Dreaming of washing floors in a dream: the most complete interpretation of sleep

Washing walls in a dream, seeing repairs, general cleaning - means a successful fight against obstacles. A dream means progress towards a goal through legal and illegal means. It’s very good if you dreamed that you immediately admired the results of your work. But why you dream that thorough cleaning of the house did not help change its appearance is interpreted differently in dream books.

Be vigilant

Broken and crooked partitions mean a deal with scammers and swindlers. Tsvetkov’s dream book recommends not to rush into implementing your plans. You can be subject to sanctions or fines if you dreamed that during washing they gradually collapsed or fell all at the same time. In addition, skewed structures can symbolize the wrong path.

Trying to clean out a dilapidated home will not bring satisfaction to the dreamer. The more energy you had to spend in a dream on repairing load-bearing partitions, the less energy you will have for household chores in reality. Such people may begin to mope for no reason. The famous Vanga, laying out why you dream of washing walls, advises paying attention to the purity of the water.

In a dream, wash the walls

Also, cleaning an apartment in a dream can foretell that a person will get involved in a bad story and make many enemies who will seriously interfere with the implementation of important plans. You need to be more selective in choosing friends or acquaintances, otherwise troubles are guaranteed.

Sometimes such a dream is a reflection of a person’s personal qualities: hostility towards others, bad character, the desire to achieve a cherished goal by any means, a constant desire to humiliate someone and cause pain. The dreamer is going the wrong way; it’s time to come to his senses and change his life.

Sweeping the floor while cleaning and leaving garbage is a bad sign: unfinished tasks that put pressure on a person, deprive him of peace of mind and can cause a nervous breakdown. It is necessary to abandon what you planned to do or gain strength and complete what you started.

Washing dirty walls in a dream is a warning that a loved one will have serious troubles: a serious or even fatal illness, an unpredictable course of the disease, loss of interest in life, negative thoughts about the future, aggression towards others, fear of imminent death.

What does it portend?

Cleaning the apartment and washing lime stains from the floor is a very negative dream, which foreshadows an irreparable loss, most likely the death of a close friend or relative. Also, such a dream suggests that soon a person will take part in a funeral procession and experience deep despair at the same time.

For a man, wiping dust while cleaning is a bad sign: marriage to an unworthy chosen one in the near future, a nasty and grumpy wife, regrets about his own choice, resentment, hatred, desire to break off a painful relationship with his wife.

If you dreamed of cleaning an apartment or any other room, then you should seriously think about your own life. It is possible that a person makes stupid mistakes, which become the cause of his troubles. By changing yourself, you can significantly improve your destiny.


"Bath" for pets

You will receive, albeit small, but this is what, according to Grishina’s dream book, promises a vision in which you wash a cat. And also a dream about a washed cat suggests that there is a certain person who is extremely dependent on the sleeping person.

But this power should not be abused. On the contrary, the dreamer must do everything as soon as possible so that the character subordinate or subordinate to him feels his freedom and independence. And if this is a love passion, then even more so, you should not mock the feelings of the attached person.

The plot with washing the cat can be interpreted differently. So if you soap an animal, then in reality you have to communicate with a very unsympathetic, insincere person. This means you need to keep your mouth shut and be less frank with such a person. Any information can be used by him for personal gain.

Why dream of washing a dog? You are about to find yourself at a reception, at a table with very high-ranking, influential people. Therefore, do not waste this unique opportunity to make useful contacts!

Adult in the shower or bath

The matrimonial position will also change for the one who bathed the woman in his night dreams. Here, there are two possible options: if the sleeping person is married, he will get divorced, and if he is single, he will walk down the aisle. And, interestingly, the Modern Dream Book believes that both of these events - marriage or divorce - will ultimately have a positive impact on the future fate of the dreamer.

In reality, very important decisions will have to be made, which is why, according to Shereminskaya, she dreamed that she had to wash a man. The fortuneteller instructs: do not rush to answer, carefully weigh all the pros and cons, think through several options for further developments.

Why dream of washing your grandmother, and your own one at that? It turns out that almost as soon as you wake up, someone will give you valuable, correct advice. Be careful!

If you soaped your mother, then boldly go forward, do not be afraid of anything, as the dream book promises: you will be able to overcome all obstacles and difficulties.

It is a good sign to wash your spouse in a dream. Why do you dream about such an intimate scene? It promises peace and harmony in relationships with her husband. But a bath procedure with the participation of a father in a dream predicts a long business trip, or another reason why you will have to leave your home for a long time.

"Car wash"

In your night dreams, did you take care of your car, washing away dirt and dust from it? Then there will be close, even friendly ties with the powers that be. That is, your comrades will be respectable people with great connections. And the Wanderer’s dream book assures that they will not leave you in trouble, they will provide protection.

If you washed your car until it shined, and in your dream it sparkled like new, then everything is just fine in the service. You are valued, respected and promoted.

Washing the dead

Wait for news from afar

Washing the walls of your own home is a good sign. The upcoming news will please both you and your household. In addition, such a dream is a sign of a fateful meeting for someone in the family. There is a chance that the family will increase by adding a new member to it, or a relative who was away will return.

It is very good to see that the water remains clean after cleaning. It’s even better if you dreamed that you were praised for the work you did in your dream. The dream book of Nostradamus suggests urgently checking your mail - it is likely that you will find long-awaited news from a person with whom you have already stopped communicating.

What does the color of the flooring affect?

If, after waking up, the dreamer was able to remember the color of the floors, the interpretation will depend on him:

  1. Light - to a favorable combination of circumstances.
  2. Dark - to unpleasant affairs and new exhausting responsibilities.
  3. Green - for the help of an influential person in resolving an important issue.
  4. Black - to disappointment in a loved one. It is possible that the chosen one has taken a mistress and is cheating on the dreamer.
  5. White - for joyful events. You may receive good news from relatives.
  6. Red - for love adventures with a new partner.

Obstacles will harden

Why dream of washing walls in an office, in someone else’s building, where there are many people, is explained by foreign dream books as a lack of mutual understanding with older relatives. For example, parents may not give their blessing to a marriage if they happen to see the strong supporting structures of the house.

Dirty office screens and backstage that you tried to clean with a brush and foam in a dream symbolize unfriendly colleagues eager for your failure. However, Veles’s dream book promises that you will be able to overcome the difficulties and you will be able to cope with them even alone, if you dreamed that this difficult work in someone else’s premises brought you moral satisfaction.

What was used to wash floors in a dream?

The plot in which cleaning was carried out with a mop recommends taking a closer look at the incoming proposals. Perhaps among them there will be a profitable one that cannot be missed. Cleaning done by hand has an ambiguous interpretation. The vision can portend both a quick overcoming of sudden obstacles and futile attempts to restore one’s reputation. Washing with a rag signals that the sleeper is confused and makes mistakes that may negatively affect the development of the situation in the future.

Soap foam on the water warns of the collapse of plans and hopes.

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