Riding a Horse in a dream - why do you dream?

Why do you dream about riding a horse?

In dream books, the meaning of riding a horse differs depending on the environment and the condition of the animal:

  • dreaming of a painfully thin horse - bad news or a meaningless expensive purchase;
  • a calm and healthy horse means harmony in relationships with family members;
  • a purebred animal means changes for the better in your personal life and at work;
  • riding a savvy horse - to the successful and quick completion of all new projects;
  • riding around obstacles on horseback means failure and a high risk of accidents;
  • riding on a flat road - to good news and a quick solution to existing problems;
  • not coping means becoming a participant in very interesting but dangerous events in life;
  • dreams of jumping through a deserted area - to the absence of friends in the dreamer’s life due to his dissolute behavior and intemperance;
  • crossing a stream on horseback - to make your deepest desires come true;
  • dreaming of riding a horse along a winding and uneven road - to life’s difficulties, and you can solve them in your favor only with the help of loved ones.

If you dream of riding in a pleasant company on horseback, in reality you are the life of the party and are rarely alone. Riding a pony means active action against the dreamer by envious people and ill-wishers.

If you dream that you are watching a rider ride from the side, this means quick life changes.

In many dream books, riding a two-legged horse means advancement up the career ladder and trust from management.

What kind of horse did you ride in your dream?

Ride a white horse

According to the dream book, riding a white horse is a sign of exciting learning something new. You will probably sign up for classes in some new area. Studying will allow you to acquire useful skills for future development.

Ride a black horse

Riding a black horse in a scene seen in a dream means gaining abilities. You are destined to receive special abilities that only you can use. It is important not to harm people with their help, but to help, then you will be happy.

Ride a brown horse

According to the dream book, riding a brown horse means marriage. Your loved one has already decided on the next step in your relationship, and very soon he will ask the desired question. At first, try to keep your happiness a secret so as not to attract envious people.

Ride a spotted horse

Riding a spotted horse according to the dream book means joyful changes at work. The good news will give all your colleagues, including you, a whole day of happiness. Get ready to celebrate with your loved ones.

Ride a light horse

Dreaming of riding a light horse means a successful marriage. You will create a magnificent family that will be built on friendship, love, passion, and loyalty. All you have to do is invest your own strength and care into its development.

Ride a gray horse

According to the dream book, riding a gray horse means sudden wealth. Your life will change suddenly, because you are destined to get rich. The dream indicates that money and valuables may fall into your hands from an unexpected source.

Ride a wounded horse

According to the dream book, riding a wounded horse means winning. Be adventurous, be bold, take risks. You can participate in the lottery or go to the casino. Now is the best time to gamble. A lot of pleasure from what is happening is guaranteed.

Ride a little horse

Riding a small horse in a dream means an unsuccessful search for a loved one. You are completely immersed in searching for your other half, but you cannot find it now. You need to let go of the situation, focus on yourself, then your person will definitely find him.

Ride an old horse

Riding an old horse in a scene seen in a dream means rich seedlings. No matter what you start, you will always receive a rich harvest. One of its meanings is literally “abundant shoots,” if you are planting or running a farm - to a good harvest.

Ride a young horse

According to the dream book, riding a young horse means making the right choice. Circumstances will develop in such a way that you will have to make a decision. But you will make the right choice without hesitation. Rely on your intuition, it will not let you down.

Ride an angry horse

According to the dream book, riding an angry horse means you feel unwell. You will probably soon feel unwell and weak. Because of this, your plans will be disrupted. Try to monitor your health, otherwise the disease will unsettle you.

Animal color

The interpretation of the dream depends on the color of the horse:

  • white - to success in new projects and a pleasant time with loved ones;
  • chestnut - to a series of white and black stripes in all areas of life;
  • black - to problems at work and scandals with family members;
  • bright red - to the fulfillment of a cherished dream or improvement of financial well-being.

If you dream that you are sitting on a horse covered with a snow-white blanket, try to pay more attention to your health, since there is a high risk of serious illness.

Ride a horse in Vanga's dream book

Riding a horse in a dream, while experiencing satisfaction or joyful feelings, means making new friends whose help you can count on in any difficult situation. If the dreamer pranced or galloped, it means that he will soon lose his vigilance. You cannot turn a blind eye to the shortcomings and shortcomings in the work of other people, as this will certainly play a cruel joke on the one who saw such a dream.

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A wild, aggressive horse that is extremely hostile and tries to throw off its rider is a warning of an unpleasant conversation to come.

Horse behavior

The meaning of sleep taking into account the behavior of the animal:

  • tries to throw off the rider - to difficulties due to the actions of competitors;
  • kicks - to a deterioration in well-being or a strong emotional shock;
  • to shackle - to expose an ill-wisher from the close environment;
  • tripped and fell - to bankruptcy or dismissal.

Expert opinion

Ilmira Derbentseva


You dream of riding a saddled horse, which brings a lot of pleasure - to meeting your soulmate and a happy married life. Riding a dirty horse without a saddle is a sign of problems that arose due to the fault of the dreamer.

Riding a horse according to Miller's dream book

Riding a calm, obedient horse is an indicator of agreement and absolute trust between business partners. The dreamer has a truly reliable and united team, with which he will be able not only to earn a lot of money, but also to promote his company, capturing an increasing share of the market.

Riding a stolen horse in a dream, according to Miller’s dream book, is a very bad sign. Such a vision portends serious financial risks and subsequent poverty.

If in a dream you had to ride along a dirty road and potholes, it means that in reality your friends will begin to envy the dreamer - you should not open up to them completely and tell them about your immediate plans, there is a high probability that they will try to prevent the implementation of your plans.

Falling out of the saddle means a serious long-term illness and the appearance of enemies in the work sphere.
Where did you ride a horse in your dream?

If a horse behaved aggressively in a dream, you will soon have an unpleasant conversation

Gender of the dreamer

In the dream book, the meaning of riding a horse depends on the gender of the rider:

  • a girl dreams of a quick, happy marriage;
  • for an adult woman - to an unsuccessful and short-lived romance, problems at work due to her own inattention;
  • for a pregnant lady - unexpected but good news;
  • a guy dreams about it - to big profits and normalization of the financial situation for a long time.

If an adult man jumps at high speed from his pursuers in a dream, it means problems that arose due to the fault of family members or close friends. For a girl to see her boyfriend riding a horse in a night vision is a sign of his betrayal.

Dreams involving a horse often indicate rapid life changes. It is recommended to take a thoughtful approach to new affairs and not lose control over what is happening both in the personal and in the work sphere.

Horse color

Nature has endowed these noble horses with a variety of colors. They can be:

The color of the horse matters

  • white;
  • black;
  • red;
  • bay;
  • gray;
  • in apples;
  • multi-colored.

This nuance will definitely help you correctly understand why you dream about horseback riding.

White-maned horse

Dreaming about riding a snow-white horse is considered a good omen. A bright future awaits you. The main thing is not to be afraid, to boldly go towards your cherished dream. Any risk will be justified, and changes, even the most drastic ones, will bring a feeling of peace.

You dream of riding a horse of this color for an important, fateful meeting, which many will envy.

Black Trotter

Did you happen to ride a black horse in a dream? Do you want to know why you dreamed of such an intricate plot? Dream books warn: be extremely careful and attentive. They want to set you up and deceive you.

Moreover, you may be bombarded with an endless stream of hassle, minor worries and minor health problems.

Red horse

Dreaming of a red animal

Seeing a ride on a red horse in a dream means that in real life you will be faced with a serious issue, the solution of which will be very difficult for you.

An animal with this color symbolizes doubts and mental anguish. A conflict is brewing inside the sleeper. This condition can lead to prolonged depression, neurosis, insomnia and binge drinking. This dream is meant to warn you. If you don’t find someone who can listen and give advice, then everything can end quite badly.

bay animal

Did you dream that you were riding a bay horse? Your passion will be satisfied.

Why else would people dream like this? Dream books claim that this means a new romantic relationship. The man will give too much energy to his new lover and his affairs will begin to deteriorate.

Women should be prepared to meet a boyfriend. He will be very persistent and even intrusive. You will begin to feel burdened by his attentions. The young man will behave rudely, which you, naturally, will not be happy about. However, you should not refuse an admirer in a rude manner. Try to explain to him that at the moment you are not ready for a new relationship.

Gray horses

I dreamed about a brown beauty

To dream about walking on a gray horse means constantly closing yourself off from others. It’s as if you live in a cocoon and are afraid to show your own emotions in public. Such a plot is dreamed of by people with complexes, timid and indecisive.

Fate gives you a sign and seems to shout: “Start acting!” If you continue to hide from the outside world within yourself, then life will simply pass you by.

Multi-colored brown horse

Have you ever had a dream about a long walk on a horse with an unusual color? The sleeper will suddenly become rich. You will receive a promotion, bonus or some kind of monetary reward.

Who had the dream?

To the girl

For a girl, riding a horse means success in love affairs, the location of the person she likes.

IMPORTANT! At the same time, a young rider should know that she will have to fight for this love, not everything will go smoothly.

If a girl falls out of the saddle during such a walk, a declaration of love awaits her, which she will reject.


For a pregnant girl, a horse is a symbol of great happiness, especially if the animal in the dream had a light color. If the dreamer rides a horse, it means that she will have an easy birth and the birth of an absolutely healthy child, in addition, good luck will accompany the dreamer in all her endeavors.

To a woman

For a woman, such a dream is an indicator that she is popular with the opposite sex , has a large number of fans (although not everyone openly declares themselves) and is not deprived of attention.

To a man

A man riding a horse in a dream should expect success in his professional field and victory over his competitors. In the near future there will be a promotion up the career ladder and an increase in wages of at least twice.

Riding a horse without a saddle means a serious fight

Interpretation of sleep in detail

ATTENTION! One of the most common mistakes when interpreting dreams is that a person tries to interpret what he saw based on one main symbol. This is fundamentally wrong, since dreams always include many different details that directly affect the outcome of the interpretation. This is why it is important to pay special attention to individual details.

Riding bareback in a dream

Riding a horse without a saddle means a long, difficult struggle, from which, however, the sleeper will emerge victorious if he puts in enough effort and does not refuse the help of loved ones.

In addition, riding without a saddle means that the dreamer in this life has yet to experience the taste of the forbidden fruit.

Horse riding gallop

Galloping is interpreted as the dreamer’s obligatory need to set aside some specific time specifically for himself: to relax, do what he loves, or simply get himself in order.

REFERENCE! The gallop in this case is an indicator that in reality this person does not give himself a break from work and household chores, completely devoting himself only to them.

Horseback ride through the forest

Riding a horse through the forest promises the imminent appearance of your soulmate. If the person who sees such a vision already has a legal companion, this dream foretells them many happy years of life together and smart, caring children.

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If the horse is very tired and stubborn, then higher powers warn the sleeper about the presence of ill-wishers who, acting on the sly, want to destroy the dreamer’s career or harm his personal life.

Prance while sitting on a horse

Prancing on a horse means a loss of vigilance in real life. The dreamer's interests may suffer greatly due to the stupid behavior of an acquaintance or close relative in a high position. Moreover, if a person was prancing on a horse in the immediate vicinity of his own home, this means that he will soon have to go on a long business trip.

Other details

Also pay attention to what the dreaming horseman was wearing. Shiny golden armor indicates that you are receiving very valuable help that you are not even expecting. Most likely, you will not even be able to understand where it came from and who exactly helped you. It will seem to you that the Lord himself intervened and did everything possible to avert trouble from you.

Have you ever seen yourself with someone on a horse? I dreamed about this image as a herald of an upcoming wedding, a happy marriage and true love from a loved one. Women who watch themselves galloping on horses will become happy, and the basis for this will be high spirituality.

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If a woman saw a rider rushing towards her on a white horse, most likely she still dreams of a prince, an ideal man. In this case, the dream book advises looking at things more realistically and not clinging to the small shortcomings of your partner. If you saw the features of your beloved in this knight, it means that you are often jealous of him, and you do it in vain, he is faithful to you.

What does the horseman of the apocalypse bring with him in dreams? Many may be immediately frightened, believing that he brings death. But this is far from true - this image symbolizes very important information that will be received in the near future. Whether it will be positive or negative can be determined by the faces of the knights and the color of the horses. But there will definitely be nothing terrible in such news.

When a galloping horse leaves behind huge clouds of dust, you will soon take on additional responsibilities. Perhaps you will be promoted or find additional income.

Let's look at the dream book again; the rider can be not only male, but also female. If you saw yourself as a rider on an ugly horse, success in society, respect from others and respect from colleagues await you. The main thing is not to spoil it with your character; restrain your emotions in any situation.

new worries or wealth

riding a horse in a dream? To correctly decipher what this plot is about in a dream, remember how the animal moved.

  • ran at a gallop - your income will increase sharply.
  • gait - in order not to create problems, you will have to run.
  • trot - life will bring surprises.
  • quarry - before you start acting, make a detailed plan.
  • ran at a gallop - your income will increase sharply.
  • gait - in order not to create problems, you will have to run.
  • trot - life will bring surprises.
  • quarry - before you start acting, make a detailed plan.


Mostly, representatives of the female gender dream of a brown horse. Such a dream symbolizes leadership qualities at work, career advancement, and the desire for self-development. If a woman pets a horse, family relationships and everyday life will improve; single girls are promised an interesting acquaintance and marriage.

  • If you dreamed of a brown horse galloping in the distance , you will miss a good opportunity to make money.
  • Feeding an animal means sincere relationships and mutual love.
  • Two beautiful horses in a dream - fortunately.
  • A man met a brown horse in a dream - financial and business success.
  • Brown horses scatter in different directions - they promise misfortune and missed opportunities.
  • If you bought a mare in a dream , this means you will realize a cherished dream that you have long dreamed of.
  • Crossing a stream on a horse means a big win or a pleasant surprise awaits you.
  • According to Vanga’s dream book, a brown thoroughbred mare means that difficulties in the workplace, in the business sphere will end, and your financial situation will improve.
  • Rears up in front of the sleeping person - betrayal from a loved one, disagreements with colleagues.
  • Dreaming of a brown horse giving birth means a new addition to the family.
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