Dream Interpretation: getting dirty in feces. What does it mean to get dirty in feces in a dream: interpretations and interpretations

  • April 15, 2019
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  • Michael Michaelis

Did you happen to get dirty in feces in a dream? Try to remember as many details as possible from the night’s plot, since they will be required for a detailed interpretation. For example, it is important to take into account the general emotional background from the realm of dreams, as well as exactly whose feces one happened to get dirty in. This information should be correctly compared with what is said in modern dream books, as well as with what is currently happening in the real world.

Gustav Miller's opinion

Have you thought about what it means to be smeared with feces in a dream? A famous psychoanalyst, who has compiled an entire book with various interpretations of night scenes, will help answer this question. Miller is confident that to interpret the vision of feces, it is necessary to pay attention to the general emotional background from the kingdom of Morpheus. For example, a feeling of disgust suggests that the sleeping person is a rather ambitious person in the real world.

And what does the vision promise in which the dreamer experienced pleasant sensations from being smeared with his own feces? Miller assures that in reality a person always tries to find positive moments even in the most negative situations. Some friends of the owner of the vision may even reproach him for such optimism. However, the psychoanalyst assures that it is precisely this attitude towards life that will allow the sleeping person to achieve great heights in the future.

Depending on the dreamer's actions

When interpreting, it is important to pay attention not only to feces and to the feelings and actions at the sight of them.

  • Cleaning up means incurring losses where you planned to make money.
  • Removing a pile from the bed means preparing for a pleasant rest after a hard day.
  • Stepping into shit means taking part in a dubious project, sacrificing your business reputation.
  • Getting dirty in shit means becoming the object of dirty gossip.
  • Fall into feces - all your ridiculous ideas will turn out to be winning and money.
  • Swimming in waste means long and hard work for results.
  • Drowning in shit means suffering from your own greed and stinginess.
  • Shitting/staining your trousers means a shocking but pleasant profit.
  • To wash it off from your body means to gain those material benefits that previously seemed like luxury and excess.
  • Flushing the toilet after someone means doing someone else’s work for free.
  • Smearing it over the body means boasting about one’s own wealth.
  • Throwing at someone means borrowing money.
  • Getting into shit means feeling disgusted among your friends.
  • Taking a stool test means feeling the need to ask advice from a more experienced person.
  • Cleaning a drainage pit means suffering from a lingering illness/doing hard, ignoble work.
  • To wipe yourself is to ruin your reputation by trusting spiteful critics.
  • Wiping shit off the floor in your house means delighting your household with gifts.
  • Feeling the smell means a critical situation that will work out in your favor.
  • Falling into a pit of shit means encountering unforeseen difficulties, but finding a solution to the problem.

Big family dream book

To get dirty in feces in the kingdom of Morpheus means to receive great material profit in reality. The family interpreter assures his readers that the more feces were present in the night’s plot, the greater the amount the dreamer will receive in reality. As a rule, such a plot occurs on the eve of receiving a large inheritance or a sudden win in the lottery. Be that as it may, the cash flow will be really large.

Accidentally stepping into a pile of human feces lying on the floor in a public toilet means the need to pay more attention to the professional sphere of activity in reality. Most likely, the dreamer will have a great opportunity to show his skills soon. If everything goes smoothly, then he will receive an extraordinary bonus or even a promotion, which will bring good wages and respect from his colleagues.

Dream Interpretation: seeing shit in a dream

Most often according to the folk dream book

It is believed that excrement seen in a dream in reality always promises profit, an unexpected monetary surprise. The Ukrainian version also predicts quick enrichment, possibly receiving a significant inheritance or winnings, for example, in the lottery. It is noteworthy that most dreamers claim, based on the results of their own observations, that feces (regardless of their origin) are always a symbol for them that in reality their financial situation will noticeably improve. However, interpretation from other sources may have slightly different meanings.

Founder of psychoanalysis Freud

in his work on the study of dreams, he interprets waste as a reflection of the dreamer’s torment over disturbing waking events. The identity of the person causing suffering is known, but there is not enough determination for an open conversation. Freud's dream book considers the act of defecation in a dream to be a projected symbol of unsatisfied sexual desires.

Psychologist Miller's

similarly predicts to those who see excrement feelings about events occurring in the personal sphere of life. Deeply hidden suffering does not find expression, and is transformed into such an unclean dream plot.

From an ontopsychological point of view, the dream book of Antonio Meneghetti

shit in a dream means a deformed value system.

Relationships in reality took on a distorted form. The situation is tense, it has dragged on due to timidity. But the time has come to make a decision and start making changes. Vanga's Dream Book

informs the dreamer that he is ready to accept important information. Life experience will help you draw the right conclusion and turn the news to your advantage.

Old Russian dream book of Veles

directly correlates the shit seen in a dream as a literal concept of an unfavorable situation in life. The dreamer's real life at the moment is pretty shitty, to put it colloquially. Efforts will have to be made to make changes for the better happen.

Esoteric dream book

warns that after seeing feces in a dream, worries of an unpleasant nature for the dreamer will come in reality. The size of the shit you see will tell you how long the anxious period will be. The more, the longer you will have to experience anxiety in reality.

Interpreter from the Middle Kingdom

Getting dirty in feces in a dream means being afraid to change your life for the better in reality. Most likely, the sleeping person has long been offered to get a new high-paying job in the real world, but she is afraid to take desperate measures, because she understands that there is some risk in such actions. However, the Chinese interpreter assures his readers that in the near future a person’s life can only change for the better.

And what can a vision promise in which you happen to get dirty in your own feces during a bowel movement? As a rule, such a plot does not bode well. Most likely, the sleeping person will face a serious illness in the real world, which will be practically untreatable. The only way out is to start paying attention to your health in a timely manner and follow all the recommendations of medical specialists.

Why do you dream about human shit?

Human waste seen in a dream foreshadows profit. If there is a lot

An entrepreneur will see shit in a dream; in reality, a favorable period will begin. Planned transactions should definitely be concluded in the near future. They will definitely be pleased with the results. Human shit in a dream is a favorable symbol of future prosperity, according to most interpreters. The amount of profit depends on the size of the excrement.


shit that is clearly of human origin means a significant return on investment.

To the dreamer who noticed the child's

shit, in reality you should expect material rewards for the work done. The fact that the work was quite tedious and protracted is fully compensated by decent pay.

Baby in shit

means that now is the best time to implement your plans. Everything will turn out even better than expected. If the dreamer saw his own older child, smeared with shit, this is an alarming signal. Perhaps this is a difficult time in a teenager’s life. He desperately needs help from his parents, and his pride prevents him from asking for help.

If you dreamed about your own

shit, it is possible that for the sake of obtaining material gain the dreamer is even ready for not entirely legal actions. Such a dream encourages you to think about whether all means are actually acceptable to achieve your goal.

Notice your own hands in the shit

in a dream can be interpreted as gifts of fortune, a significant improvement in material well-being. The warning signal of such a dream plot is that in reality it will contribute to the appearance of envious people.

Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

To understand what it means to get dirty in feces in a dream, you need to seek help from one of the most popular interpreters of our time. However, it should be understood that in most cases Freud gives interpretations that are, to one degree or another, related to a person’s intimate life. And feces in this case are no exception. Here are just the basic interpretations suitable for adults:

  • smearing your hands in your own feces while visiting the toilet is a sign that the sleeping person has a desire to have sex in reality;
  • stepping into a pile of manure in the kingdom of dreams means the need to pay as much attention as possible to your sexual health in the real world;
  • falling face first into your own feces means you will soon encounter a person who will not mind having an intimate relationship.

Sigmund Freud notes that in order to correctly interpret stories involving feces, one should also pay attention to the emotions experienced in the realm of dreams. A feeling of disgust indicates that the sleeping person will have to enter into intimacy with an unfamiliar person who will not give her any sexual satisfaction. But apathy is evidence that intimate intimacy will be pleasant for both parties.

Interpretation of sleep by the type of shit


shit warns that extortionists may appear on the way in reality. A sudden need to spend, which, however, will not cause much damage to the budget.

If you smell

shit in a dream, an unexpected situation will arise in reality. But soon it will be resolved quite positively.


shit is a symbol of the fact that there is no need to go ahead. Deception on the part of spiteful critics is possible.

Big income - that's what a big pile

All the efforts expended are not in vain, and new projects portend success. Only if you dream about shit with maggots
, in reality you need to be careful when evaluating incoming proposals. There may be a catch.

Meanings from the book of the Wanderer

Why dream of getting dirty in feces that belonged to another person? Terenty Smirnov (author of the interpreter) recommends being especially wary of such a sign of fate. In the real world, among the close circle of friends of a sleeping person there is a person who is ready to betray her at any moment. Therefore, you should refrain from telling unfamiliar people your secrets and secrets.

But accidentally getting dirty in your feces is a rather positive phenomenon, promising good luck in almost all areas of life. The Wanderer also notes that in the near future the owner of the vision will have an excellent opportunity to begin realizing the dream of his whole life. One of the close relatives will tell the dreamer some interesting news. This information can be used to achieve what you want.

Why do you dream about animal shit?

Dreams with the presence of excrement of pets and cattle are interpreted somewhat differently.


shit in a dream is a good symbol. In reality, a business that started “through the roof” will be successful. An unwinnable or awkward situation will turn out very favorably for the dreamer, and even the efforts of his enemies to discredit him will be useless.

If you dreamed about a dog

shit, in reality there is an opportunity to earn extra money easily and quite legally. Perhaps this will be a project of one of my friends. Fulfillment of obligations under the contract will bring, in addition to material, also moral satisfaction.

Cow seen in a dream

shit foretells a tedious task in reality, tedious and lengthy. But the result will be incredibly profitable. For those whose work or hobby is related to gardening, cow pats predict an excellent harvest.

I dreamed about shit with worms

- in reality you should be wary of upcoming projects. It is necessary to carefully evaluate all the pros and cons, and find out about possible pitfalls.

Shit with worms

is always a warning sign. Even if your boss offers you a new position, or a friend convinces you to change your field of activity, you need to know that the conditions are favorable only at first glance. A detailed study of the issue will reveal additional responsibilities, or unscrupulous conduct of business by one of the partners.

step on

in a dream about shit that is left by animals, this is a rather favorable sign. Unexpected profit, income from an activity that was started as a joke, for fun.

Perhaps the only exception among the positive signals of dreams about excrement is the sight of a mouse

shit. The dreamer should be careful not to share his plans in reality. Ill-wishers are ready to do mischief over little things, and wait for the slightest reason.

Use chicken

shit, like fertilizer, symbolizes hard work. As a result, the dreamer will achieve prosperity. This will happen thanks to his diligence and hard work, as well as the ability to rationally use the chances that fate gives.

Bird seen

shit symbolizes progress in business.

When you dream of a horse

shit, apparently it also enjoys the reputation of being the best fertilizer, for which they are even willing to pay. After all, the meaning of such a dream is exclusively positive. Dreaming about horse manure means prosperity, a good harvest, and prosperity.

Interpretation from dream books

Depending on the dream book, the interpretation may differ. Analyze several sources to decipher the dream correctly.

Loff's Dream Book

  • A big pile of crap in bed is a desire to gain financial independence.

Interpretation of Vanga

  • Emptying a chamber pot means becoming a carrier of valuable and significant cargo.
  • Holding shit in your hands means becoming a master of your craft.
  • Slipping on a pile/puddle means becoming a victim of an unfortunate coincidence.

Note! Vanga believed that only those who are able to “absorb” and “digest” the signs of the universe can dream of feces. These are people with a subtle and sensitive mental organization.

According to Meneghetti

  • Eating shit is a big trouble caused by your indiscriminateness.

Russian folk dream book

  • A large pile means material enrichment, a prosperous and happy life.

Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi

  • Human waste leads to higher wages.

Esoteric dream book

  • Stepping on a pile means worrying about someone who depends on you.
  • Seeing pork shit means you understand that trouble is just around the corner.

According to Freud

  • Seeing a pile on the floor at home means suffering mentally due to the inability to talk about your feelings with loved ones.

Miller's Dream Book

  • Getting dirty in shit means becoming the object of discussion, rumors and gossip.
  • Pour it on yourself - suffer from an illness that you previously ignored.
  • In a plate/cup - a well-fed and carefree life.
  • A dirty child means a need to get out of town and relax in nature.
  • Washing shit off a woman's hands means learning to work with your hands. Become an outstanding master of your craft.
  • Wash off your shoes - become alienated and withdrawn after repeated betrayals and deceit.
  • To stain clothes is to become a victim of slander.

Note! If in a dream you are trying to wash dirty clothes, it means you will be able to prove that you are right and clear your reputation.

Spring dream book

  • Seeing a bunch means learning to earn more.

Summer dream book

  • To find it on your face means to be irrevocably disgraced.

Autumn dream book

  • Many piles are a good investment that will increase your well-being.

Modern dream book of N. Stepanova

  • Find in an unexpected place - surprises and gifts that loved ones are preparing for you.

Wanderer's Dream Book

  • I dreamed of feces floating in water - betrayal by a loved one.

New family dream book of O. Smurova

  • On the threshold of your home - for a quick move, change of residence.

Psychological interpreter Furtseva

  • To defecate in public means to become an object of public censure, to try to restore lost authority.

Romantic dream book

  • Loose stools mean sadness and tears due to the betrayal of a loved one.
  • Touching with bare hands means enjoying shameful pleasures.
  • Someone else's human shit means pleasant gifts and surprises.

Universal dream book

  • Falling into a heap means a “black streak” in life, followed by a white one.

Explanatory dictionary of dreams

  • To wipe yourself is to find out that someone knows personal, intimate information about you.

Family dream book

  • Suffering from diarrhea - your recklessness will play a cruel joke on you.
  • Wild animal droppings - receive a cash gift.

The ABC of Dreams by Galina Vrublevskaya

  • Getting your pants dirty means losing control of your emotions.
  • A large pile of manure means gaining respect and high status in society.
  • Seeing someone in feces means realizing that all this time you have been living wrong.

Ancient Slavic dream book

  • Getting dirty in a village toilet means asking rich and successful people for advice.
  • Collect in a bucket - prepare the table for receiving important guests.
  • Feces with worms - your desire to help will play a cruel joke on you.
  • To defecate in someone's hands is to lend a large sum of money.

Rick Dillon's Dream Book

  • Lying in manure is idle laziness, fun.
  • Pets dirty the floor - improving living conditions.

Dream Interpretation of O. Adaskina

  • A bucket of feces - to improve your material well-being thanks to your own perseverance.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

  • A growing pile of waste is a good investment.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

  • Drowning in the sewer means feeling your own decline, degradation.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

  • Picking it up means money.

Interpretation of Medea

  • Liquid shit/span> - wasted efforts, the status of an “unrecognized genius”.

English dream book

  • An overflowing cesspool is a reprimand from your boss due to your incompetence and negligence.
  • Step on a pile - make a small profit.
  • Picking around in feces means losing respect in the eyes of loved ones, becoming a victim of ridicule.

Dream Interpretation Maya

  • Children's feces - receive a small and unexpected reward.

Noble dream book by N. Grishina

  • A clogged toilet means literally “swimming” in money and luxury.
  • Get into a pile - get your dream job, or develop income from your own hobby.

According to Lewis

  • Fertilizing plants is making a significant contribution to your future.

According to Nostradamus

  • Horse manure is news that will please all family members.

Reference! According to Nostradamus’s dream book, such a dream may foretell the replenishment and birth of the long-awaited first child.

Pay attention to the details of the vision

The interpretation of the dream largely depends on the type and origin of the dreamed feces. So:

  • picking up someone else's shit - to receive profit, inheritance;
  • touching manure or animal excrement promises a pleasant surprise;
  • soiling the upper limbs with shit is a shameful deed;
  • picking up liquid poop with your hands is a trouble that can be easily overcome;
  • getting into children's poop - to minor troubles associated with caring for children.
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