What can sperm mean in a dream? The dream book interprets the dream for women and men.

Many of us are concerned about our dreams, especially if we dream about something that we are ashamed to ask our mother or friend about, what if it will cause ridicule and condemnation? Our dream book is just for answering such questions.

Such personal dreams carry something intimate and excite our subconscious, especially if the person is modest, shy, and not liberated. This time we will find out why in our lives we dream about male seminal fluid or, simply put, sperm? Try to remember all the smallest details of your dream, this will help you understand the hidden currents of your subconscious and signs from the future.

Seminal fluid can be dreamed of in a wide variety of manifestations and cases, and each time it means something new, let’s try to sort it out by category :

  • different colors of seminal fluid (from pure white to unpleasant shades);
  • a pungent or, conversely, pleasant smell to your sense of smell;
  • slow or fast sperm fertilizing the egg;
  • traces of semen on your clothes;
  • sperm on your face and body;
  • swallowing sperm;
  • smearing sperm over the body;
  • semen analysis;
  • the pressure of the sperm jet;
  • sperm transfusion;
  • Partner cums on face.

All these sections have their own answers, because our subconscious sends us dreams for a reason. Thanks to sperm, the miracle of birth occurs. It is more valuable than any gold, and if problems are discovered in it, a man loses one of his main properties - to become the father of a large and happy family, i.e. continuation of the HUMAN race. Therefore, if you saw sperm in a dream, it is very important to understand what sign it carries .

foreshadows the fruitfulness of ideas, enrichment, early pregnancy, the health of family and friends, a long and rich life, and the fulfillment of desires.
But if you dream of sperm in various manifestations, its meaning in a dream can change in the extremely opposite direction.

Sperm color in a dream

pure white and homogeneous sperm in a dream , this leads to the well-being of your family and friends, to purity in the thoughts of your other half and her serious intentions (if there is a second half). This also indicates a quick improvement in your reputation among people who are important to you. If the seminal fluid turns out to be of other unpleasant shades (green, brown, bright yellow, brown, etc. deviations from the norm) - this is unfortunately or something unclean in your life, perhaps you need to take care of your health, strengthen your nerves, get rid of from envy of others. If the sperm is transparent, perhaps some strange event will happen in your life that will shed light on unknown episodes of your life, albeit from the bad side.

“Dream book Sperm dreamed of why Sperm dreams in a dream”

Elena :

I’m with a girl whom I don’t know in real life, in a dream she became my friend completely by accident, we went to a fortune teller, there were a lot of people there, among them all I found my parents, but in the room where we came, it turned out that everything was not as I imagined... I thought that it would be an ordinary house, and there an ordinary granny would be able to tell fortunes, but some people in long black robes walked there and told everyone present to leave their belongings in a separate room, and they themselves went into the hall . Everyone did just that, among those present there were many of my peers (I’m 19), and then those people in dressing gowns came out and said: “Okay, all the young people, you can leave the hall, you don’t have long left, you’ll all die,” there was a commotion in the hall , crying….but all the young people went to another room and as soon as we entered that room, we were locked, and then I realized that those older people were being killed there in the hall, and it was simply not our turn yet…..After some time time, I see that there are fewer and fewer of us left, and I somehow managed to slip between the guards and run out of that room, but I couldn’t run to the exit because there are a lot of guards there, they are very angry and cruel, I ran to another side, it was dark there, but I saw a door, so I ran there to hide. In the room I saw my young teacher from university, I saw that he was feeling bad, he was lying down... I went up to him, sat down next to him, we started talking in a whisper... I was very scared that they wouldn’t hear us... I could often hear someone passing back and forth near the door, but our door was locked from the inside... We sat there for quite a long time... perhaps several days, we were either lying or talking about life , and there was no furniture in the room, just some kind of mattress on the floor and a pillow, some curtains....after some time, I began to understand that I liked him, I sat down so that he put his head on my lap, I hugged her... .but we understood that they would kill us and so that it would not be so sad, we decided to have sex, there was no sex itself, but I saw his penis, touched it with my lips.....then for some reason I needed a phone and I remembered that I had left my bag there back then , in that room, but I wasn’t afraid to go there, because I really needed it, I went there, my things were gone, but they noticed me, they started running after me, and I walked away from them into the same room where I was sitting, I I managed to run into the room but didn’t have time to lock it, they ran in, I was just terribly scared, I thought that they were going to kill, but it turned out that that teacher decided to propose to me in this way, for this there was all this rozigash. In fact, I have a boyfriend ,I love him.



If you smell the pleasant smell of sperm , this leads to inner peace and mental balance, the fertility of your ideas, improved memory and learning ability. You also probably found the main man in your life. Don’t lose it, smells in the relationship between a man and a woman are very important, we are ruled by instincts. The sharp, disgusting, repulsive smell of sperm means that you need to be on alert, look around, whether there are ill-wishers nearby and warn yourself in time.

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Is this normal or a deviation?

In the cases listed above, including ejaculation during massage, emission is considered natural, even if the man’s sexuality has long been regulated. But there are also abnormal conditions. They can be conditionally considered normal when they occur once, but when they occur systematically, they cannot.

Thus, there is a known case in 2004, when during a football match between the clubs Schalke 04 and Hertha, the latter’s player N. Rafael experienced an erection after scoring a goal. Moreover, before and after the episode the football player was not distinguished by such “lovingness.” But if a man regularly stains his underwear with sperm during outbursts of anger, traveling in bumpy vehicles, or playing sports, we are definitely talking about an anomaly.

Ejaculations in ordinary life situations mean a critical decrease in the threshold of excitability. Sometimes they are caused by a distortion of sexuality in general (psychological disorder). And in some cases, they are caused by an inflammatory process in the testes, prostate gland or even the rectum - such as vesiculitis, orchitis, prostatitis, adenoma, cancer, proctitis. If the issue is not a mental disorder, spontaneous ejaculation may be accompanied by weakness or pain. Often an admixture of blood or pus is found in the semen, and the volume of the ejaculate gradually decreases.

Swallow cum

If you had an erotic dream where you swallow sperm , then you are close to finding unity with your partner or finding the one.

If the strong half of humanity dreamed of their beloved taking their sperm into her mouth, then this portends wealth, superiority, a leap in career growth, a meeting with a new beloved or the strengthening of an old relationship.

For a man, sperm is very important, and any appearance of it in a dream promises only something new and good.

How to get rid of frequent nocturnal emissions

If an adult man experiences frequent nocturnal emissions, he may not feel very comfortable. But if there are no pathological symptoms, there is no need to worry. Most likely, your nervous system is often in a state of strong excitement and at the same time you have an irregular sex life. Therefore, the first advice a urologist gives to a man who is bothered by involuntary nocturnal ejaculations is: “Make your intimate life more comfortable and regular.”

If everything is fine with your sex life, the gentle action of herbal preparations, which contain, for example, valerian root, will help calm the nervous system.

In addition, the doctor will most likely advise you to make adjustments to your lifestyle:

  • stop smoking and frequent drinking (especially at night);
  • buy a gym membership and exercise regularly: in the first half of the day - intense physical activity (cardio training, training on machines and with special equipment) to reduce high emotional stress, in the afternoon - swimming, yoga, Pilates training ;
  • do not overload the body by eating food at night, especially fatty and high-calorie foods;
  • try to fall asleep at the same time every night, without disturbing natural biorhythms;
  • try not to provoke activities associated with the release of adrenaline in the evening and at night, including not watching films that excite the nervous system.

If ejaculation in sleep still continues to bother you too often even after you have changed your lifestyle, began to regularly get rid of sexual tension, take herbal sedatives and adjusted your sleep and wakefulness, be sure to consult a urologist. The same advice can be given to the parents of a teenager: despite the fact that periodic nocturnal emissions are the norm during the period of hormonal changes in the teenage body, still allow the doctor to accurately determine whether everything is in order with the health of the future man.

See on clothes

Sperm in a dream on your clothes , underwear, bed linen will lead to a deterioration in your reputation, hurting your pride, perhaps you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation and feel awkward.

If you diligently wash away sperm , then you cannot avoid difficulties in work and household chores. By washing off the sperm, you will internally cleanse yourself of evil thoughts and self-interest.

If the stain remains, the difficulties will not go away soon, but you should not despair, everything will get better sooner or later, since sperm is a sign of life and well-being.

Get tested

If your dream is associated with a hospital , where you and your chosen one are donating sperm for analysis, this speaks of your secret worries and anxieties about your relationship or health. Perhaps you really want a baby, but in the near future this turns out to be impossible. If you receive a good analysis in a dream, it brings something good and positive in life. If the analysis is bad in a dream, most likely you need to relax and rest, since minor troubles or difficulties may await you ahead.

General meaning of the symbol

Explaining what sperm means in dreams, almost all sources tend to believe that this image is generally positive. This vision speaks of good sexual health - both male and female.

The dream promises success in all endeavors

An erect phallus, from which a stream of semen is ejected in a stream, promises victory in almost any endeavor. At the same time, successes will not go unnoticed - almost every person you know will certainly congratulate you on your achievements. Special media attention is possible.

Interpretation based on gender

It is quite rare to see sperm in a dream. However, it is this physiological fluid from dreams that has fundamentally different meanings for people of different sexes.

Only one interpretation can be general: both men and women may dream of a large amount of sperm during a period of prolonged abstinence from sexual activity.

The meaning of sleep for men

A man can see sperm in his dreams much more often than a woman. After all, this liquid is originally physiological for them. In addition, this is a sign of sexual health, which a man should take care of. In order to understand what sperm means in dreams, it is worth remembering all the details and aspects of the dream.

Image of sult knowledge of other people's secrets

  • Seeing sperm flowing down after your own ejaculation is a sign of a brilliant victory over your competitors. The man will definitely feel that he has finished this fight with a huge advantage.
  • The process of ejection of semen took place in a crowded place in a dream - close attention to your activities from colleagues and even strangers.
  • A man sees other young men who ejaculate - you will learn other people’s details of their personal lives.
  • If in a dream you see sex between people you don’t know, and you observe the climax of the moment, traces of which remain under their feet, be prepared to cover up someone else’s not entirely legal activities.

Interpretation for women

The appearance of seminal fluid in women's dreams should be associated with some guy or man. If this is the object of adoration of a sleeping woman, then you need to be prepared for the fact that the relationship with him will develop exclusively in the bed plane. This guy has no serious intentions towards the dreamer.

  • If you dreamed that during sex you ejaculated on your stomach - this means an early pregnancy.
    Possible pregnancy
  • Feeling the warm flow of semen in your own genitals means participating in a successful and very promising project.
  • Feel the taste of sperm during oral-manual caresses - you will have to be the leader in the process of developing a relationship with a man.
  • Holding male ejaculate in your palms is a sign of a new whirlwind romance.

Contemplative dream

Seeing traces of semen in your own home in a dream means ridiculous rumors will circulate about your intimate life. The family dream book warns about this when sperm seen on one’s own bed is a sign of false accusations of treason.

Actions with seminal fluid

If the dream was of an active, effective nature, it is very important to remember the direction of actions with seminal fluid.

  • Getting rid of it, flushing it down the toilet or sink means difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex.
  • Collecting it in a container or holding it in your fist means becoming an object of envy.
  • To submit for analysis means you will have to go through a difficult test in the face of fierce competition.
  • To be satisfied with intercourse in a dream

  • Carrying out the analysis yourself, looking at the fast-moving livelies is career advancement. Seeing half-living cells in a microscope is failure as a professional. If a man sees such a dream, he will have to change his field of activity.
  • Swallowing is an overly authoritarian attitude towards subordinates or smaller relatives. Spit it out - difficulties in relationships with your significant other.
  • Smearing it in your hands or on your body is disrespectful. You may be humiliated by relatives or colleagues. Although it is possible that you will be humiliated.

"Mask for the face"

If your partner has finished on your face, and there is a large amount of sperm on him, this portends fright, fear, surprise, whether pleasant or unpleasant is up to you to decide. This may indicate your secret erotic desires and needs that you cannot tell a single soul about.

Making masks from sperm speaks of you as a selfish person who is ready to do anything for his own happiness.

From the above article, we realized that sperm is a very revealing thing, since everything intimate and closed reveals our subconscious, and gives out small pieces of information, which we helped you understand here, in our dream book.

Dream interpretation “ejaculation” - psychological interpretation.

In a psychological dream, ejaculation and the satisfaction it brings mean a short-term solution to a conflict situation.

If a woman dreams of a man or her partner ejaculating prematurely, there may be a deep internal aversion to sexual intercourse itself. An unconscious fear of intimacy and intimacy may arise because due to premature ejaculation and subsequent relaxation of the male penis, it is no longer possible to penetrate your body and thus have sexual intercourse.

If premature ejaculation is a symbol of men's dreams, the psychological dream book sees in this the dreamer's fear of failure There may have been a situation in real life where premature ejaculation stopped lovemaking earlier than planned, but it left fears of failure again.

In connection with the dream image of “ejaculation”, it is advisable to include in the analysis of an individual dream an accurate dream interpretation of the symbol “sperm”.

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