“Why do you see a belt in a dream? If you see a Belt in a dream, what does it mean?

Since ancient times, a belt was not just a piece of clothing, but also a talisman for its owner. That is why this accessory in a dream sometimes carries an important warning. Why do you dream about such a sign? It often symbolizes determination. Dream books interpret the vision as follows: the successful completion of some important matter depends only on your mood and concentration.

General value

Did you see clothes under your belt in your dream? In reality, you will strive to win the sympathy of the person who is showing you signs of attention. A dream about a leather belt with a buckle foreshadows a possible promotion.

If you tied a belt on yourself in a dream, hard work awaits you in reality. Aim yourself at the result, which often depends on the effort expended.

On the contrary, untying it means relief from hard work.

Trying it on or just holding a new belt in your hands? Recognition, fame or a happy marriage awaits you.

A dream in which you tightened your belt while putting it on illustrates the expression “tighten your belt.” Loff's dream book warns: financial difficulties are ahead, so you should limit spending.

Did you dream of a beautiful, expensive, ornate or gold accessory? Your profits and wealth will increase. Tying and wearing it means prosperity. The golden color of this piece of clothing in a dream can also portend an unstable marriage.

Did you find a belt in a dream? They will fawn on you. Lost - you will find yourself in a difficult situation and will not be able to cope without outside help.

Belt according to Miller's dream book

If in a dream you are wearing clothes with a belt, it means. You will try to maintain the affection of the person who is flirting with you.

If a girl buys a belt for herself in a dream, it means that she will be devoted to her lover, and will also earn respect with her open and gentle manner.

If in a dream you feel that your belt is narrow, this portends that you will fall under unwanted influence.

Seeing expensive and beautiful belts on others is an omen that you will spend too much effort on acquiring a fortune, to the detriment of your previous plans.

If a woman receives a beautiful belt as a gift in a dream, in reality she will receive the gratitude and respect of many.

Who dreamed it?

If a young girl dreamed of choosing and buying a belt, this means that she will be a devoted wife to her companion, as well as a good mother. In addition, the Women's Dream Book interprets this symbol as a harbinger of a wedding.

For a woman, such a sign promises worries about organizing someone’s family life or organizing a wedding. Receiving a beautiful colored belt as a gift in a dream is a harbinger that she will be able to earn the respect of others.

If a man dreams that he is tying a belt, it means that he will have to worry about children or younger relatives.

Seeing a fashionable leather belt in a dream means meeting a stranger to whom you will propose. However, this can not only undermine your well-being, but even destroy it.


The dreamed belt is interpreted differently depending on the gender, age and marital status of the dreamers. For dreamers, a dream about a belt always has something to do with family life. For girls, such a dream can portend marriage or a strong relationship; for married women, it is a reflection of their family life.

For men, such a dream most often symbolizes the state of their affairs or the need for active action, sometimes caring for loved ones. A beautiful, richly trimmed belt in size is a very good sign.

A frayed belt means deprivation, a torn or lost belt means loss, often a break in relationships (including business ones), betrayal or divorce. A belt that is too tight is a harbinger of a period of deprivation or self-restraint.

Suspender belt

For a woman, such a dream signals that she will soon have a desire to become different, to change her image. For a man, it indicates difficult relationships with family members. Try to overcome your stiffness and isolation so that people begin to appreciate your communication more.

The color of this accessory is also important for interpreting the vision. So, red lace symbolizes hostility towards someone. Seeing yellow in a dream means: there may be problems with the digestive tract. White – confidence that things will end favorably. A blue garter belt in a dream represents your most cherished secret dreams.

Green predicts the birth of a child for a woman, and for a man to become the father of several children. A beautiful black lace garter belt signifies forbidden desires that the dreamer secretly cultivates. Freud's dream book warns: do not give in to such temptations, they are fraught with big troubles.

Belt according to the Dream Book From A to Z

Wearing a dress with a belt portends satisfaction with current affairs and love relationships.

An elegant, expensive belt: - to profit and increased prosperity, frayed or torn: - to losses and damages.

If your leather belt was chewed up by a dog, this is a sign of hard work and extra effort.

A narrow belt foreshadows the fragile bonds of marriage.

A wide but short belt means that in reality you can goof off so much that you won’t know where to go from shame.

Losing a belt that you urgently needed and not finding it, break everything: - your stupid behavior will lead to losses and disappointment.

If you still find your belt, it means you will find your path in life.

To see yourself so plump that not a single belt fits on your figure where there once was a slender waist: such a dream suggests that people who previously looked down on you will begin to fawn on you and seek favor.

Tightening your belt so that even you find it difficult to breathe means that grief will befall you in reality.

Receiving a belt as a gift means that the man you are looking at is not worthy of your attention.

Buying a belt foreshadows a love affair with a person who suits you in all respects.

Seeing a belt on others means comforting news, exciting trips and interesting meetings.

Other stories

To dream that you have thick, long hair down to your waist means success, wealth, and power are ahead. It may also indicate some event or news that will greatly please you.

Have you seen in a dream how you stood in waist-deep water? If the water was restless, seething, troubles and dangers awaited; cloudy - possible illness. If it is clean and calm, it is a good omen.

Did you dream of being naked to the waist? Although you are usually a quite confident person, you feel that your psychological defenses are a little vulnerable. However, the more you “close yourself” from people, the less you will be able to show your talents.

Belt according to the Chinese dream book

A woman puts on a headdress and a belt - foreshadows the birth of a son.

If you choose a headdress or a belt, you will get a promotion.

Belt - foretells an appointment to a place, a favorable sign.

Untying your belt yourself is an unlucky event.

The belt on the clothes opens or unties on its own - good luck and happiness in all matters.

Belt, belt - foreshadows an appointment to a place.

Favorable sign.

You give orders with a seal on your belt, fulfilling official duties - foreshadows a change of residence, a move.

With a seal on the belt, give orders - change of residence, move.

Taking off your shoes and untying your belt indicates an unhappy event, failure.

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