Why does a guy dream about the days of the week - decoding nuances

A person who appears in a dream does not come just like that. If a girl sees a guy at night, she definitely needs to try to interpret the plot. Experts recommend paying special attention to exactly when the young man dreamed. This will determine whether the vision will come true or not. If you dream about a guy, you can determine by the days of the week whether it makes sense to interpret the plot.


The first day of the week is filled with bright solar energy. Dreams during this period are greatly influenced by intuition: your ability to anticipate “turns on” and allows you to see the true state of affairs.

Therefore, remember how events unfolded in your dream - most likely, they will happen in real life.

What does it mean if a guy dreams on Monday according to dream books:

  • The young man you dreamed about is in love or thinks about you incessantly. He wants to meet, so you should expect an invitation to a romantic date
  • If you are not in a relationship with the guy you dreamed about, then you should take a closer look at him. He may well become your life partner, give love and happiness

Why do you dream about your loved one?

  • Before interpreting a dream, you should remember in detail all its details, because the exact interpretation depends on them.
  • It is necessary to know exactly whether you were talking or silently looking at each other, what exactly each of you did during sleep, how the young man was in the mood. What feelings did you yourself experience in the dream and then, when you woke up, were there other people in your dream besides the two of you, what clothes were you wearing.

The overall interpretation of the dream depends on the correct decoding of such details, so similar dreams can mean the exact opposite. Why do you dream about your loved one:

  • An unexpected meeting with a loved one in a dream indicates the need to carefully consider the nature of your relationship and determine its positive and negative aspects. The reason may be banal jealousy and uncertainty about your loved one, which is why it is necessary to analyze everything.
  • A love idyll and harmony in a dream in real life can mean, on the contrary, future quarrels, reproaches, and a showdown.
  • If you are walking with your loved one , then your relationship promises to be stable and strong, you can soon go on a trip together, and, perhaps, start a life together under one roof.


Dreams on Tuesday usually foreshadow something bad. This could be a warning of danger, deception or betrayal.

What the dream books say:

  • If you are in a relationship with a guy, quarrels may start due to his fault. You learn about betrayal or lies on the part of a loved one
  • If you are not together yet, then you should be wary: this young man is not serious towards you. He can use you for his own selfish purposes, so be careful
  • If you had a nightmare involving a guy, this may mean that in real life you will be haunted by an obsessive fan, whose attention annoys you and does not bring positive emotions

Tuesday dreams can also indicate an imminent separation from a partner, his dissatisfaction or dishonesty.

Dream Interpretation: dreaming about a loved one

  • In Vanga’s dream book, the details of the dream are important. A cheeky and sloppy stranger means lack of self-confidence, on the contrary, personable means you underestimate yourself and, perhaps, idealize him. Too obsequious - to disappointment, indifferent - to a serious relationship. If you scold your loved one, it means that you will soon part with him.
  • Freud's dream book warns the dreamer that if she dreams of her beloved man , this is a reflection of the predominance of her emotions, not her mind. She follows them, which can ruin existing relationships, therefore, the dream is a warning not to be too active and intrusive. Dreaming of affection with a loved one means harmony in a relationship, and his betrayal is a warning and advice to be more attentive to those around him.
  • In the esoteric dream book, such a dream foreshadows a possible meeting, and clothing plays the main role. If your dress is tight, the same discomfort can happen in a real relationship; if you are too loose, your behavior risks being too loose, and a beautiful outfit on you promises that soon a wonderful evening awaits you together.
  • Why do you dream of a gift from a loved one? If these are flowers or any of the things that belong to him, this is a very good omen, indicating his disposition and trust in you, the gift of jewelry speaks of the deliberateness and demonstrativeness of your relationship, and the treasured wedding ring warns against devoting your beloved to all maiden things secrets.

A gift can indicate a demonstrative relationship

  • Tsvetkov's dream book warns against kissing. If you dream that your loved one kissed you , the dream foreshadows minor troubles and possible disappointment or minor health problems. However, if a guy occupies all your thoughts and you fall asleep with them, then such a dream means absolutely nothing - it’s just a subconscious projection of your emotional state.
  • Miller's dream book, in turn, interprets exactly the emotional state that you experienced in your dream. If a guy you know in a dream declares his love and tries in every possible way to amaze you , it is possible that he tends to deceive, and such a person is unlikely to be trusted too much.
  • If his behavior was not provocative, then you have the opportunity to further build a relationship. In addition, a dream in which you see your beloved man can indicate commercial success.


If a guy had a dream on Wednesday, don’t attach much importance to it. Such a dream is “empty”, so you can simply forget about it.

The exception is if you saw a dream involving a guy during the day, then this is a favorable sign. Such a dream promises an easy and pleasant acquaintance with a young man, which can lead to a long and happy relationship.


What dream books say:

  • Dreams on Thursday most often do not foretell the future, but tell something about the past. This is the result of your emotional experiences that find a way out in a dream. After analyzing the plot, you can understand what mistakes you made in the past
  • If you fall asleep very tired, then the dream will be empty and meaningless; you should not try to decipher its meaning
  • If you managed to see the young man’s face in all details, this means that a crisis period will come in your relationship in real life. There will be many circumstances that will be difficult to overcome.

Some sources indicate that in real life you can get help and support from a guy you dreamed about in some problematic situation. But only in a friendly way, there is no romantic overtones in this.


Friday is the time of prophetic dreams. Therefore, it is advisable to remember everything that you dreamed about, down to the smallest detail. The plot of the dream will most likely come true in real life.

Some dream book predictions:

  • If the image of a man is very bright, clear, you can remember him in the smallest detail, it means that in real life this person has strong feelings for you
  • If in a dream you spend time together: kissing, hugging, walking or making love, then the same thing will happen in real life


As dream books say, Tuesday visions sometimes come true. True, you will have to wait a week or a week and a half, and if after the end of the period nothing happens, it means that the dream turned out to be “empty”. The week is approaching the middle, the person is still full of strength, his personal potential has not been exhausted by everyday work. Intuition lies dormant, but sometimes wakes up, sending prophetic predictions.

Have you seen a pleasant dream filled with romance and love? Expect a similar adventure in reality, without tuning in to a 100% fulfillment of the plot. Often a dream that comes on Wednesday is full of details and clues. They do not always carry a direct meaning, hidden behind the images, but by connecting your own intuition, it is not difficult to find the answer. To understand the meaning of the subliminal message, the dreamer must:

  • remember the smallest details, nuances;
  • analyze the plot, projecting it onto real life;
  • compare with past events.

Often a Tuesday dream is a rethinking of what happened earlier, a desire to systematize past experience. However, this could also be a prediction of the near future, so it is important to proceed from the dream plot.


On Saturday, dreams are greatly influenced by Saturn, a planet with incredibly powerful negative energy. Therefore, you may dream of something very negative, strange, even frightening.

But don’t be upset: nightmares are just a projection of your fears, experienced negative emotions that the subconscious is trying to release through sleep.

Therefore, Saturday dreams do not come true, they only help you understand that some internal barriers are preventing you from building a relationship. In real life, everything can turn out pretty well with the guy you dreamed about.


If you dreamed of a person on Sunday, it means you will soon meet him in real life. Some dream books give other predictions:

  • The dreamed guy will very soon remind you of himself in real life: he will call, write or invite you on a date.
  • If in a dream he offended you or did something bad, in real life you should expect a gift or a pleasant surprise
  • Remember everything he said in a dream - perhaps you will hear something similar soon

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The meaning of dreams by day of the week

You can interpret your dreams without the help of dream books. To do this, use simple rules:

  • Prophetic dreams occur on Mondays and Thursdays. On Sunday they can come true, but only if they were bright and positive
  • Tuesday dreams reflect the emotions experienced during the day. This is a projection of your thoughts, problems and feelings in the subconscious
  • Dreams on Wednesday are empty, you should not attach any significance to them
  • Friday is the time when dreams can tell you something about upcoming events in your personal life
  • Thursday's dreams will help you get advice on what you need to do next. The subconscious will tell you the answer to solve some significant problem
  • If you slept during the day, there is no point in interpreting dreams. They won't predict anything
  • Saturday dreams are not particularly significant. It’s worth deciphering them only if you dreamed about them in the morning
  • If you wake up at night and remember your dream, it’s worth remembering it. With a high degree of probability it will come true
  • A dream should not always be taken literally. Sometimes the message encrypted in night vision carries with it a hidden meaning that is important to understand. Analyze not only specific images, but also your emotions and feelings. Try to listen to yourself, and then you will understand why exactly such pictures arose in your subconscious.

    Source: tayniymir.com



If a familiar guy becomes a guest in a night dream, the woman will immediately ask questions about what this means and what to prepare for. Carefully remember the smallest details of the vision that will tell you the essence.

Meeting with an old acquaintance, friend, acquaintance - leads to new events in reality. Did you meet unexpectedly, were you happy, and had a pleasant time together? Expect positive, bright news in reality. If you get upset, have a fight, become disillusioned with communication - this means troubles, bad incidents, possible conflicts.


Kissing an old friend in your dreams means a successful, happy real date. Get ready for an unexpected romantic adventure. Was the dreamer kissed by someone else's boyfriend? In reality, you are threatened with gossip, discussions, and unpleasant conversations behind your back. Analyze your own mental state; perhaps you have fallen into the abyss of self-deception and false illusions.


Dream interpreters are unanimous in their opinion: most often such dreams are unfounded: they do not carry any sacred meaning. When a person is in a state of love, the excited body produces the happiness hormone dopamine, which causes enchanting visions. The brain inspires the housewife - nothing more.

A lover who visited Tuesday's dream carries the same meaning as absolutely every male image. Don't make a big deal or get upset when the plot disappoints.

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