Dream Interpretation of Berets: why do women or men dream of Berets?

If you dreamed of a colored hat, this means joy and pleasure for you.

Black hat - signifies sadness and tears.

Seeing that you have lost a hat from your head means that your parents or bosses are ill.

Buying a new hat in a dream is a sign of the favor of a nobleman.

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Why do you dream about berets?

A beret is seen in a dream, according to dream books - to good news. Seeing berets being tried on in a dream means a surprise awaits you. To dream about berets denotes an envious attitude on the part of others. A man dreamed of a beret on his head - sexual pleasures await him. If a woman dreams of a red beret, she will have a misunderstanding with her superiors. Losing a beret in a dream predicts falling in love. Trying on a black beret in a dream means you will flirt a lot. The beret you dreamed about was new - positive changes await you. White berets are for gifts.

If you dreamed of Caps, berets: Everyday Dream Book

Seeing a Hat in a dream:

If you dreamed of a hat, perhaps a fur one, falling on your face, this means that in your personal life you will have certain circumstances that you will try to hide from your loved ones. Be careful in making decisions so as not to lose everything.

Seeing a hat that you knit with your own hands means that in real life you are striving to create homely family comfort. If you dream that you are trying on different hats, then in reality you will be burdened by the problem of choosing a type of activity - decide quickly, otherwise you can ruin your nerves.

Seeing Beret in a dream: Large modern dream book

Beret, dreamed of a man in a beret - in reality you will have an interesting meeting with a person of a creative nature (with an artist, actor, writer, etc.); you will learn from this person fresh truth that will correct your path.

It’s as if you are trying on a beret - you are accustomed to the position in which you are now, but your position will change, and you will see that the new one is much better; you will be surprised at your previous satisfaction; as if your eyes will open.

You dropped your beret or it was blown off your head by the wind - your affairs will soon fall into disarray, you will have to work hard to correct them; An original thought will help you; the creative seed that is inherent in you will sprout

See the Hat: dream book of O. Adaskina

Just seeing a hat means receiving an invitation to visit or getting ready for a long journey. Wearing a colored hat means joy and pleasure; black - to sadness. Buying a new hat means enlisting the patronage of an influential person. Losing it means that your parents or boss will become ill. Wearing an old hat means achieving a desired goal; taking off your hat means the end of some worries.

A fur hat in a dream means that you will not fulfill your legal duties towards other people. It is possible that relatives and friends will leave you without support for some time.

Only for women: Seeing a hat is an invitation to some fun holiday.

If a girl sees her loved one in a fur hat in a dream, then such a dream means that his attempts to persuade her to do unworthy acts will not be successful.

Seeing that you are putting on a cap means that you are simply preparing to start your own family. You will be able to create a cozy nest that will attract all your friends. However, be careful. This dream also warns that you tend to make rash decisions, which you can do by marrying the first person you meet. Although your desire to ring yourself is too great, try to think carefully first before deciding on a rash act.

A dream in which you put on a hat and suddenly discover that it is not yours is a warning that you should be careful not to be involved in unseemly matters.

Dream with a Hat and a beret according to the dream book of E. Avadyaeva

If you dreamed of wearing earflaps, then you will soon need help.

To see that you put earflaps on your head means you will soon have big changes.

If in a dream you gave or received earflaps as a gift, then your children will listen to your recommendations.

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you have magical protection.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The first and third phases of the lunar cycle have the highest percentage of such dreams coming true. This high probability continues for all days of the full moon. The chance of picking up a cat at another time is significantly less. Try to avoid doing important days and tasks during this time.

In its essence and purpose, the lunar dream book is strikingly different from others. It contains the probability of dreams coming true depending on the lunar cycle. A big step towards its creation was serious research into the dependence of dreams on lunar phases. To use it, you need knowledge about the current lunar cycle and a lunar calendar.

Hat with ear flaps

The hat with ear flaps that you dreamed of promises an increase in income and foreshadows a long-awaited purchase. A beautiful earflap hat will bring pleasant changes to you or your relatives in almost all areas of life.

If she is rather sloppy and dirty in a dream, then expect some problems at work. A hat with holes will bring you long-awaited information - very valuable and useful.

To the question - why do you dream about a hat? – different dream books and answer differently. But interpreters are unanimous on one thing: seeing a hat in a dream promises future changes. And if you want to interpret a past dream as accurately as possible, you need to remember its smallest details. Color, size, material - every fragment is important, able to recreate the picture of a dream and, with the help of a dream book, decipher it in every detail.

The identity of the hat is also important - maybe it belongs to your friends, children, parents, or its owners are strangers? Was it whole, or full of holes, or maybe you remembered a moth on it? Try not to miss anything; the more details you can recreate, the more complete the interpretation of the dream will be.

Product color

A white cap is a sign that the dreamer will soon have a cherished wish or an old dream come true. Maybe he will be able to realize his plans. In your personal life, such a plot promises only good things. Perhaps the dreamer will soon meet a loved one. For a child, this dream predicts successful studies.

A black headdress warns the dreamer of the danger that threatens him. Adversity will arise only due to the hot temper and emotionality of the sleeper. If you need to make any decision, it is better not to rush, but to weigh everything. Otherwise, envious people will begin to get in the way.

A red hat means passion for a person of the opposite sex. The dreamer has liked him for a long time, but he doesn’t have the courage to admit it. Don't be afraid - most likely, these feelings will be mutual. A plot with such a hat predicts only joy and pleasure.

A colorful product promises moral satisfaction. The brighter the headdress, the more fun life is. Management will appreciate the sleeper, and perhaps even increase wages. A lonely person will soon find love, and he will be with this person for the rest of his life. If the dreamer is already in a relationship, then this dream predicts only happiness and good luck.

A camouflage hat symbolizes difficult work or boredom.

Actions with hats

In a dream, putting on a hat means meeting new friends. Other dream books interpret this dream as a promotion or big troubles. For young girls, this promises a quick wedding, a meeting with their betrothed. For men - predicts great joy, good luck, success in business.

You are afraid to express your opinion to your loved ones if you bought a hat in a dream. It is better to talk about painful things, thereby removing the burden from the soul. Perhaps some unpleasant person will visit you, news from whom you did not expect. In other dream books, this dream indicates that a person in a high position treats you favorably.

A romantic adventure awaits you - this is what you dream of trying on a hat in a dream. The love idyll with a partner will continue for an inadmissibly long time. If you put on someone else’s headdress, then you put your problems below others. You need to overcome the obstacles that threaten you before helping others in this matter.

Putting a hat on someone else in a dream means trouble. You will take care of him no matter what. Even close people will not be able to dissuade you from helping this person. Although dream books cannot predict whether he will have honest intentions towards you.

Appointment to the position to which he aspired awaits the one who has lost his hat. However, dream books interpret this in different ways. Some warn men that they need to see a doctor. Women are predicted to separate from their partner in the future. They will be able to find a replacement for it if only in a dream they acquire a new piece of clothing.

You weigh all the pros and cons of some event and just can’t come to an agreement with yourself if you dreamed that you were choosing a hat. The decision will be difficult for you, the dream books say, but in the end you will be satisfied. For example, you may be offered to take a position, but you will hesitate. After all, after joining it, you can expect negative consequences in your personal life - this is what you dream about choosing a hat for.

If you were given a hat in a dream, then you will soon meet a new pleasant person. He can become your support and companion in the future. Perhaps, judging by the dream book, he will even take a significant role in your life. For example, he will become your best friend for many years.

A dream in winter about how you buy a hat with earflaps in a dream may mean that in reality hooligans on the street may rip it off you. It may also represent that you do not want to think with your own head, but prefer to listen to other people's opinions.

Transferring profitable business to an employee is what dreams of selling hats mean. Unfortunately, you will suffer big losses after such a step. But everything will return to normal, because for future happiness you need to sacrifice something.

Trying on a hat in a dream means that you need to find a new place of work. The position you hold is under threat of being cut. Most likely, the boss's place will be taken by a dishonest person, with whom it will be unpleasant to work. Therefore, the dream book advises looking for a new profession or leaving the company you are currently working for.

Looking for a hat in a dream is a sign of a new acquaintance. Subconsciously, you are in search of a soul mate. Soon fate will smile on you and you will meet new love. This promises marriage for a woman, and a new stormy romance for a man, the impressions of which will be remembered for a long time.

A hat is usually dreamed of as a sign of favorable changes, but still its shape, condition and color are important, so the interpretation of the dream can be different.

Pick up a cat - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, pick up a cat for a large number of guests, set the table, prepare a holiday surprise. Here, in the publication of dream books, some confusion arose between holidays and receptions. These images have such a strong connection that they lead to the appearance of the same symbols. However, researcher Loff believes that this dream largely foreshadows the appearance of guests.

In his publications, Loff never divided dreams into positive and negative. According to his theory, many dream books are mistaken, and every dream also carries a positive meaning. Also, the analysis is complicated by people’s too different attitudes towards equivalent harbingers. So don't worry if you dream about cats - it's almost always a good sign.


A dream about a beret is generally positive, especially if it is part of a service uniform (such a dream speaks of the ability to get one’s way) or an elegant ensemble of clothes (a sign of good luck and prosperity). If the beret was not worn on the head, this indicates an inability to organize oneself and gather one’s thoughts.

The color of the dreamed headdress is of great importance. Dull, inexpressive shades are a sign of depression, a period of stagnation. The black color of a beret may portend diseases, especially those related to the head. A red beret (if it is not part of the uniform) means excessive activity, overexertion, which can lead to breakdowns and illnesses. A bright headdress means you are trying to stand out among others, which can be perceived negatively.

Excessive decoration on the beret - you should not show excessive self-confidence, so as not to become the subject of ridicule of others. Seeing yourself in a historical fluffy beret means a desire to be popular and live a colorful life. Buying a beret means a pleasant surprise, losing it means “razing the roof”, falling in love; If your beret is stolen, beware of gossips and envious people.

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