“Why do you dream about seeds? If you see Seeds in a dream, what does it mean?

Most dream books interpret seeds in a dream as a symbol of wealth, success and prosperity. This is due to the fact that the grain germinates and gives rise to a new life. If you dreamed of sprouted seeds, then this may promise a quarrel with relatives, which will end in reconciliation. However, in order to accurately know the interpretation, you need to pay attention to all the smallest details of the plot you saw. The type of plants, the condition and appearance of the grains, as well as the actions of the dreamer himself are important.

What does planting flowers in a dream mean?

All your plans will quickly come true if you dreamed of planting flowers that begin to grow quickly and reach for the sun. The dream book of planting bright flowers for lovers foreshadows an imminent marriage, a happy family life, and the birth of heirs.

  • Flowers were planted around one's own home - harmony in family relationships.
  • In the greenhouse - there will be a chance to make your dream come true.
  • In the pot - stability in career growth.

Joyful events await a woman if she dreams in a sleepy kingdom that she is planting flowers in a beautiful garden fragrant with wonderful smells.
As soon as the plants planted in the ground begin to bloom, your loved one will present a surprise that will bring a lot of pleasure. Planting trees and flowers (especially roses) at the same time means a brilliant career. The dream book calls for paying attention to the type of flowers that you dreamed of growing in a dream.

If in a dream you had to plant:

  • Roses - a dream promises happiness and prosperity in family life. If a guy dreamed that he was burying a rose bush without thorns, his future wife will have a calm disposition.
  • Chamomiles - in the near future your health will be good.
  • Forget-me-nots - long-extinguished feelings will flare up with renewed vigor.
  • Gladioli - at the upcoming holiday you will be able to show off your abilities.
  • Tulips - very soon those around you will admire your noble deed. Planting a lot of bulbs in the ground means significant success in service and business.

Planting a dug-up garden with flower bulbs is a good time to start new projects. Planting flowers in loose and soft soil in a dream means you can easily overcome obstacles that hinder the development of your own business and the advancement of a project.

If the soil for planting turns out to be hard and rocky, your enemies are trying in every possible way to harm you. The soil for flowers in dreams was clayey and viscous - the dream book suggests that the help of outsiders is needed to resolve the issue.

Flower seeds

Often in a dream you may see a story about flower grains. To accurately find out the meaning of what you saw, you need to analyze which plants you dreamed about. For example:

  1. Spring primroses. According to dream interpreter Gustavus Miller, such a plot promises fun and a carefree life. The time has come when a sleeping person can allow himself to rest, and then begin work again with renewed vigor.
  2. Autumn flowers. If you dreamed of flower seeds that delight with their beauty from September to November, then this is a symbol of a sad mood and sadness. The dreamer is sad about the lost opportunities that he missed in the past.
  3. Wildflowers. If you dreamed of poppy seeds, clover and other similar plants, then this is a good symbol for someone who is an optimist and has an easy-going approach to life. The plot promises good luck and the fulfillment of a cherished desire.
  4. Decorative sunflower. The dreamer awaits an exciting journey with a person who will charge him with his energy and enthusiasm.
  5. Assorted flower seeds. If you dreamed of many different grains in one box, then this warns the dreamer that he may soon encounter unexpected obstacles on the way to achieving his goal.

Vegetable bed

If in a dream you planted vegetables, then such a dream promises a happy fate and longevity.
The dream book predicts an eventful life if you had to plant onions in a dream. I dreamed that onions occupied most of the garden - your hard work will bring well-deserved glory. Planting onions, cucumbers, tomatoes with friends in a dream means a brilliant career and respect from colleagues await you. Replanting plants or seedlings in dreams means significant changes will occur in life. You can change your place of residence, take up another job, change your previously planned plans.

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Seeing a young sprout in a dream is the beginning of something new, including new relationships, new projects. In a dream, a planted garden began to quickly turn green - to quick and positive results in the professional sphere.

If in the kingdom of Morpheus you dreamed of growing tomatoes and caring for them, then in reality your efforts will pay off handsomely. In the dream, tomatoes grew quickly - you will achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Seeing a vegetable garden planted with tomatoes and peppers in a dream means a joyful event ahead among witty people. A young girl dreamed that tomatoes or cucumbers immediately bloomed after planting - a sign of a happy marriage.

Seeds are the basis of life. A seed thrown into the ground gives life to a new living organism. If in a dream the vegetable seeds were smooth and beautiful, it means good health and good health. Sowing cucumbers in the beds means household chores. The beds were short - the troubles would quickly end. In a dream, a vegetable garden delighted with the friendly shoots of different vegetable crops - a sign of prosperity.

Vegetable seeds

Often in dreams you may see a plot about grains of crops that grow in a vegetable garden or garden. In this case, you need to try to remember which plant you dreamed about. So:

  1. Pumpkin. The dreamer will receive an invitation to a gala event. Some sources claim that the dreamer himself will become the organizer of a noisy holiday. The event will be fun and will leave only good memories.
  2. Cucumbers, tomatoes. A person needs to sort out minor household chores as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will develop into serious problems and cause disagreement between loved ones.
  3. Spicy herbs, dill, parsley. The dream speaks of the dreamer's shyness and isolation. To achieve success, you need to learn to defend your position. The time has come for dramatic changes in your character and outlook on life.
  4. Root vegetables (carrots, beets, onions and other vegetables). A symbol of the dreamer's stinginess.

You need to try to share what you have with family and friends. Otherwise, he will gain the reputation of a greedy person.

Sow the seeds

  • Corn - to prosperity, a well-fed life.
  • Wheat, rice, buckwheat - you need to concentrate on the task at hand in order to achieve the desired result.
  • Radishes - for an interesting acquaintance.
  • Maka - good luck will come to those who take life with ease.
  • Pumpkins - for a festive mood.
  • Parsley - you are too shy and insecure in life, it’s time to change.

While you were sleeping, you dreamed that you were throwing onion, beet or carrot seeds into the ground - there would be long and painstaking work ahead. Sprinkling flax seeds into the ground in windy weather means the beginning of a grandiose task.

When decorating beds under film, you are very scrupulous and careful. The beds in the dream turned out to be long, level, without weeds - you should not worry about the work you have started, everything will go well.

What dream books say

In general, dream books believe that sowing, collecting, growing seeds in a dream is a good sign. This means that the business you have planned will be profitable, you will succeed.

According to Mindel’s dream book, if in the dream the seeds were selected, then you will have several options for the development of events, and you will choose the most promising one. For women, such a dream can mean large offspring.

But collecting seeds means troubles associated with children.

In Hasse you can find an explanation of the dream in which you see birds pecking at seeds. This means you will suffer losses of both personal and material nature.

Seeing or receiving a beautiful piece of land in a dream is a harbinger of a happy family life.

Well-groomed land with beautiful gardens in a dream is a sign of great family happiness.

Land covered with greenery or moss in a dream means money or a profitable marriage.

A barren land is dreamed of by those who face failure and bitter losses.

If you dream that the land is sown with wheat, then your hard hard work will help you become rich.

Kissing or eating the ground in a dream means humiliation and loss.

Vegetables growing on the ground are a sign of grief and trouble.

To see fertile, black soil terrain means your opportunities that you are missing due to laziness or weakness of character. Sometimes such a dream warns of excessive gullibility. The larger the plot of land that you see in your dream, the more wealth, joy and happiness awaits you in life.

If you dream that you are desperately digging the ground, then you should moderate your selfish appetites so as not to repent of it later.

Plowing, sowing, fertilizing, planting seeds in the ground in a dream means profit and growth in prosperity. For those getting married, such a dream predicts a strong family and healthy children.

Wet soil that has turned to slurry predicts illness. If you get dirty with it, then expect shame and strife. See interpretation: slurry, dirt.

Measuring out a plot of land in a dream is a sign of discord with relatives. Measuring a plot of land in a dream foretells that your situation will be desperate and your loved ones will begin to feel sorry for you. Place markings on the ground - for divorce or division.

Seeing the dug up earth is sometimes a sign of a funeral. Especially if you see it under the window of your house or near the house of your loved ones.

A ruined land is dreamed of by those whose lives are not settled. Such a dream does not bode well for them soon.

If rods, sticks, or pieces of wire stick out from the ground, then expect delays in resolving your case. In addition, you have enemies who are trying in every possible way to harm you. And this dream also means that you have made a lot of mistakes in your life. Try to correct errors if possible.

Seeing the earth from a ship in a dream is a sign of imminent success that will follow long experiences and searches.

If you see a foreign country, they will soon make you an interesting offer related to the trip.

The earth opened up under your feet in a dream - a sign that a collapse awaits you in business and in love. Such a dream predicts long suffering, disappointment and humiliation. See interpretation: earthquake.

Getting stuck in muddy ground in a dream means that your business will stall. If in a dream you are lucky and you get out of the swamp, then fate will generously reward you for your hard work. See interpretation: swamp.

Seeing diggers in a dream means that your enemies are waiting for your death.

Lying on the ground in a dream is a sign of the unsettled nature of your life and the collapse of your plans for the future. After such a dream, it may well be that you will lose your livelihood.

If you dream that the earth has collapsed before your eyes, or see an earthly failure in a dream, then your plans will fail completely, troubles or misfortunes await you. They say that such a dream predicts good luck for those who owe money or are going on a journey, since it promises to the first that they will not have to pay debts, and to others that their journey will be successful.

Interpretation of dreams from the Family Dream Book

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If you saw seeds in a dream, expect an increase in prosperity, as all dream books prophesy without exception. A seed is the basis of life; when it germinates, it gives birth to a new living organism. That is why dreams about seeds always symbolize wealth and prosperity. But sometimes these small grains carry a warning of danger. Why do you dream of a beautiful and smooth seed, and why do you dream of a dried out one, the dream book will tell you!

Flower buds

Dreaming of seeds of spring primroses means joy, fun and pleasure, Miller’s dream book promises.

Small black grains of autumn flowers are a symbol of sadness for the departed. You regret having to part with something or someone.

Grains of poppy, clover and other wild flowers prophesy good luck to those who look at life simply and live one day at a time.

Seeing the seeds of a decorative sunflower in a dream means a pleasant trip with a person for whom the word “sadness” does not exist.

I dreamed of many different flower seeds in one box - a series of fun adventures awaits you, which will be interrupted by unexpected problems.

Agricultural crops

Seeing Maslenitsa sunflower seeds in a dream means boredom and idleness, predicts Tsvetkov’s dream book.

Flax seeds seen in a dream warn of health problems. Do not allow the disease to develop, take action.

Dreaming of corn kernels means a well-fed life and prosperity. In the near future you should not worry about money, you will have plenty of it, the Lunar Dream Book pleases. If you dreamed of grains of buckwheat, rice, wheat or other agricultural crops - in real life you are worried about something and cannot concentrate on your work. You should pull yourself together, otherwise problems will arise there too.

What's growing in the garden?

If you dreamed about pumpkin seeds, it means you are in a festive mood. During this period, you can organize a holiday in the midst of gray everyday life. Delight your loved ones with a festive extravaganza.

Seeds of cucumbers or tomatoes - you will plunge headlong into family chores. You have a lot of household chores that need to be resolved so that they do not develop into problems.

Dreaming about the seed of dill, parsley or other herbs is a sign of timidity. You are a timid and insecure person in real life. It's time to change. Go for it, you will succeed, the Eastern Dream Book promises.

The grains of carrots, beets, onions and other root vegetables are a symbol of stinginess. Don’t be greedy, share what you have with your neighbors, otherwise you will be branded as a stingy person.

Plant and collect

If you dream that you are collecting vegetable seeds for planting, you will receive a well-deserved reward in the form of a bonus and praise from your superiors.

If you dreamed that you were collecting grains that had spilled from plants on the ground, this means hard and painstaking work that will bring good income, the Autumn Dream Book prophesies.

Planting flax seeds in the ground in a dream means in reality you are planning to start some grandiose business. Now is a favorable time for this, go for it.

Sow seeds in a container on the windowsill and see that they have sprouted - the planned project requires a long preparation and careful checking of all the details. Only then will everything go as you planned.

Planting sprouted seeds in the soil of a greenhouse or sowing unsprouted seeds under film means you are a very careful person. Before you start anything, think long and hard. This is good, but sometimes you need to think faster, advises the Spring Dream Book.

At the seed store

If you dreamed that you came to the store to buy various seeds for planting, you are waiting for the purchase of a necessary thing that you have noticed for a long time, but everyone did not dare to buy it.

Trading flower seeds - bringing joy to people; vegetables and spices - you will provide an invaluable service to one of your friends.

It takes a long time to choose what to buy in a seed store, and still not choose anything - in reality, you will refuse a lucrative offer for fear of not being able to cope with it, predicts Miss Hasse’s dream book.

Both tasty and healthy

Adding sunflower seeds to salad means good health and longevity. You are not afraid of illnesses, but do not forget about injuries and take care of yourself.

Sprinkling food with flax seeds means the interpretation of the dream is as follows: you are dreaming of something unrealistic and unrealistic. It’s time to “come down to earth”, understand that we ourselves are doing miracles and start taking action.

The newest dream book of G. Ivanov

  • New positive ideas.

The newest dream book of G. Ivanov

  • Seeds
    - new positive ideas.

Esoteric dream book

  • In any form, except rotten ones - welfare, profit, income.
  • Rotten, spoiled - missed opportunities in business or mercantile interests.

Esoteric dream book

  • Seeds
    - in any form, except rotten, welfare, profit, income.
  • Rotten, spoiled
    - missed opportunities in business or mercantile interests.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

  • Seeing birds pecking is a loss; buy - the matter will be settled reasonably; sow - have new plans; clean - prudence in business.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

  • Seeing birds pecking at seeds
    is a sign of loss;
    - the matter will be settled reasonably;
    - have new plans;
    - prudence in business.

Ukrainian dream book

  • Seed - good news awaits you. To sow a seed is fortunate; collect - achievement, receive an inheritance.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn (detailed)

  • Great things begin from small things, if there is suitable soil for its development. This is a wonderful sign for any endeavor.
  • "What goes around comes around". The seeds of kindness and attention that you planted in the ground will sprout in the future.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn (brief)

  • Great things begin from small things, if there is suitable soil for its development.
  • New beginnings.
  • What goes around comes around.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

  • Seeds
    - waiting;
    - future fruitful results, the fruits of labor will not appear soon;
    scatter in the room
    - to enmity (“sow enmity”);
    a lot of grain
    - prosperity, profit.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

  • Seeds, grain - waiting; sow - future fruitful results, the fruits of labor will not appear soon; scatter in the room - to enmity (“sow enmity”); a lot of grain - prosperity, profit.

Dream Book of Winged Phrases

  • SEED (seeds) – beginning, reason, potential energy, unmanifested male seed.

Dream Interpreter (1829)

  • Sowing seeds means wealth, joy and health.

Ancient French dream book

  • Seeing seeds in a dream is a good thing, because this dream foretells abundance or pleasant hours spent in nature.

Dream Interpretation of Health

  • Seeing seeds means the need to include the most commonly eaten plants in the diet; possible problems with the reproductive organs; Hulling seeds means understanding the life situation is necessary; Seeing birds pecking at seeds means possible losses; for sick people, it means worsening well-being; Sow the seeds - the time has come for your good deeds.

Modern combined dream book

  • A dream about seeds
    predicts an increase in prosperity, despite unfavorable conditions at the moment.
  • If you dream that you are sowing seeds
    , you will soon have to give advice to your friends and raise children.
  • Seeing good, selected seeds in a dream
    means that your activities will give amazing results.
    For a woman, such a dream
    predicts many children.
  • Sprouted seeds
    dream of quarrels in the family, but these quarrels will end in general reconciliation and will unite loved ones even more.
  • Collecting seeds of some plant in a dream
    means trouble with children.
    For a pregnant woman, such a dream
    predicts a protracted labor.

Complete dream book of the New Era

  • Seeds
    are a reflection of great potential and/or the right time for new beginnings. A reminder of the saying, “What goes around comes around.”

Collection of dream books

  • Seeds
    are new beginnings from small things, if there is suitable soil for its development.
  • Seeing seeds
    means the need to include the most commonly eaten plants in the diet;
    possible problems with the reproductive organs; shelling seeds
    - it is necessary to comprehend the life situation;
    seeing birds pecking at seeds
    means possible losses;
    for sick people
    , it means worsening well-being;
    sow the seeds
    - the time has come for your good deeds.
  • Seeing seeds in a dream
    is a good thing, because this dream foretells abundance or pleasant hours spent in nature.

Did you happen to plant something in the ground in a dream? This is an excellent sign that reflects the successful implementation of your plans. Perhaps in later visions you will be able to see how the sprouts develop and grow, which again indicates positive dynamics.

Potato field

A dream in which you dreamed of planting potatoes means the desire to live in abundance, since the vegetable is a symbol of prosperity and recognition.
The dream book warns that all dreams will certainly come true, but you will have to work hard. If the dream “came” to a girl, then she will soon get married. For a man, “potato” dreams mean a successful arrangement of affairs in business.

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The meaning of sleep is also directly related to the size of the root crop. Planting potatoes that are large and smooth means getting an extremely profitable offer, for which you don’t even have to fight. In this way, management will decide to encourage you so that you continue to strive for career achievements. Planting small and medium-sized potatoes in a dream means excessive care for minor children.

If in a dream the planting of potatoes took place during a blind rain, then the dream book foreshadows pleasant changes in life; in dark times - you keep your desires secret, try to hide them from strangers. When planting potatoes, the bright sun was shining - this means joyful events, and if the sun's rays made their way through the clouds, you will soon have to experience a streak of minor failures.

The dreamer's actions

Information about the actions performed by the dreamer will help clarify the meaning of the dream. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to every little detail. For example:

  1. Collect ripe seeds for subsequent planting. The dream has a favorable meaning and promises the sleeping person a worthy material reward for the work done.
  2. Collecting seeds from the ground means painstaking work, which will be appreciated by management.
  3. Planting flax seeds in the ground is a sign that the dreamer has an idea that he is afraid to bring to life. Now is the right time to implement the most daring and extraordinary projects. They will bring significant profit to the dreamer.
  4. Plant seedlings in containers, place them on the windowsill and see small shoots. The dream means that to achieve your plan you need to spend a lot more effort than previously expected. For everything to be successful, you should carefully consider all the nuances and details.
  5. Planting seeds in a greenhouse or under film is a sign that the dreamer is a very cautious person who thinks about all the circumstances for a long time before making a decision. This is a good quality, but sometimes there are situations when you need to be more decisive.
  6. Walking around the store and choosing seeds is a symbol that in the near future the dreamer will be able to buy what he has long dreamed of.
  7. If in a dream a person was selling seeds, then this indicates that the dreamer will help a loved one in a difficult situation.
  8. Walking around the market for a long time in search of the necessary grains, but still not being found, is a sign that the dreamer will refuse a very profitable offer, since he does not believe in his strength and ability to cope with the task.
  9. Preparing a salad with added grains is a favorable sign. He says that the dreamer will not have health problems. A long and happy life, full of pleasant events, awaits a sleeping person.

But if you had to sprinkle seeds on the food, this is a symbol that the dreamer is dreaming of something that is unlikely to come true. You need to look at things more realistically and do what you can do.

Only by paying attention to every detail can you correctly interpret a dream and avoid unwanted consequences . Although often dreams can simply be a dream due to a stormy and active day.

What does tree planting mean?

If the dreamer planted a young tree and fruits appeared on it, then this is a clear sign that all innermost desires - even the most grandiose ones - will certainly come true. If a married woman had this dream, then it foreshadows the appearance of children in the family. For an unmarried man, planting trees means meeting a woman with whom he wants a serious and permanent relationship.

Be sure to remember your mood when planting trees. You were happy with the process - a positive outcome of the things started, but you were upset about something - changes in life will not go as smoothly as you wish. Planting trees with parents means mutual understanding and harmony in family relationships.

In my dreams I happened to plant:

  1. An apple tree means a long-awaited move to a new apartment, an increase in living space. For a man to plant an apple tree with his son is a good sign to start a successful business in real life.
  2. Pear - fortunately on the family front. For a young girl, the dream promises a successful marriage and swimming in luxury. A particularly favorable sign for people involved in trade. They will become even richer.
  3. Plum - there will be an opportunity to purchase an expensive item that you have long dreamed of.
  4. Cherry - you will learn news that will be remembered for a long time.
  5. Cherry - to wealth, abundance.
  6. Walnut - to win, increase profits. Planting hazelnuts means successful business, walnuts mean getting benefits, and almonds mean a happy life.
  7. Planting several fruit trees at the same time, for example, an apple tree and a pear tree, means prosperity and good health.

Did you see yourself planting Christmas trees in a dream? The dream promises a long and prosperous life, as well as new prospects for professional growth. The more magnificent the prickly trees were, the more stable your financial situation will be. Planting Christmas trees with cones means waiting for unexpected happiness. Author: Ekaterina Volkova

Interpretation according to the dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Why do you dream that you happened to plant seeds in a dream? Essentially, this is a reflection of the fact that you are investing effort and resources without yet understanding whether this activity will bear fruit.

The dream book advises you to prepare in advance for the fact that what you have planned may not end in your favor or will not go exactly as you planned.

The vision suggests taking the position of an observer, but not forgetting to actively participate in it. This will help you develop an unbiased opinion about the world in general or a specific situation in particular.

Did you dream that you were planting something in the ground? The coming period is ideal for any undertaking, but the dream book advises you to get together as much as possible and think through every step. You need to aim for success, but be prepared for any surprises.

It is best if in a dream you can trace the growth of the planted crop and see the end result. This will completely insure you in reality from unforeseen turns.

In any case, planting something in a dream is good. This is a sign of activity and efficiency, determination and readiness for any surprises of fate.

Why do you dream of planting seeds in the ground?

Did you dream that you sowed seeds? Soon, friends or acquaintances will need your wise advice. This is also an omen that you will be closely involved in raising children.

The literal interpretation of the image says: planting seeds means doing good deeds. So try in the near future, and indeed always, to “sow” only good and bright things.

To understand why you dream of planting seeds in the ground, you need to take into account the quality and condition of the seed. If in a dream the shifts were, as they say, selective, then personal actions in reality will bring worthy results. For women, the vision promises the birth of several healthy and strong children.

But planting already sprouted seeds is worse. They promise disagreements in the house or team, which, however, will end in heated reconciliation and help to unite even stronger. If you dreamed that you were planting flower seeds, then there is a chance that next weekend you will have a great time in friendly company.

Interpretation from other dream books

Why do you dream that something happened to plant according to a collection of dream books

. This vision prophesies joy, wealth and health. Did you dream that you were planting vegetables? The dream book believes that you have to do a rather difficult and thankless job. Another interpretation of the dream prophesies punishment for gross mistakes made earlier.

Miller's Dream Book

believes that for farmers, private summer residents and farmers in general, such a dream guarantees an excellent harvest next year. Especially if you happened to see the story before the start of the next sowing season.

If the dreamer is in no way connected with cultivating the land and growing plants, then planting seeds or sprouts is also good for him. This is a hint: you need to be active in business, which will ultimately result in profit or career growth.

Chinese dream book

claims that planting vegetables in a dream is good.
This is a sign of a long and happy life. According to the Wanderer’s dream book
, planting literally means growing one’s hopes. A more detailed interpretation and indication of the area of ​​activity depends on the type of culture.

Velesov's dream book

I completely agree with this interpretation and confirm: planting something is exclusively good.
In turn, Tsvetkov’s dream book
states that planting in a dream means in reality being engaged in improving one’s own well-being.

Planting trees - what does it mean?

Initially, you need to take into account that the tree symbolizes the dreamer’s life itself. Sometimes this is an eloquent reflection of an emerging situation. Remember this image. Perhaps after a while you will dream about it again, but now somewhat older. By external changes it will be possible to judge the course of an event or the development of a relationship.

Why else dream that you had to plant trees? This is a sign that you will make significant profits and even become seriously rich. Did you happen to buy tree seedlings in a dream? You will get extra trouble, but planting them in a dream means prosperity.

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