What changes await the dreamer who dreamed of a strong wind, what the elements are dreaming about - the dream book will answer.

In real life, the wind can be different - it can be a pleasant breeze that blows from the sea and refreshes on a hot day, it can be a wind that brings changes in the weather, or it can be a terrible storm that breaks trees, buildings and people's lives.

In any case, wind is energy, movement, action, and, moreover, independent of human will. Because wind is a common phenomenon in any climate zone. Therefore, the wind is often found as a subject in dreams. Let's consider what the wind that appeared to us in a dream means.

General information

The wind symbolizes changes, whether good or bad depends on the details. A strong wind promises serious trials, a weak breeze promises pleasant surprises. The wind blowing at your back means help from an unexpected direction, not always from a specific person, maybe the Creator himself or the Universe will make sure that supposedly random events will turn out well for you. Wind in the face - on the contrary, to unexpected, often impersonal, obstacles. But the wind, which blows to the bones , may mean that the dreamer will be exposed in the near future, and it is better to immediately abandon the deception in an amicable way.

Freud's Dream Book

According to the founder of psychoanalysis, the symbol indicates a tense relationship with a significant other or health problems. If you dream of a breeze blowing over a plain, it indicates minor differences. Freud believed that they can be easily overcome if you set yourself such a goal.

In the dream book, the wind raised dust, but this happens in an urban area - in reality, you have not one, but several partners (real or potential), and you are confused in your connections. If you dreamed that a squall hit you in the mountains, pay attention to the state of your intimate health. It is possible that you have problems in the sexual sphere. If this happened on the water, something is going wrong between you and the chosen one of your heart. It is possible that it is better for you to break up.

The dream book determines that a strong wind that blows you off your feet and you suffer from a hurricane is a sign of new acquaintances. In the future, they can bring some excitement and even trouble.


A hurricane is a strong and destructive wind that does not bode well . Seeing such wind in a dream is unlucky. Hurricane wind means obstacles to the fulfillment of your plans, finding yourself in a difficult situation, the emergence of difficulties that will require strength and determination to overcome. A hurricane can also mean negative changes in your personal life: discord in relationships or long-term separation.

However, Sigmund Freud noted that a hurricane can simply mean changes, and those that have already occurred. For example, you recently met a person you are interested in. If a hurricane is approaching you, and you stand and watch, it means that you are experiencing unnecessary anxiety and excitement. Perhaps you need to look at things differently, reassess your values ​​and views.

Miller believed that the hurricane was the result of disappointment from the collapse of plans that happened in the past. In this case, you just need to stop thinking about the past, because you can’t bring it back anyway, and live a real life.

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From a subconscious perspective, it is important to consider exactly what the breeze was like in your vision. For example, in the dream book, a light wind through the window may indicate your desire for change. Most often, such images are those in whose life nothing interesting happens, and the events are monotonous and boring.

But the dream book says that wind in the house indicates some problems in personal relationships. Pay attention to what happens in communication with loved ones. Perhaps you lack understanding or reciprocal feelings on their part.

The dream book determines that a wind, a hurricane , which sweeps away everything in its path, signals mental anguish, worries, uncertainty in one’s own abilities or in the future. It seems to you that you cannot fight the elements, that you cannot cope with what fate has in store for you (especially if a squall lifts you up and takes you somewhere).

The wind blows in your face

If you dream of wind blowing directly in your face, it foreshadows counter actions from an outsider. If the wind blowing in your face is strong, interferes with your walking , brings unpleasant sensations, or throws clouds of sand into your eyes, this means that someone is going to interfere with your business, and you will need to make a lot of effort to overcome the resistance.

If the wind is warm and gentle , pleasant to the skin, then the meeting with the person will be joyful and pleasant, and this person himself is pleasant and wishes you well.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

Wind and rain in the face, according to the dream book , represent some kind of interference. If it’s blowing in your back, it means you’ll get help. The breeze was light and cool, a positive symbol. Very strong - you act against moral standards, behave maliciously, which is why you often suffer.

Sit in a draft - in reality you will feel very frightened. If you see how a rush picks up paper or other garbage, this means an unexpected act that will surprise not only you, but also those around you.

It's raging outside the window

A dream in which the wind is knocking on the window may mean changes that are breaking into your life, but you do not want to let them in. Also, such a dream can mean rapid changes that will radically change your entire life and even your ideological positions. If the wind is so strong that it can tear out the window frame and burst into the room, you need to change the situation, and the sooner the better. The dream warns you that accumulated difficulties are about to burst into life to destroy it to the ground, and the body requires rest, which will allow you to avoid a nervous breakdown and psychosomatic diseases.


Where did you see a hurricane in your dream

To indicate a change in the usual routine, a hurricane appears in the house

. Whether this will be dictated by bad or joyful events, the emotions experienced will tell you. It would be good if there was no panic fear.

The fact that you will be able to act rationally even in the face of unexpected problems means that you dreamed of a hurricane outside your window.

. Calmness will help solve them as efficiently as possible.

If a hurricane raged in the yard

home belonging to the dreamer and is overwhelmed by concerns about the safety of property, the interpretation of the dream indicates severe stress. It is necessary to relieve nervous tension.

I'm pretty tired of everyday tasks, that's why I dream about a hurricane in a field

. The dreamer dreams of being more free in his actions, and not just fulfilling endless responsibilities.

If in a dream there is a hurricane in the sky

directly above your head, this is a warning symbol. Problems and troubles are looming.

at sea is successfully interpreted

. Sudden but very pleasant events will happen.

With the rain

A strong wind, a storm with rain, oddly enough, will bring favorable changes . Perhaps you will be inspired to finish previously postponed tasks, to do things that you have not decided to do for a long time or for which you simply did not have time, attention and interest from others will appear, and relationships with them will improve.

If there is little rain and the wind is weak, only grayness and despondency awaits ahead. A dream about autumn, when the wind drives heavy clouds across the sky, from which fine and cold rain drips, means that the body’s strength is running out, you need to relax and unwind, change your surroundings, do an interesting activity, sport, go somewhere, take a vacation or time off

If the storm is accompanied by a thunderstorm, this may also mean a warning - difficult trials are coming, in which you will have to show courage and perseverance in order to emerge with honor.

Ancient Persian dream book

In the minds of this interpreter, the image itself can foreshadow a massive epidemic of some disease. But it can be interpreted depending on several circumstances:

  • dreaming of warm, even hot gusts - a cold;
  • in the dream book, a refreshing cold wind is a sign of nervous disorders;
  • light, unobtrusive - in fact, the coming period will be relatively calm and prosperous;
  • a barely felt breeze means wealth and prosperity;
  • you stand and do not bend due to the squall - in reality you will gain fame and respect from others;
  • in the dream book, a thunderstorm and a strong wind that lifts you into the air mean that you will go on a long trip. After the business trip, you will be able to receive a long-awaited promotion;
  • if you were thrown so high that you flew to the sky, the dream warns of mortal danger;
  • descend smoothly - cope with a serious illness;
  • suddenly the gusts died down and it became dark - beware of danger.

With snow

A snowstorm or blizzard, through which the outside world is difficult to see, symbolizes accumulated questions in the world of dreams to which you have no answers. In such cases, you should stop and deal with the accumulated problems so that in the future.

Walking through a snowstorm in a dream means a quick meeting with ill-wishers who will strive to confuse you and lead you astray. Be careful not to get hooked by him.

If the snowstorm is weak, just wind with snow, surrounding objects and people are clearly visible, then this is a good omen in such cases, the dream foreshadows pleasant surprises, the fulfillment of long-forgotten desires. It’s especially good if the snow touches your cheeks, nose and forehead. This means that your wishes will come true in the coming days.


Walking against the snow that the wind blows in your face means sudden difficulties that will complicate progress; walking with the wind means that the surrounding reality will push you to achieve your goal.

Some interpreters believe that a blizzard can mean emergency assignments or a life storm that you or your relatives will find themselves in in the near future.

Meaning for women and men

Depending on your gender, a dream about a strong wind has different meanings. If women dream of hurricane winds, then the following changes should be expected:

  1. If a girl sees in her night dreams that she is caught in the epicenter of a hurricane, this means that plans leading to her cherished goal will be in jeopardy. The dreamer expects serious changes in her life, which will not be without losses.
  2. Hearing the roar of a raging wind in a dream and seeing trees bending under its pressure is a sign of upcoming tedious waiting, which will then give way to decisive attempts to prevent collapse.
  3. If you dreamed of a house collapsing due to a hurricane wind, then you should not be afraid of it. Such a plot predicts a change in lifestyle, frequent moves, and a change in professional activity.
  4. Observing the consequences of a past hurricane in a dream means that misfortunes will bypass the fair sex.
  5. If a woman cannot move from her place due to strong wind in a dream, then this indicates that in real life someone close to her is building all sorts of barriers.

A hurricane accompanied by rain advises a man to take a closer look at his surroundings, since one of his trusted people is capable of betrayal. A raging wind, seen in a dream, tells the strong half of humanity that it is necessary to finalize plans for the future, which have some holes and shortcomings.

Hearing the roar of a raging wind in night vision speaks of inaction in a situation that requires decisive action. Seeing the ruins of your own home promises frequent moves and job changes.

With sand

Sandstorms, wind carrying clouds of sand that obscure the sun, are a popular horror story among residents of deserts and steppes. For residents of temperate zones, the threat of a sandstorm is irrelevant, and therefore sleep with wind-borne sand rarely visits our people. However, it may not necessarily mean danger.

In particular, if a sandstorm is raging somewhere in the distance , it means that there will be danger, but it will pass by without affecting either the dreamer or any of his relatives. If there is so much sand that it covers the dreamer, this means that he will be drawn into an unpleasant story, moreover, the chain of events itself will develop in such a way that troubles cannot be avoided.

If you watch a sandstorm lose its strength and gradually calm down, then this is a good sign, it means that only prosperity and prosperity await you ahead.

If a sandstorm injured you - tore off your skin, or got sand into your eyes, you should take care not to tarnish your reputation: competitors and envious people are just waiting for this.

General interpretation of the plot

A hurricane is considered a negative sign in a dream, foreshadowing conflicts, difficulties, illness, the death of others, civil unrest, as well as a real natural disaster.

Did you dream about a hurricane? Pay close attention to your health and take measures to strengthen it. This same dream suggests that you may behave inappropriately in a completely ordinary life situation.

There is also a positive interpretation of the vision. After a night hurricane, what prevented you from moving freely through life will naturally be destroyed. For a more accurate interpretation, the dream book recommends considering individual factors of the phenomenon.

Hear the thunder

Why do you dream about powerful thunderclaps before a hurricane? This is a guarantee of quick promotion in the service. If you are afraid of thunder, then in addition to everything else, expect happiness in your personal life. At the same time, thunder warns in a dream about news that will greatly surprise, but will not affect the decision made. The dream book also promises participation in a high-profile scandal.

See lightning

If lightning flashed during a severe thunderstorm, in a known case it is urgent to take radical measures. Why dream that a sudden flash caused a fright? So, it's time to settle down and behave with restraint. In addition, lightning, which:

  • Hitting someone else's house promises a drunken scandal.
  • In your own - unexpected news.
  • You have wealth and nobility.
  • I illuminated you - a happy occasion.
  • The road ahead is the right direction.

Get caught in the rain

What does it mean if you get caught in the rain during a hurricane? The dream book is convinced that the long-standing conflict will be resolved suddenly and in a very unusual way. If the rain was cold, you need to keep your emotions under control, no matter what happens. If the rain streams seemed warm and refreshing in a dream, there will be a chance to deal with pressing problems and start living in a new way.

I dreamed of a tornado

Why do you dream about a real tornado? You will achieve your dream only after going through a whole series of difficulties and trials. A terrible whirlwind knocked you off your feet and even lifted you into the air? Get ready for a long, but not very pleasant journey.

If he gently lowers you to the ground, expect physical and spiritual healing. You can see a tornado before the cycle of events and important matters. If you are scared, you will be disappointed or quarrel with your loved ones.

Hurricane wind

Did you dream of a hurricane wind that caused trees to fall? An event is approaching, due to which you will have to quickly adjust plans or even abandon them completely. The dream book warns: sometimes such a phenomenon predicts the death of someone else.

Did gusts of wind hit your face in a dream? You will find yourself in an extremely difficult situation. If you have the wind in your back, you will climb several steps up the career ladder at once.

A hurricane portends drastic changes in reality, requiring financial or moral costs. It is possible that they will occur under the pressure of external factors and will have a significant impact on life in general and worldview in particular.

Specific phenomena

Traditionally, bad weather itself does not carry any special meaning, and it should be considered exclusively in combination with one’s own feelings and dream plot. However, the dream book offers the most common interpretations of bad weather in a dream.

  • Cloudy day - depressed mood, illness.
  • With a light drizzle - extraordinary luck.
  • With pouring rain - an unpleasant conversation, possibly with your boss.
  • With the wind - an insult from a loved one.
  • With fog and dampness - sudden changes for the better.
  • Hurricane - deception, fraud.
  • Storm is a spiritual storm.
  • Pleasant bad weather - joy, peace.

Miller's Dream Book

The psychologist associates the wave-like image with the state of mind of the person who sees it. The details are important here:

  1. I remember the sea - dreams are realistic. Just don't rush to results. The forces are designed for a long journey.
  2. You admired the riffles, looked into the depths - you are a very wise person. You can spot a lie a mile away.

To resist the elements is to have unfulfilled needs. To subjugate it means to control your destiny, to become the leader of a group of like-minded people.

Predictions for the whole family

If you dreamed of a hurricane, you should wait for obstacles to arise. The plans that the sleeper has in mind are not destined to come true in the near future. Attempts to shelter from strong winds indicate that a person strives for a calm life and balanced relationships with others.

If a similar picture is dreamed from Tuesday to Wednesday, then this promises the appearance of financial problems. Soon the dreamer will find himself in straitened circumstances and will need financial assistance. Dreaming of a raging wind from Friday to Saturday means that you will have to do humiliating work. A dream from Saturday to Sunday warns that you will need to do things that will bring disappointment and a feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself.

Watching a hurricane wind outside the window indicates that the sleeper will be able to pull himself together and avoid numerous troubles. Seeing the consequences of a strong storm is a sign of future problems. Hard times will come: there may be a deterioration in well-being and a major quarrel with family members, relationships with whom will subsequently be difficult to establish .

If you dreamed that a tornado swirled the sleeping person in its furious stream, it means you will have to experience a strong surge of feelings and emotions. A new love story will give you a sea of ​​unforgettable moments. If you managed to get out of this stream unharmed, then the new relationship will be long and strong.

Other dream meanings

Other dream books also contain interesting interpretations about a dreamed hurricane. Depending on some nuances, such a night plot means the following:

  1. In Longo’s dream book, a hurricane appears as a symbol of unpredictable circumstances, which the dreamer has no power to change or influence. The usual way of life will be replaced by a completely new way of life. The ruins predict quick revenge from a person who once had to refuse help.
  2. According to Tsvetkov, a raging wind, in which everything collapses, symbolizes life circumstances that the dreamer is unable to influence. It is recommended not to waste your nerves, but simply wait out the difficult situation. The approaching hurricane should be taken as a warning that in reality it is necessary to stop and not actively move towards your goals for some time.
  3. The fortuneteller Vanga believed that going against a gust of wind would lead to destructive passion and sinful thoughts in reality. It is necessary to gather all the will into a fist in order to be able to resist them. Feeling pain from a hurricane in a dream portends an imminent illness in real life. A dreamed storm indicates the need to listen to your own intuition, which will tell you how to cope with the problems that have arisen.
  4. The magical dream book claims that a hurricane in a dream promises troubles and misfortunes. And the ruins and numerous victims mean sadness and melancholy. Observing a strong wind from the side indicates the possibility of avoiding unfavorable circumstances with the help of other people.
  5. Catherine the Great’s dream book states that a strong wind is a sign of imminent changes for the worse. All plans that were made carefully and for a long time will collapse in an instant.

In most dream books, a hurricane in a dream is a symbol of troubles and broken hopes. But do not despair and give up, since the correct interpretation largely depends on the smallest details of the dream and the emotions experienced.

Why do you dream about a strong hurricane?

General interpretation of dreams in which a natural disaster

, means a sharp change in the surrounding reality. It will be almost impossible to predict unexpected events in advance.

When you dream of a hurricane

, you are about to meet or become acquainted with an extraordinary, strong person. Thanks to this, the course of life will change significantly.

Also the wind

a hurricane prophesies global changes in the dreamer’s fate. To bend luck to your side, you will have to mobilize all your strength.


a hurricane in a dream also suggests that in the near future the dreamer’s strength of character will undergo a serious test of strength. Victory over adverse circumstances will be incredibly difficult, but if you approach it outside the box, your chances of success will increase.

Dreamed hurricane tornado

portends that the change in circumstances will be lightning fast. It is important not to get confused or confused in the new reality.

If you see a hurricane, it's the end of the world

, in reality there is a fear of doing the wrong thing. It's time to remember that the habit of fearing everything in the world interferes with a happy existence.

Life principles and, in general, the entire way of life will soon change. This prophecy contains a dream about an earthquake

and a hurricane.

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