What does it mean to feed a dog or puppy in a dream: interpretations of dream books

Camel meat means acquiring wealth or, as they also say, it can mean illness, and eating its meat in a dream means the strength and power of one’s enemies. Buying or selling meat in a dream means loss of property. Eating lamb means quarrel and enmity.

Seeing pork in a dream is a bad omen; beware of committing an evil act, which is fraught with many complications and troubles for you.

But if you dreamed about marinated meat, then the dreamer should be wary. This is a sign that a person is surrounded by an insincere person who is hiding fateful information.

If you happened to eat raw meat in a dream, in reality you want revenge. A dog chews a bone - need.

It's no secret that a dog is man's best friend. She personifies such wonderful qualities as devotion, courage and observation. There are many popular expressions associated in one way or another with this pet: “A dog is a man’s constant friend,” “It is a sin to call a dog by a human name,” “Don’t kick a dog: it will cause convulsions,” “A dog’s howl means eternal rest.” A dog’s howl at night is for the deceased”, “If a dog howls at night, then turn the pillow under your head, saying: “On your own head!” - and it will become silent”, “If a dog does not eat crumbs after a sick person, then he will soon die”, “ A dog clinging to its owner is unfortunate” and many others.

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You are growing!

Why do you dream if you happen to eat dog meat? The interpretation of the dream should take into account the personal attitude towards such an unusual product.

Did you dream that just the sight of it made you feel sick? In reality, you will have to communicate with an arrogant and very greedy guy. If meat tasted quite interesting in a dream, then you will be able to find a common language with business partners or loved ones. The dream book predicts the appearance of reliable friends and the conclusion of lucrative contracts.

Seeing yourself eating dog meat with great pleasure literally means growth in the business field and skillful use of previously acquired skills.

What kind of dog did you feed?

Feeding a stray dog ​​in a dream means worries and minor troubles in reality. They will manifest themselves in personal or family life due to the frivolity or conflict of one of the partners. Against this background, you will have to complete the renovation of the apartment yourself, go alone to visit relatives or temporarily move in with a friend.

Feed a pack of stray dogs - there are those near you who you can rely on.

Feeding a mongrel dog means meeting an obsessive person.

Feeding a pack of dogs that tried to bite - you will start speaking with colleagues or your boss in different languages.

Feeding a dog that was wagging its tail means someone will pave the way to your trust through flattery and deceit.

Feeding a hungry dog ​​is a confirmation of your foresight, seriousness and responsibility. Thanks to these qualities, you will make a number of important decisions and take actions that will have a beneficial effect on your future life. Quitting a low-paying job, entering a university, opening a personal business, or declaring your love to a person you care about will make you believe in yourself and your strengths.

If you had to feed a dead dog, think about unfinished business and problems. It could be a loan you forgot to repay, a promise you didn't keep, or an illness you put off treating. The sooner you take on them, the better their outcome will be.

If you were lucky enough to feed a big dog in a dream, in reality you will earn honor and respect. This will be facilitated by performing a noble deed, professional achievements, or friendship with a high-ranking person. Indifference to the grief of others or a distrustful attitude towards new people will slow down the process of strengthening your authority.

Breastfeeding a large dog means you are not afraid to act to your detriment.

Feeding an angry dog ​​means you will find yourself in a hopeless situation that will fray your nerves.

Feeding a kind dog - a friend or relative will need your participation.

Feeding a big dog means you will admire the breadth of the human soul.

Feeding a hunting dog is a sign of memorable acquaintances and support from loved ones.

Feeding a white dog means financial losses. They will be caused by purchases that you did not expect or plan for. There is a high probability that your vacuum cleaner will break, you will find yourself on sale at a shoe store, you will become seriously ill, or an unknown person will break your car's headlight.

Feeding a black dog is a sign of financial luck. It will haunt you not only in the professional sphere and business. Successful acquisitions, promising deals, salary increases, winning the lottery or finding valuable things are likely.

Feeding a brown dog means while away your loneliness in the company of a pretty woman.

What do you want?

Why dream if you yourself ate a dog? In a dream, the acquisition of unusual knowledge and experience and skills is reflected in a similar way.

Did you dream that you had to eat dog meat against your will? Get ready for a grueling fight for your very survival. Sometimes the plot is interpreted as a banal need to make concessions, make a decision, or do something by force of will.

Seeing others eating dog meat can lead to a desire to have more power, vitality, and personal strength. In rare cases, the dream book predicts family grief.

Treats for the dog

To interpret the dream, it is very important to remember what exactly the sleeping person fed the animal:

  1. Bread - friends will never leave the dreamer in trouble. If necessary, you can always turn to these people for help.
  2. Meat - the reputation of the sleeper is at risk. Some insidious person is trying with all his might to undermine the authority of the main character of the dream.
  3. Pisces - the sleeper will soon learn very good news.
  4. Sausage - close people and friends greatly respect, love and value the dreamer.
  5. Bones - now the sleeper is very worried about something, he feels lonely, he is overcome by anxiety and emptiness. However, soon the dreamer will meet a person who will help him become happier.
  6. Drying - the efforts made will definitely be beneficial. Soon the dreamer will be able to go on a well-deserved vacation.
  7. Milk - colleagues respect the sleeper and consider him a professional in his field.
  8. Sweets - for pleasure.
  9. Dog food - the dreamer is a very purposeful person, he can achieve his goals and successfully complete all projects he has started.

Make up your mind!

Why dream if you had to force yourself to swallow at least a piece of meat? In reality, you have to make a decision literally by force of will. It is also possible that you will be drawn into a dubious matter.

Did you even like an unusual dish during your nightly adventure? The dream book advises to prepare for serious blows of fate.

In a dream, were you treated to a strange product? In reality you will receive money or good news. If you managed to hide a piece in the night, you will be able to take advantage of a very unusual situation.

Dream interpretation of dog meat. Meaning according to Loffam's dream book

Important information in a dream about raw meat is the animal from which it was obtained. Beef speaks of problems that relate only to people close to one.

Also see Bulldog, Cat, Snake, Barking, Hare, Fury, Hunting.

Cooking sausages or small sausages means fun and unexpected events await you; cutlets means you will find happiness in marriage. But you need to switch, which is not the case.

If in a dream you heard dogs growling behind you, then some intriguer may interfere in your interests. For you, this dream can mean both defeat and victory in case of your active resistance.

If you made cheese in a dream, you will have success in your work.

4 important points in the interpretation of such a dream.

In addition, with caution, this after his anorectal dysfunction (anorectal is too unpleasant in contact with approves of his bowel movements and that it can fundamentally spoil the a.

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