Why do you dream about feeding a baby: is it good or bad? Breastfeeding a baby in a dream: basic interpretations of sleep according to different dream books

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The compilers of most dream books will delight those who are lucky enough to have a dream about feeding a baby with breast milk. The dreamer will be able to envy himself after reading pleasant interpretations of this amazing dream.

Many girls and women, regardless of whether they have children or not, periodically wonder what breast milk means in dreams. Even men have dreams that involve feeding children.

It’s worth immediately taking into account that dreams about feeding babies are rarely interpreted literally, and predictions will not always relate to maternal instincts. Let's try to understand all the possible plots of a dream about feeding using a variety of dream books.

Mothers often come to consultations because they want to quickly teach their child to fall asleep on his own, because they are so tired. The baby often wakes up, asks for the breast and does not give it, literally hanging on it. All attempts to take the breast end with the baby waking up, and everything starts all over again.

Many of these mothers believe that breastfeeding is to blame. It seems that if you complete breastfeeding, the baby will immediately begin to sleep well. Let's try to figure out if this is true and why the baby can hang on his chest all night.

Why do babies wake up?

When talking about night awakenings, we always take into account the age of the baby. In the first year of life, children still need feedings at night. If we take the norms, then for the first 4 months babies can wake up to eat 3-5 times, closer to a year - 1-2 times. When there are many more awakenings, and even more so, if the child practically does not let go of the breast at night, this always serves as a bell for us. In this case, it is important to evaluate the situation as a whole and understand the reasons for this behavior.

What could be the reasons why a baby hangs on his chest at night:

  • Humidity . Humidity is one of the main factors that we try to correct as quickly as possible. Dry air makes you feel thirsty.
  • Unsuitable bedroom temperature . Babies have very delicate mucous membranes. If the room is hot, crusts may form in the nose. They cause discomfort and can make breathing difficult and also cause thirst. This can increase the number of awakenings and make latching longer.
  • Nutrition . Babies from 3 months are already quite inquisitive. Everything around them is very attractive to them and they can also be distracted during feeding. This entails a lack of calories during the day, which the baby then makes up for at night. For babies after one year, the situation is relevant when the mother tries to finish breastfeeding, distracts the baby during the day by hook or by crook, so as not to breastfeed. But, if the child still has a need for sucking, he will still fill it. He will only do it at night.
  • Contact with mom . If the mother is at work all day and sees the baby only in the evening, or there are other children who also require attention, the baby may lack the mother's involved attention during the day. Compensation for this attention can occur through more frequent and longer applications at night. This is how the baby fulfills the need for closeness and contact with his mother. Sometimes it happens that the mother does not work and is with the baby all the time. In such a situation, it seems that there cannot be a lack of mother’s attention and contact. But this is only at first glance. When a mother is with her baby 24/7, but at the same time she needs to manage a lot of household chores during the day, it is difficult for her to spend quality, engaged wakefulness with her child. The mother lacks the resource to turn on and enjoy spending time alone with the child, since she may not have the opportunity to relax and be alone at all.
  • Separation anxiety . Around 9 months, children may begin to develop a fear of losing their mother. During this period, awakenings at night may become more frequent, so the baby checks where the mother is, whether she is nearby or not.
  • Leap - regression . During the first year and a half, 10 leaps occur. In each of them, the baby acquires some skill. It takes time to get used to and adapt to a new skill. The number of awakenings during this period may increase due to unconscious practice of the skill in a dream. But, do not forget that the emergence of a new skill and the baby’s awareness that he can now do this is very emotionally exciting, which can also be the reason for additional waking up.
  • Bad feeling . Any illness worsens sleep. If your baby is bothered by a runny nose, cough, fever, gas, or an acute period of teething, then you shouldn’t expect the baby to sleep well.
  • Balances . Incorrect distribution of daytime and nighttime sleep, the total lack of wakefulness during the day, if not lined up according to the Wakefulness PASSPORT, incorrectly selected proportions of active and quiet wakefulness and other issues related to balances, all this can lead to very restless sleep and hanging on the chest all night
  • Association . Babies under 10 months have a sleep cycle of approximately 40 minutes. Sometimes it may be a little less or a little more. After sleep regression, at about 10 months, the baby's sleep cycle becomes about one and a half hours. When sleep cycles change, everyone wakes up, both adults and children. But adults often don’t even remember this, because, having woken up and found themselves in the same conditions, they happily fall asleep further. If the baby is used to falling asleep with the breast, then when he wakes up, he will ask for it to prolong his sleep.

We have looked at several reasons why a baby hangs on his chest at night. Of course, these are not all the reasons; we always proceed from a specific situation and analyze all the nuances of the life of mother and baby. Therefore, before weaning your baby, it is worth going through the first steps of working with sleep. Deal with external conditions, mother’s resources, balances. Because it often happens that breastfeeding is finished, but the problem of poor sleep does not go away.

What can help a child sleep better?

  • When starting to work with sleep, first of all, we analyze the checklist. I’ll tell you a secret: about 10% of children begin to sleep better after optimizing external conditions.
  • Breastfeed in a calm, quiet environment. If the baby is very worried at the breast due to external stimuli, you can even dim the light a little so that the atmosphere is not conducive to exploring the world.
  • For a baby after a year, if there are no feedings during the day, add a couple of daytime feedings; this often helps reduce the number of awakenings for feeding and replenishing contact with the mother at night.
  • If the baby falls asleep only with the breast, then an association may be formed for prolongation. That is, when waking up, the baby demands to restore the conditions of falling asleep. And so that the baby stops hanging on his chest at night, we separate feeding and putting him to sleep. We introduce additional associations, vocal and tactile, such as a lullaby and stroking. We use them for some time simultaneously with a strong association, and then gradually try to lay them down only with the help of the voice and stroking.

In the course “BABY'S SLEEP, MOTHER IN RESOURCE (+SZ)”, in a week you can set up balances and start working on separating associations, prescribing a detailed individual methodology.

The main thing to remember is your comfort and convenience. If everyone is fine, then there is no need to change anything. But, if night hanging on the chest exhausts both mother and child, it is worth thinking about changing habits and adjusting the rhythm.

Author: Tatyana Kremneva.

Interpretation of the image according to different dream books

By tradition, we will immediately turn to popular dream books, in which you can always find a suitable meaning. And it turns out that some interpreters agree, while others give completely different directions. So, giving birth to a boy in a dream means:

  1. According to the dream book - a large profit.
  2. According to the dream book from A to Z - wealth, comfort of life.
  3. According to the modern universal dream book - devotion, commitment.
  4. According to G. Ivanov’s newest dream book - unexpected troubles that you won’t be able to get away from.
  5. According to the Wanderer’s dream book - a new business, an elusive result, hope.
  6. According to the esoteric dream book, this is an excellent opportunity for self-realization.

What does it mean to give birth and breastfeed a boy?

Breastfeeding a newborn boy symbolizes the efforts that must be made to get the final result. Seeing a baby at your breast means that you will have to provide someone with help and support.

If feeding brings pleasure in a dream, in reality you will have the strength to fulfill your plans. If the process is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, then in reality you will literally be left without strength, performing an unexpected task or routine work.

Whatever the interpretation, after such a dream it is worth finding time to rest a little before, as they say, a new breakthrough.

In a dream, give birth to a boy quickly, with pain, without pain

It is necessary to interpret the plot taking into account the peculiarities of the birth process. So difficult and painful childbirth hints at long-suffering, hard work, obstacles and trials on the way to the goal. If childbirth ends in death, you should prepare for a real blow of fate.

A painful process with pain, which nevertheless ended happily, promises difficulties and troubles in the implementation of plans. But in the end you will be able to do what you set out to do. Did you dream that you gave birth to a boy easily and completely without pain? Make a profit where you didn’t expect it, solve a difficult problem and generally find yourself in a lucky streak.

Why do you dream about feeding a baby according to Freud’s dream book?

Freud in his dream book indicates that feeding a baby in a dream is a harbinger of hidden sexual and moral complexes. A person is simply afraid to trust another. He has many hidden and overt complexes that hinder his progress in life. It is difficult for such a person to find his way, his purpose. It’s hard for him to make any decisions; he’s not used to playing by the rules.

- If a young unmarried girl has such a dream, it means that she is still inexperienced in love and she needs to learn a lot. In order to find happiness in her personal life, a girl will have to reveal her feminine side and not hide behind the imperfections of her nature.

— For married girls, to see a dream in which a strange woman feeds their child is a premonition of failures and disappointments in their personal lives. Everything will fall into place soon, but this moment is worth waiting for. It’s not so easy to remain completely calm all the time and not show that something is bothering you.

— If a man dreams of a strange woman feeding a baby, in reality he is pretty tired of the relationship and wants to break it off or renew it. He has accumulated grievances against his soul mate and a desire to end this imperfect relationship.

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