“Why do you see a head in a dream? If you see a Head in a dream, what does it mean?

  • August 26, 2018
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  • Ksenia Dudka

A person dreams of various kinds. Some dreams bring him peace and lightness, while others, on the contrary, make him shudder and wake up screaming in the middle of the night. In the latter case, we are talking about nightmares, which are also given various interpretations, and not always with negative content.

Enemies will be defeated!

A head without a body is a harbinger of sad events. However, the dream book claims that a lot depends on your own actions in a dream.

If you dreamed that you personally cut off a head, then success awaits you in business, and your enemies will be defeated. If the firebrand is chopped off for you, then some undertaking is guaranteed to bring profit.

But seeing this event from the outside is not very good. Soon you will be borrowed a large amount. Carrying someone's skull in your hands literally means doing someone else's work.

Dream Interpretation of Udilova

If you dream that a severed head lies not far from the body, a person needs to rest, he has a loss of strength. A severed head means missing out on something important, a severed gray-haired head means an unexpected completion of old affairs, a severed wet head means a deliberate neglect of overvalued moments in life.

Washing a severed head in a dream means freeing yourself from trivial matters and focusing on important points.

Other interpretations

Why else do you dream of a head without a body? The correct interpretation of a dream depends on its appearance.

  • Stone - to plans that contradict moral principles.
  • Huge - to glory, fame and respect.
  • Small - to unprofitable work.
  • Own - to illness.
  • Hairy - fortunately.
  • Bald - to a bad deed.
  • Children's - to joy and money.

By the way, the dream book states that if you dreamed that a head without a body was talking to you in a dream, then you don’t need to listen to stupid advice.

Why do you dream about your own headless body?

Dreaming of your own torso without a head will shock anyone. However, you need to calm down and look for the interpretation of this dream in order to take the necessary actions in the future.

According to Vanga’s dream book, a headless corpse means the predominance of reason over feeling, even though the former weighs heavily on you.

Why do you dream of a man without a head, even if it is you yourself according to the Islamic dream book? Such a dream foreshadows the death of the elders of the clan, which entails the loss of the meaning of life.

You'll get rich!

Why else do you dream of a human head without a body? If it belongs to a stranger, then in reality you will be able to overcome some obstacle that has long stood in the way.

Did you dream of a human head that smiled and rejoiced? Wealth will literally fall from the sky. If it belonged to an acquaintance or, even worse, a loved one, then a long separation is coming. If you dreamed that a human skull came into your house in a strange way, then you will have a great idea.

What to expect from such dreams in reality?

If seeing a man with his head cut off in a dream makes you feel scared, distant or lost, this may be a sign that the dream is showing you that your head and heart are not in balance - one may dominate the other.

Perhaps your head controls your heart and you are too rational. Think about where in your life you feel disconnected from your feelings, or perhaps you are being too intellectual and not allowing your emotions to express themselves. Such dreams often occur when a person is afraid to allow himself to express feelings, due to fear of pain or humiliation. Perhaps the consequence of such dreams was an unpleasant experience from the past, when your feelings or emotions were misunderstood by people around you.

Remember that other people in your dreams are often simply reflections of yourself, and a dream about someone's head being cut off could be a symbol of an "attack" on some belief you hold.

Conversely, perhaps your emotions are getting out of control and you need to stop and think about things logically. Your dreams may invite you to stop and think about where your strong feelings might take you. Maybe you have behaved so irrationally that you are “losing your head.”

However, if beheading people in your dream really makes you anxious or upset, it could have a different meaning. Like the assault dream, the beheading dream can symbolize an area of ​​your life where you feel vulnerable, criticized by others, or criticized by yourself.

If you dream of a severed head, observed in dreams as if from the outside, then such a vision may be a warning that in real life you may be drawn into a dangerous adventure in which a woman is involved.

The head is the top of our body, so in a dream it can be a symbol of the top of what you strive for. Ask yourself why the dream of a severed head came to you right now - are there any problems of dominance or ambition in your life? Have you become so ambitious that you sacrifice the things that really matter to you? You may be neglecting your health or those you care about in your attempts to “get ahead.”

A dream of a decapitated body or severed head may be asking you where your emotions and logic are out of balance, and inviting you to reconnect areas of your life that seem separate or unconnected.

Be carefull!

The dream book gives very interesting interpretations of visions in which an animal skull was present. This dream is a warning against stupid, unreliable friends and reckless actions.

If it belonged to a pig, then there will soon be a road, for a ram - profit, for a lion - loss. Did you dream about the face of a cow? There will be a delay in current affairs, and all undertakings will bring losses and disappointments.

In addition, the appearance of a cow's skull promises discord in the family and problems in the home. If you personally happen to chop the head of a cow, then hard work will bear fruit.

Even more meanings according to Udilova’s Dream Book

Why do you dream of a man without a head, according to Udilova’s dream interpreter? If in a dream you bothered to watch headless bodies, stop ignoring the accumulated problems and immediately begin solving them. If you see your reflection without a head, pay attention to your own state. Do drowsiness and fatigue haunt you in the real world throughout the day? Take a break from work, take a walk in the fresh air. Do you see a hat falling along with someone else's head in a dream, and at the same time a bald head rolls out of the hat? Well, expect a business partner. And if you see a gray head rolling out of a hat, wait for a wise adviser, and if the head is not gray, but black, wait for the enemy.

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