Why do I dream that I killed a man with a machine gun, I dreamed that I killed a man with a machine gun in a dream

Symbol of opposition

Why dream of shooting people with a machine gun? This is a sign that there is an invisible opposition. If you happen to shoot at people in a dream, then probably there is a desire in your heart to punish someone.

For a man, shooting at people with a gun means the need to demonstrate his own masculinity. But most often it borders on aggression and anger.

Scandal or fun?

You may dream of firing from an automatic rifle on the eve of an unforeseen and uncontrollable incident. When you happen to see such a dream vision, you soon expect a noisy event, a quarrel, or a reason for extortion.

Did the girl dream about shooting? The dream interpreter believes that she runs the risk of finding herself in a rather difficult situation, which will ruin the dreamer’s former glory.

For a woman in marriage, this means troubles that happened due to the fault of a friend.

Help your neighbor!

Why dream that you were shot in a dream? A completely new stage of life will soon begin. If you managed to stay alive after the shooting, then the future will be truly brilliant.

If a loved one was shot before your eyes, then the dream book is sure that he urgently needs help. This is also a signal of impending illness.

Seeing how traitors and enemies are shot means deterioration of health and possible theft of property. To shoot someone yourself literally means to pay off your debts.

Do not quarrel!

Did you dream that in a dream you heard volleys of gunfire? You will face financial and moral deprivation.

When a shot is heard by a person who loves someone, according to the dream book, an influential competitor will appear on his way.

For entrepreneurs, this is a sign of fraudulent actions by partners and trouble when concluding contracts.

When you heard loud sounds from a weapon, you will find yourself in a violent conflict, you yourself will shoot, you yourself will be the instigator of the swearing.

Other interpretations

The interpretation of a dream cannot be complete without considering all the details of the dream. If you dreamed that you were preparing a machine gun and aiming from it, then in real life you are concentrating on a certain goal.

Shooting a machine gun very accurately means achieving your goal; wearing it means supporting your sponsor. The dream book is also sure:

  • Indiscriminate firing may symbolize conflicts over trifles.
  • Single salvos - to receive important news.
  • Hitting the target exactly is good luck.
  • A miss means failure.
  • Point blank - to temptation or insult.
  • A long queue will aggravate the situation.

Fall in love!

In a dream, you killed a person; the dream interpreter believes that while trying to catch up with non-existent ideas, you forgot about the rest.

When you die as a result of a gunshot, you are sure to love someone. This dream foreshadows worries and worries.

To see the execution for yourself, or to make every effort to do so, means that you are trying with all your might to tear out everything negative from yourself.

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