Why do you dream of gold: the most truthful and detailed dream book for men and women according to Miller, Vanga, Hasse, Loff, Tsvetkov, esoteric and gypsy dream books

January 3, 2022 What does it mean to see gold in a dream is one of the most popular questions discussed in dream books all over the world. The sacred meaning of the noble metal has been interpreted since the birth of the first civilizations, and until now in different cultures, be it Western Christian or Eastern Islamic, there is no consensus on whether it is good or bad to see gold in a dream. The interpretation of dreams is a fickle thing; it largely depends on the psychology of the people.

In this article we will try to figure out what a gold ring and other jewelry means in dreams, according to recognized interpretations and cultural traditions of different parts of the world.

Why and why do men and women dream of gold?

  • The interpretation of a dream in which gold is present does not always translate positively. The interpretation of dreams may vary according to gender.
  • If a man dreams of gold, then this means deception in everything you will encounter, difficult but necessary matters.
  • If a woman dreams of gold, then the dream book interprets this as victory in all new endeavors, recognition of others and achievement of all goals.

According to Vanga

A Bulgarian clairvoyant gives negative explanations. A brilliant find in any form predicts a family conflict. The larger the treasure, the more serious the confrontation. You will become the culprit of troubles for your entire family.

An unmarried woman accidentally discovers a gold ring and puts it on her finger - dreams are not destined to come true. She will marry according to the will of her parents, abandoning her only beloved.

Why do you dream of giving and giving gold?

  • Noble metal is a symbol of happiness and light, goodness and warmth, sun and good deeds, as well as wealth and tranquility. If you gave away this symbol in a dream, it means you will entrust important matters to someone.
  • If you gave gold as a gift, you will make someone happy, give joy and laughter, and perhaps invite someone to an important event.
  • The precious metal was given to you - you will receive a serious task, the reward for which will be very justified and desirable.
  • If a noble metal was given to you as a gift, this promises success in business and help in difficult and confusing situations, as well as an invitation to significant events.

What does it mean if gold is stolen in a dream?

Here, most studies agree on one thing - such visions warn of something bad or are a kind of projection of serious emotional experiences:

  • Vanga's dream book considers the theft of jewelry as simply as possible - you will experience serious financial difficulties for some time.
  • According to Freud, losing jewelry in a dream is a reflection of one’s own inferiority complex, which will lead to a quarrel with a loved one.
  • Tsvetkov’s domestic dream book develops the idea of ​​old man Sigmund further - a stolen thing symbolizes the appearance of a homewrecker in the family.
  • The book by the medium Miss Hasse offers an original explanation - the person who sees the theft will soon learn a secret that must be kept.
  • Longo is more radical in his interpretations - gold in his descriptions symbolizes physical health, and depriving a person of the noble metal risks injury.
  • The English tradition, on the contrary, associates theft exclusively with emotional experiences, apathy, long tears or depression against the backdrop of separation.

If the thief in the dream is you yourself, then there is no such consensus on interpretation. Probably, most authors try to describe exclusively positive scenarios, so we again return to contradictory and sometimes downright strange explanations:

  • According to Miller, committing such a crime is not a sin at all, but a reminder that it’s time to take care of your own character and work on your willpower.
  • The gypsy dream book condemns the theft of gold or, rather, ridicules it - the thief, in any case, remains “in the cold,” gaining a reputation as a frivolous person.
  • Asian books are more inclined to support the image of noble robbers - if you steal jewelry from a villain, you restore the balance of good.

For negative dreams, the main thing is to remember the sensations with which you wake up. Sometimes an unpleasant nightmare only causes a smile and loud laughter, and sheer stupidity can fill you with anxiety for the whole day. In the second case, psychologists recommend focusing on everyday concerns, but not forgetting about the warnings of subconscious emotions.

Is buying, selling and giving gold in a dream good or bad?

A fairly common context about jewelry is connected specifically with everyday moments, but they can also be interpreted differently:

  • European dream books unanimously state that a gift is a harbinger of a happy event, be it the beginning of a long romantic relationship or an addition to the family.
  • Asians, on the contrary, are prone to an egoistic idea of ​​gifts, so this plot of Morpheus is perceived as a sign of imminent bankruptcy.
  • Selling gold in a dream is not the best scenario for both cultures. No matter how strange it may sound, such things portend loneliness.

From time to time, interpretations differ for single and married people. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, “golden” dreams promise much more benefits for married couples.

Why do you dream of gold jewelry: rings, earrings, chains and bracelets?

Gold jewelry does not always symbolize favorable moments; some of them promise bad deeds and even loss.

  • Rings are a pleasant meeting.
  • Medallion - receiving a reward.
  • Necklace - success in love affairs.
  • Earrings are good deeds.
  • Chains are illusions and lies.
  • Bracelets - prevent deception.
  • Thread is a useful tip.
  • The cross is a change in affairs.
  • Belt - acquisition of power.
  • Jewelry inlaid with gold promises the second half.

Interpretation depending on the type of find

The type of object has a huge influence on the correct decoding. Do you remember what exactly you picked up?


Exquisite products give clues about personal life and relationships. People believe that a closed stripe (ring) connects with a dear friend. The vision tells how these invisible threads are perceived by the heart.

Stumbling upon gold jewelry means the personal sphere comes to the fore. The dream is of particular relevance for lonely people. Soon the fate will change for the better.


Symbol of marriage, love. The prophecies of the golden ring are as follows:

  1. If you have found what you previously lost, your partner will please and pamper you.
  2. If you stumble upon someone else’s property, someone will fall in love, start courting you, or admire you from afar.
  3. We tried on the find, but it didn’t fit (big/small) - the relationship with the fan won’t work out. Parting soon.

Signet - you will take your duties more seriously, which will be noticed by your superiors. The change will have a beneficial effect on wages.

A ring with a stone is sorted by mineral:

  • diamond - to a rich lover;
  • emerald - for a luxurious wedding;
  • sapphire - wish fulfillment;
  • topaz - for a good rest;
  • amethyst - to meet a modest, pleasant man;
  • ruby - to a hot, fleeting passion without marriage prospects;
  • pomegranate - to a broken heart;
  • malachite - for arranged marriage.

A wedding ring is good for a girl or a divorced lady to see. If you find something masculine, get ready for the wedding. If the gentleman is a priori absent, he will appear and propose.

The married woman tells a completely different story:

  1. Male - will have a lover.
  2. Broken, bent, dirty - a scam.
  3. Female - the appearance of an insidious rival. Don't miss a beat, or you'll lose your spouse.
  4. Your own or your husband’s - to reconciliation after a loud quarrel.

Two is a great sign. Fate brings to you someone who should be close to you until your gray hairs. It is impossible to miss such a gift.


A good omen. Found earrings warn:

  1. A man about a profitable business that he is planning. But you won’t be able to start the enterprise on your own. The success of a startup depends entirely on its partners.
  2. A woman about the need to show warmth when communicating with colleagues. Good relationships are the key to career advancement. Two earrings - a love adventure; for a married woman - a romantic night with her husband.
  3. The girl about the need for caution. They immediately tried it on - he would get involved in a bad adventure, threatening the loss of his reputation.

If you find only one earring, you will quarrel with a friend or colleague. Don't be sad. The individual pulled back and prevented development.

Earrings decorated with stones specify:

  • red - impending shock;
  • blue - help from a person whom you could not suspect of kindness and compassion;
  • green - justified hopes;
  • pink - tender fidelity;
  • shining, bright - dizzying success.

A lot of earrings is an excellent signal. You are a real diplomat. Thanks to your abilities, you build useful connections. The results of such behavior are not far off.

Chain, necklace

Reflects the state of contacts with the environment. Specifics:

  1. A long precious chain - the most important events are coming. Lean on loyal friends.
  2. Short - lacks sincerity.
  3. Put it around your neck - happiness.
  4. Heavy, inconvenient - take on an unbearable burden of obligations. If you want to get a mortgage, then stop. Until you pull it.
  5. With damaged links, some process will be interrupted. For example, quarrels will stop, painful love will go away.
  6. Torn - the fulfillment of what you have been waiting for a long time.
  7. With different links - the rapidity of changes in events. The pleasant ones will be interspersed with the bitter ones.

A lot of chains were selected - a new team. Change of job, circle of friends, hobbies.


The religious symbol is especially important. He talks about fate:

  1. One small one - fidelity in love.
  2. Big - great achievements.
  3. A cross on a chain indicates the inevitability of trials. If you don’t give up, then after the spiritual exam you will find harmony and quiet happiness.

We looked at the inscription on the thing - it is also interpreted. If you notice a cross made in 876, you need to go back in time mentally and analyze the origins of what is happening today.


A planned vacation with friends will bring pleasure. If nothing is planned, then a sudden offer will come to go into nature. Agree.


Love will shine with new colors. The guy will meet a beautiful girl. The woman will understand how beautiful she is. A man will feel especially strong in pleasures.


An indication of high morality. Always acts according to God's laws.


Sudden enrichment. The more coins, the greater the receipts. Expect soon:

  • inheritance;
  • valuable gift;
  • investment in the project, if any;
  • financial assistance from a patron, admirer, relative.

Collecting from the ground means worrying about something. If you doubt the authenticity, your expectations will be deceived.


Growing prosperity. There will come a time when income significantly exceeds expenses. Money will flow into your hands like a river.

A white ingot is a sign of charity. Do it yourself, or turn to the powers that be for funding.

golden thing

A product (vase, figurine, etc.) portends a stable financial situation. We managed to stumble upon a promising idea and open a project. Now we need to progressively implement our plans.


  1. Golden dishes - great opportunities will open up.
  2. Hairpin - a long trip will fill you with creative energy.
  3. Crown, diadem - pleasant changes in current events.
  4. A tooth is an untold wealth.
  5. A watch is a betrayal. The remembered time indicates the duration.
  6. Gilded belt - glory, military valor.
  7. Spider - selfish acquaintance.

Grains of precious sand - decent wages.

Much, treasure

If you dig up a chest filled to the brim with jewelry, it’s time to stop worrying about income. The period of rest has arrived. You will begin to rest on your laurels, allowing yourself everything you want.

A pile of nuggets dreamed about on Sunday means a big win. Buy a lottery ticket and say it for good luck.

Additional images:

  1. Silver jewelry - you will cry before you become richer.
  2. Money is a warning. Don't talk about your true level of wealth. There are envious individuals nearby.


Negative sign. To dig up a precious piece is to enter a series of trials. You will survive the loss of property, illness, accident. You can't cancel your destiny.

The pieces found are dirty - refuse dishonest, illegal earnings. Otherwise there will be punishment.

General interpretation of the sign

The image is embellished in two ways. Acts as a positive and negative symbol. The essence of the prophecy is related to human psychology:

  1. People who lack finances are more likely to see jewelry. It is their aspirations that are embodied in a brilliant image, indicating a dislike for work and order. Serve it all up on a silver platter now.
  2. Accidentally discovering a precious treasure, if greed does not gnaw at the soul, is good. The guardian angel brought positive news. Soon you will be prosperous and happy.

Positive symbolism:

  1. They give it - the long-awaited good news will come. Present it yourself - getting results from previous efforts.
  2. Hold a lot of things in your hands - talent. A most valuable idea will appear in your head. Think it through and implement it correctly.
  3. You choose, measure - professional growth. Promotion, taking a desired position.
  4. Wearing rings, tiaras, pendants with diamonds - your most cherished desire will come true.

The main negative of jewelry is the search for easy enrichment, a waste of time on empty activities.

Miller's Dream Book

The psychologist described products made of yellow metal along with ingots:

  1. Examining, feeling - complete success. The gates of fortune will open.
  2. Receive as a gift - a wedding from a stingy man to a rich man. A disadvantage will not prevent you from truly enjoying your marriage.
  3. To be found on earth is to have remarkable virtues that contribute to advancement.
  4. To lose is to miss a chance that comes only once and not to everyone.
  5. A vein of gold found is the strongest trust of power structures. They will be entrusted with an important, difficult, but most interesting task. The implementation of this will allow you to become famous and become an honorary member of society.
  6. Working in a mine, washing sand in water - coveting someone else's (wealth, happiness, talent).

To steal is to experience well-deserved shame. For a married woman - revealing a heartfelt secret. The relationship with the lover will be made public, but the spouse will turn away.

Islamic dream book

Blessings of Allah. Muslim sages prophesy:

  1. To see a woman, all worries and anxieties will disappear by themselves.
  2. It’s not good for a man to admire “tchotchkes”. An avalanche of adversity will descend from the mountains and disrupt a prosperous existence, and losses will aggravate already difficult circumstances.
  3. Give - threat of theft.
  4. What is found predicts losses up to and including ruin.
  5. Melting precious ingots, forging links - a quarrel due to committing an indecent act.
  6. Monitoring the activities of a jeweler is fraud.
  7. Eating on gold means spending money.

The house is built of expensive stones or bricks - fire, fire.

According to Vanga

The seer's interpretations are ambiguous:

  1. A ring with a diamond on your finger is fantastic luck. Luck will follow on your heels.
  2. Choosing a ring or bracelet in a store is a piece of advice. Loved ones need special attention.
  3. Trying on earrings with stones shows wisdom and discernment. Show off your aristocratic manners, which will be perceived positively.
  4. Loss, theft - lose your fortune due to carelessness or lack of forethought.

Crown on a tooth - overeating will become a problem. Removing it means gaining harmony.

According to Loff

The American psychologist views the arrival of values ​​positively. If you take possession of beautiful spillikins, you will receive something painfully desired. A gift is a good outcome of a matter that cares more than others. Nakhodka - wonderful changes. A problem that seemed insoluble will, in an unusual way, sink into oblivion.

Left somewhere is a correction of injustice.

Women's dream book

Personality characteristics: smart, calculating, attentive. Portents:

  • good luck in career and love matters;
  • well-being, stability;
  • easy solution to problems.

The issues will not be resolved on their own. You'll have to make an effort. But the results will exceed expectations by a multiple of the effort expended.

If a sweetheart hands a girl earrings, then good things cannot be expected. The dreamer is a selfish person. She expects money from love, strives to get a landlord with gigantic income. He is not interested in the moral side of the issue. This will be severely punished. If he doesn’t come to his senses, he will spend his life in poverty.

What were the decorations like?

With rocks

Fate is preparing difficult trials for you.

With the lost stone

Happy circumstances may pass you by, and troubles await you.

With diamond

  • If you dreamed of a necklace with a diamond, it means a new addition to the family.
  • Jewelry with a diamond - the dreamer feels undervalued in society and tries in every possible way to stand out.

With ruby

Ruby represents matters of the heart. Jewelry with a ruby ​​foretells a happy and prosperous marriage.

With sapphires

Significant financial expenses await you.

With turquoise

A stranger will surprise you.

With amber

A long-forgotten person will remember you.

With opal

  • Wearing jewelry with this stone is a harbinger of grief.
  • To put it on - the decision made by the dreamer on an important issue will be rash.

With pearls

You will worry that your loved ones underestimate you.

Of gold and silver

The dream promises financial well-being and a prosperous life.


You will be deeply disappointed.

Round shape

A whirlpool of new amazing events awaits the dreamer.


The dreamer will be rich and successful.

How to decipher the location of the find

The situation will allow us to refine the forecast. Details:

  1. In the toilet - something that has long been abandoned will turn out to be useful.
  2. Among the garbage is gaining new knowledge.
  3. In someone else's house - you will envy your friends. The negative feeling will turn out to be unfounded.

In the ground

If you dug up gold in damp soil, expect losses. Fate will take away what you value today. Not necessarily material. The friend will turn away, the values ​​will turn out to be false. Digging hard ground - winning will incredibly turn into failure. If you pulled it out of the mud, you will experience stress due to fatigue.

Riches at the bottom of the grave - prosperity will turn into tears. Money will no longer bring satisfaction.

In water

If you have mined a lot of gold-bearing sand, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Only through your own efforts can you achieve what you want.

The meaning of the state of the water in which the wealth rested:

  • clean, transparent - success;
  • muddy, dirty, seething - you use unworthy, reprehensible methods.

Picking up a nugget from a river/lake is a conflict in the division of income. To get out of a deep well means you will not be able to keep your intentions secret. Everything will come out.

In the sea

Swimming in the depths of the ocean and looking for treasure is a sign of hard work. This excellent quality will be adequately rewarded. Explanations of scenario features:

  1. The stormy sea got in the way, but we saw the precious shine - the difficulties. Obstacles will fall under your onslaught.
  2. The ingot was pulled out with a net/net - the activity of ill-wishers. Spiteful critics are annoyed by your increased popularity.

In sand

Period of active activity. Prosperity will not come on its own. Only significant efforts will create a satisfactory basis for further growth.

A thick layer of sand means little wealth is disappointing. We were hoping for more.

Tips for an unmarried girl

Meeting your betrothed. The man she sees is wealthy, but slightly greedy. The gentleman will show exceptional generosity and shower you with lovely gifts.

A sign for a lover: you will soon unite with your sweetheart, build a nest.

Married woman

Plan expensive purchases and trips. The husband will earn more for the widow.


In the early stages - you are carrying a girl, if you see earrings, a boy - a pendant. Before giving birth, stories tell you not to worry. The work will be easy, without complications.

A big treasure - give birth to a gifted child.


Buying gold earrings for a man means problems with official authorities. It is necessary to put the documents in order in order to avoid monetary penalties or business suspension during the inspection. If a girl buys earrings, a fan with false feelings will appear. The purpose of courtship is selfish interests. Buying a chain in a dream means intrigue and disappointment. The more massive the decoration, the more effort will be required to establish a business and build personal relationships.

Popular interpretations of dreams involving the purchase of jewelry:

  • hopes for reciprocity from the person for whom you feel unrequited love;
  • reward for dedication and responsibility;
  • demonstrating pride in oneself and children;
  • the desire to increase social status, universal recognition, and personal growth.

It’s a bad sign if you were sold jewelry at a reduced price. Quick victories on the love front will not bring satisfaction, and a deal concluded urgently will turn out to be a failure and unprofitable. If you bought gold items at the market in a dream, it means that in reality you will be deceived or slanderous rumors will be spread.

Miller's Dream Book about Prospects

According to a famous psychologist, compiler of a dream book, the dream of a precious metal hints that the right time has come to carry out the plan. The discovery of jewelry foreshadows a promotion. For a free girl who managed to find gold earrings in a night vision, the interpretation promises a fateful acquaintance with a good young guy.

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