Why do you dream about cheating on a guy? Meaning and interpretation of sleep

The plot palette of dreams, as we know, is limitless and sometimes poses riddles to us, the solution to which we hope to find only in the writings of the most experienced and authoritative specialists. For example, let’s imagine that a certain nice girl (and, as you know, there are no others in the world) happened to cheat on her boyfriend in a night vision. Why dream of such embarrassment, because in reality nothing like this even occurs to her (let’s hope)? Well, let's try to figure it out.

Pay attention to the details of what you see!

First of all, let’s turn to the “Family Dream Book,” the name of which alone suggests that its compilers, like no one else, are close to issues related to heart ties and interpersonal relationships. And indeed, they provide very detailed explanations about why one dreams of cheating on a guy in a dream. First of all, the authors draw the readers' attention to a very important, in their opinion, circumstance: where exactly the moral fall of this victim of his own lust took place - at home or in some other place.

It must be said that in both cases nothing good will happen to her (and rightly so, of course), but if, to top off her troubles, the libertine brought home her secret admirer, then in reality she will soon face serious everyday problems. The authors do not specify which ones, since in each case they are individual. As for infidelity in other places, they won’t get away with it so easily: the poor thing (let’s still be lenient with her) faces such severe emotional upheavals ahead that she will have to resort to the help of specialists.

Business interpretation.

In this aspect, we will present several interpretations related to business, work and career. We warn you that it is necessary to compare what is happening in life and what awaits you in the near future with the picture that you dreamed. Interpretations from dream books are as follows:

  • If the work involves filling out documents, it is recommended to check them for errors and typos;
  • If with safety, then one of your colleagues may get hurt, help him, perhaps save his life;
  • If you dream of playing in bed on your desktop, and some documents are wrinkled, it is better to check their availability, there is a possibility that they could be stolen or accidentally thrown away;
  • If you dream about having a meal after an act, moreover, your profession is related to catering, it is worth checking for violations of food storage;
  • Your promotion is inevitable, but you have gone over your head, so this situation will backfire on you, try to pacify your opponents - colleagues who have been aiming for your place for longer than you;
  • You are too impulsive, try to concentrate on work, otherwise you will be laid off due to the fact that you shout a lot at your superiors due to your own incompetence;
  • Be careful with the computer (if you don’t understand it well, there is no need to create difficult situations, do everything as usual, then you won’t have to call a specialist and your working day won’t be in vain).

Sleep as a reflection of mental state

The authors of the “Family Dream Book” also consider the question of why one dreams that a girl cheated on her boyfriend not with a man, but with one of her friends. In our “advanced” century, such relationships are by no means uncommon and have long ceased to cause universal condemnation. So in this case, the dreamer is recommended to understand her sexual inclinations in more detail, and build her future life in accordance with them.

Of course, all of the above applies primarily to girls who have reassured their boyfriend in reality with a promise of marriage. These interpretations have no relation to all other persons not bound by vows of love. The only exceptions are those who often have visions of lesbian love. The authors strongly recommend that they consult a psychotherapist, since such dreams may indicate a certain pathology, which is very difficult to cope with without the help of a specialist.

Let's listen to the opinion of an expert

The Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (photo below), who saw in the intimate sphere of human life almost the basis of all his thoughts and actions, could not stay away from such an exciting topic. Talking about why a guy dreams of cheating, and equally a fiance, husband, or anyone else with whom he has a promise of fidelity, he gives an interpretation of several plot options for what he saw.

First of all, the respected master writes that if a woman or a very young girl allows herself such liberties with a stranger in a dream, then this indicates her doubts about her own attractiveness and sexuality. In reality, the dreamer, apparently, torments herself with unfounded experiences, since it seems to her that she is deprived of the ability to arouse desire in men.

The author also attaches great importance to the emotions that the traitor experienced in the dream. If, while indulging in forbidden love, she felt remorse, then this is a bad sign - in reality she is too cold with her chosen one. At the same time, the absence of negative feelings in a dream foreshadows strong relationships in real life.

Change with his friend

Cheating with his friend promises humiliation in real life or disappointment in the business that was started. It also means a series of minor troubles, but they won’t really hit you.

If the betrayal occurred in an environment of luxury and wealth, then in real life you will be disappointed in the business you started.

The interpretation of betrayal depends on what kind of clothes you were wearing: if black means a series of troubles and misfortunes, red means betrayal in reality, and white means a happy future together.

The third is superfluous both in dreams and in reality

Freud also considers other plot options, for example, why do you dream that you are cheating on your boyfriend or husband, and he suddenly appears and willingly becomes the third participant in the sex scene? Without giving a moral assessment to such actions (if they happened in reality), the master only warns that in a dream this is a very bad sign that can foreshadow health problems, and their appearance will be associated specifically with the intimate side of life. A woman who sees something similar in a dream is advised to abstain from casual sex, and if this is beyond her strength, then take precautions that even schoolchildren now know about.

Lunar dream book

You committed treason and were in black , this foreshadows an imminent death in your family. If you were in red, then don’t expect peace in real life. Cheating with your boyfriend's brother or best friend promises the appearance of a secret admirer who will bring a lot of troubles and problems to your relationship.

If you cheated with his father , then such a dream speaks of your increased demands. If you were wearing a lot of jewelry, especially gold, then such a dream speaks of your wrong aspirations.

Avoid temptations

It is very useful to look for answers to questions that interest us in the “General Dream Book”. In particular, on its pages you can find a warning that if in a dream you happen to cheat on your husband, fiance, or just a lover, then in reality you should avoid temptations that can lead to significant material losses. In particular, it is not recommended to invest in projects that promise quick and easy profits, enter into dubious deals, or purchase expensive items from random suppliers.

The compilers also discuss the question of why one dreams of cheating on a guy with an ex-husband or a previously rejected lover. In this case they give two different interpretations. According to one of them, the dream suggests that in real life this lady (or girl) has a fairly developed intuition and can trust her inner voice in everything. However, another explanation is immediately given: if you dream that you are cheating on a guy with your “ex,” then this is a harbinger of some future actions for which you will have to endure remorse.

Change what this is for

Dreams where girls cheat on their boyfriend mean that they are too wayward, and this complicates their relationship. You have to be gentler, otherwise there is a chance of losing him.

More such dreams speak of your thirst for change, and you are ready for it. Also, betrayal can speak of secret complexes and unsatisfied desire.

Cheating on a guy in his presence means you lack affection and attention from him. Change mentally in a dream - soon a big secret related to your personal life will be revealed to you.

Comments from an overseas dream interpreter

Since girls all over the world sometimes have erotic dreams in which they violate oaths of fidelity, such a plot is reflected in the dream books compiled by their compatriots. Let us open, for example, the work of a famous American interpreter, hiding under the pseudonym Miss Hasse.

Having set out to explain to her readers why she dreams of cheating on her boyfriend, the learned lady wrote at the beginning of the last century that such a vision, although it can bring a certain pleasure, is fraught with the danger of a family conflict, which the dreamer herself will provoke. However, such a turn of events does not have the character of a fatal inevitability, but is completely preventable, the girl just has to be more careful and not get into trouble, as they say.

In addition, the transatlantic compiler informs her readers about why they dream of cheating on a boyfriend, husband, fiance, lover, etc. with one of their closest relatives. It turns out that such a plot foreshadows unprecedented success in real life. As a true American, Miss Hasse associates it with career advancement or business success.

Big dream book

Cheating on a guy in your home means bringing trouble into your home. The betrayal occurred in his home or on neutral territory, which means that you will soon need to prepare to move to less comfortable conditions, since everything will be bad for you, and then you will break up due to his attacks of jealousy.

If you were wearing red clothes , it means that you are subconsciously ready for betrayal. If the clothes are black, then it is better to break up, since your relationship is already on the verge of breaking.

Anonymous but very knowledgeable author

Among the foreign compilers of dream books who paid attention to the question of why one dreams of cheating on a guy, the work of another author deserves attention, who did not want to reveal his real name and only indicated on the title page that he is a “French interpreter.” The author approaches the coverage of this problem very thoroughly and recommends, first of all, to pay attention to the details of what you see.

So, if the dreamed betrayal consisted only of kisses with an imaginary lover, then in reality it is better for the girl to part with her real beau, since her feelings for him have clearly cooled. But at the same time, the sexual act with a stranger seen in a dream has nothing to do with her true inclinations of the heart, and does not even promise any complications. On the contrary, according to the anonymous author, it is a harbinger of fame and success.

It is curious that for a girl to hear in a dream a confession of committed treason from a guy is a good omen, promising her a long and lasting relationship with this person. Since the French have always set the tone in matters of the heart and were considered recognized experts in them, we will not argue with the compiler of the dream book, but will take into account all of the above.

Whose betrayal did you dream about?

  • Cheating on a husband or partner - such a dream speaks of lack of self-confidence and strength, fear of a similar situation in reality. It is recommended to focus less on this problem, since constant paranoia will only bring scandals to the family.
  • Cheating on your wife or soul mate - such a dream speaks of problems in relationships associated with mistrust and inability to listen to each other. The dreamer is advised to be more attentive and sensitive.
  • Cheating on a girl - a dream prophesies an improvement in relationships, harmony and a new stage of development.
  • Cheating on a beloved man - such a dream speaks of a strong obsession with a person, which can lead to a breakup due to constant fears and suspicions.
  • Cheating on a guy is a harbinger of disappointment in your partner and an imminent separation.
  • One's own betrayal - dreams of the destruction of planned plans, failures, quarrels with a loved one.
  • Betrayal by a father or a loved one - the dreamer will find himself in a difficult situation and feel a lack of support.
  • Seeing a man cheating in a dream - a dream warns that excessive frivolity will lead to sad consequences.
  • Dreaming of someone else's betrayal means a misunderstanding in the current situation.
  • Seeing the betrayal of a deceased person in a dream - such a dream speaks of grief and suffering for a deceased person.
  • Dreaming of parents cheating on each other portends serious quarrels with a loved one.

Night dreams and real personal life

The compilers of the currently popular “Gypsy Dream Book” also willingly share information on this topic. Many young people, tormented by the question: “Why do I dream that I cheated on my boyfriend?”, try to find the answer on its pages. Let's be honest: the authors do not tell them anything encouraging. In their opinion, betrayal committed in a dream indicates that in real life the dreamer is not averse to letting an unexpected guest into her heart.

At the same time, according to the compilers, this is a signal that the relationship with someone who in reality has the right to count on her loyalty is reaching a dead end and is on the verge of breaking. What to do in this case, the girl herself must decide, since no one’s advice will help her.

However, not everything is so sad. The same authors inform their readers that if, after betrayal, they dream of the beating they received for it, then in reality their real life will turn out as well as possible, and those to whom they were unfaithful in a dream will in reality turn out to be the happiest of mortals. As they say: “Through their lips...”.

Change with his brother

Cheating with your boyfriend's brother leads to family quarrels due to mistrust. It also promises problems, empty worries and wasteful large expenses.

If this happened in a romantic setting in nature, then you should go on vacation together.

Cheating with your brother , if he is the eldest, means that you are striving for success in any way and on this path you will meet dangerous rivals. If your brother is younger, then this means that you underestimate yourself.

What is the voice of the people saying?

In this article we have cited the statements of only some of the compilers of dream books who give interpretations to the night dreams that sometimes visit both very young girls and women who have experience of family life behind them. The people have a very definite opinion on this matter, which is largely in tune with what experts say.

First of all, it is generally accepted that dreamed betrayal is a warning from above that in real life one should avoid rash actions, especially those related to the intimate sphere, since their consequences are sometimes very dire. Of course, such advice must be followed regardless of the nature and plot of your night visions.

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