girls who smiled at me in the same way. I went outside. For some reason it was winter there and the market rows stood in front of me. There were a lot of people. The girls were talking to someone, I decided to wait for them and then I heard my name, turned my head to the right and saw another friend of mine. I approached her. She had a paper horse's head in her hands. When I asked why she wanted it, she said for the wedding. Then she took some kind of fur coat and shawl and put it on her head, asking how she was, I said that she looked like a Chewbacca. Irina asked who it was. I also asked in response: Haven’t you watched Star Wars? She said no, some Asian woman passed by and said that they could watch this film together. To which Irina replied, well, no. Then she put a horse's head on top of this shawl. Then she took a piece of paper, a happy family was drawn on it, and decided to redraw it. But her pencil broke, so I offered her two more spare ones. That's it, then I woke up.

  • Why do you dream of a horse without a head?

    The esotericist assures us that horses do not portend great troubles; for women, the head of a horse portends marriage.

    horse head in a dream what is it for

    There are also positive interpretations of the horse’s head dream. If you have the head of a dead horse in your hands, then do not be afraid; for city residents this means moving to the village, or expecting happiness and prosperity in the family.

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    Why do you dream about a Horse in a dream:

    Horses for a girl - for an early engagement.

    Why does a girl dream of horses? For a girl to ride a black horse means that she will have the opportunity to realize herself or meet wise people. For a girl to ride a white horse but see a rider on a black one behind her means that in her life a streak of bad luck will be replaced by a streak of success, etc.

    Horses for a girl in a dream - get off the horse and see that this pig - they will propose marriage to you, but you will reject your admirer.

    The horse is brown - for a man to ride it means success in business, for a woman it means success among fans.

    Why do you dream about a brown horse - stroking it - dreaming about a family; if you feed a brown horse an apple or carrot - your wishes will come true in the near future.

    A well-groomed, beautiful brown horse indicates that you are absolutely healthy.

    Dream Interpretation of the Medium Hasse

    Dream Interpretation: Horse in a dream

    To see horses in a dream - running away - misfortune; rearing - great protection; owning horses means well-being; ride a horse - get the meaning; to see how they are forged - to achieve a high position; voronikh – sadness; white - joy and happiness; grazing – a position free from anxiety; to see a dead woman - to work hard for a piece of bread; thin - to encounter numerous obstacles in life; ride a horse - receive protection; a well-saddled horse - you have or will have a good wife; to see how they are harnessed - to lose your beloved.

    Why do you dream of a Horse on the races - To have success in business.

    Most horse dreams look like this:

    • You just saw a horse in a dream.
    • We saw a horse grazing and eating grass.
    • You happened to see wild, restive horses in a dream.
    • You saw a circus horse in your dreams.
    • You dreamed of a wounded or even dead horse.
    • You dreamed of a foal.
    • You are riding horseback in your dreams.
    • Hold the horse by the bridle and saddle it.
    • Eat horse meat or kill a horse.
    • You are running away from a wild horse.
    • In a dream you are the owner of a horse.

    These are the main options, and before you decipher what the horse is dreaming about, remember all the details and details. In particular, not only what happened in the dreams, but also what the animal looked like. This can change the essence of the dream greatly.

    Why do you dream of a horse’s head, how to understand such a dream?

    At first glance, it may seem that a dream about a horse's head is extremely difficult to unravel, because we are not talking about a horse, but only about a specific part of its body, although in reality this is not entirely true. In addition, when trying to understand what a horse’s head means in a dream, you should immediately analyze how significant this image is.

    What this means is that it makes sense to guess what a horse’s head symbolizes only if it was not dreamed of by a person who breeds these beautiful animals in real life. Having ruled out this possibility, you can safely begin the interpretation, taking into account not only the details of the dream plot, but also the characteristics of the sleeper himself, or rather his gender, age and status.

    For a married lady, a dream in which the head of a brown horse appeared foreshadows serious family problems that are unlikely to be resolved in the near future. At the same time, the nightly story about how she happened to cook a horse’s head will have a completely different meaning, foreshadowing a harmonious relationship and complete prosperity for the sleeping woman. An even better harbinger would be a dream in which the dreamer happened to eat horse meat, the brains or tongue of a horse.

    And all because, in addition to an increase in well-being, it foreshadows the acquisition of certain knowledge and experience that will prove invaluable to the sleeping woman, teaching her to quickly navigate and make the only right decisions in the most difficult life situations.

    But to see a dream at night in which beautiful well-groomed horses were beaten to death by cutting off their heads is not good, even if the dreamer did not take any part in this. The fact is that this kind of images are the personification of unfulfilled hopes and lost opportunities, regardless of which particular sphere of the sleeper’s life they concerned.

    Taking part in a race in a dream and seeing how one of the stallions got ahead, but suddenly fell, breaking his neck is a very bad sign, which indicates that ill-wishers will do everything to destroy the sleeping person in reality. The only exception, perhaps, is the vision in which a black stallion loses its head, since in most cases it personifies a very dangerous and cruel enemy for the dreamer, so his withdrawal from the race in a dream should be taken literally.

    What does it portend?

    Seeing a horse skeleton at night along with a skull that is being gnawed by dogs and pecked by crows is a terrible harbinger that promises a person who suddenly sees such a strange image severe illnesses, acute need and endless deprivation. Sometimes this symbol is regarded by interpreters of dream symbols and signs as an impending decline in vital energy and a protracted blues, smoothly flowing into severe depression.

    You should also beware of a bare horse skull with gaping voids in the eye sockets, as it may indicate the presence of the occult in the real life of the sleeper, no matter how absurd it may seem. Moreover, you should not think that the dreamer will soon devote himself to studying magic, because most likely he himself will become its victim, having learned first-hand what damage is.

    Butchering a horse carcass in a dream together with someone and getting its head, on the contrary, is quite good, because then in reality the person who sees this unusual image will be able to head some large enterprise, adequately coping with the obligations assigned to himself.

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    Seeing a horse in a dream

    First, let's look at dreams in which you saw an animal, but did not have any contact with it. To understand correctly what a horse is dreaming of, remember what it was like, what feelings you had in the dream, what the animal’s disposition was - all these details will help you interpret the dream most accurately.

    Whether she was kind, meek, violent, circus, or dead - all this has its own meaning.

    Why do you dream of a Horse - A horse prances in front of the house. - The trouble will be resolved. You go on a long journey on a horse. - There will be great joy. It's stupid to be happy that you're riding a horse. - Foretells misfortune. You ride a horse back and forth. – Matters related to literature and writing. A horse enters the room. – Indicates a situation involving adultery. The horse carries valuables and goods. - You will lose your place in the service. Having tidied up and cleaned the horse, you release it into the wild. - Happy event. A herd of horses rushes by. – Resolution of all troubles, normalization of the condition. The criminal is hiding on a horse. - The danger has passed. You are riding a white horse. – Disease. A horse bit me. – There will be promotion up the career ladder. You ride on a mule. – There will be profit, wealth, luck. A live horse appears in the house. – It portends great happiness, as the dream book predictor reports.

    Dream book of the 21st century

    Seeing a horse in a dream means that you are about to hear lies addressed to you. Seeing it on its hind legs means a quarrel, falling down means ruin, holding a horse by the bridle in a dream means danger, seeing a dead horse means a possible move to the countryside temporarily or permanently. Seeing a white horse in a dream means success in business; a bay color means meeting a good friend, a black horse means trouble. Buying a horse in a dream means news, news; riding a quiet horse in a dream - you have a chance to find family happiness. Riding a horse in a dream means joy, catching it means loss. Seeing a horse in a dream is a harbinger of visiting a very hospitable home, where you will be shown touching care. Rushing in a sleigh or racing droshky on an excellent trotter means that soon you will have to do a difficult, but completely useless task. Riding a horse is a sign of failure. Seeing horse riding is a sign of change. If a man dreams of a horse, this is a good dream, but for a woman it promises weakness. You find yourself under a horse in a dream - a tragic blow is possible. Riding a horse is a sign of family happiness. A saddled horse in a dream means a long trip; if a horse prances in front of the house, it means trouble; a horse in the house - fortunately sleeping; seeing a horse carrying valuables and goods means losing your place; if a horse bites in a dream, expect advancement through the ranks; if you dream that you are riding a horse back and forth, soon you will have matters related to literature or art; if you see a herd of horses in a dream, troubles will go away and your condition will return to normal. If in a dream a beautiful, playful and well-saddled mare came into the house, it means a quick marriage. Milking a horse in a dream means changes in business. Seeing a herd of horses is a very favorable sign, especially for a woman who dreams of marriage. Feeding foals in a dream is a sign of profit and reconciliation with enemies; a frolicking foal is a sign of pleasure and fulfillment of desire. Seeing a foal in a dream means longing for your beloved woman. A stable in your dream is a harbinger of happiness, good luck, and a pleasant surprise. A stable full of racehorses is a very favorable sign that promises you success in business and a new acquaintance that is useful for you. An old neglected stable with workhorses is a harbinger of hard work and need. Riding a dashing troika in a dream means in reality paying for a long time for a moment’s pleasure. For a woman to see that she is being taken for a ride in a troika means, because of her coquetry and frivolity, she will lose a dear person and pass by real happiness.

    Sleep from Thursday to Friday

    Attacks of dizziness in a dream can promise you family quarrels or loss of property, failure in business, especially in very risky operations.

    A harnessed horse carries a negative interpretation of the dream book. This dream often symbolizes the loss of a loved one, and this may well come true if you do not stop dumping all responsibilities on the shoulders of your significant other. Show affection and care, and then the predictions will become irrelevant.

    Seeing your head as small, weak and pointed in a dream means lack of intelligence, dishonor and subordination.

    Why do you dream about a horse - according to Freud's dream book

    The image of a horse that appears in a dream symbolizes the female gender and indicates the ideal of a sexual partner built in the subconscious. A stately horse means that you are looking for an ideal companion, so you will often be disappointed in life. Riding a horse betrays the desire to have children, and a sick animal depicts hidden fear for loved ones.

    When you only dream about a horse’s head, think about every step you take.

    Three horses in a dream means great luck.

    If you dream that you are petting a horse, your ideas will appeal to the person in your position, so he will help to implement them.

    If a man dreams of a herd of horses, he will have a bachelor party; if a woman, it will be a bachelorette party.

    For interpretation, enter into the search the most vivid images of your dream

    When you saw a wounded horse in a dream, expect sad news from afar. There are similar interpretations about why a sick horse dreams. This dream can also mean your loss of vital energy, and as a result, failure in business.

    According to the interpretation of the dream book, a pregnant horse in a dream is a symbol of the troubles that your friends will cause you. Soon they will need your help, and you will have to make great efforts not to leave your friend in trouble.

    Why do you dream about a mad horse? According to Zhou Gong’s dream book, this is a favorable sign that foretells a quick resolution of problems. According to the same dream book, a talking horse is a sign of the richly developed imagination of the person who saw this fairy-tale picture.

    Why do you dream of a flying horse? Such a fantastic plot promises success in business thanks to the unimaginable creative power of the dreamer. Good luck will be presented by fate in the very near future.

    Why do you dream about a horse's head - interpretation of sleep from dream books

    Miller's Dream Book

    horse head according to the dream book

    Miller, in his interpretations, explains to us that seeing a horse’s head is a very bad sign, which foreshadows big failures in the near future or a serious deterioration in health, the recovery of which will take a very long time. If the horse's head is dirty, then this may mean betrayal from your new acquaintances; make sure that no one wishes you harm.

    Vanga's Dream Book

    what does it mean if a horse's head is in a dream

    The fortuneteller assures that the meaning of dreams involving a horse’s head depends on its color. If the horse is white, you are destined for a prosperous and trouble-free life. But if the horse’s head is black, then hard times await you, accompanied by illness and failure.

    Horse riding

    If in your dream you found yourself in the saddle and you had to ride a horse in a dream, then this picture is interpreted depending on the behavior, interaction, character and color of the horse. In a dream, riding a white horse is a good sign; the dream promises a pleasant pastime in the company of friends, a lot of new impressions, and spiritual self-development.

    Why do you dream of a Horse - Strong, determined, smart - for centuries the horse has been one of man’s closest friends. All over the world, in myths and in life, this animal symbolized travel, the movement of people and animals from one place to another. Why do you have a dream: Did you ride a horse? This symbolizes movement towards the goal; if you were driving smoothly, then everything is going well, but if not, you anticipate problems. Traveling alone indicates that you prefer to do things your own way, and if you were traveling in a group, it indicates that teamwork is important to you. If the horse runs away from you, you feel that opportunities are slipping away from you; if she was running towards you, you feel opportunities approaching, but you need to grab them and hold them tight.

    What does it portend?

    Seeing a horse skeleton at night along with a skull that is being gnawed by dogs and pecked by crows is a terrible harbinger that promises a person who suddenly sees such a strange image severe illnesses, acute need and endless deprivation. Sometimes this symbol is regarded by interpreters of dream symbols and signs as an impending decline in vital energy and a protracted blues, smoothly flowing into severe depression.

    You should also beware of a bare horse skull with gaping voids in the eye sockets, as it may indicate the presence of the occult in the real life of the sleeper, no matter how absurd it may seem. Moreover, you should not think that the dreamer will soon devote himself to studying magic, because most likely he himself will become its victim, having learned first-hand what damage is. However, after seeing the image of a horse’s skull, you should not visit white witches and healers, because the only thing that can help in this case is the church and faith in the Almighty.

    Butchering a horse carcass in a dream together with someone and getting its head, on the contrary, is quite good, because then in reality the person who sees this unusual image will be able to head some large enterprise, adequately coping with the obligations assigned to himself.

    general information

    Horses have accompanied people since ancient times. They were not objects to be eaten, but reliable companions in war and movement. Therefore, seeing them in a dream is a favorable sign, but the details matter:

    • who is the owner of the animal;
    • whether the dreamer was sitting on horseback;
    • whether there were people nearby;
    • scene;
    • suit.

    Based on all the characteristics, you can draw any conclusions. Most often, the appearance of a noble equid is associated with the fact that the time has come for changes in life.

    A woman is ready to change the course of her life and is waiting for signs or surprises from fate. Since ancient times, the horse has been endowed with mystical knowledge. Therefore, its appearance can be counted on as an opportunity to learn something hidden, mysterious.

    It is advisable to remember the emotions of what you saw and whether the horse was harnessed to a phaeton or simply walked across the field. Its appearance also matters.

    Condition of the animal

    The well-being of the horse directly affects the state of the dreamer. If the horse is thin and all his bones are visible, but stands dejectedly, then the woman will be disappointed in her work colleagues.

    The most dangerous thing is to see a dead horse. He was literally driven to death. In this case, the union of two partners has outlived its usefulness and needs to be stopped.

    A person will literally have to work exhaustingly for food.

    Sometimes hungry and skinny horses are seen by those who are having problems with their partner. In this case, it does not fit and is the embodiment of contradictions. It's worth parting with him.

    Some magicians associate thin horses with the appearance of many obstacles on the way to the goal. It is impossible to say exactly how successfully overcoming them will be.

    Exploitation of a sick creature that is desperately limping leads to minor monetary losses or temporary difficulties. This is often a sign of problems and financial difficulties.

    Horse color: black, white, red, gray

    Horses come in different colors. A lot depends on what he is like in a dream. The bay combines a brown body and black legs with a matching mane and tail. The appearance of such an animal symbolizes a meeting with a loved one.

    If a woman gallops on horseback, then success awaits her both in the sphere of love and professionally. The white suit is interpreted ambiguously.

    In the religious text, the horseman of the Apocalypse rides a white horse.

    In many dream books this is a favorable sign. It means self-confidence, self-confidence and this leads to wealth and success. But in some sources it is a sign of approaching death. Be sure to pay attention:

    • on the condition of the horse;
    • her actions;
    • on your emotions and feelings.

    For example, if a white horse gallops and carries its rider on its back from the battlefield, then this is a harbinger of serious illness.

    An individual of gray color, like asphalt, will bring positive changes in life. The lady will meet a charming man who will have good beliefs and attitudes.

    Sometimes round white spots appear on the gray color - in this case, the dreamer’s life will change dramatically and new adventures and events await her. Even if no meetings are expected, fate will bring her together with a significant man.

    A pitch-black or raven-winged mare or stallion leads to changes in life, but they will not be voluntary and positive. This is the case when fate forcibly forces a person to rethink everything and cross a series of obstacles.

    The red animal promises various delays and delays in projects. The dreamer most likely has accumulated too much work for herself, and they significantly oppress her, causing her to feel depressed and lethargic.

    The red horse is iconic in many myths. His appearance in a dream leads to a rethinking of reality. The girl should think about what is happening and protect herself from making hasty decisions.

    In moments of choice, you need to listen not to your heart, but to your mind. Only he will save you from problems.

    Spots on an animal's body are called piebaldity. This sign has a sacred meaning and indicates the need to listen to your inner voice. Every person has a little magical power and, if used correctly, you can achieve a lot.

    The forelock color is characterized by small round spots all over the body. They can be gray, black, brown and look like buckwheat grains or large coins.

    This sign should be perceived positively, as it suggests the presence of hidden creative reserves that will be embodied at work.

    Number of animals

    The birth of a foal in a dream indicates the emergence of a new stage in life. How it will go is judged by the condition of the baby. If he immediately jumped to his feet and reached for the mare’s udder, then the woman will experience financial gains and success at work.

    Seeing a mare and foal walking means hidden fear and longing for your children.

    A pregnant horse is also a harbinger of cash receipts, and they will come in a very unexpected way. When two horses are walking across a field, this is a symbol of family. When they conflict and run away from each other, this indicates quarrels and disagreements in reality between spouses.

    When you have to choose between two horses, this symbolizes the throwing between two guys. Three animals harnessed to the same sleigh portend serious changes in your professional life. A woman will have a successful career and changes in her field of activity.

    Kinds of sports

    People actively engage in various sports on horses. If in a girl’s dream she sees herself as a participant in show jumping (competitions where you need to jump over obstacles), then she will have a fateful meeting with a man who will leave a mark on her.

    Dressage is a complex discipline where the rider has to ride from letter to letter with a certain element. Horses have been trained for years for such competitions. Therefore, seeing them in a dream means that the girl is not in harmony within herself. She has problems on one level.

    This is due to the discrepancy between ideas about the ideal side of personality and the actual state of affairs. In this case, the sign suggests starting changes.

    Cross-country is a component of triathlon. It requires driving over rough terrain and overcoming obstacles. The appearance of such an action in a dream means a desire to get out of everyday life and try something new, special. The thirst for extreme sports is deeply suppressed, but has not gone away.

    What does your dream mean by day of the week?


    • From Sunday to Monday - the husband will leave for someone else.
    • From Monday to Tuesday - to recovery.
    • From Tuesday to Wednesday to Wednesday - you need to find a new job.
    • From Wednesday to Thursday - easy money.
    • From Thursday to Friday - you should be wary of large sums of money.
    • From Friday to Saturday - expect a loss of money.
    • From Saturday to Sunday - you have a long journey ahead of you.

    Basically, seeing a horse in a dream is a very auspicious sign, especially if it has a thick, shiny tail and mane. Such a beautiful and well-groomed animal in the arms of Morpheus promises support from friends in any event; immediately start moving towards your goal - very influential and authoritative people, not just friends, will definitely help you. For a woman, such a dream foreshadows the loss of expensive trinkets.

    Married and unmarried

    For a married woman, dreams about horses can indicate her love union. When you see a powerful horse, you should pay attention to your rival. Cheating is possible in your personal life. If an animal is sick, this indicates difficult situations in the family. It’s worth talking about them and giving more care to your close circle. A beautiful stallion means a harmonious day in the company of your loved one. Leading a horse is a sign that your family is a burden for you. You are sad from your responsibilities and in your heart you want to go for a divorce.

    If an animal comes into a dream with a girl who is not married, this indicates an imminent meeting with a good man who will open you to a world of love and strength. He will delight you with his care and loyalty.

    If a horse is seen by a pregnant woman and she is riding it, then this may indicate victories in the future. The white horse speaks of a positive life filled with happy moments. Petting an animal brings satisfaction and peace to your soul.

    Various dream books

    In the esoteric dream book, a horse represents a trap. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant. Someone intends to tell others about your betrayal.

    If the animal galloped away, this is a good sign, indicating that difficult things will end naturally in your life. Dead - avoiding problems, everything will work out.

    According to Freud, the appearance of a horse in the arms of Morpheus signifies change. Watering a horse represents the thirst for love experiences. You think that your life does not give you emotions, that it is boring. But don't force things. Love will come, but a little later. A huge horse means a conversation with an influential man. A white animal covered in apples is a symbol of interesting adventures. And they rush forward on a horse - movement forward towards a good, good union.

    Miller believes the horse is a wonderful symbol. And if he looks and feels great, this indicates positive aspects. A stable and prosperous life awaits you. A herd of white horses means success in choosing a chosen one from several candidates. If in a dream you shoe a horse, this is a sign of increasing financial abundance.

    According to Vanga, a black horse represents negative aspects, such as illnesses and problematic situations. And whites talk about positive interpretations. A wild horse is a sign that you like independence, and you are annoyed when someone imposes their opinion on you. An aggressive horse is a misunderstanding. And thin horses warn of financial losses.

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    Miller's Dream Book

    According to Dream Book XXI, why you dream of feeding a horse in a dream foreshadows a small opportunity for profit. And if you feed the foals, then this is a signal to make a truce with the enemies, who themselves will go to war, as well as to receive a lot of money.

    If your gaze in a dream was focused on individual details of the head, fundamental changes are coming in your life: unnaturally large ears - honor and glory await you among your colleagues; admiring a curl or curl - a fleeting connection will end in affection and marriage; your interlocutor’s teeth - you will be able to adequately resolve a confrontation that has been dragging on for many years; outlines of the mouth, lips - in a dispute you will emerge victorious; nose - you will become the owner of information that will bring profit; blush or dimples on your cheeks - your old dreams will come true; forehead or bald spot on your head - the rash actions of your enemies will help you get out of a seemingly hopeless situation.

    Spraying with varnish or lubricating with gel is a sign of well-being.

    Losing and then looking for a stallion in a dream is an unfavorable dream. Your family is in danger of falling apart, there is no need to aggravate the situation with unnecessary conflicts and nitpicking - the plot with a lost horse predicts a divorce, especially if in the end you did not find the loss.

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