Why do you dream of driving a car: what the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Hasse and others tell us. Interpretation of dreams about driving

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  • Who dreamed of buying a car?
  • What kind of car did you buy in your dream?
  • What color car did you buy in your dream?
  • Who bought a car in a dream?
  • What body type is the car you bought in your dream?
  • For whom did you buy a car in a dream?
  • The dreamer's actions in a dream
  • Where did you buy the car in your dream?
  • How many cars did you buy in your dream?
  • Depending on the day of the week
  • Other dream circumstances
  • Interpretation from dream books Miller's Dream Book
  • Vanga's Dream Book
  • Dream Book of Z. Freud
  • Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation
  • Loff's Dream Book
  • Dream Book of the Wanderer
  • Modern dream book
  • Phoebe's Great Dream Book
  • Islamic dream book
  • Slavic dream book
  • Ukrainian dream book
  • Family dream book
  • Esoteric dream book
  • Love dream book
  • Dream Interpretation Maya
  • Noble dream book
  • Dream book for women
  • Dream book for men
  • Lunar dream book
  • Intimate dream book
  • Winter dream book
  • Summer dream book
  • Autumn dream book
  • Dream book of the 21st century
  • Dream Interpretation of the Healer Fedorovskaya
  • Gypsy dream book
  • Rommel's Dream Book
  • Psychological dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Natalia Stepanova
  • Dream Interpretation of Valery Melnikov
  • People's dream book
  • Universal dream book
  • Home dream book
  • Dream book for a bitch
  • Creative dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of the Subconscious

Dreaming about buying a car has a positive meaning. It can portend both the beginning of a new stage of life and success and prosperity in old affairs. However, to more accurately determine the meaning of a dream, you should remember the details of the vision and compare the meanings of different dream books. The truth will be at the intersection of all these interpretations.

Who dreamed of buying a car?

For a woman, there is a high probability of receiving an offer for a well-paid job, and also promises an acquaintance with an intelligent person.

  • For a young girl, the sleeping woman has set herself a goal to which she is confidently moving;
  • Unmarried - to the appearance of an adult admirer, perhaps this is a sleeping type;
  • Married - for career advancement;
  • For a pregnant woman - to prosperity and well-being.

For a man - an offer of a good job, in which the sleeper will be able to realize his potential and stabilize his financial situation.

  • For a young guy - a sign of determination, a desire to achieve a certain goal;
  • Single - to a fateful meeting;
  • For a married person - to a good position.

What will professional psychoanalysts say?

Two popular psychoanalysts offer their opinions on the interpretation of this kind of dreams. Miller's interpretation practically did not depart from deciphering dreams, however, Dr. Freud's view, as you might guess, is entirely related to the theme of sex.

Miller's Dream Book

  1. A very significant dream for a careerist, in which there are many beautiful, shiny cars. They will probably offer you a very interesting order at work.
  2. In a dream, did you take a trip in a new, donated car? This means the coming of joyful and pleasant events into your life.
  3. Have you ridden a fire truck? This is an alarm. Warning about a possible car accident, various household injuries. Be careful!
  4. For a girl to see a new car in a dream is an alarming sign. If you don’t want to spoil your reputation, don’t get involved in shady matters.

Freud's Dream Book

  1. As this dream book says, a new car (like a car in general) is a metaphorical symbol.
  2. If the car is prestigious, in a high price category, the dreamer is very pleased with himself and considers himself a skilled sexual partner.
  3. Seeing several bright, polished cars in a dream: in real life there is a desire to have several lovers (mistresses), or you already have them.
  4. Racing at high speeds in a dream means you get a lot of sexual satisfaction. If you drive extremely carefully, you are probably not satisfied with your current sexual partner.
  5. I dreamed that your car was affected by theft (thief, robber) - such a dream foreshadows weakening of male strength and illness.

List of used literature:

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  • Zhivitsa E. Yu. Russian tradition of dream interpretation // Knowledge. Understanding. Skill. — 2005
  • Nechaenko D. A. History of literary dreams of the 19th-20th centuries. Dreaming as a form of culture. - M.: University Book, 2011.

What kind of car did you buy in your dream?

  • Large - to an interesting event;
  • Ex - to news from old acquaintances;
  • Rotten - to acquired health problems that can be avoided by normalizing your lifestyle;
  • With foreign license plates - for a business trip or trip abroad;
  • Expensive - to good luck with new opportunities, but selling such a car due to a malfunction is a sign that the sleeper will miss his chance;
  • Freight - to the need to solve problems from the past;
  • Beautiful - to good luck and success in your endeavors;
  • Dirty - a sloppy approach to business and oneself can greatly affect both the personal life of the sleeper and his career;
  • Small - a pleasant surprise;
  • Bad - to the collapse of hopes, the begun is not destined to be fulfilled;
  • Rare - a symbol of the dreamer’s desire to change the current state of affairs;
  • Chic - to great luck, the main thing is not to miss the moment;
  • Good - a high-quality car indicates that the sleeper knows what he is doing and why in his life, his actions are thoughtful and logical;
  • New - to success in business, travel;
  • Broken - to problems and troubles;
  • A foreign car is a sign of the sleeper’s frivolity; a love of postponing things for later can end badly;
  • With a siren - to diseases, health problems
  • Old - a sign that at the moment the dreamer is going through far from the happiest times, his strength is running out, and his soul longs for peace;
  • Domestic - desire for approval from relatives, strong family connection;
  • Sports - the dreamer wants to be on time everywhere, but sometimes forgets about rest;
  • Rusty - bad luck;
  • Used - a symbol of excessive attachment to the past;
  • Steep - a sign of excessive self-confidence of the sleeper;
  • Without documents, there is a high probability of becoming a victim of scammers and getting into big money.

Novelty car

A newly purchased vehicle portends deviations from the dreamer’s plans. The interpreter does not specify whether they will lead to favorable or sad consequences.

If a snow-white car was purchased a long time ago and is in perfect condition, this indicates that the sleeper is satisfied with his position in life. He has taken his place in it and does not strive for change. The dream book advises maintaining the current order of things, since attempts to make changes spontaneously can lead to unexpected and unpleasant consequences.

According to the dream book, a new white car stopping at the dreamer’s house is a sign of good news. Such a dream foreshadows a favorable way out of a difficult situation, a successful fight against difficult life circumstances, the opportunity to painlessly give up a hopeless career and relationship and start over with a clean slate.

The appearance of an old, battered Soviet-era car in a dream foreshadows news from elderly relatives. They can either tell the dreamer something joyful or ask for help or a favor.

An old, but intact and clean white car indicates that the sleeper will soon achieve his goals. But for this he will have to work hard, showing ingenuity and resourcefulness. Competitors will stand in his way, which can seriously interfere with the implementation of a person’s life plans.

What color car did you buy in your dream?

  • Bely - to success in your endeavors;
  • Black - to achieve the goal you will have to act actively and assertively, otherwise the sleeper may simply not be noticed or listened to;
  • Red - to increase income, the dream will come true if the dreamer continues to be active in reality;
  • Yellow - for a good time;
  • Golden - the dreamer’s success will cause envy and the appearance of ill-wishers;
  • Blue - to calmness and mutual understanding in all areas of life;
  • Pink - to success in the love sphere;
  • Silver - changes are coming, minor but pleasant;
  • Orange - for career advancement;
  • Green - for promising acquaintances.

Who bought a car in a dream?

  • Brother - to success in business and career;
  • Daughter - to great happiness and prosperity;
  • Neighbor - to worries and tears;
  • Friend - for moving or traveling;
  • Husband - to move relationships and mutual understanding to a new level;
  • Aunt - for a wonderful family holiday;
  • Relative - to the envy of colleagues;
  • Dead person - to an unpleasant conversation;
  • Sister - to joy and positive emotions;
  • Son - to fulfill a dream;
  • Parents - for a significant purchase;
  • Wife - to prosperity in the family;
  • Father - to the onset of a white streak of life;
  • Girlfriend - to gossip and envy;
  • Familiar - small changes;
  • Mother - to positive changes in the life of the sleeping person.

Theft is a sign of increased vigilance

If you dreamed that your newly purchased black car was stolen, it means that some problems await you on the road. Also, a stolen black car symbolizes vain hopes for something.

If in a dream you find your new red car missing, this means that your marriage is under threat. Stealing a limousine or a red convertible, which the wife received as a gift from her husband, is a sign of divorce, as the Eastern Dream Book says.

What body type is the car you bought in your dream?

  • An SUV means significant expenses that will not justify themselves: the purchase will be useless, and the lack of money will make itself felt;
  • Convertible - to the beginning of a new, successful life, full of victories and happiness;
  • Limousine - to unexpected luck and prosperity;
  • Sedan - to significant news from loved ones;
  • Hatchback - the dreamer’s affairs will take less effort and time than expected, and he will have time for himself;
  • Universal - stability and confidence await the dreamer in all endeavors;
  • Crossover - the dreamer will be able to overcome all difficulties if he devotes due time and attention to solving the problems that have arisen;
  • Pickup - the sleeping person has too much extra responsibility, his moral strength will soon run out.

Why do you dream about a new car of a cheaper model that was offered to you?

Expect problems and demotion. A transition to a new post, but with a lower salary, or an offer that will not be profitable is likely.

If you liked the appearance of the car, but you saw the low quality of the parts, the car is not running, or some spare parts turned out to be unusable or even fell off, a modern dream book warns that you should be wary of deception.

You should not believe promises, they may turn out to be false. In addition, the dream foreshadows various types of losses.

If a good friend gave you a car in a dream, then he, or someone similar to him, will make an offer that will be very interesting to you.

The modern dream book writes that soon you will receive some very interesting and profitable offer, learn about a vacancy, or get married.

At least someone will offer it to you. The color of the car and the make will tell you what kind of life awaits you as a result.

The dreamer's actions in a dream

  • Buy - to fulfill your plans;
  • Buy and sell - to success and glory;
  • Want to buy - if the sleeper wants to buy a car, but does not have enough funds or simply cannot decide, then he will soon be faced with a difficult choice, delay in making a decision may deprive the sleeper of good opportunities;
  • Bargaining with the seller means increasing productivity;
  • Buy and ride - to future glory, success and respect from others;
  • Taking part in a test drive is a symbol of the dreamer’s confidence and readiness for any changes;
  • Applying for a loan means an important work assignment;
  • To choose is a sign of thirst to change the usual way of life;
  • Buy for spare parts - the business the dreamer is busy with will not bring the desired success, but for its positive completion you will have to make a lot of effort;
  • Buy and break - the actions of the sleeper are meaningless, with this approach to life you can easily lose everything, and recovery will be almost impossible;
  • Buy and give - you will have to provide help and support in the life of the person to whom the sleeping person gave the car.

They gave me a car

A donated car is interpreted quite differently in dreams. It is necessary to pay attention not only to what brand the new vehicle is, but also to who it was donated to. A gift is a symbolism of a person’s hopes from the events and people who surround him.

If a person does not have a fundamentally important matter in his plans, then seeing such a gift in a dream can mean a pleasant, unexpected event. Also, a gifted car shows the person’s plans for you.

If a person is in a business relationship with someone, and his job credentials, employment and future plans depend on his partner, then a car given in a dream means your expectations in reality. Whether a person is reliable and what his capabilities are will determine the quality of the gift.

If in a dream you received a car as a gift from friends, then this is a very good meaning. A series of unexpected but exciting events will take place in your life. People close to you will help you give the necessary advice or sort out a difficult situation. Whatever the positive interpretation, it is possible if the car given to you was of decent quality: the newer and more luxurious the car, the better.

If in a dream you were presented with a broken vehicle, then this dream can bring disappointment, failure of plans and a showdown in life.

If the dreamer accepts a gift from a person with whom he is going to do an important thing (trip, business plans, etc.), then this may mean that the actions in the dreamer’s life will develop in the best way for him.

A gift represents a reward, a joyful event that has a connection with your plans.

Other dream circumstances

  • Getting behind the wheel of a newly purchased car and turning it over means trouble at work;
  • Buying a car and colliding with a truck means losing a large sum of money;
  • Buying and checking brakes on a new car means romantic adventures;
  • Buying a new car and apartment means big expenses;
  • Buying a white car and washing machine means an unexpected surprise, shocking news;
  • Buying a very expensive car with someone else’s money - the dreamer will be drawn into dirty deeds, participation in which will be dangerous;
  • The headlights of the purchased car are on - the business in which the dreamer is busy will, upon completion, open up even more interesting and promising opportunities for him.

Dreaming of driving an expensive car - Miller's dream book

Dreaming of driving an expensive car, this dream may mean that at some point you are showing an unyielding attitude, but you do not know whether it is good for you or not.

When you dream that you are carrying a person in an expensive car, the dream means that you are about to engage in a serious emotional relationship that may affect the marriage.

A dream in which an expensive car appears is a sign that as a result of some events that will soon happen in your life, you will have to learn more about responsibility. This will most likely put an end to your carefree life spent on non-stop entertainment.

Interpretation from dream books

Miller's Dream Book

Choosing a car in a dream means new prospects and grandiose plans. There is a high probability of rapid career growth and the emergence of many influential acquaintances. However, such success can make the dreamer forget about his loved ones and colleagues. Thus, first lose their trust, and then their career. You should be more careful and attentive to everyone. No amount of success is worth the love and understanding of family and friends.

Vanga's Dream Book

Such a dream foreshadows the choice that the dreamer has to make. The correctness of this decision can bring success and prosperity to the life of the sleeper.

Dream Book of Z. Freud

According to Freud, the image of the car has a phallic symbol. Therefore, the dream foreshadows a sexual relationship with a new partner. Sensations and feelings experienced in a dream show the sleeper’s attitude towards himself, his assessment of himself and his actions.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Choosing or buying a car in a dream foreshadows new romantic adventures.

Loff's Dream Book

Choosing a car in a dream indicates the existence of a dream, a cherished cause that the sleeper has been striving for for a long time. Buying this very car portends success and the accomplishment of your plans.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Such a dream can be a harbinger of a fun family holiday.

Modern dream book

Buying a car in a dream means bankruptcy and financial instability of the sleeping person. It is worth refraining from spending in the near future.

Phoebe's Great Dream Book

A new car symbolizes the appearance of a large sum for the sleeping person, while an old car symbolizes financial losses and losses.

Islamic dream book

If in a dream a car was first bought, but then stolen, then soon the authority of the dreamer and his entire family will increase.

Slavic dream book

Buying a car in a dream promises the fulfillment of a dream.

Ukrainian dream book

Such a dream foreshadows significant news. Men dream of this dream as a sign of a profitable deal. For women - to pleasant acquaintances and meetings.

Family dream book

Getting ready to buy a jeep means quarrels and misunderstandings in the family. Buying a green car means making a good acquaintance. A black car means grief in the family.

Esoteric dream book

Buying a new car promises advancement on the career ladder, and buying an old one, on the contrary, promises losses and stagnation in business.

Love dream book

Such a dream foreshadows harmony and happiness in relationships.

Dream Interpretation Maya

The affairs of the sleeper will go uphill. There will be a solution to the problem, and the implementation will be simpler and more comfortable than it was supposed to be.

Noble dream book

Buying a car portends a new business. However, driving a car warns of dangers and pitfalls.

Dream book for women

Young girls dream of such a dream for good luck and happiness, unmarried girls for promising acquaintances, a bride for a happy marriage, married for family prosperity.

Dream book for men

Such a dream portends great prospects for a young guy, career growth and financial stability for a married man, and well-being and prosperity for a married man.

Lunar dream book

Buying a car on a new moon promises positive changes; on a waxing moon - an increase in financial income; on a full moon - a pleasant trip in wonderful company; on a waning moon - the end of a dark streak in the life of the sleeper.

Intimate dream book

Such a dream foreshadows a date, a pleasant meeting. If a man bought a car that he had previously sold, then there is a high probability of renewing his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. If a woman buys 2 cars, then she will soon get married, and if she sells it immediately after the purchase, it will be a waste of money.

Winter dream book

Choosing a car in a dream means a quick solution to old problems. If a man in a dream saw his mother buying a car, he needs to support his parents financially; if his father bought the car, then he should expect trouble. For women, such a dream predicts a promotion in the service.

Summer dream book

Buying a car in a parking lot means a failed deal or fraud. In the salon - to profit. Hands-on - to obtain meaningful information.

Autumn dream book

Such a dream is beneficial. Probably a promotion at work, a bonus or an inheritance.

Dream book of the 21st century

Buying a new car portends a meeting with ill-wishers. Buying an expensive foreign car means success and victories in everything. An SUV or jeep means stagnation in business, difficulties at work.

Dream Interpretation of the Healer Fedorovskaya

Buying a car for new beginnings. If the car had bulletproof glass, then an exciting adventure awaits the sleeper.

Gypsy dream book

The car is a symbol of spiritual development. The condition and appearance of the machine characterize the development and state of knowledge of the sleeper.

Rommel's Dream Book

In general, the dream foreshadows a promotion at work. Men can also predict success in business.

Psychological dream book

Buying a car in a dream means your dreams will come true. Driving it on a flat road is a sign of happiness and prosperity. Buying 2 cars means a big family holiday, but buying a lot means troubles and failures.

Dream Interpretation of Natalia Stepanova

For those born from January to April - to receive a large sum of money; from May to August - to victories over rivals; from September to December to receive an inheritance.

Dream Interpretation of Valery Melnikov

For a man, purchasing a broken car means a pleasant surprise, a beautiful convertible means vain and groundless worries, and a broken SUV means profit. A woman’s unsuccessful attempt to buy a car means a quarrel with her loved one.

People's dream book

Buying a car and everything connected with it symbolizes new beginnings. Buying an old car indicates the need to relax and recuperate.

Universal dream book

Such a dream speaks of an interesting trip.

Home dream book

A new car will bring good luck and happiness to your home. However, if a washing machine was purchased in a dream, then more trouble will arise in the family.

Dream book for a bitch

The car is a symbol of the dreamer's body and soul. The condition of the car directly indicates the physical and emotional state of the sleeper.

Creative dream book

Buying a car in a dream speaks of a new project. The sleeper faces a major undertaking that will bring both income and pleasure.

Bright “joy”, or Dreams can come true!

An important detail in explaining what a new car means in a dream is its color. The advent of an unclouded stage of life is represented by a white “four-wheeled companion.” Did you dream that you received a white car as a gift?

According to the Modern Dream Book, the next actions in your life will go as you planned. But, if you dreamed that your white car was stolen, remember that nothing prevents you from fulfilling your wish, you need to be extremely vigilant.

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