A dream about a cliff: falling from the edge, important nuances

Seeing a cliff in a dream, with a breathtaking view and panorama, suggests the emergence of a controversial situation in real life, on the resolution of which the dreamer’s future life depends. What such a dream means is usually interpreted, taking into account what is located near the cliff, as well as the actions and sensations of the dreamer.

According to the interpretation of Aesop’s dream book, a cliff in a dream symbolizes a sudden suspension, a collapse in business. Warns that the dreamer’s attempts to continue a previously started enterprise are doomed to failure. Typically, such a dream contains clues in the form of images that will help avoid a hopeless situation.

Location of the cliff

When interpreting a dream, it is important to remember what surrounded the cliff. So, if a cliff rises above a river in a dream, then falling into the water is much safer than falling onto rocks. Such a plot is predicted by Hasse’s dream book of the emergence of mitigating circumstances in real life, thanks to which the dreamer will be able to improve his affairs.

Walking along the edge of a cliff over a river or over the sea, admiring the panorama that opens in a dream, indicates huge plans that require risky actions. Jump from a cliff into a river and remain intact - your risk will be justified.

Seeing the road from a cliff is a very favorable sign, signaling the successful implementation of your intended goals through very hard efforts. Fearlessly taking the leap onto the road reflects complete confidence in one's own abilities.

A dream in which you saw a cliff at the end of the road reflects the onset of a critical situation that can radically change the fate of a sleeping person. In some cases, a dream indicates the occurrence of health problems.

Appearance of the abyss

The explanation of the image depends on the surrounding situation and additional details. The meaning of the dream depends on how the cliff looked:

  • the edge of the abyss, located vertically, symbolizes changes in life that will occur in the near future;
  • a river with a fast current under a cliff - vigorous activity, communication with a large number of people, an important task;
  • clear water under a rock - confidence and successful completion of work started;
  • a winding river in an abyss - deception or a dishonest act that the sleeper is trying to hide from others;
  • house on a cliff - everyday affairs and the desire to organize your life;
  • collapsing bridge - quarrels, disagreements and conflicts with close relatives;
  • a ravine with a sandy bottom - uncertainty, a new business proposal that the dreamer does not dare to accept.

The sunrise over a bottomless abyss is the best omen. It promises the dreamer good luck and success in all endeavors. Perhaps he will receive a promotion that he has been waiting for a long time.

Falling off a cliff

According to the Islamic dream book, falling from a cliff in a dream symbolizes dizzying sexual intercourse.

Falling into a deep, dark abyss in a dream predicts the dreamer’s precarious financial position in the future. To improve your affairs, you will have to show patience, willpower and business acumen.

Falling from a cliff into the dark abyss means that it will be impossible to cope with the machinations of enemies alone. Only timely support from friends will help avoid complete collapse.

If you dreamed of falling and immediately taking off into the sky, such a dream promises an uplift of spirit that will help you overcome a difficult situation with ease.

Falling into the abyss is explained in Miller's dream book as a chance to change your life. Falling and getting out of it is an opportunity to overcome adversity and change fate.

Hanging on a rocky ledge, not finding the strength to get up - in reality you will need the help of friends.

Fall or jump?

An independent fall, committed of one's own free will, does not portend anything terrible. On the contrary, it serves as a favorable warning and a symbol of solving existing problems and troubles. For careerists, this may mean a quick promotion or a change of job to a more profitable and promising one. The same applies to jumping. This interpretation applies specifically to a voluntary flight down. The same cannot be said about the case if you are pushed there, which promises trouble.

Dreams about a cliff have many different meanings. And in order to determine exactly what such a dream portends, you need to remember all its details and look in the dream book.

A break is often a sign that a new, successful period is beginning in life. But this is just the general idea. Let's look at the dream in more detail.

What are we doing near the cliff?

The modern dream book describes a plot in which one had to sit on the edge of a cliff, with the need to carry out a risky business in real time, which is not typical of the dreamer’s usual behavior.

According to Dr. Freud's dream book, standing on the edge of an abyss in a dream symbolizes various phobias and hidden fears that haunt the sleeping person in reality.

Watching stones fall off a cliff and fly down is a sign that a friend needs help. For a married woman, a dream indicates that her husband needs moral and even psychological support.

Looking down from a cliff and feeling dizzy and wanting to fall down in a dream promises a difficult period of struggle with heavy thoughts and depression.

Jumping off a cliff into the void in a night dream speaks of the character’s uncertainty. If you have not yet identified your own life goals, you should not rush into other people's affairs. If you happened to fall on soft grass in a dream - your endeavors will be successfully realized.

Who had the dream

For women and men, a dream about a cliff can promise different meanings. It is worth remembering this when trying to interpret night dreams.

To a woman

  1. For women, the dream symbolizes hopelessness and loneliness, even if she is not alone in reality. That is, she will feel like one even in the presence of a man. Your relationship is mired in mistrust, aggression and jealousy.
  2. For a young girl to accidentally fall into an abyss means that in reality she will plunge into a new love - strong and bright. Most likely, marriage awaits you.
  3. For married ladies, the dream promises romance and renewal of feelings with their husband. A very favorable family period awaits you.

To a man

For the stronger sex, a dream about a cliff predicts changes in all areas of life. A new stage begins. New beginnings are always good, but your situation will require the support of loved ones.

For a man to go down a cliff means that his long and labor-intensive work will soon end. The time will come to reap the fruits of your activities.


Life changes will be associated with childbirth. Soon you will have a baby, and life will never be the same.

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