Dream Interpretation: skirt long, short, new, white, black, red

A skirt is part of a woman's wardrobe, and therefore symbolizes everything connected with the sensual side of life. First of all, a skirt seen in a dream means some kind of love relationship, perhaps flirting. In addition, she is a symbol of image and woman. It is no coincidence that there are many proverbs characterizing a woman’s reputation in which this item of clothing appears. Although, it should be noted that the skirt often appears in men's and children's dreams. To understand what what you see portends, it is not enough to simply open any dream book. A skirt seen in a dream has many meanings, so to get an accurate interpretation you will have to remember as many details of the dream as possible.

Why do you dream of a short skirt?

Did you dream that you are wearing a short skirt and are wondering what the dream book says about this? A short skirt in most sources means promiscuous behavior in real life. If the length of the skirt you are wearing in a dream is such that it only covers your buttocks, this means that in reality you are striving for some kind of forbidden love or dreaming of having many love affairs.

Also, a short skirt may mean that a woman has let some man get too close to her, which she shouldn’t have done. In addition, the dream book interprets the meaning of the vision as evidence that if a difficult situation arises, there will be no one to expect help from.

With effort, you will achieve excellent results.

To see a long one in a dream - the sleeping woman is too distrustful, suspicious, she wants to protect herself from the outside world in order to avoid responsibility. However, distrust and rejection of the world around her will prevent the implementation of her plans and will characterize the dreamer as an unsociable woman. You need to be more sociable - then you will be able to achieve the desired results faster.

Did you dream of wearing a long skirt? The dream book says: victories of a personal nature await you. Very soon, hopes for a strong union and harmonious relationship will come true.

Also, a vision in a dream promises some tests. However, there is no need to be afraid of them - thanks to your determination and efforts, everything will end well.

Interpretation of sleep depending on the length of clothing

What does the dream book say about the length of the skirt? A long skirt is considered a symbol of embarrassment and is typical of the fair sex, who are accustomed to hiding their true desires under the guise of modesty.

Some dream books interpret the length of a skirt as the degree of protection of its owner from possible adversity. If a woman saw herself in clothes that reached to her heels, what explanation does the dream book give? The long skirt is explained by the fact that the fair sex has support from close people. In addition, when interpreting a dream, attention should be paid not only to the length of the skirt, but also to its color and the circumstances under which this thing appeared.

What style did you dream about?

The dream book recommends paying attention to its style:

  • beautiful, feminine - for a romantic mood;
  • overly elegant - there is a certain amount of hypocrisy and lies in the relationship;
  • multi-tiered - intricate relationships that are already burdensome;
  • too fluffy, with flounces, frills - the current relationship is not very serious;
  • flared - you have a big conceit;
  • corrugated - a difficult task lies ahead;
  • strict - a serious romance lies ahead;
  • too simple a style - boredom, despondency with a partner.

Why do you dream of a red skirt?

Did you dream that you were wearing clothes the color of blood, and you want to know what the dream book says about this? A red skirt seen in a dream can have completely different interpretations. Sometimes there are even completely opposite interpretations of such dreams.

Having studied the most popular meanings of a dream about a red skirt, we can distinguish several main interpretations:

• upcoming joy;

• love adventure, pleasant acquaintance, flirting;

• sudden but short-lived passion.

The meaning of a black skirt in a dream

If you are wearing a black skirt in a dream, the dream book explains this vision with upcoming sadness.

Also, if in real life you are afraid to admit something to yourself and saw a dream in which this wardrobe item appears, then you just need to look into the dream book. A black skirt in this case means that you are trying to deceive yourself, killing your innermost thoughts and desires.

Relationship difficulties

Why dream of a very long red skirt that makes walking difficult? The dream book explains: you have a difficult, burdensome or confusing relationship that is difficult to end.

Wearing a long one in a dream indicates: you are waiting for the return of your loved one and do not attach importance to the signs of attention that other fans shower you with.

Why do you dream about a new skirt?

The interpretation of the dream depends on the circumstances under which you see the skirt. What importance does the dream book give to buying a new thing? A new skirt purchased in a dream means in reality a quarrel with a good friend. If in a dream you try on a skirt in a store and it fits you, but at home it turns out to be too small, this means that you overestimate your strength, and you may soon be disappointed. When a girl dreams that she is trying on a new skirt and admiring herself in front of the mirror, then in the near future she will have an easy, carefree, cheerful life. But taking off your skirt, on the contrary, symbolizes the beginning of problems.

If you buy a skirt you like, then in real life you will have money that you can spend exclusively on your pleasures. Perhaps a rich admirer will appear in your life who will patronize you for a long time.

According to Aesop's dream book, a new skirt signals that your time has come, you will definitely begin to have luck in all areas of life, and your wishes will come true, as if by magic.

There are also dream books that believe that such a vision can mean the acquisition of ill-wishers and enemies.

A new skirt seen in a dream for a married woman may mean that she needs to start creating home comfort and devote more time to her husband and children, since they lack her attention and care.

In addition, the dream may mean that some important events are about to happen in your life that will leave unforgettable memories. Most often, for both men and women, the dream symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship. Although, it is likely that this dream does not mean anything, but is simply a reflection of a woman’s desire to go shopping.

Buying an outfit

If in a dream you want to buy a skirt, wait for an invitation to a holiday. There is a possibility that the dreamer has already received it, but is afraid that the event will not be very interesting. It is recommended to cast aside all doubts; the holiday will be a success in any case and will bring a lot of positive emotions.

In some cases, dream books can report not only about an upcoming celebration, but also about a joyful event, a meeting with a loved one, or some kind of entertainment. In any case, there are many positive emotions and pleasant moments ahead.

Made a bad purchase in a dream? Dream books advise in such a situation to think more carefully before doing anything. Any hasty decision will bring a lot of disappointments and troubles. Therefore, it is worth thinking about planning.

Did you start putting on an outfit in your dream? There is a genuine interest in experiments in intimate life. Men who see such a vision dream of comprehending the feminine essence. A similar desire arises if the dreamer is passionately in love or is preparing for a wedding.

If you dreamed of a white skirt

White color is a symbol of purity and innocence. It portends joy, as the dream book says. A white skirt, dreamed of by a representative of the fair half of humanity, also promises happy moments. Dream books, which are based on Chinese philosophy, on the contrary, consider a white skirt to be a symbol of illnesses and problems. For example, if a woman dreams of a white skirt, the dream book warns that soon the colleagues or friends of the person who saw this dream will impose some business on him.

In addition, a white skirt can also have a neutral meaning, promising the receipt of a letter.

You have a lot to do

Why does a woman dream of wearing a white skirt and a man’s jacket? The dream book informs you: soon you will have to solve many issues on your own and take on the responsibilities of a man. A dream about a jacket, even if combined with a skirt, signals: the dreamer lacks femininity.

Did you dream of seeing a woman’s jacket and white skirt on yourself? Business activity will increase, you will fully justify the name “business woman”.

If a man dreams of a skirt

The most common meaning of a dream about a woman's skirt for men is the desire to have as many women as possible in real life. Moreover, many dream books equate the image of a skirt with a woman, in other words, when a man dreams of a skirt, this means that he dreams of the fair sex. For a single man, seeing a skirt in a dream means a quick marriage. For a married man, such a dream warns of an imminent quarrel with his wife, and also that in the near future he may be subject to slander associated with a possible betrayal of his wife.

Modern dream books interpret such dreams as the imminent appearance of a new fan in life. The Wanderer's dream book promises certain shame to a man who dreams of a skirt.

If a man in night visions decided to try on a skirt himself, then this indicates his internal constraint, which prevents him from achieving success in life. Other dream books say that a man who puts on a skirt in a dream dreams of becoming a woman for a while. For example, Freud held this opinion.

Freud's Dream Book

The psychoanalyst indicated in his dream book that putting on a skirt that is new and beautiful for a woman is a symbol of the fact that she is experiencing a desire for sexual experimentation. You will probably decide to have a relationship with a representative of your own sex. If a man has such a vision, it means that he secretly dreams of becoming a woman for a short time. You might just be wondering what it's like.

The dream book determines that sewing a skirt is a sign of your excessive distrust and isolation. Such closeness will not allow you to build strong and reliable relationships. You need to deal with your fears and complexes.

What else could a skirt mean in a dream?

It’s very bad if the skirt you see in a dream, regardless of color and style, is dirty and torn. This is evidence that it will be very difficult for a woman to get rid of slander and slander. In addition, others may find out about your past sins, making it very difficult to restore your lost reputation. The dream may also warn that you may soon find yourself in the company of people who are not your own circle. Among other things, a torn skirt can mean that your loved one is cheating on you.

Sewing a skirt means that you lead a too secluded lifestyle and do not trust the people around you. It is worth reconsidering your attitude towards life and becoming more open to the world.

A dream in which a woman sees herself without a skirt foreshadows imminent misfortune and promises widowhood. In addition, some dream books consider such a vision to be an omen that the girl will disgrace herself with some unseemly act.

If you dreamed of a completely ordinary skirt, the dream book will certainly please you, since such a vision promises an unmarried girl a good husband who will suit her in every sense.

Dreaming of a gypsy in colorful rustling skirts means that in life you are succumbing to some kind of temptation, and if you do not refuse this, then inevitable retribution will soon follow.

A skirt-pants may be dreamed of by a girl who is undecided in life, who is unable to decide what place she should take in society. If an unmarried woman tries on such a wardrobe item, then in reality she will meet a man and, possibly, get married soon.

If in a dream you iron your skirt, then in life you will have to make unwanted concessions. As for washing, it speaks of an upcoming illness.

Seeing yourself in a beautiful skirt means the envy of your friends and increased attention from men.

Seeing a Skirt: dream book of O. Adaskina

Skirt - If a bachelor dreams of a woman’s skirt, he will soon get married; for a married person - he will quarrel with his wife. Wearing a skirt means suffering from slander. Sewing a new skirt means incurring financial losses.

If a man dreams that a woman's petticoat is peeking out from under her dress, he will fail in courtship due to being too assertive.

The appearance of a skirt in a man’s dream is a sign that he is about to experience a great misfortune. If a man dreams that he is wearing a skirt, then separation from his beloved woman, as well as other disappointments, awaits him.

Only for women: To dream of a skirt means that in real life you will be immensely proud of something you own, and this pride will make you the object of friendly ridicule.

A dream in which you prefer to wear a petticoat means that you are a bright representative of the circle of romantics. But life dictates its own conditions, and in order to survive, you have to pretend to be a strong woman.

Seeing that you see how a miniskirt barely covers your buttocks, swollen with fat, you are openly striving to be known as a kind of sex bomb who does not hesitate to date all men in a row.

A dream in which a gypsy woman rustles her silk skirts in front of you means that you are unable to resist temptation. If in real life you still succumb to temptation, then you cannot avoid retribution.

If you put on a beautiful new skirt, in reality you will have a date with your loved one or you will be deceived by someone. A torn, dirty skirt means unequal relationships in the family, an unequal marriage. A petticoat is a sign that your reputation is in great danger.

If a girl dreams that she is wearing a silk skirt, it means that she will have a devoted husband.

If a girl dreams that she is wearing a silk or simply dazzlingly pure petticoat, she will have a courageous and devoted husband. Losing a petticoat is bad luck; if the petticoat falls in front of a large crowd of people, expect the loss of your lover and all sorts of disappointments.

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