Fly in a dream: interpretation of dreams about flying according to the dream book of Freud, Miller and others

Flying in a dream is available not only in childhood and does not always mean only physical growth. Dreams in which you soar in the air without fear and enjoy it can occur at any age. This is the first reason for joy. The second is that if in a dream you clearly realize that this is a dream, then this is the same lucid dream, and such a flight speaks of your spiritual growth.

Such dreams charge you with energy, help resolve internal conflicts and make important decisions. That's why they are also called enlightened ones. Now we have looked at the most positive scenario for flying in a dream, but there are others. Let's tell you why we, adults, continue to fly in our dreams, what this is connected with, and what to pay attention to in such dreams in order to understand their meaning.

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Why does a person fly in a dream?

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There are several versions that explain human flights in a dream.


According to this version, the soul leaves the body during sleep and travels to different worlds. That is why some peoples have the belief that a person should never be woken up. He must wake up on his own, otherwise his spiritual essence will not have time to reunite with his physical one. For the same reason, superstitious people do not close the windows in the bedroom where children or themselves sleep. In other words, the metaphysical version explains flying in a dream as wanderings of the soul.


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This version is supported by supporters of Charles Darwin's theory. They believe that flying in a dream is somehow connected with a person’s memories of his “monkey” past. About that time when we all supposedly jumped from palm tree to palm tree.

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According to biologists, the feeling of flight in a sleeper occurs when a hormone is released in the body, which is responsible for the growth of skin and bone cells. This occurs in both children and adults. There is a version that after a serious illness, recovering people can often fly in their sleep.


Psychologists and psychiatrists had different points of view about flying in a dream. Freud, for example, explained this with sexual attraction, but Alfred Adler believed that this is how a person’s desire to suppress others is expressed. Thomas Jung, in turn, was convinced that adults fly in their dreams because they want to gain freedom from conventions and restrictions.

The person who had such a dream wants to rise above all the difficulties of his life and give up what weighs him down. In a dream, a kind of compensation occurs - the dreamer gets what he wants and experiences a state of lightness and extraordinary joy. That is why people often wake up after such dreams, as if inspired.

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Panic attacks occur during the deep sleep phase - between 2 and 4 am. In rare cases, this condition occurs immediately after falling asleep.

Symptoms of panic attacks during sleep include the following:

  • sudden sudden awakening from a feeling of anxiety and intense fear;
  • lack of air;
  • difficult intermittent breathing;
  • increased sweating;
  • tachycardia;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • feeling of paralysis or stiffness of the body;
  • dizziness;
  • chest pain;
  • chills, numbness of extremities.

In time, a night attack lasts from 10-20 minutes. Due to paralyzing horror, a person is unable to call for help. Sometimes awakening occurs from one's own scream. The darkness in which a person finds himself only aggravates his condition. Therefore, panic attacks at night during sleep have more severe symptoms than during daytime attacks.

In the first 5-10 minutes after a sudden awakening, confusion and disorientation in space occurs. Then comes awareness of the situation. The person is trying to calm down his pulse and calm down. Feelings of anxiety and fear may persist for several days, intensifying in the evening. This is due to the fear of falling asleep and again falling into an overwhelming nightmare.

A panic attack during sleep also has intrusive thoughts (so-called obsessions). There is a fear of serious illness, death, heart attack in a dream. Without appropriate treatment, attacks may become more frequent and occur every night.

Interpretation of flying in a dream according to different dream books

According to Miller's dream book

Seeing yourself in a dream flying with someone and feeling the delight of the flight is a sign of stormy but fleeting love.

According to the dream book of Nostradamus

If in a dream you rise up and are not afraid of anything, it means that in reality some long-awaited dreams will come true, success will come in business and love. If, on the contrary, you fall from heaven to earth, it means that you will soon have a strong quarrel with someone. These could be your family members or colleagues. The higher you fly in a dream, the more confident you will be in reality. A low and uncertain flight, in turn, speaks of your fear and indecision in a specific situation. Perhaps you want to get rid of her, but something is stopping you.

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According to Freud's dream book

If a man flies in a dream, it means that he is concerned about the problems of his erection. If a man sees a flying woman, he is preoccupied with the moment of sexual contact with her and thinks about how to impress her during sex.

If a woman sees a flying man, this indicates her desire to meet a real man who will not have problems with erection. This may also indicate her secret desire to be a man. Such fantasies may well develop into lesbian games.

If a woman flies in a dream, it means she is worried about her reputation.

According to Azar's dream book

Flying is success in business, love, trade.

According to the esoteric dream book

Flying on a magic carpet, a vacuum cleaner, a bird - means traveling long distances. If there are obstacles in your dream during a flight. For example, you touch a tree, the roof of a house and other objects, which means that in real life someone wants or is already “clipping your wings.” This could be a familiar person and his attitudes or your own troubles. Try to determine who or what in real life is preventing you from expressing yourself.

The fear of not being able to land or of flying too far reflects your fear of losing what you have created: you strive for independence, but are afraid of losing control of the situation.

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According to the modern dream book

Soaring above the ground and contemplating the surroundings speaks of a certain balance, you are not cut off from reality, you are just a little tired and need rest.

Flying into the clouds may mean that the connection with the earth has already been lost, you are in a state of serenity, laziness and loss of direction. The period of inactivity has dragged on, it’s time to get back to life!

Long or frequent vaping - you strive to solve problems by avoiding them, you feel weak and insecure.

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Metaphysical versions

Flying in a dream
The most common version on this matter is also the most ancient. Thousands of years ago, people believed that during sleep, his soul or astral body separated from a person and set off on a flight or journey. It was believed, and in some occult beliefs it is still believed, that the soul can go to other dimensions, at any time, and the feeling of flight turns out to be completely natural. During the process of sleep, the soul at one point falls back into the body, and it awakens. This explains the sensations of flight, but sensible people for the most part look for other answers to this question, considering more rational versions.

Fly indoors

Flying indoors is a big field for thoughts and interpretations. Usually such dreams are very psychedelic and the morning after this you want to look at yourself in the mirror and ask: “What the hell just happened, huh?!”

However, the interpretation of such a dream is quite interesting:

If you soar to the ceiling, this means that your inner strength has awakened and is ready to lift you above the gray routine.

Flying in a low and gloomy room means that you are being held back by your own insecurity and fear of puncture. If the room was spacious and bright, you have a positive attitude towards yourself and believe in the best.

Flying on something

Sometimes in a dream you can fly not on your own, but with the help of a vehicle or even an animal.

It’s definitely worth deciphering the meaning of such dream details.


  • flying on an airplane means the onset of happiness in your personal life;
  • flying a helicopter - you should be wary of the possibility of getting into an accident;
  • flying on an airship promises a brave act;
  • take off in a hot air balloon - regrets about a missed opportunity haunt you;
  • Flying on a hang glider portends fun leisure time.

But do not forget that the deep meaning of dreams is hidden in the subconscious: if a quick flight on a business trip or vacation is coming, the dream will be a reflection of reality. But if the situation is the opposite, it’s worth taking a closer look at the transcripts given by dream books.

What the subconscious says

Most often, such dreams report a person’s desire for independence in real life. Subconsciously, the sleeper wants to experience extraordinary emotions and expects new happy events from life.

It is important to note that this acts as a warning about possible troubles at work or in the family.

It is worth considering in detail the existing options for such dreams, as well as clarifying circumstances that affect decoding. It is important to indicate who may have such dreams: what they mean for a man and what awaits a woman.

Psychologists are inclined to believe that flying can occur in a dream if there is a strong desire for freedom, which an adult is unable to fully realize in reality. Probably, the psychological dependence on external circumstances is very strong . There is no opportunity in life to show complete emancipation.

In a dream, hovering above the ground - most likely, there is a desire in life to avoid problems. The desire to bypass difficulties rather than fight them is not an option, but flying signals this.

If a flight in a dream is accompanied by large jumps, psychologists interpret this as low self-esteem, that is, there is a subconscious fear of taking responsibility and making decisions.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some tips on interpreting an adult’s sleep. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the Moon.

Estimated sleep sales as of November 2, 2022, according to the Gadalkin House website. Today is the fourth quarter of waning Tuesday from October 28 at 23:06, the night sun entered the fifteenth house. If you had a dream on another day, you can see the tips in this table. Now let's look at today's main indicators that, according to astrologers, influence interpretation.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexInterpretation Guidelines
Day of week: TuesdaySleep from Monday to Tuesday is often colorful, interesting and calm. Its interpretation will most likely have to do with your relatives or friends, their actions or words. If in a dream you see some changes in your life, and the dream itself was vivid and seemed like a reality, get ready for new interesting acquaintances and pleasant meetings.
Lunar day: 2727th lunar day. This is a very interesting day, when dreams and the events occurring in them are very symbolic. For example, if you assume that a person is cheating on you and takes you out of the fire in a dream, your suspicions are in vain.
Moon in Sign: Libra (17°35'4″);Libra - in the case of a dream, it implies company, business negotiations or the purchase of something. In any case, you need to weigh everything well and try to make the right decision.
Phase: 4th quarter descendingFalling moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If any global projects are planned or active actions are required from you, postpone them until the period of the waxing moon.
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