What does a tarantula portend in a dream - nuances of decoding from dream books

You had a rather interesting dream, which, however, is not to the liking of most dreamers. Most likely, in real life you have a number of unresolved issues, the problem regarding which emerges in your subconscious. So, why do you dream about a tarantula?

More likely, you had a topsy-turvy dream. There is no need to perceive such a terrible plot under a negative denominator. It is worth looking deeper into your mind, and you will be able to correctly interpret everything in the world. Of course, it’s worth trying hard, but the dream will be interpreted once or twice, including taking into account all the details and secrets of the future.

Tarantula in a dream book for the whole family by E. Danilova

Seeing a Tarantula, how to unravel the symbolism of a dream

Tarantula - You are about to have an unpleasant conversation that you have been putting off for a long time. If a tarantula is trying to sting you and you feel pain, beware of spreading gossip, this will not achieve career growth, but will only make you enemies. A huge tarantula covered with black fur attacks you - an influential person will try to cause you trouble. If he had a dream on the night from Saturday to Sunday, he will succeed. On other days, you will safely avoid problems. A jar of tarantulas eating each other - your competitors will deprive you of problems without meaning to - they will quarrel among themselves and forget about you for a while.


What does it mean if you see a tarantula in a dream?

First of all, you should pay attention to its color.

Color difference

If he:

  • White - a serious promotion at work or success in completing some important work is expected.
  • Black - as the dream book clarifies, a large black tarantula dreams of inspiration, the emergence of faith in oneself and one’s strengths, but if it attacks, this may indicate the presence of an enemy in the immediate environment.
  • Orange - implies a family idyll and a happy life.

Note! If you had a dream on Saturday or Sunday, then you should be much more attentive and careful: there is a high risk of being deceived and falling in the eyes of your colleagues.

Size difference

A huge and furry tarantula promises trouble at work, while a small one portends good luck and fortune.

Age difference

An old tarantula warns of an upcoming serious conversation, while a young one warns of possible prospects and career goals.


A living and energetic spider can mean success and meeting new people, while a dead one promises disagreements with your soulmate.

Tarantula spider bites

Dream Interpretation Spider tarantula bites dreamed of why in a dream the Spider tarantula bites? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a tarantula bite in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Seeing a living tarantula means your enemies are triumphant.

Seeing a dead tarantula means victory over your enemies.

Seeing a spider in a dream means that you will be attentive and active in your work, and luck will thank you for this.

Seeing a spider weaving its web in a dream means that you will be calm and happy in your home.

If you see in a dream that you are surrounded by many spiders hanging on their webs, this promises you an unusually favorable combination of circumstances: good health, good luck, the support of your friends.

To dream that you have stumbled upon a web with a huge spider means, despite dangerous connections, quick success in life.

If a girl dreams that golden spiders are crawling around her, then her happiness is not far off and she will soon be surrounded by new friends.

Often spiders in a dream mean missed opportunities.

A big scary spider in a dream is a symbol of a dangerous enemy.

Killing a spider in a dream is a harbinger of divorce and separation from a loved one.

If the spider was poisonous, then by killing it in a dream, in reality you will defeat the enemy. Seeing a spider weaving a web in a dream is a sign that your enemies want to ruin you. After such a dream, you should not borrow money.

Seeing a spider crawling up a wall in a dream is a sign of success in your plan.

The dream will have the opposite meaning if the spider crawls down or suddenly disappears from your field of vision.

Seeing a large hairy spider, a tarantula, in a dream portends illness or poisoning with serious consequences for your health.

If such a spider bites you in a dream, then a serious illness awaits you, or your enemies will be able to greatly harm your well-being.

If a small spider bites you in a dream, then beware of envious people and slanderers who will not be able to harm you much, but will spoil your nerves.

Finding yourself in a dream among a web with spiders on it is a harbinger of prosperity, happiness and happy memories, unless you are scared or confused at that moment.

If you are scared, then the dream predicts the opposite for you.

See interpretation: Web.

Seeing a spider is a good time or a happy event, which, however, will require a lot of work and some sacrifices from you in advance.

He descends on you - a gift, a renewal.

Seeing a large cross in a web denotes despair and hopelessness in your soul.

To be indoors among many spiders is to experience deep alienation from your surroundings, to close your soul from people.

Fighting giant spiders or running away from them in horror - painful, joyless or humiliating passions/dream metamorphosis of physical sensations associated with puberty or menopause.

A cluster of spiders are those areas of your body that successfully fight the disease.

Squashing a spider is a nuisance.

Kill - divorce, quarrel.

Eating a spider is an unpleasant encounter.

Kissing yellow or red spiders - sadistic desires in you are hidden from consciousness.

Seeing yellow or red spiders means blood and circulatory diseases, heart disease.

Green spiders – painful sensations associated with digestion.

Black spiders - gossip, melancholy.

The giant spider on your head is a chimera born from your consciousness.

Large, motionless spiders on a woman’s body are something associated with a natural or artificial miscarriage.

Seeing a cobweb means well-being.

Sweeping the cobwebs is anxiety.

Breaking the web means overcoming all obstacles.

It’s hard to get out of it - you feel bound by family duty.

The room is surrounded on all sides by cobwebs - a feeling of uncleanness of the soul and a dirty way of life.

A courtyard covered in cobwebs; the forest is covered in cobwebs and giant spiders - longing for the past, a return to the land of memories.

A tunnel or hole covered with cobwebs is something associated with the organs of love.

The spider is the personification of evil, cruelty and savagery. Everyone knows that a spider weaves a web, but not everyone knows that according to popular belief, it weaves a web in order to catch sinful people in it.

The following expressions are well known among the people: “I got entangled in my affairs, like in a web” or “Weave a web” (in order to get out of some complex, very confusing matter).

Perhaps the image of a spider appeared in your dream because in real life you met a very greedy person or a powerful, despotic boss who “drinks the blood” of his subordinates, like a spider from a fly caught in its web.

Seeing a giant spider in a dream is a sign that in reality you will fight the cunning of an evil authoritarian person.

Perhaps such a dream warns that one of the people around you is planning great evil against you.

If you dreamed of a small spider, then soon you will need to solve many small, but at the same time very troublesome matters.

Sometimes this dream says that you will easily defeat your ill-wisher.

Watching in a dream how a spider devours a fly caught in its web is a sign that in real life you are working under the authority of an evil person who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

He treats his employees inhumanely, and you need to either come to terms with it or start looking for a new job.

Watching a spider weave a web is a sign that the circumstances of your life are not going well.

Such a dream suggests that despite the fact that you are dissatisfied with your situation, you will not be able to change your life soon.

Sweeping away cobwebs in a dream is a sign that despite all your efforts, you will not be able to emerge victorious from a complicated matter.

If you yourself are entangled in a web or feel its unpleasant stickiness on your body, then in real life you are very much confused in your affairs. You should be patient and wait for the right moment to resolve them, otherwise you will face complete financial ruin.

Killing a spider in a dream is evidence that you can easily cope with your enemy and refute the gossip that he spreads against you.

If in a dream a spider is crawling across your body, then such a dream warns you that in your close circle there is a person who wants to hinder you by any means.

Seeing a large number of spiders in a dream is a warning that in reality you have a lot of ill-wishers who are spreading evil gossip about you.

Seeing a spider hiding in a corner under the ceiling in a dream means that well-being and prosperity will visit your home.

A spider rushing at its victim stuck in a web - in reality you can get caught in the networks placed by your enemies, showing imprudence in making important decisions.

If in a dream you find a huge spider with a cross on its back crawling over your clothes, such a dream foreshadows a deceased person in the house and help to the neighbor’s family in organizing a funeral.

To brush the spider off of you means your relatives will not approve of your decision to hastily marry, and for married people this is a sign of marital disagreement and quarrels based on jealousy.

If you brush a spider off a web with a broom, you will be refused admission by a high-ranking official on whom your future career depends.

A dream in which you see a huge, human-sized, scary, hairy spider is a sign of an impending threat of losing loved ones or losing property.

To enter into a fight with such a monster means in real life to suffer a crushing defeat from your rivals.

If in a dream you were bitten by a tarantula or any other poisonous, deadly spider, you may soon succumb to illness from a raging epidemic of colds.

Escaping from a multitude of spiders attacking you means a happy outcome to an unfavorable matter.

Crushing a spider in a dream is a harbinger of failure and hardship in entrepreneurship and business.

Seeing water spiders means a trip and new interesting acquaintances.

A spider waiting for a victim - don’t believe the promises: you are being lured into a trap.

If you dreamed of a spider weaving its web, the dream means that success awaits you in business, your hard work will be duly rewarded.

Killing a spider in a dream means defeating a serious rival in love.

If a spider bites you, you need to be wary of tricks from your enemies.

The dream is favorable if you see one or more spiders sitting in the center of their webs.

This promises you good health, good luck in business and the support of friends.

Seeing an earthen spider (a spider that does not weave a web, but lives in an earthen hole) is a financial gain, unless the spider is chasing you and does not bite you.

Imagine that you are tearing down a web and killing a spider.

If you dreamed of an earth spider, imagine that you are not running away from it, but treating it with a piece of meat.

If you saw a spider in a dream, you will be rewarded for your hard work.

A spider weaving a web means that you will be calm and happy in your home.

The web itself promises pleasant company and good luck in business.

A dream in which you killed a spider foreshadows quarrels with your wife or lover.

If a spider bites you in a dream, beware of your enemies: you may become a victim of betrayal.

A dream in which you are surrounded by many spiders hanging on their webs promises you an unusually favorable combination of circumstances - good health, good luck, support from friends.

If you come across a web with a huge spider in a dream, you can count on quick success in life.

If you dreamed that you were running away from a large spider, your luck may leave you. But if you killed this spider, then perhaps you will take a worthy position in society.

A girl who sees golden spiders crawling around her in a dream will soon come to happiness.

If a woman dreams of a spider, then in real life she is afraid that her partner will leave her. And all because she underestimates her strengths and abilities.

Dreaming about a spider means good luck in business, but only if you are energetic and hardworking.

Otherwise, a dream about a spider may mean missed opportunities: in business, in friendship, in a happy coincidence.

A spider weaving a web - to well-being in the house, to money.

Crawling along the wall - to the fulfillment of innermost desires.

Killing a spider is a bad sign, a symbol of quarrels with loved ones, breakup, divorce.

A spider bite is a betrayal.

A lot of spiders on cobwebs - support from friends.

Running away from a huge spider means losing hope of success.

Kill him - defeat your enemies, take a worthy position in society.

A web without a spider means intrigue, illness.

The beautiful web of Indian summer is the loyalty of your friends.

To break any web or sweep it away means to refute accusations and suspicions of anything.


Actions with a tarantula

An arachnid in a dream often acts as an ill-wisher in real life. Killing or crushing an arthropod creature in a dream means defeating an enemy or finding a solution to a pressing problem.

If in a dream you are paralyzed by fear from meeting a spider, then in reality you will be tormented by conscience or a feeling of shame from a bad deed. If they also shouted at the same time, then someone’s secret might be revealed.

Note! Chasing this furry monster can dream of important changes in life, both in your career and on the personal front.

Stroking a spider on its furry belly means a frivolous attitude towards problems and tasks.

Tarantula bite

Dream Interpretation Tarantula Bite dreamed of why you dream of a Tarantula Bite in a dream? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a tarantula bite in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Seeing a living tarantula means your enemies are triumphant.

Seeing a dead tarantula means victory over your enemies.

Warns that your most dangerous enemy is yourself.

Meeting with a tarantula is an illness, a quarrel.

An animal bite in a dream foreshadows a quarrel or resentment. Feeling a bite in a dream means losses and worries. Such a dream often predicts domestic troubles and scandals. If you dream that you were bitten by some person, then do not hope to win in some controversial matter.

A dream in which you bit someone foreshadows a serious illness or nervous shock. If you dream that you were bitten by a cat or dog, then be afraid of betrayal or quarrels with a loved one. If in a dream you are bitten by a person whom you knew before, then you will be haunted by difficult memories. See interpretation: Animals, Beasts, Teeth.

The mark of teeth left behind after a bite means that the insult inflicted on you will be etched in your memory for a long time. If you see blood at the site of the bite, then you will be very worried about what happened. See interpretation: Blood.

To be bitten by someone is to get sick, suffer from failures, the machinations of opponents, or lose some kind of lawsuit. In addition, it may happen that you want to destroy the work on some project that is almost finished.

There is another interpretation: you may be convicted of something, exposed.

A dream that you have bitten someone predicts a nervous shock.

If a man dreams that he bit a woman, the dream symbolizes his fidelity.

When a woman dreams that she is bitten by a man, it is a memory.

Bites from animals and animals - to quarrels and troubles.

Insects - to ridicule and bullying.

A cat bite means treason.

A dream in which you bit your man means true love; if he did the same, there is complete reciprocity between you, based on common spiritual interests.

If you are bitten by a rabid animal, this means illness and failure; if it is a lion, you will experience pressure from competitors.

If you are bitten by a small but feisty dog ​​in a dream, in reality you will suffer minor losses, and if a huge dog bites you, your financial situation will sound an alarm.

Being bitten by fleas, bedbugs or ticks will leave an unpleasant aftertaste on your soul from meeting a vile type who once dishonored you.

If in a dream you bit someone, this speaks of a dream living in the depths of your soul to subjugate some person. The obsession with this idea is such that you can literally do anything to achieve it. It is still unknown whether you will be able to achieve your goal or not, but now we can say that even for good purposes, enslaving someone else’s will is a bad step that will lead to suffering for both the enslaved and the enslaver.

You were bitten in a dream - in this case you risk finding yourself completely dependent on the will of another person.

The bites were not too painful and did not even attract much attention to themselves - such a dream suggests that forcing you to deviate from the right path is a rather difficult undertaking. Most likely, you will remain in your positions.

If the bites greatly annoyed you and caused unbearable pain, all your attempts to weaken someone else’s influence will be useless.

So you will have to submit to this state of affairs for some time, waiting for a favorable moment for liberation from captivity (possibly love).

Some kind of passion may push you to recklessness and unnecessary sacrifices, but later, having assessed the object of your feelings impartially, you will be very disappointed in both him and your behavior.

in a certain sense it means to offend, insult.

“bite”, try, find out.

"deadly poisonous bite." “Inflict small bites” to be sarcastic, to behave unworthily towards an opponent, to an opponent, to cause minor harm.

If you are bitten by an animal or insect in a dream, the dream foreshadows an illness, the danger and severity of which depends on who bit you.

If the poisonous snake is a serious illness, it can even end in death. Imagine that an ambulance arrives, the bite is treated, the sting is removed, an antidote is given, and an antibiotic is injected (depending on the situation). The danger is over, you are healthy again.


How famous personalities, psychologists and somnology experts interpret dreams

  1. How does Vanga interpret this dream? The Bulgarian seer is sure that insects always carry with them an attractive and positive interpretation, so you should expect all the best and good luck in all your endeavors.
  2. But Henry Miller speaks extremely unfavorably of this dream. You must tune in and understand that the streak that begins in your life has a dark shade and distinguishes transformative activities from taking away activities.
  3. According to Freud. Sigmund Freud looks at the root and states that spiders are the personification of your innermost desires that you are afraid to show. Including sexual desires are not uncommon in this case.

Interpretation from various dream books

In many dream books, the dream of a tarantula is interpreted ambiguously. To get the most accurate possible interpretation of what a tarantula is dreaming about, big or small, you need to open more than one dream book.

Miller's Dream Book

Miller's dream book says that a tarantula is a prototype of an enemy in real life, and seeing it in a dream promises bad news. The enemy is already close to realizing his plans against the sleeper in reality. A good sign would be to destroy the spider, thereby getting rid of the influence of ill-wishers.

Vanga's Dream Book

Vanga believed that a dream about a tarantula could indicate a serious illness. After seeing an arachnid in a dream, you should seriously take care of your health and pay attention to your well-being. The disease can lurk unnoticed and develop very quickly. You should not put off visiting your doctor, as it can be very important.

Note! According to Vanga’s interpretation, killing a spider means a speedy recovery or that the disease will pass by.

Freud's Dream Book

Freud interprets the dream of a tarantula as an internal cry from the soul about a lack of communication. He was sure that a woman who had such a dream experienced severe loneliness and missed male attention. A man simply has no one to show his strength and courage to.

In his interpretation, it all comes down to the fear of being left alone and being unworthy or unworthy of your partner.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

As this dream book indicates, a tarantula in a dream speaks of the desire of the sleeper to show his abilities to someone and impress his superiors with his skills. The attempt may fail if the spider leaves a bite.

If a girl had a dream, then soon she will hear good news or receive an unexpected gift.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, tarantulas dream of confronting an authoritarian person who likes to command and control other people. Perhaps it will be the employer, or maybe another person from your close circle.

The larger the spider, the greater the evil the ill-wisher is going to commit. If the insect is very small, then there will be a lot of minor troubles ahead.

Killing a spider promises a solution to all problems and victory over your enemies.

Aesop's Dream Book

Aesop's dream book says that a tarantula seen in a dream foreshadows many troubles that will be difficult to deal with. If there is also a cobweb in the dream, then the dreamer is completely confused in his actions and is at a loss, not knowing what to do next. Attempts to remove the cobwebs represent actions in real life in order to find a way out of the current situation.

Important! The number of spiders in a dream is directly proportional to the number of envious people. The more there are, the more people are opposed to the dreamer.

Dream Interpretation of Kopalinsky

Kopalinsky argued that a tarantula in a dream is a sign of betrayal and a showdown.

A huge black spider means betrayal and tarnishing one’s reputation in the eyes of others. Seeing a white spider in a dream means small problems.

Two spiders can mean money problems, as well as a controversial matter with possible participation in a lawsuit.

For a woman, a dream with a spider portends poor health, a quarrel or nervous shock.

Star dream book

This dream book interprets dreams associated with tarantulas more loyally. If you believe him, then these arachnids portend creative success, positive reviews of work and fruitful activity. Seeing a large tarantula crawling on the floor in a dream means moving in the right direction.

The white spider promises important life changes, most often favorable.

A spider sitting on the head foreshadows a peaceful settlement of all pressing matters.

Important! There is no need to worry if you see a tarantula on your body. This only means that everything should go as usual, there is no need to interfere with what does not directly concern the sleeping person.

Dream Interpretation of the Subconscious

According to the dream book of the Subconscious, a tarantula dreams of trouble and trouble.

The appearance of a spider can also say a lot. If the spider:

  • Big – problems at work;
  • Small – minor disagreements;
  • Hairy - deception, envy;
  • Not one - spreading rumors;
  • White – a pleasant event;
  • Brown - betrayal;
  • With a stripe - for money.

Russian dream book and the Wanderer's dream book

In the Russian dream book, a tarantula is a manifestation of aggression, cruelty and bitterness. Such a dream clearly indicates the presence in your immediate environment of people with bad intentions, whom you need to beware of.

A small white spider means pleasant troubles.

In the Wanderer's dream book, on the contrary, a spider is interpreted as the onset of a joyful or long-awaited event. Tarantula on a web - to a family idyll.

Note! The exception is attacking poisonous and biting spiders. Such a dream speaks of enemies who want to frame the sleeping person at the first opportunity.

Velesov's dream book

A tarantula in a dream means good luck and joyful events.

A spider on a web means financial well-being.

Crush a tarantula - to poverty, catch - to the birth of a child.

If a spider climbs onto your face, it means unexpected luck.

Dream book of the 21st century

Tarantula dreamed:

  • Large - missing out on a profitable deal;
  • For small children - a useless waste of time on something;
  • Redhead - to a new friendship;
  • Green - to failure;
  • Dead - to difficulties;
  • Those who bite - to gossip.

Important! To experience fear of a spider in a dream means to have difficulty communicating with the opposite sex. You should be more relaxed in real life.

It happens that you urgently need to find out why you dream of a big spider, such as a tarantula, because this thought can haunt you. Summarizing all the interpretations, we can conclude that usually a dream with a spider does not bode well. However, you need to pay attention to individual factors and even to your emotions in a dream when you see an arachnid, and then everything will fall into place.

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