“Why do you see treasure in a dream? If you see a Treasure in a dream, what does it mean?

Finding treasure in a dream is a good sign. The dream foretells success in all endeavors. You can make plans for the near future. The dream also symbolizes a pleasant holiday at sea. In this case, you need to take into account the smallest details of the dream in order to interpret it correctly. Next, we will take a closer look at what a dream about a treasure means according to popular dream books.

Why dream about treasure - Freud's Dream Book

When you dream of a treasure that you have found, it is a sign that you have had enough of your current existence and you want to change your life in some way.

In general, this symbol can give you some health problems.

If you dream that you are looking for treasure, this is a signal from your subconscious that you should change your eating habits a little, because now you are eating very poorly.

The description of what the treasure means in a dream tells you about success in the professional field, as well as an improvement in the state of your finances.

When you dream of a small treasure, in reality it will give you some profit.

In general, this symbol can be a signal from your subconscious that you are already very tired from everyday tasks and need to rest a little.

Interpretations from various dream books

Miller's Dream Book

  • To dig up a treasure is a sign of triumph and success.
  • Searching for treasures portends useless efforts.
  • Where you were digging to find the treasure, there was a corpse. This is the end of your plans.
  • If the treasure is not of great value, everything in life will remain the same.
  • Admiring the treasure found predicts many difficulties and no benefits.
  • Search for treasure throughout the dream - to achieve success in the financial sector, you will have to make every effort.

Freud's Dream Book

  • Finding a treasure or treasure represents the face of your loved one or himself.
  • Looking for treasure - you are trying to get the attention of a loved one.

Dream Book of David Loff

  • Real complications with money.
  • In real life, you want to become an experienced and wise person. These qualities are symbolized by the treasure.
  • Quite by accident you find a treasure in an unexpected place. Tells you about your untapped potential. You don't even know about them yourself.

Spring dream book

Warns of impending illness.

Autumn dream book

Money success that won't last long.

Summer dream book

If there is a lot of jewelry in the treasure, it means poverty.

Maly Velesov dream book

Your dreams and plans are useless and unrealistic.

Russian folk dream book

Predicts prosperity and the fulfillment of your cherished desires.

Gypsy dream book

Your difficulties in life will be temporary.

Dream book of the writer Aesop

A valuable find awaits you soon.

Dream book of esotericism by E. Tsvetkova

Useless thoughts, empty desires, temptations.

Dream book of the 21st century

Prosperity and happiness in the family.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • Misfortune and tragedy await you.
  • Digging it out yourself means gradual recovery.

Dream Interpretation of the Sorceress Medea

  • Represents your cherished memories and valuable, original ideas.
  • Dig up a treasure - joy, health, prosperity, abundance.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

Don’t put off solving problems until tomorrow, you may not have time.

Modern dream book

We remind you of unfulfilled dreams.

Azar's biblical dream book

Unreasonable expectations and hopes.

Esoteric dream book

Grief, loss.

Intelligent dream book


Islamic dream book

The treasure is filled with precious coins - a good sign. Prosperity in trade, knowledge, power.

Jewish dream book

Pipe dreams.

Solomon's Dream Book

Unfulfilled hopes.

Modern combined dream book

  • Good news awaits you.
  • The treasure is rich in gold, jewelry - trouble, no profit.

Eastern women's dream book

It says that your wishes will soon come true.

Dream Interpretation of Dashka

Wealth and prosperity in life, dreams will come true.

Dream Interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

A small treasure means prosperity, a large one means displeasure.

Family dream book

Good luck will accompany you in your search for happiness.

Dream book for lovers

A respectable person will show generosity towards you.

Arabic dream book

  • Everything related to playing for money will bring you profit.
  • Failures in business haunt you. Take a break to rest.
  • Love can await you, as a result of which you will create a happy family.
  • You may receive an expensive gift.
  • You will learn bad news that your friends are lying to you and wishing for a bad end.

European dream book

  • You will find what you have been wanting to find for a long time.
  • Success will be brought to you by work other than what you are currently doing.

Velesov's dream book

  • Your plans in work and personal life will not come true.
  • Predicts illness and worries for you.
  • Don't give in to temptations, they will harm you.

Interpretations from other sources

  • The treasure contains many coins - the end of material difficulties.
  • A student finding gold coins means acquiring new knowledge and skills.
  • Finding a treasure means material losses await you, for which a stranger will be to blame.
  • Symbolizes your feelings about events in the past.
  • Informs you of imminent disappointment in the people to whom you entrusted your affairs.
  • The found treasures emitted a strange glow - this indicates that all your affairs will soon go uphill.

The mystical meaning of a dream about finding a treasure

  • Someone close to you has bad intentions towards you. If you found a treasure in a dream, then you actually got to the bottom of this relationship with you.
  • There is also a positive side here. If the treasure found is rich in gold, coins and jewelry, your discovery of the truth about your loved ones will not lead to bitter disappointment. You will have real friends in the future.

According to Vanga’s dream book - if you dream of a treasure with coins

When you dream that you have found a treasure of coins, it means that you will soon visit someone you have not seen for a long time.

If in a dream you see a treasure of coins moving in a meadow, this is a signal from your subconscious that you are limiting your loved ones, but you should not do this.

In general, this symbol can mean that you want to experience a carefree, carefree life and enjoy your bodily pleasures without considering the consequences. In a dream I dream of a golden treasure

General interpretation of such dreams

There is no consensus among dream books on such dreams. Their explanations are sometimes contradictory.

Some say that this is a harbinger of good changes in life. The beginning of the time of good luck, luck. It is recommended to carry out various investment operations in order to make a profit. You can participate in lotteries and sweepstakes. Your income will be guaranteed. When investing money, it is important not to overdo it.

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Other dream books, on the contrary, claim that there is no reason for joy from such dreams. You should not take the treasure you see in a dream literally. They predict material difficulties, poverty, and illness.


Seeing a hole being dug

According to the dream book, seeing a hole being dug is a sign of praise from your superiors. Very soon the boss will appreciate your efforts. Try not to be arrogant, so as not to make ill-wishers among colleagues who crave praise no less than you.

Dig something out of a hole

According to the dream book, digging something out of a hole means the right person will appear. It will bring you a lot of benefits in business. Take a closer look at your customers. Among them there is definitely the one you need. Do not miss your chance.

Maly Velesov dream book

The opposite interpretation of such a dream is given by the folk dream book. According to ancient beliefs, a treasure is a message from evil spirits to corrupt and enslave a person’s soul. Therefore, if you dream that you have found him, then this means great joy, which will be replaced by sadness.

According to Velesov’s small dream book, looking for a treasure is a harbinger that dreams are not destined to come true, it is a wasted effort. Finding a cache of coins portends deception, disappointment and resentment. The Slavic dream book gives the same interpretation - it’s unfortunate to find hidden valuables.

Where did the dream take place?

  • Finding a treasure on a desert island in a dream symbolizes career growth in reality.
  • Finding treasure in an abandoned mansion in a dream foreshadows new acquaintances in reality.
  • Seeing treasure in your home in a dream symbolizes happiness and wealth.
  • Seeing treasure in your boss's office in a dream foretells problems at work in real life.
  • Digging up a treasure in your garden in a dream foreshadows participation in a charity event in reality.
  • Digging the ground and accidentally finding a treasure in a dream foreshadows profitable acquaintances in reality.
  • Finding treasure in the sea in a dream foreshadows a pleasant surprise from a loved one in reality.
  • Finding treasure in a well in a dream foreshadows problems at work in reality.
  • Finding a treasure in the mountains in a dream foreshadows a meeting with friends in reality.
  • Finding a treasure in a trash heap in a dream foreshadows a new interesting job in reality.
  • Seeing treasure in the attic in a dream foreshadows minor household chores and troubles in reality.
  • Seeing a treasure in a basement in a dream foretells disappointment in a loved one in reality.
  • Digging up a treasure in a dacha in a dream symbolizes a new addition to the family in reality.
  • Seeing a treasure in the forest in a dream means that in reality you need to beware of thieves and scammers.
  • Seeing a treasure on the seashore in a dream foretells the appearance of enemies in reality.
  • Seeing a treasure in the city center in a dream foreshadows the betrayal of a loved one in reality.
  • Finding a treasure in a public place in a dream symbolizes a fun party or family celebration in reality.
  • Seeing treasure in an abandoned room in a dream foreshadows problems with the law in reality.
  • Finding treasure in your grandmother's house in a dream foreshadows the help of friends in trouble.
  • Seeing a treasure at an abandoned construction site in a dream foreshadows making the right decision in reality.
  • Seeing a treasure on the street in a dream foreshadows a successful investment in reality. The dream is favorable for business people.
  • Seeing treasure in a bag in a dream foretells the appearance of ill-wishers in real life.
  • Seeing a treasure in your parents' house in a dream foreshadows changes in your personal life.
  • Finding a treasure in a hiding place in a dream symbolizes a big win in reality.
  • Finding a treasure at an excavation site in a dream symbolizes new work in reality.
  • Finding a treasure in a cemetery in a dream foreshadows problems with your parents in reality.

Where was the treasure found?

If a treasure pot was discovered underwater, then the sleeper will have to face his fears. If he can overcome himself and is not afraid to take risks, then he will feel like a different person. Getting rid of fears frees a person from internal negativity, gives self-confidence and a sense of freedom. Finding a treasure in an old house is a sign that the sleeper is inquisitive and is attracted to everything mysterious and unknown. The dream book advises using these qualities to your advantage. We need to devote more time to self-education, develop our abilities and achieve success.

Find treasure

In many ways, the correct explanation of what was seen depends on the condition of the find itself.

  • Dirty, in lumps of clay and dust - to wealth, which will have to be obtained by the sweat of your brow.
  • Clearing them means the risk may be justified; a career in the service or a very profitable business venture is possible. There are circumstances ahead that you need to quickly take advantage of and not miss your chance.
  • Collecting a hat is a valuable reward in reality (British opinion).
  • Counting means financial difficulties.
  • Finding it while walking means a profitable marriage, a rich spouse.
  • Handing over treasure means a loss of trust in life with employees, a loss of authority.
  • Searching and finding is a difficult path to well-deserved trust and success.

Psychological aspect

A dream does not always have a mystical meaning. Sometimes night visions are closely related to human psychology. So, if a person found a treasure in a dream, this could mean:

  1. Rebirth or renewal of personality.
  2. Previously unrealized ambitions and goals. It is quite possible that now you have been given a second chance to prove yourself.
  3. It's time to put into practice the experience and knowledge that you have accumulated to date.
  4. You have so much more to offer this world than what you are doing now. Think about it, maybe you have some hidden talents.
  5. There may be a lot of inexplicable things going on in your life. Most likely, you will soon understand their essence and meaning.

Depth of a dug hole in a dream: meaning

  • Briefly digging a hole with a shovel in a dream indicates that difficulties are “temporary” in nature. The shallower the depth of the hole in a dream, the less significant the real problems.
  • The impressive depth of a dug hole in a dream suggests that you cannot cope with difficulties alone. Don't refuse help from others.
  • The depth of a hole in a dream can be a reflection of your humanity. If you compare a hole to the ground with a shovel, your decency will prevail.
  • Dig a hole with a shovel in a dream and bury it right away - there will be a quick solution to a real problem.
  • If you dug a hole for yourself in a dream and cannot get out of it, then in life you are making many wrong actions.

It will be difficult for one

The ABCs of Dream Decoding

Treasures seen in a dream are a sign of joy. They symbolize:

  • unique ideas;
  • emotions;
  • good memories.

The one who digs up the treasure will strengthen his immunity . According to the ABC of Dream Interpretation, a treasure portends extremely positive impressions. If a person is sick, he will recover in the near future.

Searching for treasure does not bode well. Bad changes and failures in new endeavors await. It will be difficult to comprehend the disappointment.

The Tarot Dream Interpretation interprets treasure as lateness, delay . In real life, it is better not to put off your endeavors until later, otherwise you will not be able to achieve your goals. A person who sees jewelry in a dream does not want to accept problems and solve them competently. He does not rely on common sense, but solely on fate, which leads to failure. Treasure can also predict lateness. You should plan your time wisely and not waste it.

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Arabic dream book

Arab culture is of interest to many. This also applies to the interpretation of dreams. Eastern sages have always enjoyed authority. If a person found a treasure in a dream, it could mean the following:

  • good luck in gambling or betting on money;
  • any business you start does not bring success, and therefore you should take a break;
  • perhaps you will soon fall in love with a person with whom you will build a strong and happy family;
  • a dream may portend a valuable gift, but you should think carefully about whether it is worth accepting, because it could be a trap;
  • you will find out that your best friends are deceiving you and plotting against you.

Positive interpretation

A dream in which you dig up a cache of coins is a good symbol that soon material difficulties will end and your deepest desires will come true. This is a sign of a possible meeting with wealthy people who will help you.

If you dreamed that you were thanking the earth for finding a treasure, then in everyday life great success awaits you, but for it you will not thank the person who helped you. The treasure symbolizes cherished memories and exceptional ideas. According to the Eastern women's dream book, if the dreamer found hidden jewelry, then this promises health, wealth and the realization of her plans.

Special opinion

In turn, Miller’s dream book has its own opinion regarding such a dream. For example, searching in a dream can turn into a lot of trouble in reality.

If the sleeper managed to find a cache of jewelry, then a joyful event should be expected. If you dreamed that instead of a treasure you found a dead person, then your dreams are not destined to come true. And if a stranger points out the place where the wealth is hidden, then you need to be careful in business.

At the same time, Miller recommends paying attention to the value of the find. If you dreamed of a chest with rubbish, then this does not matter much; if it is of average importance, then you can count on some success. If you managed to find a treasure trove of jewelry, then expect great difficulties and losses.

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