I dreamed about boots - features of decoding from dream books

Many dream books, when asked why boots are dreamed of, claim that this is a good sign.
Of course, the interpretation depends on the type of shoe and the situation that unfolds in the dream. But in general, the dream book considers boots a favorable image. Moreover, shoes in a dream can be an important sign that will show you the future path. It is extremely important to note one detail in a dream: how comfortable the shoes are. When you dream that they are tight or, conversely, dangling on your leg and generally look ugly, the dream book considers the dream as a warning: soon an unexpected turn will take place in life.


Shoes in the human subconscious symbolize protection from the outside world. Without it, it is impossible to travel long distances on foot. It protects your feet from injuries, scratches and other damage. And the legs, in turn, personify the possibility of any achievements and accomplishments.

A dream in which you remember shoes as the main element can tell you whether a person feels protected and able to withstand negative environmental factors. Remember what they looked like. Did they seem durable and reliable? Or, on the contrary, were they weak, and the soles were worn out to holes?

It is also important what happened to the shoes in the dream - whether you put them on, washed them, bought them or threw them in a landfill. Compare your actions to analyze your internal state.

Strengthening the positive meaning of sleep.

If you dreamed of new, purchased shoes, then after waking up, visualize the shoes purchased in the dream. Remember how comfortable you were in them.

Reducing the negative meaning of sleep.

If you dreamed of dirty shoes, then imagine that you are washing your shoes and rubbing them with shoe polish until they shine. If you dream of old shoes, then mentally extend the dream and imagine that you have been given new shoes.

Dream book of Simeon Prozorov


  • Women's
  • Men's
  • Children's

Men's shoes promise difficult, hard work. It will take a ton of effort from you, but in the end the work will pay off, you will achieve results and success will await you.

For a woman to see men's shoes in a dream is a promise of quick attention from the opposite sex. Perhaps there will be a meeting with fate.

Women's shoes in a dream are always associated with upcoming love adventures. Perhaps a passionate romance, a strong love interest, awaits you soon.

Children's slippers are a sign of great joy. In reality, the dream means that you will soon receive good news. They will be a cause for great joy and the mood in your home will be wonderful. If a woman has a dream, it is an image of her readiness and great desire to become a mother.

Dream book of Simeon Prozorov

  • Dirty shoes mean bad news;
  • Well-cleaned boots are good news;
  • Trying on boots means an increase in salary;
  • Buying boots means improving everything;
  • Buying wooden shoes means avoiding danger in your personal life;
  • Buying boots - claims from your superiors that put you in a difficult position will turn out to be groundless;
  • Buy men's boots - you will find a new job, which will be the beginning of your career;
  • Buying children's shoes - good news will lead to an increase in your well-being;
  • Putting on new shoes means a quick marriage;
  • Wearing black shoes means marriage with the owner of a stubborn and quarrelsome character;
  • Wearing white shoes means marriage to someone with good looks;
  • Wearing red shoes means marriage with the owner of a cheerful and cheerful disposition;
  • Wearing boots made of genuine leather means marriage with the owner of numerous relatives;
  • Wearing patent leather shoes means marriage to a person from another country;
  • New shoes are too tight - the marriage will be short;
  • Losing shoes - indicates a real loss of something expensive or important;
  • Losing new shoes means a profitable business will fall through;
  • Losing old shoes means breaking a relationship with a close friend;
  • The loss of high boots or boots is a loss of profit in a business that promised to be successful;
  • The loss of one shoe portends the loss of part of the property;
  • Without shoes, barefoot, walking in the darkness of the night is the collapse of all plans and hopes;
  • The shoe fell off your foot - a disdainful attitude towards others will lead to loss of health and disappointment;
  • Your shoes require repair - intrigues are being woven against you and cunning traps are being set on the path to your success in life;
  • Repairing boots yourself - the problems that have befallen you will lead to a loss of strength;
  • Having your boots repaired means a lot of trouble ahead, which will lead to a quarrel with colleagues;
  • Walking in boots means trials await you, which will be provoked by your carelessness;
  • To be in someone else's shoes is a sign of imminent trouble in matters of the heart;
  • Wearing old and dirty shoes means your criticism will increase the number of your enemies;
  • Wearing tight shoes means you will become everyone's laughing stock;
  • Wearing unlaced shoes means losses and long-term illness await you;
  • Wearing worn shoes means a conflict with your superiors;
  • Wearing wet shoes means betrayal of a loved one;
  • To be in shoes that you don’t like is a break in relations with a person who is very dear to you;
  • To be in old-fashioned shoes is the collapse of your old dream;
  • Wearing torn shoes means the consequences of an unsuccessful trip will not take long to arrive.

New shoes

To see beautiful new shoes standing in a window in a dream means that in reality there will be a great opportunity to change something. Even if you don’t manage to take advantage of the chance, it will appear again soon.

  • Buying new shoes promises long-awaited recognition of your achievements. The results of your work will finally be appreciated.
  • Trying on something new - there are people in your environment whom you truly appreciate, with whom you feel at ease and warm.
  • If new shoes are bought for a child, this also means that you will soon receive good news.
  • Seeing shoes received as a gift means that very soon you will become stronger and begin to grow materially.

Trying on someone else's shoes that are the wrong size means that some of your expectations will not come true. True, this means that a completely different door will open before you, with new opportunities.

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Rommel's Dream Book

  • Putting on boots is a joy. The opportunity for an interesting journey will arise;
  • Tight boots are a difficult road;
  • Buying boots for yourself means things will improve;
  • Putting on new shoes means an increase in salary;
  • Seeing your shoes on someone else means losing the good attitude of your boss or life partner;
  • Old shoes - symbolizes obstacles on the path to success;
  • Sewing shoes - to loss of strength, illness;
  • Losing shoes means losing part of your property;
  • Losing one shoe means a quarrel;
  • Taking off your shoes means separation, divorce;
  • Repairing boots is a pleasure;
  • Wet shoes - infidelity;
  • Sparkling shoes - money, success in business;
  • Wooden shoes are a destructive connection;
  • Taking off wooden shoes means getting rid of danger in your personal life.

Old shoes

Usually, the dream book characterizes old and worn shoes as the imminent appearance of minor, but distracting troubles from work. You should go back and remember one very important moment from the past, which influenced the current situation.

Seeing torn shoes is a warning dream. In reality, your enemy is plotting and wants to harm you. If you are vigilant, the ill-wisher will remain with his nose. For businessmen, a dream in which torn shoes appear means that competitors and rivals are becoming stronger.

The dream book interprets dirty shoes as a sign that it’s time to put old things in order. You yourself understand that the time has come to deal with the past, but you continue to delay and put it off. There is no need to pack an extra load of unfinished tasks into your luggage. Sometimes dirty shoes promise tedious, boring meetings, empty conversations and explanations.

A loss

When you dream that your shoes have been stolen, be wary. Such a dream can be called prophetic: in the near future, if you are not vigilant, you can fall for the bait of scammers. You should also be more careful in business, otherwise rash actions can cause financial losses.

Losing shoes in a dream is a symbol of separation. A long trip, business trip or any other journey will force you to leave your loved ones for a long time. But after parting there is always a meeting, so don’t be too upset.

Giving your shoes to someone - such a dream concerns competitive relationships. Moreover, this rivalry concerns different spheres of life. This situation probably worries you greatly and you are waiting for its resolution.

If you dream of a long, tedious search for boots, the dream is a wonderful omen: an exciting journey awaits you, a trip to a distant, interesting country.

Women's dream book: deciphering a dream about shoes

This book contains interpretations of dreams that are compiled specifically for girls and women, taking into account their worldview and psychology.

  1. In a dream, putting on new shoes: high-quality, made of leather or suede, comfortable and stylish - means meeting a man who will make a favorable impression not only on the dreamer herself, but also on all her friends and relatives.
  2. Walking in beautiful shoes in a dream, but twisting your foot due to a broken heel, foreshadows the deception of your beloved man. The girl will have a hard time experiencing the betrayal and will decide to break up.
  3. For a girl to see herself in a dream, shod in army combat boots, foretells that in real life she will take on the role of breadwinner in the family. She will have to work a lot and hard in order to get money for minimal needs.
  4. In a dream, walking in high stylish boots, while they are not cold and they do not get wet - means that the beloved man will protect the dreamer from all life’s adversities. She doubts him in vain; this man is like a stone wall behind which she can hide from any problems.
  5. Wearing flip-flops in a dream and going for a walk on the sand or grass means having a fun time in the company of windy girlfriends and friends.

Miller's Dream Book: why wear shoes in a dream

Gustav Miller is a famous American psychologist and esotericist. The dream book he compiled is still in print and is popular.

  1. Taking off your shoes in a dream means refusing a trip that promised monetary gains and meeting interesting people.
  2. Wearing army combat boots in a dream means aggressive behavior. Soon after such a dream, a person may become a victim of an armed attack, thieves or scammers. In some cases, he himself may become the instigator of a fight, the dream warns.
  3. For a woman, putting on new shoes in a dream means going to a party and meeting an interesting man.

Why do you dream about red shoes? dream interpretation

This vision may foretell anxiety, scandals or unexpected success. To understand the meaning of the dream, you should pay attention to two symbols at once - shades of scarlet flowers and the type of shoes. It indicates support in life, finding a reliable companion or a new job, financial situation and social status. It’s worth remembering where you’ve seen these shoes before, whether you liked them, whether they fit in size, and much more. If you had to wear boots or sneakers, evening shoes or thin sandals, these are not the same thing. The dream book writes that red shoes have the following meanings:

  • Wearing warm winter boots symbolizes a secure job or a meeting with a caring, but slightly tyrannical man who will protect you from everything;
  • Demi-season shoes indicate a stable financial situation;
  • Dreaming of sneakers means that you will have to compete, compete and compete with someone;
  • Ballet shoes dream of deteriorating health, financial instability, dissatisfaction with work and salary;
  • Stocking boots can portend leg diseases or dangerous relationships;
  • Beautiful evening shoes indicate success in society or some kind of scandal. Most often, this is a sign that you will attract attention. Pay attention to the material and shade of red;
  • Over the knee boots almost always indicate scandal;
  • Sandals indicate short-term relationships, insecurity, frivolous novels that can become known to society.

The red color itself attracts attention, it has a challenge and anxiety, but in combination with expensive fabrics it makes a festive impression. Pay attention to its shade - it will tell you a lot. Red shoes in a dream have different meanings; sometimes the tone of the scarlet material indicates what feelings you will have to experience in the near future. To understand the meaning of the dream, remember what associations the bright red color evoked and what it resembled:

  1. A bright tulip shade indicates scandals, gossip and gossip. Perhaps someone doubts success and believes that it was achieved dishonestly;
  2. The color of blood or meat always hints at injury and illness, especially in high shoes (boots, over the knee boots);
  3. Soft strawberry shades dream of mutual love, good news and calm family relationships;
  4. Raspberry-colored shoes portend flirting, pleasant meetings, conversations, reciprocity in love;
  5. Shoes and sandals in a bright shade of tomato or Sicilian orange indicate tension and anxiety, disturbing news;
  6. Red cherry-colored shoes for women dream of success, promotion, acquisition of a stable job and specialty;
  7. Wine tones dream of a secret romance or vicious relationship, secrecy in love;
  8. Red shoes in a dream with deep shades of cherries, lingonberries or cranberries indicate receiving money, good work and stable and equal relationships with the opposite sex.

Thus, bright and provocative shoes of scarlet colors foreshadow scandals, a challenge to society and gossip, while soft and muted tones speak of stability and prosperity, mutual love.

Important! The tone of the shoes should not resemble blood, raw meat, or painful redness. If this was the impression, beware of injury and exercise caution in everyday life.

Dreaming about red women's shoes

The material from which the shoes are made also matters. Not only its structure is important, but also its novelty, degree of wear, and the presence or absence of small parts. Dreaming of suede speaks of a comfortable existence, success in love and joy in life. Any shoes made from such material predict an improvement in business, receipt of material support and a profitable marriage, or an affair with a wealthy person. Shoes or boots made of genuine leather symbolize stability and the fact that you can afford a lot.

Satin, fabric sandals, ballet shoes indicate an unreliable partner or job. After such a dream, beware of debts and vital mistakes. If the material turns out to be old or full of holes, someone will transfer their problems and troubles to the dreamer. It is possible that you will have to pay off other people's debts. In addition, the dream book writes that red shoes with holes and scuffs foreshadow an unreliable relationship and an early separation from a loved one. For some people, the dream foreshadows the beginning of a period of difficulties and obstacles.

The appearance and attractiveness of the shoes indicate how impressive your actions will be and what impression they will make in society. The height of the heel can indicate social status. Huge thin stilettos seen on a woman dream of sharp and caustic remarks, scandals and aggressive actions. If you yourself try on such a work of art, then in life you will allow yourself to be caustic, rude, and insolent. A square heel speaks of a calm existence and stable success, even if it is high. Society will accept your behavior and achievements. Seeing red shoes without heels in a dream means insecurity, fatigue and weakness, especially if they are uncomfortable and ugly. Sometimes a dream foreshadows forced submission to unpleasant circumstances.

  1. Feathers and pearls indicate a desire to stand out;
  2. Sharp and thin heels indicate causticity and aggressiveness;
  3. The red toe cap of even black or gold shoes speaks of hidden passion and anger;
  4. Diamonds and other precious stones speak of weaknesses and the desire to stand out at any cost;
  5. Red shoes with black stains dream of worries and fear;
  6. Patent leather high heels portend success;
  7. Suede means comfort;
  8. A novelty indicates an unexpected offer, job, promotion or romance with a wealthy person;
  9. Your old shoes foreshadow a meeting with a person with whom you communicated at the time you wore them or the need to use skills. Sometimes she talks about the discord between lovers;
  10. Natural soft skin predicts wealth and reliability of a partner.

Comfortable shoes, new and beautiful, fashionable, indicate favorable changes, provided they are comfortable to wear. Old and dilapidated dreams of troubles, insecurity of position and the destruction of love or family life.

Attention! Even if the advertised expensive new product does not fit you in size or you don’t like it, don’t be upset. You will not accept an offer that you do not like and will not regret it.

Dreaming of wearing bright red shoes

Shops have become a part of the lives of modern people, so from time to time we visit them in our dreams. Those who are thinking about buying new shoes or dream of receiving them as a gift often dream of such stories, but they do not have much meaning. Most often, this is simply a continuation of earthly aspirations, in which the next morning the plots are little remembered. But if you had a dream about fitting unexpectedly, pay attention to the assortment that was offered to you, the size, the ability to buy or comfort. This is how the dream book interprets stores, heels and various incidents with them. Most often, the appearance of such dreams is a harbinger of a proposal in reality.

  • The store always shows possibilities. A rich assortment suggests that a wide field of activity and many interesting proposals, cases, and novels may open up before you. Monotonous shoes, especially low-quality, second-hand ones, speak of poverty, routine and low-paid work, or difficulties with choice;
  • The cost and price of the product indicates a willingness to take advantage of the opportunity. Large numbers on price tags indicate a conflict between dreams and possibilities, and having your head in the clouds. The standard of living you expect is not available to you at the moment. Adequate prices indicate that the dreamer will be able to carry out his undertaking.
  • Men's shoes in a dream indicate that you are looking closely at guys and men and assessing their potential and capabilities. Trying it on is a sign that the girl takes too much on herself and is distinguished by fearlessness and courage. Women's shoes in a dream indicate a search for opportunities or new romances, support in life. The nicer and more beautiful she is, the better. A man looking closely at women's shoes is a sign that he will choose between several women.
  • Availability of your size and affordable price indicates an offer that you will be interested in. But if you don’t like the shoes for some reason, the dream book writes that the dreamer is unlikely to accept them. If you didn't have the right size, you won't be able to take advantage of the circumstances. A dream in which the shoes you like are too tight, even if they are your size, indicates limitations and troubles. A dream about this suggests that you will not be satisfied with even the best offer. If they are great, then you have not matured personally to what will be offered to you.
  • Did you buy the shoes you liked or were they out of stock in your size? You won't be able to take advantage of a happy opportunity. Such a dream symbolizes bad luck in love or the appearance of a rival not only in your personal life, but also at work;
  • Leave with a purchase? A sign that you will accept the offer;
  • Steal what you like without being noticed? Theft foreshadows a violation of prohibitions, rules, or offending others. Being caught means an unsuccessful attempt to take advantage of the opportunity;
  • Was the store closed? This is a sign of unavailable opportunities and the fact that in the near future dreams will remain dreams.

If they offer you different shoes, then everything will change or your partner's intentions will change.

Note! Low-quality shoes at a high price indicate deception, especially if you find a defect.

Decoding a dream according to Nostradamus

Nostradamus's dream book was compiled a long time ago. In those days, people were concerned about the harvest, disease and the threat of war.

  1. Wearing good shoes in a dream means a rich harvest: the year will be nourishing and calm. The more cozy and comfortable a person felt in a dream, the calmer and more satisfying his life will be.
  2. In a dream, putting on shoes that are full of holes, the sole falls off and the foot is cold - foretells a hungry year, which will be difficult to survive. It is possible that natural disasters will cause the loss of a significant part of the crop.

What does it portend?

One dirty shoe in a dream is also a bad omen, although not as strong as in the case of a vision of a full pair of shoes in such an unsightly condition. Sometimes a worn-out pair of shoes or one old shoe, which the owner hastens to throw in the trash, symbolizes the end of a long, difficult journey, a difficult struggle, a time of great trials and turmoil. The dream, as it were, makes it clear to the person that he has passed this path and deserves peace.

Sometimes you shouldn’t listen so blindly to what you saw in a dream, because it also happens that dreams do not carry any informational load. As a rule, any person who has more or less well-developed intuition at the subconscious level senses whether he had a good dream or, on the contrary, a bad one. Among other things, it is also usually felt whether the dream contains any content or, conversely, is empty. By empty we mean a vision that the brain reproduces based on information recently seen or heard in real life.

In any case, you shouldn’t panic, even if you dreamed something completely bad and there is a feeling that all this is for a reason, because in the end, not all dreams come true. But it won’t hurt to become more attentive and prudent in real life after such dreams.

Decoding according to the Psychological Dream Book

In a psycho-emotional interpretation, a person who had a dream about shoes in any form seems to be looking at his own life path from the outside and trying to figure out which path he will have to follow next.

If in a dream a person puts on old, dirty and torn shoes, this is a complete failure of new beginnings. In the dream, the shoes were new and comfortable - you can relax: your mood will lift, and bad thoughts will pass by.

Shoes or boots that rub calluses symbolize an unpleasant experience from encountering the impudence of others or an unwanted company that cannot be gotten rid of. A sadder alternative is the death of a loved one.

Let's put it in order

When you dream that you are polishing your shoes until they shine, the dream book will suggest the following interpretation: in reality you will have the opportunity to strengthen your financial situation, stability, and success.
When you dreamed of your shoes, which you diligently clean yourself, this plot has a positive mood. Your affairs are in an excellent position, you are succeeding and success will come very soon.

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