Dream Interpretation of Numbers: why do women or men dream about Numbers?

Why did you dream about Numbers according to the dream book from A to Z

Why do you dream about Number according to the dream book:

If you dreamed of a certain number, then in reality it can become lucky or fatal for you, depending on the situation in which you find yourself. Seeing a house or apartment number means that you will have to get down to business, which, if not related to any calculations, then requires accuracy and rigor in execution. A car number in a dream foreshadows financial difficulties and troubles. The number of a sports player or competitor indicates that you will not have enough time to solve all important matters. If you come to the finish line first in a dream, long-awaited luck will smile on you; if you come last, you will be demoralized by an extremely unfortunate combination of circumstances for you.

A number issued in the dressing room means you will lose something very valuable and memorable. A lucky number on a bus ticket, etc., means minor acquisitions and small incomes. A winning lottery ticket number portends fantastic luck, unexpected success. Writing a number in a dream foretells that you will have to work overtime. If in a dream you erase or cover up the number or change it, in reality you will be deceived in your expectations. Searching for your seat in a cinema or other screening room by number means that a more profitable place and profitable job may soon turn up.

Seeing a one-digit number in a dream means a failed meeting. Multiple-digit number - you will be concerned about the unfavorable progress of your affairs. The interpretation of each of the ten numbers given below will help you get a more complete idea of ​​the nature of the number you dreamed of, if you remember it. A zero seen in a dream foreshadows failure in business, annoyance and irritability. Seeing one or the number eleven is a happy sign of recognition in society, associated with minor difficulties, and a number consisting of even more ones alone foreshadows a corresponding increase in anxiety. In any case, a deuce portends gossip and slander. Three is a successful resolution to a confusing issue. Four - wasted efforts in a hopeless business. Number five - in a dispute you will prove and defend the truth and your own rightness. Six is ​​a sign of duplicity, deceit and cunning, be careful. Seven is definitely a happy sign of success in all respects. Eight is a sign of uncertainty in fate or stability without change or change for the worse or for the better. Nine - the opportunity to win big in a risky game. A round thousand on a sign means unexpectedly big money.

Help from loved ones and friends

Dial it, but not get through to where you wanted - according to the dream book, it means: the problems will not go away, you will have to solve them on your own.

Why dream of dialing a landline number? This is a reflection of the dreamer’s need for outside help.

In general, a phone number in a dream foreshadows the strengthening of a business, which the sleeper can achieve based on good connections with the right people.

Number according to Numerological dream book

Number how to understand

Number - Seeing yourself running cross-country in sportswear with a bright number “1”, “28”, “82” and the like (when added, all the numbers give the coveted unit) means that in reality you will be able to take a leadership position if you pass a serious professional test . If you calmly run the cross-country race to the end and come to the finish line first, then this is a symbol of the streak of financial success that has begun in your life. Look at your number - if it is one or “10”, then you should start taking decisive action literally the next day after the dream.

If the number is two-digit, for example, 19, then the first digit that makes it up indicates the month, and the second indicates the date when you need to use all your talents and abilities and recruit supporters. In our example, such a day will be January 9. But if in a dream you do not reach the finish line or come last, then the date calculated in this way by the number will be the threshold by which you must get rid of the burden of unresolved problems and move on to another, more profitable business.

If you dreamed that you came to an exam and pulled out a ticket with the number “1”, “10”, “19”, “28”, “37”, “46”, “55”, “64”, “73” , “82”, “91” or “100”, then you can rejoice - in a hundred days your life will cease to be boring and monotonous and will wrap you in a whirlpool of events. Perhaps you will be offered a job abroad, or you will develop a new hobby, or maybe you will have a child or buy a car. In any case, the fateful day for you will be the evening of the first Friday of the next month.

If you dreamed that you were trying to board a transport with the number “1” (or those that, when adding up the numbers that make them up, give one), then a person will soon appear in your life who can prevent your idea from coming true. He will try to stay in the shadows, but you can recognize him - just look who meets you first on the first day of next week at exactly 10 o'clock in the morning. If you fail to catch up with a departing trolleybus, tram or bus in a dream, then your opponent is very strong and can cause you many unpleasant minutes. If you do get into this transport, then you will be able to resist its machinations.

In a dream, writing a number on the wall of a house or fence, carefully drawing a unit or numbers that add up to this number, means that a person from your environment is in love with you, but because of shyness or fear of you, he does not dare to open his heart to you. You will meet this person the day after you see the dream, so decide for yourself whether you want to hear a declaration of love or whether you don’t need it.

If a voice in a dream tells you your number, the sum of the digits of which is equal to one, then in reality you will trust the person you consider your friend. If you like the voice in a dream, then this person will do you a good service and will introduce you to the right people, but if the voice is rude or squeaky, then you will be deceived in your friend and will be left a fool. Try not to get involved with money over the next month, and especially not to trust anyone with your financial affairs.

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This afternoon I had a dream in which we were still in school. I was late for class and my classmate (and my lover in life) was looking for me and sent me an SMS. I noticed that his phone number has changed. But I realized that it was him. I found a class and went in. It seemed to me that we had a reverent attitude. We look at each other unnoticed, we are jealous in our hearts. I really felt it. When I was choosing where to sit, I understood his desire that I not sit with the boys

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