Seeing a funeral wreath with your name in a dream, or in your apartment. The dream book will answer: why do you have a bad dream?

Seeing a funeral wreath in a dream many people interpret it as a very bad omen. In general, any things related to funeral themes lead to great despondency and lead to the worst thoughts.

But often all well-known dream books interpret this in a completely different way, sometimes simply warning of danger or impending changes.

Usually, people who have experienced a severe loss dream of a funeral wreath, usually after the funeral of someone dear to them. Often, if you dreamed of this mourning attribute, then there is a seriously ill relative in the family and you are very worried about his state of health.

To correctly interpret a dream, you need to remember all the smallest details and refer to the dream book.

With my name

Such a dream is remembered for a long time, but usually it carries a positive prediction. If a man has a dream, this is a sign of good health and longevity. If a representative of the fair sex saw a mourning attribute in a dream, then she should be wary of gossip and envious friends. If the mourning ribbons fluttered - unexpected bad news related to health or finances. If you see a wreath on your grave - this is a sign of spiritual enlightenment, you should reconsider your views on life, a change in your field of activity is possible.

Positive meanings in different dream books

Wreaths don't always mean bad things

Let's look at what a funeral wreath says in a dream, according to various interpreters.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

If a funeral wreath is intended for a sleeping person, Nostradamus’s dream book considers this as a bright sign promising many joyful events.

Such a symbol does not mean anything negative, unless you happen to see it on Friday night.

If you dreamed about the bouquet on this particular day, this indicates the death of a loved one.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

A funeral wreath is a generally negative symbol, although there is another meaning: soon there will be an opportunity for reconciliation with a person with whom the dreamer has been in a quarrel for a long time.

Sometimes such a dream prophesies the respect of others.

General interpretations

If you dreamed of a funeral bouquet on someone’s coffin, this promises financial success.

A dream in which the sleeper is trying to get rid of this ritual paraphernalia predicts a favorable combination of circumstances.

Modern dream book

Seeing a wreath means a long, interesting life; fate will be favorable to you. But if poisonous plants are woven into it, expect some dirty tricks and petty gossip. A wreath of meadow flowers with mourning ribbons means the appearance of a new friend. If you make a funeral wreath yourself, this is a very bad sign, meaning a quick funeral and a lot of tears. If you dreamed of a wreath at the funeral of a relative, you may receive a large inheritance. A dream with many wreaths speaks of the approach of great wars, epidemics and natural disasters.

General meaning of sleep

Of course, it is pointless to interpret such dreams as predictions or warnings if a tragedy occurred in the dreamer’s life not so long ago.

In this case, the funeral wreath serves as a reflection of real experiences.

In other situations, you should definitely figure out why this symbol was dreamed about.

To understand what to expect from sleep, you need to consider a number of points:

  • what impression this night's dream made;
  • variety of flowers in a bouquet;
  • what the sleeper did with them;
  • where he happened to see them.

These nuances are crucial for discovering the meaning of such dreams. But each dream book offers its own interpretation.

Dream book love

A wreath in a cemetery means betrayal and disappointment in a partner. If you carry it, expect recognition from an unpleasant person. A wreath crumbling before your eyes brings a happy future and relief from a serious illness. If a girl sees a wreath with the name of her loved one, his life and health are completely safe. If the wreath is woven from lilies , you are being cruelly deceived, take a closer look at your chosen one. From the vine means a strong marriage relationship or an imminent marriage.

Decoding details

What the wreath was made from is of great importance.

  • Artificial flowers are a negative symbol.
  • Natural - a good sign.

Some people believe that the real flowers that make up a funeral wreath foreshadow a transition to a new job.

Hasse's dream book says that this is a sign of the approach of joyful events and good news, but on the contrary, he interprets non-living plants as the emergence of problems in the family.


A lot depends on where exactly the funeral wreath was dreamed about. Knowledge suggests an area of ​​life that should be given priority attention to prevent negative events.

  1. On the head - difficult, long-term study awaits, but later it will certainly pay off.
  2. To see a fresh grave where many ritual attributes lie - the issue will be resolved by itself as soon as the sleeper lets him go.
  3. I happened to see several in the cemetery - it is necessary to reassess what is happening and not blame others for your mistakes.
  4. In the house, on the street or road - you need to carry out an internal inventory, stop focusing on material values, especially if the wreath was in the head of the deceased. Sometimes such dreams predict a move, a transition to a new job, or fateful events.
  5. Buying a farewell bouquet at someone else's funeral portends misfortune with a loved one.
  6. Near your own home - you should be careful, because the enemy is not asleep.

Funeral symbol in large quantities

A person may dream of many funeral wreaths. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the flowers that decorated them. Living plants promise career growth or improved financial condition. Artificial flowers predict many problems that cannot be avoided. You should prepare for sad events in order to survive them firmly.

In some dream books, a large number of ritual objects indicate that the sleeper will soon change his attitude towards his relatives with whom he has stopped communicating, and will make peace with those with whom he quarreled.

If in night dreams a person covers the entire grave with mourning wreaths, then in reality he can change his relationship with his envious people for the better. He will even be able to reconcile with his ill-wishers.

Interpretation of sleep depending on details

Sometimes it happens that a person does not remember any details that accompanied him in a dream. In this case, you should rely on your general impressions. But, if you managed to remember even the smallest details, there is a high probability that the dreamer will fully understand the dream, that is, what it means and will be able to take action.

measures to help avoid problems, if possible. You should also be sure to set yourself up only for the positive; seeing a funeral wreath in a dream does not mean a tragedy.

In a dream they gave a funeral wreath

One of the most significant dreams, after which one should be wary, is when the dreamer was presented with many funeral wreaths. In some dream books, this portends only one thing - death. Also, negative consequences can await a person if he puts on a funeral wreath. In any case, these dreams can be considered one of the most unfavorable.

Note! During this period of time, a person should be extremely careful in all matters. If you are planning any long trip, it is better to refuse it. If the dreamer drives a car, you need to be extremely careful and avoid accidents on the road.

It cannot be said that all people who saw a dream with a funeral wreath suffered from negative consequences. It is also worth noting that they may not be so drastic. After dreaming, a person may simply have problems at work or in the family. But he will have enough time to take the necessary measures and save himself from possible difficulties. The main thing is not to panic and not allow bad thoughts to influence your life.

I dreamed of many funeral wreaths

If during sleep a person is on the street at someone’s funeral, where he sees many wreaths, as well as relatives and friends, he should reconsider his life values. To avoid difficulties in the future, you should evaluate your own failures and stop blaming other people, especially friends and relatives, for them.

This interpretation, as in other cases, depends on the details. Many wreaths can be given to the dreamer himself - this is a very bad sign. Sometimes, this foreshadows death or big problems that will haunt a person throughout his life. This can also include serious illnesses. Therefore, if a person suspects that he has a pathology, he should sign up for an examination at the hospital as soon as possible.

But some dream books interpret this dream completely differently. If the wreaths are made from fresh flowers, a person can expect a promotion at work. If the dreamer himself places wreaths on someone’s grave, he will soon make peace with his enemies and perhaps continue communication at the level of good acquaintances. But, despite the positive aspects, at this time it is worth paying more attention to all incoming offers from friends or work. If possible, it is better to take up your hobby, but only if it is not extreme.

Location of the wreath

According to most dream books, where exactly the wreath is located plays an important role and will help you understand the dream. Situations may be as follows:

  • if you dreamed of a wreath in a cemetery and on your head, this promises long-term training, which will allow you to earn good money in the future;
  • if he lies on the grave, the existing difficult problem will resolve itself in the near future, but the dreamer must really want this and not think about it anymore;
  • when the wreath is in the house, on the road or on the street, you should reevaluate your views on material values. This is a hint that this is not the most important thing in life. In some cases, this is a harbinger of moving, changing jobs and other events that can significantly affect life;
  • if the dreamer buys, it promises misfortunes that can affect relatives and friends, as the famous seer Vanga once believed;

Positive interpretation of sleep

As mentioned above, dreams with a wake, ritual wreaths and other attributes associated with a funeral can be positive and mean, for example, a way out of a difficult situation. Sometimes, this dream is a sign of pleasant changes that should be expected soon. To accurately determine this, the dreamer should remember the details of the night vision as best as possible.

Note! It is believed that dreams with funeral flowers do not carry anything bad if they did not occur on the night from Thursday to Friday. Nostradamus believed that such a dream on this very night could become a harbinger of death for one of the family and friends.

Tsvetkov’s dream book says that a funeral wreath seen in a dream promises a chance to make peace with one’s enemy. A dream can also mean universal respect. If a person sees a funeral wreath on someone else’s grave, this is a sign of a quiet, peaceful and prosperous life with financial prosperity.

Interpretation according to popular dream books

The ancient Slavic dream book sees in this plot a connection with ancestors and family, their support and help. At a difficult moment in life, the dreamer will not be left alone with problems, but will receive invisible help from the family. To strengthen connections with the family, it is necessary to remember ancestors on days designated for these purposes, visit graves and care for them.

Miller's dream book interprets the vision of funeral flowers in a church as a manifestation of sadness and depression. Fresh flowers bring memories of the past and nostalgia for the past, but artificial flowers warn of danger. Seeing a small funeral wreath on your own head is a sign of serious health problems.


Esotericists and spiritually enlightened people see in this symbol a connection between the physical and subtle-material worlds: the dreamer is ready to receive information from the other world.

That is, the funeral item does not have any negative symbolism. Perhaps the subconscious mind points the way to the beginning of a person’s spiritual development. From a religious point of view, funeral paraphernalia reminds of the eternity of the soul and its connection with God - the dreamer should think about this.

If you recently attended a funeral, a dream with a funeral wreath is an echo of the events you experienced and has no interpretation. Therefore, you should not worry about someone else’s death. Your emotional body has been overloaded with impressions that are looking for a way out. Light candles for the repose of the soul of the buried person and pray.

Often funeral symbolism has the meaning of parting with the past. You must let go of past memories that prevent you from perceiving your present life. You should break up with a person whose company is not beneficial and simply wastes time. What else do you have to part with? Each dreamer will decide for himself.

Having seen a funeral wreath in a dream, many wake up with very sad thoughts. But does this symbol have an absolute meaning and should you be scared when you see it? The dream book will try to figure out why such a dream occurs.

Why do you dream of funeral wreaths? Opinion of esotericists

Parapsychologists say that sometimes our dreams are striking in their paradoxical nature. For example, pictures of a funeral nature (cemetery, graves, funerals, wreaths, wakes) often actually turn out to be good luck and happiness. The same can be said about positive dreams: sometimes they promise disappointment and misfortune in reality! However, there are people who do not agree with the above-described opinion of parapsychologists. They are called esotericists. Why do we dream of funeral wreaths, according to representatives of esoteric sciences? It’s simple: some of them are sure that funeral wreaths in a dream symbolize a person’s dialogue with the Almighty, during which he can be warned about the future negative consequences of his own actions performed in reality. By the way, nothing good either.

Negative meanings in different dream books

Now let's look at the negative interpretations in various dream books.

Miller's Dream Book

According to Miller, a funeral wreath is a negative symbol that predicts the death of the dreamer or someone close to him.

Vanga's Dream Book

The Bulgarian clairvoyant believed that the purchase of a funeral wreath by someone close to her foreshadows a terrible illness or accident for the sleeping person.

Buying one for your grave means a series of troubles in reality that will affect your home, family, career or finances.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

In this interpreter, the funeral attribute serves as a very ambiguous symbol. A negative meaning is interpreted as a warning about a sad event in the near future.

Modern dream book

In this case, there are various interpretations.

  1. A farewell wreath predicts sad events in reality that will happen to the sleeping person or his loved ones. If he is not alone, but there are several of them at once, the dreamer is warned against taking risky actions, since everything could end badly.
  2. If you happen to purchase funeral flowers for yourself, especially artificial ones, this portends a serious illness. But selling them means being able to find a way out of a hopeless situation.
  3. If a bride sees such a dream just before her wedding, the marriage will be extremely unhappy.
  4. Carrying a funeral wreath to a loved one as a gift means an unpleasant conversation with him.

Thus, a funeral wreath is a multifaceted symbol that can promise both bad and good. In any case, you should not get hung up on the dream, no matter what it portends. Forewarned is forearmed.

If it's in your house?

If a funeral attribute was present in the house, then when interpreting such a dream it is important to remember the details. The location of the funeral wreath, the plants from which it is made, as well as other nuances can change the explanation of the dream. If you cannot remember some of the nuances, then it is better to use a general interpretation. Otherwise, the meaning of the dream may be distorted.

Interpretation nuances:

  • If the wreath is at the doorstep, then your enemies will soon take active action against you.
  • The presence of an attribute near the bed foreshadows the betrayal of a loved one.
  • Wreaths in the kitchen indicate numerous gossip, the object of which is the one who is having a dream.
  • Funeral paraphernalia nailed to the walls indicates the presence of serious troubles (the source of problems can be enemies or one’s own mistakes).
  • A wreath on the front door is a bad sign, foreshadowing trouble.
  • If your name was written on the ribbon, then such a sign may indicate good health for a man and numerous gossip for a woman.

Place of the plot

After waking up, people often remember the images they saw. But many people forget the situation. Funeral paraphernalia can appear anywhere:

  • When a person sees a symbol of mourning in the bedroom of his own home, then grief and anxiety await him.
  • Seeing a wreath on the bed is a sign of adultery.
  • If the ritual attribute was in the kitchen, it means that people are spreading gossip behind the sleeper’s back.
  • If you dreamed of a wreath on the threshold of your home, you should expect danger from enemies.
  • A mourning item on the door of your home warns of approaching trouble. If the sleeper was planning to buy or sell real estate, then he should postpone this matter until a favorable moment. When the wreath has been nailed to the door, the person will have to make a lot of effort to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal.
  • If in a dream a flower product was lying on the road, then you should wait for the arrival of old friends. In dreams, the sleeper can pick up the dreamed object. This promises a major quarrel with a loved one and subsequent separation.
  • Seeing mourning paraphernalia in a cemetery means reconciliation with old enemies.

People often dream of a ritual wreath on someone's grave. If it was fresh, then all the problems of the sleeper will soon be solved on their own. Seeing a funeral attribute on your own grave is a sign of spiritual rebirth.

If the product was lying on someone else’s coffin, then the dream predicts an inheritance or a quick trip. The plot can also mean a triumphant victory over circumstances or advancement up the social ladder. If in the night vision a wreath was on the head of the sleeping person, then he needs to prepare for the upcoming trials and difficulties.

Own feelings

The meaning of a dream with a funeral wreath also depends on the sensations experienced by the sleeper. It should be noted that one should not try to interpret the image if a person has recently experienced a funeral in reality. Such a vision serves as a reflection of painful feelings.

If in night dreams the sleeper cries loudly, and tears flow down his face, then the vision is considered a good sign. In reality, a person will not get sick and will live for many years. Dream books give the same explanation if in a dream the wreath was intended for another person.

In night vision, the sleeper can feel inspired and weave a wreath. This symbolizes his ability to quickly accept changes in life.

If in a dream a person bought or sold a ritual product without experiencing any feelings, then this means that he will soon have to visit a cemetery. He may visit the grave of one of his deceased relatives or experience the funeral of a friend.

Other dream options and their interpretation

Each dream book recommends paying attention to what exactly the funeral wreath was, namely, what materials it consisted of. If the flowers in it were artificial, the interpretation will be negative. But if the dreamer sees fresh flowers, this is a good sign.

In most cases, a natural flower together with a wreath means the end of a dark streak in life. Some interpreters are confident that natural flowers in a funeral bouquet symbolize a change of job that better suits the person in terms of income and type of activity.

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Question and answer

Recently I dreamed of a cemetery in which there was not a soul, and on a fresh grave lay an exceptionally beautiful, positively luxurious funeral wreath.
Why such a dream? We must hope that the most serious problem can disappear on its own. Unless the habit of it has become pathologically strong.

In the “sleepy” actions listed in the article, there is no option that an acquaintance recently dreamed of: for some reason he held a funeral wreath on his own head while in the cemetery. What would that mean?

It is believed that such a dream comes before the start of quite difficult learning and personal growth. So it is very possible to change your place of residence and part with loved ones. However, the acquired experience and knowledge will become a reliable support and a solid guideline in the future.

What if you happened to burn a funeral wreath in a dream?

It is believed that such a dream reflects a deep craving for extreme experiences. So in reality it is useful to do, for example, mountain climbing, diving, surfing, base jumping or something similar.

Features of the image

The interpretation of dreams depends not only on the image itself that the sleeper saw. After waking up, it is important to remember all the details that may seem insignificant at first. A wreath for a funeral can appear in any form:

  • The laurel ritual attribute placed on the black coffin is a positive sign. In real life, the sleeper will be able to successfully complete all the work he has started, and at the end, honors and glory will await him.
  • A product made from pine needles promises the development of illness or nervous stress.
  • Red roses foretell passionate love, yellow roses foretell separation. White flowers indicate prosperity.
  • Daisies mean new relationships and acquaintances. Also, a dream can predict the appearance of a child or the wedding of a relative.
  • Lilies symbolize hopes and unexpected honors.
  • Violets are considered harbingers of death.
  • Dark-colored flowers represent the work invested in the enterprise, which will bring the first profit.
  • A wreath of colorful plants promises a truce with the enemy and the achievement of agreement.
  • A product made from myrtle predicts happiness in a love relationship or marriage.
  • Palm leaves mean a quick wedding for a single person. For married people, the image portends a happy life and healthy children.
  • A wreath of only greenery promises loneliness. For some reason, his family and friends will turn their backs on a person.
  • If the flowers on the product have withered, then the sleeper will part with his life partner.
  • Artificial plants warn of dangers on the way to a goal or on a journey that a person will soon embark on.
  • If a girl dreams of a funeral wreath of fresh flowers, then she will soon get married. For a man, the dream promises big profits.

Bright flowers indicate that the sleeper will soon change his place of residence. A beautiful large wreath means that the most difficult problem will be solved by itself if the dreamer puts effort into it.

Wreath // dream book of Calvin Hall

A wreath represents honor in a dream. Its oval shape is associated with the concepts of integrity and unity, as well as eternal life. If a wreath is placed on you, you will be highlighted, you will be honored. If you put wreaths on someone - this is your respectful attitude towards this person, you bow to him. Previously, it was believed that dreaming of a wreath meant imminent death, but now there is no basis for such a statement.

A wreath can have the same meaning as any other Woven item, such as a harness or halter. Just as it is impossible to break these plexuses, so is what you saw in your dream.

The wreath has a triple spiritual meaning: dedication, sacrifice, death (change). It is necessary to choose a swing that suits the dream scenario.

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