I dreamed that my hair was cut into a bob. Why dream of cutting your hair into a bob?

Cut your hair into a bob in a dream

What girl doesn't like to change her image? Especially if you choose an original bob as your new hairstyle. With an updated haircut, even in real life you feel different, like a different person. Dreaming of someone giving you a new hairstyle is also a harbinger of future changes. In this article we will look at what to expect from such an innovation in night dreams.

Why do you dream of cutting your hair into a bob? interpretation of a dream

So, why dream of cutting your hair into a bob? There are several interpretations by authoritative dream books and astrologers:

Important! Your reaction to new changes in a dream will help you understand whether it has a positive meaning, or whether you should expect unpleasant events. If the result impressed you, the image suited you perfectly, then you shouldn’t be afraid of innovations in everyday life. Experiment, show your imagination. The new hairstyle doesn’t suit you – you shouldn’t now implement what you’ve been planning for so long.

Some astrologers even take into account the type of haircut you had in your dream. You can compare which one the hairdresser did for you:

A girl admiring her new, well-cut bob in the mirror is a sign of a new romantic acquaintance. Pay attention to this young man, perhaps he will become your future husband.

Why does a woman dream of short hair or a bob haircut?

Explaining why the owner of long hair dreams of a short haircut, dream books disagree. Some of them embody this vision with self-confidence. Other sources claim that dreams in which you had to cut long hair indicate unpleasant memories that have accumulated in real life. In order not to ruin your mood, you should urgently get rid of thoughts related to the past.

To see in a dream how hair is cut into a bob, the meaning of the dream

Did you dream of a bob haircut? This form predicts disappointment. It can manifest itself both in the love sphere and in the work environment. You don’t have to worry about this, because the emotions will soon subside. Just as cut hair tends to grow back, so the resentment will subside. If you didn’t like what the hairdresser did on your head, the hairstyle was done carelessly, without skill, this portends bad news. A similar prediction for girls who in a dream decided to cut their hair on their own. The dark streak will primarily affect the financial sector. An alternative interpretation of cutting your own hair, which some astrologers provide, speaks of a partner’s betrayal. You shouldn’t blame anyone, because the relationship is no longer burning with passion, and mutual interest has subsided.

According to the Modern Dream Book, if a bob haircut was given to you by an acquaintance or friend, this is an excellent sign. Your future will soon change for the better; expect success in your career, warming in family ties, and recovery from a long-term debilitating illness. The more effort you put in, the greater achievements you will achieve.

Some astrologers have a special interpretation of the bob haircut seen in night dreams. In their opinion, this indicates the dreamer’s frivolous character; his actions are regarded as too infantile. If such manifestations occurred less often, it would look cute and charming, but in this situation you risk causing trouble with such actions. If you behave more prudently and intelligently, you can avoid many stupid mistakes. Seeing a short haircut is a sign of impending troubles in one of the areas of life.

Atypical incidents

Dreaming of a fashionable hairstyle

Why do you dream of a bob haircut? It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, since in some cases it is better to listen to your own intuition, and not to what various dream interpreters are trying to convey.

Why this image?

Any hairstyle must be interpreted correctly, and therefore it is so important to remember the mood of the changed self.


Seeing yourself in the mirror, enjoying your own haircut, is a sign of big changes in life. The dream book is trying to convey to the sleeping person the information that an ardent admirer will soon appear, filling the soul with new emotions and experiences.

If in your night dreams you had to cut your friend’s hair, it means that in reality you will be expected to make a profitable purchase or make a deal.


If an adult representative of the fair sex has long hair, but she had to see herself in a dream in a different role, and she did not like it, then unpleasant events will happen in life:

I dreamed about the hair modeling process

It is also worth noting that undesirable events can appear completely suddenly, and therefore you need to carefully approach the solution of any issue.

If you dream about your hair being cut, then you need to think about future losses and significant disappointments.

What to expect?

According to the dream book, a bob haircut done by a professional foreshadows scandalous stories that will leave a certain mark on your business reputation. It is extremely important to determine who had the dream.

Basic transcripts

In dream books, a short haircut symbolizes good changes. A sleeping person will significantly improve his life in the near future. He will receive many unforgettable impressions and positive emotions. Depending on the plot seen, the final interpretation changes:

A dream about a man with short hair foreshadows changes that will only indirectly affect the sleeping woman. Changes may occur in the family of close friends or relatives.

Who cut it and how?

A girl may see herself in a dream with a short haircut with bangs. The dream book interprets this image in different ways. If a girl likes her appearance, this indicates favorable changes in her life. If a woman cuts her locks herself, this indicates trouble. And she herself will be to blame for this. Perhaps she spends too much money thoughtlessly. You need to reconsider your attitude towards money.

If a friend or acquaintance suggested that a girl cut her hair in a dream, it means that she has an envious person in her close circle. Trouble will happen because of her. Don't believe everything your friends say. Before you do anything, you need to think carefully about everything. Otherwise, you will have to answer for the mistake yourself.

You may also dream of a different story. A friend or acquaintance may ask the dreamer to cut her hair. You need to pay attention to this person. This girl will play an important role in the future. She can take on some of the dreamer's problems. This will allow you to overcome difficulties.

If it turns out that the dreamer badly cut the hair of a friend, this promises a frank conversation soon. He will be serious and not very pleasant. However, this cannot be avoided. Therefore, you need to think through all the reasons and arguments. Otherwise, the relationship with this person may be severely disrupted.

Who had the dream?

Women and men mostly have different attitudes towards haircuts. For the fair sex, this is a great way of self-expression. For men, it’s nothing more than a monthly necessity to maintain a neat appearance. Therefore, the interpretation of sleep will vary greatly depending on the gender and age of the dreamer.

To the girl

For a young girl, such a dream has several meanings, depending on the emotions experienced and specific details:

  • In hysterics, cutting off your long hair means parting with your loved one due to a revealed deception. For single people, it means spending too much effort on a business that will not bring any benefit.
  • Someone cut your hair and the result was upsetting - the machinations of enemies or envious people who will put you in an awkward position.

Reference! Cutting a handsome guy's hair means an interesting acquaintance, which can develop into a romantic relationship.


Expectant mothers tend to see various changes in appearance in their dreams, and a haircut is one of them:

  • A short haircut means the birth of a healthy and strong boy.
  • Picking up cut hair from the floor is a sign of health problems for the pregnant woman. Premature birth is possible.

short haircut - for the future birth of a baby

To a woman

For an adult, married woman, a dream about cutting her hair can be an unpleasant omen.

  • Hair cut sloppily means finding out that your spouse or children have seriously deceived you in some way.
  • Seeing yourself with an unsuitable haircut means realizing that too much time was spent on the wrong job or an unloved person.

To a man

For men, a nightly dream about a haircut is most often a harbinger of the beginning of a new stage in life or a stormy love affair. However, it all depends on the age of the dreamer.

  • For a boy - learn to make important decisions without outside help.
  • For a young man it is his first love. Romantic passion.
  • For a man - a frivolous romance that can develop into something more. For a married man, such a dream may mean thoughts of betrayal.

Note! Cutting your beloved's hair in a dream means a loss of trust in a couple. Treason or any other betrayal is possible.

Opinions of various interpreters

To understand why you dream of cutting your hair into a bob, popular dream books advise you to remember your emotions at the moment when the haircut took place. If the dreamer felt great relief and joy, looking at the long strands that fall to the floor, then the plot prophesies the successful completion of a certain stage of life. Regretting what you did in a dream means making a mistake in real life, but not being able to correct anything. Popular dream interpreters interpret night vision as follows:

Fan, overcoming difficulties

A girl dreams of how a master cuts her hair into a bob, it suits her very well, does the sleeping woman admire herself in the mirror? The dream book tells you: a young man will appear whom the girl will really like, will look after her beautifully and will soon propose. He can make a great husband.

I dreamed of cutting my hair to suit a fashion trend based on a basic shape - the desire to stand out and attract the attention of others. But it is advisable not to overdo it, so as not to shock your friends.

Why dream of cutting your hair into a bob? The dream book explains: troubles may arise, but you will easily overcome them. There is no need to be discouraged: fate will soon provide new opportunities. Take action and you can achieve a lot.

general description

The dream book will tell you what this or that dream means. Seeing yourself with a short haircut can portend a variety of events. To understand which ones, you will need to consider associations with this image. It used to be believed that hair could help describe a person's character. If they are straight, this is an easy-going, kind nature. Curly curls reveal a person who is mischievous and restless, unreliable and flighty. Based on these ideas, ancient dream books were compiled.

Strand color

The color of cut strands in a dream is important for its correct interpretation. Many dream books claim that brown hair portends troubles at work . Soon there will be quarrels with superiors, conflicts with colleagues and other problems related to professional activities.

Blonde hair in a dream foreshadows romantic dates and joyful meetings in reality. Highlighted strands warn that a woman will soon have to make an important choice. Her entire future fate will depend on this decision, so you need to carefully consider the problem and carefully analyze possible options for the development of events.

Dreams in which golden curls appeared can be interpreted positively. Next to the dreamer is a loving and reliable person who is capable of doing everything possible to make his soulmate happy and turn her life into a fairy tale.

Black hair in a dream is a harbinger of failure in matters of the heart. A lover can commit a treacherous act and cause his loved one great pain. A man is able to hide his true desires and feelings, and when the dreamer finds out about this, she will become very upset and unpleasant due to the fact that she was mistaken in her chosen one for a long time.

Bright haircuts in a dream foretell fun and positive emotions in real life. A sleeping woman will have a great time in the company of friends and get a lot of amazing impressions.

Miller's Dream Book: bob hair

According to Miller, bob hair in a dream means your relatives and friends will help you in solving life’s problems and difficulties. The hardships of life themselves are the reason for such a dream. By its appearance, it promises to receive help and support from others. In a dream, your own hair is from relatives, and strangers’ hair is from strangers.

What to do if the dream brought unpleasant emotions? Advice from Miller: do not attach any significance to difficult dreams. The first impression of them rarely coincides with their meaning in interpretation. Bad and difficult images do not always foreshadow bad events.

Interpretation of various dream books

Explanation by psychologist G. Miller

Interpretation of Vanga

The view of psychologist S. Freud

Dream book of psychologist D. Loff

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

French dream book

Persian dream book of Khubayshi Tiflisi

Women's dream book (only for women)

Esoteric dream book

For a girl this means the loss of fans, for a married woman it means betrayal.

Dream Interpretation of Dennis Lynn

Getting your hair cut in a dream means the onset of a new life period.

Cutting hair according to Vanga's dream book

The fortuneteller Vanga believed that cutting off hair in a dream always means losses. And the dreamer needs to muster up the courage to accept them.

  • Cutting your hair short means getting into a life-threatening situation. Avoiding serious consequences thanks to an accident.
  • Cutting off a long braid means suffering due to the loss of something important. Become a victim of theft or vile deception.
  • Trimming split ends/trimming bangs - the desire to make the best out of good and unhealthy perfectionism will play a cruel joke on you.

Interpretation of various dream books

Explanation by psychologist G. Miller

Interpretation of Vanga

The view of psychologist S. Freud

Dream book of psychologist D. Loff

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

French dream book

Persian dream book of Khubayshi Tiflisi

Women's dream book (only for women)

Esoteric dream book

For a girl this means the loss of fans, for a married woman it means betrayal.

Dream Interpretation of Dennis Lynn

Getting your hair cut in a dream means the onset of a new life period.

Groomed hairstyle

You can make a forecast for the future based on how well-groomed your hair was in the dream. A short hairstyle, elegantly and neatly styled, is considered a favorable sign. This promises success in business or career. If the dreamer's hair seems too short, this may indicate financial difficulties.

If in a dream a person saw a dirty, tangled or wet short haircut, the dream book foreshadows trouble. The person will face difficult times. He will have to endure hardships and overcome obstacles in his path. This period will soon end, it will pass like bad weather outside the window.

A person can see a beautiful short haircut in his mirror. The dream book says that in reality a person will be able to find peace. A happy period is approaching.

If there were flowers in the hair, events will soon occur that will require endurance from the dreamer. This is a testing period. Having completed it with dignity, a person will receive new opportunities. You can't lose heart. The bad period will soon end.

If a woman has white flowers braided in her hair, this indicates trials in her personal life. You need to show willpower and character. Life's difficulties should not unsettle you.

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Changes await you, show your hidden qualities

Dreamed of a new hairstyle? The dream promises changes in your personal life, and sometimes changes at work.

Seeing a new bob haircut in your dream, which has completely changed your appearance, means: you are striving for some kind of updates, says the dream book. Remember whether you liked the result - your impressions of the plot will tell you how successful such an endeavor will be.

Did you dream that your bangs used to cover your eyes, but your new hairstyle makes it possible to see everything clearly? In reality, an event will occur that will allow the dreamer to reveal her hidden qualities.

Other characters

If you happen to have a short haircut, the dream book strongly recommends that you carefully examine the details of the image. People often dream of giving their family and friends a haircut. This carries certain information.

If you cut your child's hair, who previously had luxuriant hair, this indicates imminent success. However, it is worth considering that in a dream the dreamer should like the haircut. In this case, he will receive a new position and gain the necessary connections. Glory, recognition and honor await a person.

But the haircut that the dreamer did not like on his child carries a warning. Need to take a break from business. Rash decisions will greatly harm a person and make an important task unattainable. Therefore, it is worth stopping and thinking carefully.

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If a wife cuts her husband’s hair in a dream, this indicates imminent discord in the family. Quarrels and misunderstandings may arise. Therefore, you need to discuss everything with your loved one. Understatement leads to misunderstandings and conflicts in the family. You need to show wisdom, tact and prevent the occurrence of negative events in the house.

In a dream, a person can also cut off other relatives. If it was a mother or aunt, the subconscious hints that it is extremely important to pay attention to loved ones. Now they need support. If you had to cut your girlfriend’s hair in a dream, changes in relationships with the opposite sex are possible.

Islamic dream book

Muslim customs leave their mark on the interpretation of what the cropped head means in a dream:

Islamic culture also leaves its mark on the interpretation of the dream. If a wife whose husband has disappeared dreams that she not only has her hair cut, but also walks with her head uncovered, then this means that her husband will soon return. And for an unmarried girl, this dream means a quick marriage.

Different sources have different interpretations: what does cut hair mean in dreams? You shouldn’t take the interpretation of a dream as a guide to action or an expectation of future troubles, but you shouldn’t ignore it either. Everything seen in dreams is a reflection in the subconscious of what happened during the day, and the brain often signals to the conscious mind in this way about the possible consequences of actions or the character of the people around us.


Dream about a haircut in an Islamic dream book

Islamic interpreters interpreted a dream about a haircut as a harbinger of a quarrel with loved ones and the need to listen to the good advice of those who are more experienced and wiser.

  • To cut your hair yourself means to suffer due to obstinacy and the habit of “cutting from the shoulder.”
  • Hair in poor condition (needing a haircut) - see the root of your problems. Get rid of old debts or oppressive feelings of guilt.
  • Someone forcibly cuts off your hair - you will lose property acquired through back-breaking labor.

cut off your hair against your will - you will lose your property

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