Former friend in a dream - nuances of decoding from dream books

Very often, one of his old acquaintances or friends appears to a person in a dream. This indicates that the past is still alive and has not left the dreamer. However, in some cases it would be more correct to say that the dreamer himself does not want to let go of pleasant memories. In order to correctly interpret what your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is dreaming about, you need to turn to many different dream books.

Hugging your ex in a dream

Girls often look into the dream book and are interested in the question of what it means when an ex-boyfriend hugs you in a dream. Often such hugs symbolize the hidden desires of the dreamer herself. In addition, if an ex-boyfriend hugs you from the back in a dream, it can be interpreted as unresolved issues in the past. There is a logical explanation for everything, but for this you have to pay special attention to the accompanying details. This will allow you to find out exactly what it means to hug your ex-man in a dream.

Why do you dream of hugging your ex: general interpretation of the dream

If we consider modern dream books, then hugging an ex-boyfriend can be interpreted in different ways. This is where attention to detail needs to be paid. As a rule, there are the following interpretations:

  1. Often this indicates that the young lady will soon be seriously surprised. At such a moment, the dreamer’s emotions will tell you what the event will be like (pleasant or not).
  2. If during the relaxation process a girl experiences emotional calm, then there is a possibility that the upcoming event will also be a chance to realize certain plans and ideas.
  3. As a rule, hugging an ex-boyfriend or husband in a dream is interpreted as a hidden desire to restore the relationship between once close people, and not only the dreamer can experience such a desire.
  4. Also, a dream with hugs, where a previous boyfriend wants to return to you, is interpreted as a warning, since the dreamer may miss something important in his life or the implementation of plans.
  5. Additionally, dreams in which you hug often foreshadow certain signs of changes that need to be made in order to improve your emotional or financial state.

If we consider why we dream about hugging an ex-boyfriend, we will highlight the need to clarify the details, as well as the emotional state, which will reveal more secrets about the sign.

Important! It is recommended that if such visions often appear, you try to let go of your past love, since with constant mental return such phenomena will constantly appear in dreams.

Symbolism and meaning of the image

Since ancient times, it was believed that the human soul is capable of contacting the souls of other people in a dream. In most cases, contact occurs for a specific purpose (for example, to warn the dreamer about impending trouble). And if you dreamed of a former friend who has long been dead, then this may speak of both nostalgia and some unfinished business begun in the distant past. There are other interpretations of this image:

  • A harbinger of a difficult period in which the dreamer will face a difficult choice.
  • A romantic meeting (perhaps with exactly the person you dreamed about).
  • Achieving a long-set goal quickly or getting rid of a painful problem.
  • A quarrel with someone close to you.
  • Unpleasant news (if the plot of the dream was joyful, then you should expect good news).
  • Drastic changes in personal life.
  • Soon the dreamer will have the opportunity to make amends or correct a mistake.

For a woman or girl, such a dream can promise disappointment in her current partner. Swearing with former friends suggests that the dreamer will face a painful showdown. A man who dreamed of one of his former friends or comrades needs to be ready to take the initiative in the professional field - in the near future he will have a chance to take a leading position.

In addition, the appearance of a former friend in a dream indicates a person’s revision of his priorities, his place in the world and his worldview as a whole, especially if images and symbols from the past often appear in recent dreams. All this indicates that the dreamer’s subconscious is doing painstaking work to benefit from the life lessons he has learned, and very soon memories and nostalgic moods will cease to bother the person.

Interpretation by days of the week

Modern dream books, regarding dreams when you have to hug your ex-son-in-law, boyfriend or husband, pay special attention to the day of the week when the dreamer saw the sign:

  • if the vision occurred on Monday night, then this means that the young man does not hold any grudges or grudges;
  • in a situation where the phenomenon occurs on Tuesday, dream books interpret this as the thoughts of the person seen about past love;
  • the event that happened on Wednesday indicates that the former chosen one is trying to forget the lady of his heart;
  • the appearance on Thursday indicates that the young man’s feelings for the girl are still not cooled down;
  • the appearance of a former husband or life partner on Friday promises a quick start to a new relationship;
  • such a vision, which took place on Saturday, means that there are unresolved issues between the couple;
  • a vision on Sunday night on Monday guarantees the girl a quick meeting with her once lover.

It should be understood that such dreams are not always associated with the former lover himself. Often such a vision suggests a need for moral support.

Dreaming of hugging your ex-boyfriend

If in your dreams you had to hug your ex-lover, then this indicates that the girl should take a closer look at her surroundings. There is a possibility that such a phenomenon acts as a warning. In a situation where an ex-boyfriend hugs you from behind, there is a chance that the girl will soon face betrayal or betrayal. Also, such a vision often symbolizes health problems, not necessarily among the dreamer herself, but, for example, among her close relatives. If the sign has become a reason for constant thoughts, the young lady is advised to distract herself from busy problems and try to change her social circle.

Hugging in a dream with your ex-son-in-law

Often such visions tell of the need to receive support from loved ones. Also, depending on some details, the following possible interpretations of the sign can be distinguished:

  1. often such a phenomenon marks a certain important event that will bring all relatives together;
  2. if the former son-in-law appeared in a white robe, then there is a chance of encountering significant but positive changes in the family;
  3. also, such a sign can symbolize serious but undesirable changes in later life;
  4. Often a former son-in-law can be marked with the beginning of a relationship with the dreamer’s daughter, as well as a possible upcoming marriage.

A similar phenomenon may indicate that the dreamer is overly concerned about her children, for whom such attention from the mother is no longer required due to age.

Important! The appearance of former loved ones in dreams often warns of certain difficulties, but one should not focus on this, since what is to come may go completely unnoticed.

Every person experiences dreams in his life. Some visions are pleasant, while others are the opposite, but it is not so easy to understand what this or that sign symbolizes. Here it is important to pay attention to the details and accompanying emotions, since even the appearance of a past husband, son-in-law or just a young man in one’s dreams can be interpreted as a mental appeal to them. In such a situation, it is recommended to study all possible outcomes, but you should not focus on them, as disappointment may occur later.

Examples of interpretations

The key quality that is necessary for the correct interpretation of a dream is intuition. Despite the huge variety of different dream books and interpreters, first of all you need to pay attention to your own feelings and premonitions. No one can decipher the meaning of a dream better and more correctly than the dreamer himself.

Simon the Canaanite

The dreamed comrade will soon appear in real life (of course, provided that he is alive). You should also be prepared for an unexpected meeting that will have a strong impact on a person’s fate. If a friend asks for help in a dream, then the dreamer will face many small problems, after solving which life will improve.

According to this dream book, a former friend often serves as a source of important news. The dreamer is advised to remember every word of his comrade, because everything said may turn out to be prophetic.

If you dream that a friend dies in a dream, then you should not be afraid - in real life all dangers will pass by. Drinking together is a good dream sign, promising upcoming joy and success in business.

Evgeniy Tsvetkov

From the point of view of the esotericist Tsvetkov, a former comrade is one of the images of a guardian angel who comes, as a rule, during the most difficult and ambiguous periods. You should be prepared to overcome difficulties, because there is an invisible helper nearby.

Also, a deceased friend can represent the emergence of new relationships in life (usually for women). A friend’s appearance also matters: a sick and unhappy appearance portends bad events, while a neatly dressed friend in a good mood promises the dreamer the implementation of a long-conceived plan.

In general, one of the characteristic interpretations of such a dream suggests that in the near future a person will realize his plan or fulfill a childhood dream.

Seer Vanga

According to the famous soothsayer, a former friend comes into a dream only when the sleeper is dissatisfied with his life and feels the need for change . Thus, the dream promises future changes, but their nature depends on the person himself.

It is known that one of the most destructive human qualities for friendship is pride. Vanga believed that the image of her former best friend is a reminder to the sleeper of the ability to forgive and live in the present, without being attached to the past.

Joint activity in the plot of a dream promises participation in an important matter in real life. Conflicts and mutual reproaches indicate a person’s distrust of his environment and loved ones. If in the dream you had a fight with your friend, then these fears are true.

Michelle Nostradamus

A friend with whom a person broke up amicably is the personification of success in financial and social life - the dreamer will experience incredible career growth, profit and meeting influential people. However, if the breakup occurred violently, with curses and scandal, then such a dream does not bode well - the dreamer will soon begin a dark streak in his life.

For a woman, a friend who abandoned her at one time symbolizes talents that are undeveloped or unused. The time is coming when she should first take care of herself, and not about other people. Also, old acquaintances can predict a trip to distant countries (the longer the dreamer has not met a certain person, the longer the trip will be).

White magician Yuri Longo

A once close person who suddenly appears in one of your dreams is a sign of fate. In the near future, the dreamer will have a chance to radically change the conditions of his existence for the better. However, one should expect resistance from loved ones and relatives, as well as hypocrisy and hypocrisy from friends, so the development process will be quite painful.

The repeated appearance of the same person in a dream is a sign that the dreamer is fixated on past achievements or has not fulfilled any of his promises. It is also necessary to know that the subconscious always compares everyone with everyone else: for example, if new acquaintances seem less attractive to a person than old friends, then it is not surprising when an image of someone from early childhood or school appears in a dream.

Ivan Furtsev

Any dream, from the point of view of a practicing psychologist, is ultimately only a mirror of the human personality. The image of a former comrade appears insofar as a person feels at the current moment a lack of trust and support from other people. It will be important to remember the details of the dream:

  • The clothes of a former comrade, their color, condition and appropriateness of the situation (for example, wearing a fur coat in the middle of the beach in summer).
  • Appearance, the presence of scratches, stains or marks on the body, correspondence or inconsistency with the real image of a friend (the dream character may be taller or shorter).
  • Other characters. In dreams there is a central image, as well as many side ones. It makes sense to try to interpret only the key figure of the dream, which is determined by the intensity of the emotions that arise and how long it was in the dreamer’s attention.

The sickly appearance of an old acquaintance may indicate the beginning of a hidden pathological process (disease) inside the dreamer’s body. Hyperbolization of the image indicates a person’s true attitude to friendship, his place in the relationship (whether he is used to commanding or obeying). For example, seeing your ex-friend as many times higher than he actually is is typical for soft and driven people.

Gustav Miller

Human memory is designed in such a way that most unpleasant events lose their negative charge over time. Parting with friends, quarrels and worries about this are a natural course of life, and it cannot be avoided. Therefore, the most logical explanation for such dreams, according to Miller, is as follows:

  • Feeling guilty before a former comrade.
  • The desire to resume contacts with old acquaintances (ideally, to return to the past, which is impossible).
  • Distrust, fear or reluctance to new contacts.

If old friends dreamed in the form of animals (for example, in the form of dogs) that attacked him, then this portends a person losing all his current acquaintances as a result of intrigue and deception. And a kind gesture (for example, shaking the hand of a former friend when meeting) represents a break in relations with a loved one and alienation.

Sigmund Freud

The psychoanalyst believed that a dream about a former comrade is evidence of a person’s fatigue from any relationship, while the need for rest does not depend on the dreamer’s gender.

A passionate quarrel with a friend indicates a successful resolution of a long-standing issue. A love affair with an ex-girlfriend or friend represents an internal tendency to cheat or is a sign of dissatisfaction in your sexual life. The feeling of shame or embarrassment that may arise during the development of the dream plot directly indicates the presence of forbidden desires.

Hugging with your ex in a dream. Why do you dream about hugging your ex-boyfriend?

Sometimes after a breakup, girls dream about their ex-lovers. Dreams can be different, but in this article we will talk about why you dream of hugging your ex-boyfriend and how to interpret such a dream. Hugs with an ex-boyfriend in a dream

mean that soon a girl who sees such a dream will be greatly surprised. Whether it will be pleasant or vice versa depends entirely on the emotions and feelings that caused the hug. If they are unpleasant to a girl, she experiences fear or shame, then surprise may cause disappointment in someone or something.

Why dream that your ex-boyfriend is hugging you?

Sometimes after a breakup, girls dream about their ex-lovers. Dreams can be different, but in this article we will talk about why you dream of hugging your ex-boyfriend and how to interpret such a dream. Hugs with an ex-boyfriend in a dream

mean that soon a girl who sees such a dream will be greatly surprised. Whether it will be pleasant or vice versa depends entirely on the emotions and feelings that caused the hug. If they are unpleasant to a girl, she experiences fear or shame, then surprise may cause disappointment in someone or something.

If, during sleep, a girl enjoys the embrace of her former lover and feels calm and good, then the news that brings surprise will not only be pleasant, but will also give a chance to implement plans or open the way to new opportunities.

If a girl dreams that she is hugging her ex-boyfriend

or husband, this suggests that either she has not completely let go of the relationship, or the relationship does not let her go. Such a dream is a warning that a girl risks missing out on something important in her life.

When interpreting a dream, it is also worth considering the psychological aspect. Hugs with an ex-boyfriend may be a sign that subconsciously the girl wants the guy back and feels attached to him. Such dreams occur both soon after a breakup (as the brain’s denial of what happened) and after a long time (if the girl is still lonely).

Another psychological reason for such a dream is longing for a former lover. If a girl spends a lot of time thinking about her ex-boyfriend, her thoughts and desire to be together, to feel his hugs and touches find a way out in her dreams.

The interpretation of a dream depends not only on the girl’s feelings during sleep, but also on the day of the week on which she dreamed.

So, hugging an ex-boyfriend in a dream from Monday to Tuesday means that the ex-lover does not hold a grudge against the girl and wishes her happiness. The dream symbolizes that even though there are no longer the same feelings between the couple, they can remain good friends.

A dream from Tuesday to Wednesday suggests that the guy often remembers the girl and regrets breaking up with her.

If you had a dream in which former lovers hugged on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, then the guy is trying to forget the girl, seeking solace in the embrace of those he doesn’t love.

To be in the arms of an ex-boyfriend in a dream from Thursday to Friday is a sign that his feelings for the girl have not yet faded away, and he suffers from longing for her, wanting to renew the relationship.

If you dreamed about your ex-boyfriend on the night from Friday to Saturday, a new love will soon await the girl. But such a dream can also mean that her destiny and true love is her ex-boyfriend; it should be interpreted based on the sensations during sleep.

A dream from Saturday to Sunday symbolizes some understatement and resentment on the part of a former lover.

I dreamed of hugs on the night from Sunday to Monday - such a dream foreshadows an imminent meeting, the initiator of which will be the ex-lover.

However, a dream in which hugs with an ex-boyfriend are present is not always directly related to him. Such a dream also symbolizes that the girl needs moral support and protection, the search for which can push her to take the wrong step. The girl should pay more attention to her family and close people and avoid loneliness.

Dreams are an integral part of life, just as the past is an integral part of the present. You can believe them or not, but sometimes dreams give clues or warnings regarding not only life, but also feelings. They can be the key to success or protect you from disaster. It is only important to listen to the sensations during sleep and understand what information they want to convey.

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Hugging your ex-boyfriend

Dream Interpretation Hugging with an ex-boyfriend dreamed of why in a dream Hugging with an ex-boyfriend? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see Hugging with your ex-boyfriend in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation – Hug

If in a dream you hug your relatives, it means that soon you will have the opportunity to gather them all on the occasion of a big family celebration.

Warmly hugging those who have come from afar after a long absence of friends foretells a brilliant course of affairs and excellent prospects in the future.

Hugging strangers means meeting your future partner.

Loving embraces with women - you will be suspected of committing a dishonorable act.

Hugging your husband - you will receive a gift from him, if he hugs you - he will drink away his salary.

Hugging children in a dream is a sign of family joys and peace in the house; if they wrap their arms around you and kiss you, you will be courageous in misfortune with your loved ones, not giving free rein to tears.

Desired, affectionate hugs mean success and prosperity.

If in a dream you avoid the embraces of a hateful hanger-on or tipsy Don Juans, in real life you will experience a painful feeling of loneliness and orphanhood.

Author's dream books

Gustov Miller

A meeting took place with a former friend who was always happy to communicate with you - a sign that you will soon receive good news from relatives, acquaintances or colleagues. After this news, you should count on dramatic changes that can completely change your lifestyle.

The sad and tired face of a friend from the past reflects your real deterioration in your moral or financial situation. This may also indicate health problems, fatigue, internal tension and pessimism. Perhaps a series of minor troubles knocked you out of your usual rut in life. And you cannot restore your energy and gain strength in any way.

I dreamed of an old acquaintance on the top of a snowy mountain - an excellent sign indicating a rapid career take-off and the realization of planned goals. But for big achievements you will have to work hard. Your persistence and patience will be well rewarded.

I had to part with a once close friend in a dream - in reality I started searching for fresh thoughts, new ideas and solutions. You are used to spontaneity and independence. Your actions sometimes have no explanation and are difficult for others to understand. But such originality also deserves the right to exist, as it leads to success and prosperity.


If you see an old friend - expect a pleasant and long-awaited meeting soon. If this person is trying to tell you something, but you can’t understand the words, it’s worth analyzing your real deeds and actions. Such a vision can warn of rashness, short-sightedness and simply stupidity.

Arguing with a former friend in a dream means being at odds with yourself. On the one hand, you are haunted by past unfinished business. But on the other hand, it seems that by solving them, you are missing the opportunity to realize plans for the future.

A married woman dreamed of meeting a new friend - signifying a new addition to the family. The long-awaited pregnancy will bring many pleasant worries, changing your usual schedule.

A person with whom you once communicated for a long time appeared to be dead - in reality you should be prepared for difficult trials. These difficult life circumstances can undermine your morale and physical health. Listen to the advice of wise and far-sighted friends. During this period, you should not try to radically change an unpleasant and undesirable situation. Attempts will be in vain.

For a young lady to kiss a friend - in reality, to say goodbye to him due to a move or a long business trip. Seeing the sad and anxious eyes of an old acquaintance means expecting his request for help. Apparently, right now he needs your support. Don’t even think about refusing, it will negatively affect your future.

Sigmund Freud

A woman dreams of a former friend as a sign of her dissatisfaction. You lack the attention of the opposite sex, or you constantly compare your current lover with your ex. This comparison is not in favor of the first. Trying to bring back the past will not bring results, but will only aggravate the relationship with your partner. Open up your feelings, desires, sexual fantasies and teach him to give you more pleasure. You have the power to raise a knight in him, ready to go to any bed battles for your sake.

A married man dreamed of his ex-friend hugging his wife - he will have to doubt the sincerity of his half’s feelings. Perhaps excessive suspicion is caused by your special, reverent desire to completely possess your beloved. Most likely, jealousy will be completely groundless.

For a girl to kiss a friend whom she has not seen for a long time - to return to an active sex life after a long period of forced abstinence. The reason for this may be a new romantic relationship, which will be characterized by intemperance and passion.

Evgeniy Tsvetkov

Meeting and having a friendly conversation with someone who has long been avoided means getting rid of old problems, the solution of which was constantly put off until later. For the dreamer, this will be a good sign of the successful completion of all routine tasks. You can safely continue to climb the career ladder or develop your own business.

An old friend hands you a ticket - a great reason to radically change your future. While you are desperately holding on to your stability and comfort, someone nearby is making your old dreams and aspirations come true. Practice courage and determination.

A friend introduces you to a young lady in a dream - it’s time to think about family happiness, surrounded by your wife and beloved children. Fate promises pleasant bonuses on the personal front. Care and attention will be the most sought-after qualities of your character these days.

Dream Interpretation - Ex-boyfriend, husband

An ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who appears in a dream symbolizes your excessive preoccupation with the past.

This is what prevents you from moving forward and developing as an individual; your ex-love doesn't want to give up your present love's place in your heart.

The dream in which you parted with this person suggests that the time is coming for a change of priorities, the collapse of previous ideals.

After this internal audit, things will go much better for you, in all areas of your life.

Dream Interpretation – Ex-girlfriend, wife

A dream in which your ex-lover appeared suggests that the past still lives in your heart, although you may be studiously avoiding memories of it.

You wait for something to change for the better in your life, secretly dreaming of the return of bygone bright, joyful days and doing nothing.

The dream tells you: stop waiting for the weather from the sea, be more active, and luck will certainly smile on you.

If you dreamed that your ex died, this means that a new period will begin in your life very soon.

It is difficult to say how favorable it will be.

However, it is absolutely certain that you will not be bored; you will simply have no time to indulge in memories, no matter how pleasant they may be or vice versa.

Why do you dream about your ex?

Human life in its manifestations is multifaceted. New acquaintances are constantly made there and new relationships are formed. At the same time, some people move into the “former” category. But the subconscious does not erase forever the memory of such people, and they quite often appear in dreams.

Very often, former lovers, lovers or husbands appear in night dreams, separation from whom occurred for a variety of reasons. For each specific case, dream books offer their own interpretation. But in order to correctly decipher a dream with your ex, you must listen to your own intuition. Only she can tell you in what area of ​​life you can expect changes after such a dream.

Ex in a dream

Why do you dream about your ex-boyfriend?

Why do you dream about your ex-boyfriend? This is a very relevant question for many girls. First of all, after such a dream you should try to understand yourself. Maybe the feelings in the soul have not yet cooled down, which is why the former lover appeared in night dreams. But you should also take into account that an ex-boyfriend in a dream can be a harbinger of various life events. It is in this case that in order to correctly decipher the dream you need to remember all the details of the plot.

If a girl saw her ex-boyfriend in a dream, but did not contact him, then this may portend a conflict with her real chosen one. Such a dream provides an opportunity to analyze your relationship with your partner and prevent brewing disagreements in reality. If an ex-boyfriend smiles in a dream, then this indicates that the girl underestimates her current chosen one.

Contact with your loved one

Scenes of night dreams in which there was contact with a loved one can be very acutely experienced. And indeed, after such a dream, you need to exercise increased caution in real life. There is a high probability that the girl will make a rash, wrong decision, which could negatively affect her future.

Ex gives a gift

If in your night dreams you see that your ex-boyfriend is giving you a gift, then this indicates that your current chosen one may cheat on you. And if you dreamed that your ex-lover was dating another girl, then, unfortunately, you do not have a future together with your current chosen one.

Conversation with your ex

When you dream that you are talking to your ex-boyfriend in your sleep, this may portend illness for your current lover. Moreover, this interpretation remains unchanged regardless of whether the conversation was pleasant or not. Try to encourage your chosen one to undergo a medical examination, but, of course, you cannot refer to a dream.

Ex-boyfriend hugs and kisses

If in a dream your ex-boyfriend hugs and kisses you, then in real life you will be surprised. Moreover, if you get pleasure from kisses and caresses, then you should expect a pleasant surprise. And if the hugs of your ex-boyfriend irritate you, then you should prepare for unpleasant emotions in reality. If in a dream you dreamed that you were making love with your ex-boyfriend, then you should not be embarrassed about it. Such a dream just means that in real life you have a conflict with someone you know, which will soon escalate. And when, according to the plot of your night dreams, you quarrel with your ex-lover, this indicates that you are entering a prosperous period in your personal life.

Interpretation of sleep depending on details

  • Eating pancakes with your ex-beloved in a dream foretells success in business in reality.
  • Waking up your ex-lover in a dream foreshadows romantic adventures in reality.
  • Seeing your ex-lover off to the army in a dream foretells a good mood in reality.
  • Swimming in a pool with a former loved one in a dream predicts an improvement in family relationships.
  • Eating in a restaurant with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows a wrong choice in real life.
  • Flying on a plane with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows the appearance of envious people in real life.
  • Drinking wine with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows stress in real life.
  • Calling your ex-lover in a dream foreshadows a stable income in reality.
  • Saying hello to your ex-boyfriend in a dream symbolizes futile hopes in reality.
  • Playing with an ex-boyfriend in a dream foreshadows the fulfillment of a cherished dream in real life.
  • Feeding a former loved one in a dream foretells receiving valuable information in reality.
  • Working with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows the appearance of envious people in real life.
  • Singing with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows meeting an influential person in real life.
  • Taking a shower with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows a conflict with others in reality.
  • Traveling with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows troubles in real life.

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Ex-lover confesses his love, gives gifts

  • If a former lover gives gifts in a dream, then this foreshadows harmony in the family.
  • A former lover who gives flowers in a dream foreshadows the emergence of a new hobby in reality.
  • A former loved one giving a ring in a dream foretells a solution to old problems in reality.
  • A former lover who declares his love in a dream foretells a new addition to the family.

Talk to your ex-lover

  • Talking to an ex-boyfriend in a dream foreshadows pain and sadness in reality.
  • Making peace with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows health problems in reality.

Hugging and kissing your ex-lover

  • Kissing a former lover in a dream foreshadows the beginning of a white streak in real life.
  • Kissing a former loved one with his new passion in a dream foreshadows victory over ill-wishers in reality.
  • Kissing your ex-lover on the neck in a dream symbolizes the presence of happy mutual love.

Quarrel, swear, break up with your ex-lover

  • Parting with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows making a wrong decision in reality.
  • Hitting your ex-lover in a dream foreshadows problems at work.
  • Kicking out a former lover in a dream foreshadows a pleasant vacation in reality.
  • To sort things out with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows the loss of your reputation in reality.
  • Slapping a former loved one in a dream foretells getting rid of complexes and fears in real life.
  • Choking a former lover in a dream foretells receiving an inheritance in reality.
  • Yelling at a former loved one in a dream foretells positive changes in your personal life.
  • Biting a former lover in a dream foreshadows material difficulties in reality.
  • Running away from your ex-lover in a dream foreshadows vain hopes in reality.

Making peace with an ex-lover

  • Walking with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows an exacerbation of a chronic illness in reality.
  • Making peace with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows health problems in reality.

Have you ever dreamed about your ex-boyfriend?

Wedding with an ex-lover

Marrying a former lover in a dream is a bad sign. The dreamer risks finding herself at the center of a scandal in reality. You need to protect your personal life from prying eyes.

Sex with an ex-lover

  • Sleeping in an embrace with a former loved one in a dream foreshadows financial losses in reality.
  • Getting pregnant from a former lover in a dream foreshadows the appearance of competitors in real life.
  • Loving your ex-lover in a dream foretells unexpected profits in real life.
  • Spending the night with a former lover in a dream foreshadows getting rid of complexes in reality.

Visiting an ex-lover

A dream about meeting your ex-lover in his house is a bad sign. You need to pay more attention to your health in real life.

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