Why do you dream about kissing a friend on the lips - 60 interpretations from different dream books

All night visions of a person are not accidental. For men and women, the same dream has a different explanation. Night dreams can warn about something or simply reflect a person’s dreams. To understand why you dream about kissing a friend, you can refer to the interpretations of dream books or a simple interpretation if it is difficult to remember all the details of the vision.

Why do you dream about kissing a friend?

To a woman

If a woman in a dream kissed her former friend on the lips - according to Catherine the Great’s dream book, selfishness and inflated self-esteem can make even the closest people turn away from you.

To a man

According to Grishina’s dream book, if a man kissed his best friend, in an attempt to harm you, ill-wishers can use the dirtiest methods. Gossip, intrigue and outright falsification of facts will be used. Try not to give in to provocations.


The plot, in which a pregnant girl kissed a friend she likes, suggests that a business trip can bring useful acquaintances. Therefore, try to resolve all planned issues as quickly as possible, leaving time for informal meetings.

Making love with a friend

If you dreamed of a kiss with a friend, it may happen that you lose the line between real life and your fantasies. Unbridled passion warns against excessive desires. You can get very confused and set the wrong goals for yourself, leading to nowhere. Soon you will have to ask your loved ones for help.

A French kiss means actions on the part of your beloved friend that will set you up and put you in a very delicate position. Sometimes in dreams it even comes down to lesbian sex with a friend, which speaks of a mercantile attitude towards people in reality. A problem in everyday life will be solved by all means, including not very decent ones.

Did a smack in a dream make peace between you and someone? Such a dream represents a meeting and acquaintance with a patron or generous philanthropist.

Who exactly did you kiss?

According to Olga Smurova’s dream book, a kiss with your best friend symbolizes the need to think about your affairs and not let everything take its course.

  • with a former friend - to an interesting find;
  • with a guy’s friend - to regret a rash act;
  • with a sister’s friend - to get rid of disturbing thoughts;
  • with a husband’s friend - to reconciliation with enemies and creative success;
  • with a brother’s friend - to the need to financially help loved ones;
  • with a father’s friend - to achieve goals and career growth;
  • with a mother’s friend - to the collapse of plans for the coming weekend;
  • with a friend with whom you don’t communicate - to interesting meetings;
  • with a friend you like - to shame and an awkward situation;
  • with a deceased friend - to a passion for extreme sports;
  • with a classmate - to resolve a difficult situation in favor of the dreamer;
  • with a drunk friend - to participate in a charity event.

The meaning of this dream according to Miller’s dream book

Psychologist Miller gives a double interpretation of the dream, where the central event is a kiss. The meaning of the dream largely depends on the emotions that the dreamer experienced during this process.

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So the values ​​are:

  • A girl feels joy when a guy touches her with his lips, she thinks something like “I’m kissing a real handsome guy!” - good sign. If a man is attractive to her both externally and internally, and a tender thrill appears during his touch, then in the near future the dreamer will experience a sea of ​​pleasures and pleasures.
  • The guy is unpleasant to the girl, and she has no desire to be near him - a bad sign. Someone from the dreamer's close circle will disappoint her.

What kind of kiss did you dream about?

According to Phoebe’s Big Dream Book, you can lift the veil of the future if you remember exactly what kind of kiss you dreamed about.

  • on the lips - dreams of good news from relatives;
  • to the head - to respect and recognition in society;
  • in the forehead - to the beginning of a new stage in relations with family members;
  • in the chest - to promotion and receiving a valuable gift;
  • in the neck - to a period of loneliness and longing for loved ones;
  • on the cheek - to meet a person whom you have not seen for a long time;
  • in the hand - an invitation to a party with loved ones;
  • in the back - to get rid of worries and minor troubles;
  • friendly - to deterioration of business reputation;
  • the first is to resolve problematic situations at work;
  • passionate - to unbridled fun and wastefulness;
  • sensual - to conflicts with the boss;
  • long-term - to the frivolous attitude of others;
  • with the tongue - to problems in business due to the dreamer’s arrogance;
  • humorous - portends a change in lifestyle;
  • farewell - warns of betrayal.

Miller's opinion

Miller argued that the main detail of the dream that deserves attention is the participants in the process. When a sleeping person kisses his closest girlfriend, success in his professional activities and respect from management await him. If a married woman dreams of the plot, this indicates that harmony and mutual understanding with her husband reign in her family. During the kiss, a stranger was present - the sleeping person leads an immoral lifestyle and often changes sexual partners.

There are several interpretations that relate to the dreamer's gender.

A kiss in night dreams with a beloved friend speaks of the danger of betrayal on her part or symbolizes the inviolability of a man in relation to other representatives of the fairer sex. If a woman was kissed by a friend , there is a risk of losing a trusting relationship with her.

According to another interpretation, the plot predicts that the sleeping woman will become a victim of gossip that will be spread by her friends.

Where did you kiss your friend?

According to Vanga’s dream book, when interpreting a dream, you need to remember where exactly the kiss took place in the dream.

  • in an apartment - dreams of the opportunity to correct the current situation;
  • on the street - to pleasant impressions of relaxing in nature;
  • at school - to help friends in a difficult financial situation;
  • at the graduation party - to a long-awaited promotion at work;
  • at work - to problems in relationships and obstacles on the way to the goal;
  • in the forest - to attempts to renew old relationships;
  • in church - to a favorable coincidence of circumstances;
  • in a cemetery - there is a risk of getting hurt in a car accident;
  • in public transport - to illness or poor health.

Intimate subtext according to Freud

Such night dreams warn women that they should not be deluded by new acquaintances. Perhaps the admirer is very beautiful and knows how to properly care, but has only selfish interests. It is possible that he will turn out to be a simple gigolo.

For men, the dream symbolizes that if he seeks to avoid problems in his own life, he needs to pay more attention to his soulmate . The girl really lacks affection and communication. You shouldn’t give her the opportunity to look for all this on the side.

The explanation of the dream about kissing your girlfriend is just a guideline. There is no need to focus on the interpretation, especially the negative meaning.

His relationships with colleagues, relatives, and friends depend only on the person himself.

Other dream plots

Try to remember your dream in detail and look at the popular meanings taking into account these nuances.

  • kissing a friend and leaving a hickey - dreams of material loss;
  • kissing a friend in the dark means a forced move;
  • seeing a kiss from the outside means failure in solving problems;
  • allowing a friend to kiss - to news from parents;
  • a friend tries to kiss on the lips - to victory in an argument with a friend;
  • kiss a friend-colleague - to a relationship with a sensitive person;
  • feeling disgusted during a kiss means an interesting event;
  • kissing a friend in front of a guy means intrigues from enemies;
  • kissing your ex-boyfriend's friend means winning a cash prize;
  • kissed secretly with your best friend - to a loss of self-confidence;
  • kissing a friend in public means interesting conversations and useful acquaintances.

Loff's Directory

According to Loff, a kiss is a symbol of intimacy, but it does not have to be physical. If strangers watch this action in a dream, this means that the dreamer knows a lot about his own friends and constantly helps them. When a close friend was a participant in the kiss, the sleeper needs to carefully analyze his life. It is possible that his wife periodically cheats on him. In some cases, such a plot may mean that a person has a psychological disorder, which manifests itself in the form of a desire to spy on others during intimate relationships.

However, most often a kiss with a girlfriend indicates sexual attraction to the person seen. If a few seconds before the lips of the participants touched, a person woke up, this means that the subconscious is against this event.

When the dreamer experiences unpleasant emotions and feels fear, this symbolizes hostility towards this person.

Interpretation of sleep, depending on the day of the week

The correct interpretation of sleep depends on the day of the week:

  • on Monday, a kiss with a friend - dreams of danger of injury and threat to life;
  • on Tuesday - to receive bad news from a close friend;
  • on Wednesday - to loss of self-respect due to a stupid act;
  • on Thursday - to sort things out with the other half;
  • on Friday - to misunderstandings in relationships with loved ones;
  • on Saturday - promises a break in relations with a cruel person;
  • on Sunday - portends a serious illness.

Interpretation according to Vanga

Vanga considered the kiss a positive symbol, which indicates improved relationships with others and a harmonious atmosphere in the family.

Perhaps the sleeper will have to make a fateful decision that will depend only on himself. There is no need to be afraid of choice. During this period, the dreamer has an excellent state of mind, which will help to cope with problems. However, you should think about the smallest details because they will affect your future life.

People who have a passionate desire or are in financial need may be happy to see a kiss in a dream. He says that everything planned will soon come true, and he will be able to cope with financial difficulties on his own.

Should I be afraid of something after such a dream?

Some dream books have a number of warnings after such a dream. Some dream books have a number of warnings after such a dream.
It is believed that touching other lips with your lips has a negative imprint in real life. What should you protect yourself from? First of all, from rashness and frivolity. This is especially true for young girls who are in a state of love. We also recommend reading:

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The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, believed that the image of a romantic man with whom a girl had an intimate relationship in her dream reflects her inexperience and excessive curiosity. Therefore, in order to protect herself and her reputation, she must take the choice of her first sexual partner more seriously. Otherwise, the girl may receive psychological trauma that is firmly ingrained in her subconscious. This will leave an imprint on her entire future life. That is why such a dream must be taken seriously.

Seeing a passionate kiss in a dream

Any kiss already implies a certain passion, because at this moment people violate each other’s intimate space. Unfortunately, in human dreams, passion is not a good sign. The more passion that was put into the kiss, the greater the troubles that the dreamer will have to face.

What can you expect?

  • Betrayals.
  • Grievances.
  • Remorse.
  • Threats.
  • Deception, etc.

If on the eve of such a dream you were planning to do some important business, you can forget about its successful outcome. The more passion was invested in the process of two people kissing each other, the harder it will be for the dreamer in reality.

If the moment of the kiss was not only passionate, but also sensual, the dreamer will part with his soulmate, and the process of separation will be very painful and difficult.

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What is written about in the Modern Collection and in the Dream Book of Nostradamus?

The Modern Dream Book gives such night dreams a completely neutral meaning. Kissing a woman on the cheek or on the lips in a dream means in reality you will be faced with completely empty, meaningless, but very troublesome affairs and worries. In other words, you will have to put in wasted effort into something.

A dream can also portend vain worries, empty experiences, suspicions for which there is not the slightest basis.

The collection of interpretations of Nostradamus also does not consider this dream to indicate something secret or forbidden. According to this dream book, a similar plot appears in dreams if in reality a person experiences a lack of attention, care, demand or love.

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