Why do you dream about falling from a height and should you be afraid of it in reality?

Many actions that a person performs in a dream are quite symbolic. They often carry some kind of omen, so it is very important to remember all the details of the dream. One such important action that carries symbolic meaning is falling. Therefore, this article will talk about why you dream of falling from a height.

Many actions that a person performs in a dream are quite symbolic

Dream prediction Fall

A dream about falling (not to be confused with falling at the moment of falling asleep) is a symbol of negative circumstances and experiences, upcoming failures and worries, sudden and fatal knowledge.

In women's dreams - an illicit feeling, a concession to desires, a social fall.

Falling in a dream may indicate sexual dissatisfaction; in adolescence, such dreams accompany the process of growth of the body, often with special heart spasms characteristic of youth and the climatic period.

If you fall while walking, success will come after many difficulties.

Falling from a great height means loss of honor or money, danger, home enemy, futile efforts.

Falling down the stairs definitely indicates some social damage.

Falling into a hole is harm, a misfortune that will be difficult to overcome.

Falling into the coffin - brought in from good fame.

Falling during a flight is humiliation, which will be replaced by a significant rise.

Falling into a basement is a serious illness.

From the tower - disappointment in yourself.

Into the well - deep self-knowledge.

Falling repeatedly in a dream means a change in worries and hopes, strong excitement.

Feeling great fear when falling and screaming - everything will end well, the dream was caused by your anxiety.

Waking up when falling is a very significant event.

Why do you dream about Falling?

A bad dream that does not promise anything good. You have blocked the subtle channels of your mind under the influence of tridoshas that are out of balance. If you remember this dream and interpret it, you can determine whether you are terminally ill or whether the disease can be cured, thereby snatching you from the clutches of death.

Dreams that occur in the first half of the night do not come true soon and not completely.

Dreams that occur at dawn come true on the same day and with sufficient accuracy, unless the person falls asleep again (after having a dream) or does not tell it (to a person who does not believe in prophetic dreams).

A bad dream can be neutralized by sacrifice, almsgiving, and witchcraft.

Try so that after a bad dream you have a good and joyful dream, your last, good dream will come true.

Why do you dream about Falling?

If in a dream you tripped over something and fell, this means that you will tarnish your reputation with an unseemly act that will cause universal condemnation. Falling to the ground from a great height means that in reality you will experience severe fright.

A dream in which you dream that you have fallen off the edge of a bottomless abyss and are falling into it - in reality, this threatens disappointment in your beloved. If you dream that splashes of water are falling on your head, this means a passionate awakening of love that will end in the happiest way.

Falling under the weight of a load in a dream means your inability to obtain funds for those who count on your help. Seeing birds falling to the ground in a dream means that you will fall into melancholy. Falling from a fence while climbing over it means the successful completion of an important task.

Seeing a star falling from the sky is a harbinger of sadness and sadness. If in a dream fruits from a shaken tree fall on you in a hail, then in reality you will experience remorse for an unfulfilled promise.

Falling into a ditch in a dream while trying to jump over it means a decline in business and personal loss. Falling into a well of water in a dream means extreme despair; falling into an empty well means those who threatened you with failure will be put to shame by your brilliant success.

Seeing figure skaters or ballet dancers falling during a performance means that in reality you will encounter the ingratitude of your friends. Falling from a high ladder in a dream is a harbinger of despair and unsuccessful efforts to correct a critical financial situation.

Falling overboard a ship into a stormy sea threatens in reality with hasty and rash decisions, fraught with negative consequences.

Falling from a kicking horse is a sign of a serious infectious disease. Seeing snow falling in large flakes or huge hailstones in a dream means that future troubles will not cause you any serious damage.

If in a dream you are driven into despair by a sharp drop in price on the eve of the shares you purchased, such a dream foreshadows severe shocks in reality, which will not be in vain for your mental health.


Why do you dream of a falling man?

In most cases, when interpreting dreams associated with someone's fall, this incident is regarded almost literally. There are big problems ahead in your career, the collapse of your plans, unexpected obstacles on your life’s path. The nuances of the dream, depending on the personality of the person who fell and the circumstances of the event, only clarify the “diagnosis.” How do you feel about a dream in which a falling person is the sleeping person himself, seeing himself in such a situation? It all depends on the situation and circumstances of the fall.

An unexpected fall literally out of the blue warns that current serious affairs in real life are in danger of collapse, no matter how reliable they may seem. Falling while running should be considered similarly, with the only difference being that accidents or someone’s actions that interfere with the implementation of carefully thought-out plans will be so unexpected and absurd that it is almost impossible to foresee them in advance.

For lovers, all of whose thoughts and aspirations are currently devoted to their partner, a dream about their fall is very unfavorable - a break with their loved one is possible.

If it is possible to remember the surroundings, the people who were present during the fall, you can detail the dream. A person rejoicing over an accident is probably the subjective cause of future failures.

The circumstances of the fall are also important. A fall from a great height, causing animal horror, speaks of difficult trials ahead. But in this case they cannot be called insurmountable; everything must be resolved positively.

If a person falls in a dream, slipping on something, he should postpone until better times all matters involving any degree of risk. Maybe you'll be unlucky.

A fall from a horse warns that the pleasures recently gained from life may “go sideways.” You need to be prepared for unexpected costs.

Falling down the stairs is almost literally associated with troubles that lead to problems with a career or a decrease in social status. You should behave more carefully in your official career and not conflict with your superiors.

One's own falling out of bed, seen in a dream, warns that a person has become too relaxed, has lost control of the situation, and because of this, troubles may follow.

Falling out of a moving vehicle signals that all plans will have to be radically changed. This “train” has left, we need to “catch up on the next one”, carefully weighing our strengths and capabilities.

Why do you dream of a falling person if it is someone you know? Most likely, he actually needs help or simple human friendly support. If in life this person causes hostility, then these are unconscious wishes of harm to him, associated with envy or rivalry. It is quite possible that the dreamer is afraid to admit these feelings even to himself.

If a sick person sees himself falling from a great height, and the state of shock caused by a prolonged fall leads to a sharp awakening, then this may mean that the disease has reached its peak. The crisis is over, only recovery lies ahead.

In all cases, if after falling in a dream a person finds the strength to confidently stand on his feet and continue moving, even overcoming pain, this is a good sign. A person’s spiritual and physical potential is high, and he will certainly overcome all the difficulties that arise along the path of life.

Dream Interpretation of a Man Falling from a Height dreamed of why in a dream a man falling from a height? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a person falling from a height in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

A shooting star is a fleeting and quickly passing joy.

A brilliant meteor that leaves a trace is an illusion of success, success from deception.

The shower of shooting stars is a deep imprint of the phenomena of the external world on your inner way of life.

Seeing a shooting star is a fantasy game that has turned into real success.

A meteorite destroys something by falling - a strange event / obvious interference of otherworldly forces in your life.

Dream Interpretation - Height

To see in a dream how you are climbing a height in a team of climbers - in reality you are a very timid person and will never reach heights.

Dream Interpretation - Height

If you were high in a dream, this indicates that your plans are overly ambitious; alas, your capabilities do not yet correspond to them.

You were not alone there - the dream suggests that your ambition is fueled by people who do not really wish you well.

Falling from a height - a dream about trouble or a sudden onset of illness; saw another fall - the meaning applies to him or someone close to you; plans after such a dream will not be realized.

Rising in height (no matter how) - a dream to an increase in material well-being; saw how someone else did it - you will have to envy other people’s successes.

Dream Interpretation - Height

Look from above - strive for a goal that you will achieve with your perseverance and work.

Dream Interpretation - Height

Seeing in a dream how you are standing at some height is a sign of achieving your goals.

Dream Interpretation - Height

If in a dream you are standing at a height and are afraid that you might fall, close relatives are in serious danger (associations with a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty when losing loved ones). The dream requires a person to protect family members from danger.

Dream Interpretation - Height

Being at a high altitude and being afraid of it means taking actions that are incorrect from the point of view of the law;

Don't be afraid - the path to a career is open.

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Frustrated hopes, disastrous changes.

Angel pointing to destiny.

A bad dream that does not promise anything good. You have blocked the subtle channels of your mind under the influence of tridoshas that are out of balance. If you remember this dream and interpret it, you can determine whether you are terminally ill or whether the disease can be cured, thereby snatching you from the clutches of death.

Dreams that occur in the first half of the night do not come true soon and not completely.

Dreams that occur at dawn come true on the same day and with sufficient accuracy, unless the person falls asleep again (after having a dream) or does not tell it (to a person who does not believe in prophetic dreams).

A bad dream can be neutralized by sacrifice, almsgiving, and witchcraft.

Try so that after a bad dream you have a good and joyful dream, your last, good dream will come true.

Dream Interpretation: A man falling from a height dreamed, why do you dream about a man falling from a height? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a person falling from a height in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation – Fall

Dishes falling into the well means a joyful event.

If you see a live horse in the house, there will be a letter from your son.

Frost falls along with the snow - do not expect a successful completion in the case.

Leaves falling from a large tree are a happy event in the house.

A meteorite flies past, but does not fall to the ground - a change of residence.

A star falls - there will be illness, work problems.

Snow is falling - soon there will be great luck and benefit.

Tiles fall from the roof, you feel mortal horror - there will be a quarrel with your wife.

Falling into the water means no harm will happen.

Falling into a well is a sign of illness or trouble.

Falling into a well drunk means a situation will arise related to officials, official business.

Falling into a latrine and getting back out is fortunate.

Falling into a hole in the main room portends misfortune in the family.

Falling on a mountain means losing your job.

Leaves falling from a large tree is a happy event in the house.

The dishes fall into the well - there will be a joyful event.

A meteorite flies by, but does not fall to the ground - portends a change of residence.

If you fall from the ground onto the mountain, you will lose your job.

The sun and moon fall from the sky - grief, you will lose your parents.

Dream Interpretation – Fall

A dream about falling portends loss, illness, trouble or insult. In any case, your plans, health or happiness are in danger. Feeling in a dream that you are falling means the bitterness of loss and anxiety because of this.

Sometimes such a dream can mean missed opportunities, loss of grip or dexterity. Falling from a height to the ground in a dream is a sign of shame, the collapse of your plans or hopes, humiliation and poverty. If you dream that you fell from your bed, then your family life will crack and you will soon face a divorce. See interpretation: bed.

If in a dream you fell into a river and got wet, this is a harbinger of illness or scandal. A dream in which you saw that you fell, but did not harm yourself, foretells you that what you lost will be found, and your fears will not be justified. See interpretation: water, river, etc.

Falling in a dream, but waking up before you fall, means that you will face great troubles and disappointments, which will be very difficult for you to overcome, but you can do it. Sometimes such a dream foreshadows failure in a risky business.

Falling into an abyss in a dream foreshadows unexpected danger or insult. Sometimes such a dream predicts loss of fortune due to a fire. See interpretation: abyss, mountains. Falling into water or into the sea (ocean) in a dream means that your wish will not come true. See interpretation: wet.

Falling off and falling somewhere in a dream is a warning that your unbridled temper can harm your position in society. See interpretation: abyss, abyss, drop.

Dream Interpretation - Height

If you dreamed of the feeling that you were falling, this means that there will be troubles - both in matters related to public activities and in personal ones.

An important point is the height from which they fell.

It was big - immediately leads to several unpleasant events that will follow in succession, unsettling you for a long time.

Provide support to loved ones

For a man to see such a story about his beloved and try to catch her means: he will try to keep her from taking the wrong step. The result of the dreamer’s actions also depends on the development of events in a dream.

Why do you dream that a child fell down? The dream book warns: there will be serious obstacles to achieving your goal. We must make every effort to overcome them.

Did you dream about your child falling into a hole? He will get into trouble, from which you will have to pull the naughty child out.

Interpretations from the Middle Kingdom

In the Chinese esoteric dream book there are also many interpretations about what a person dreams of falling from a height. The young “director” of the night’s story will have a pleasant time in the company of close friends. But for old people, such a vision can promise serious health problems, which should be given as much attention as possible. Otherwise, the disease will become incurable and lead to death.

Why do you dream of a person falling from a height and falling to his death? To interpret the night plot, it is necessary to pay attention to whether blood was present in the realm of dreams. If so, the sleeper risks losing a huge amount of money in the real world due to his own stupidity. If not, the interpreter foretells an unexpected visit from distant relatives who will fall on the owner of the vision out of the blue.

Why did you dream about falling from a height?

Many, if not all, actions in dreams are very symbolic and associative in nature.

This means that if in a dream the dreamer kissed, swam, fought, and the like, this does not mean at all that in reality he will have to do the same.

Every action, even the most insignificant and familiar, is metaphorical in a dream, and only the dream book will tell you what it indicates - in addition, it will give wise advice and tell you what to do in reality. There are particularly significant symbolic actions, and the dream of falling is one of these.

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Surely everyone has dreamed of falling - just out of the blue, from a great height, into a hole, into an abyss, from a mountain, in an elevator, into an abyss, into water or a well, fainting, or even from a chair... Sometimes we wake up from a fall, and sometimes we dream break or damage something in a dream. It is unpleasant, and sometimes, on the contrary, exciting.

The dream book will not give one answer as to why you dream of falling - such stereotypes that falling means failure or misfortune, or something like that, are very wrong. After all, what is important here is not only the action itself, but also additional symbols - whether you dreamed about mountains, a roof, riding in an elevator, and so on.

The exact interpretation of the dream depends on the “scenery” in the dream and the nuances of the vision. The options are as follows:

As you can see, the dream book offers and describes a lot of options, and each has a unique meaning. Carefully remember where you had to fall from and where: fainting or from a height, from a mountain or out of the blue, and so on.

Perhaps your dream suggests two or even more options at once? Read all the appropriate interpretations, compare and analyze to understand what to expect in reality.

It is worth saying that events such as a fall often warn the dreamer of dangers or difficulties, and foreshadow disappointments or troubles in reality.

But you should not be afraid of such interpretations - after all, these dreams, on the contrary, will help you do the right thing, prepare for possible unexpected turns of fate and prevent unpleasant events. So you need to treat such interpretations calmly and wisely.

1. As the dream book says, falling in dreams, just as if from nowhere and into nowhere, is often a symbol of growth. Perhaps this is how your subconscious reacts to internal spiritual changes, a new stage, personal evolution.

Listen to yourself, notice the changes - maybe you have become wiser and are ready to change your life, your attitude towards the world and yourself?

2. If a woman had to fall in a dream (fainting, from a height or from a mountain, it doesn’t matter) - this may mean some kind of forbidden, illicit feeling. You are limited by certain social attitudes and cliches, and your new, hidden feelings and desires sharply contradict them.

Decide for yourself - to remain captive of other people’s imposed rules and moral principles, or to listen to your desires and not suppress them, depriving yourself of happiness.

3. If in a dream you experienced a terrible fear of heights and panic, almost fainting from horror, then know that the difficulties that you are now trying to overcome, and which are poisoning your life, will ultimately turn into success.

So, feel free to believe in your own strengths - difficulties are given as a test to give you the necessary experience and new strength. And if you are not afraid and move on without retreating, then success will pay off in full.

4. Damaging something from falling in a dream is a symbol of upcoming conflicts. It is advisable and correct to try not to provoke them, to be calmer and not to spoil relationships with others. It will be more difficult to correct and smooth over the conflict.

5. Flying from a great height in a dream is a symbol of certain difficulties and obstacles on the way to the goal. Fear is your enemy and it only makes your problems worse. Those who are not afraid of difficulties and are not lazy to overcome them solve problems faster and easier.

6. If you had to fall off a mountain, the interpreter’s advice is this: take care of what you have achieved. Your behavior is probably risky now; you may lose the success you have achieved, the place you stand in, your reputation and relationships with people.

No matter what height you are at, even if it is small, still take care of your position so as not to fall. Think about this if you fell from a mountain in a dream.

7. If in your dreams you were in an elevator and were terrified of it falling, in reality you are afraid of decisive action and stand still. However, this fear is unfounded, and standing at one point is worse than any difficulties.

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8. And falling in the elevator itself is a terrible dream, but it only says that difficulties and problems occur due to lack of self-confidence. You can blame circumstances, fate, other people, but it doesn't really change anything.

9. Falling into a hole is a sign that you do not feel your fulcrum and are at a loss. It’s worth calming down, waiting, relaxing, putting your thoughts in order.

Understand yourself, look around - you will probably find support in your loved ones, or you will find the strength in yourself to confidently move towards your goal. And it’s worth deciding on the goal itself.

10. If you were walking in a dream and suddenly fell into an abyss or hole, even into an open hatch, know that unexpected success will come to you after many difficulties. In other words, a white streak will very confidently and unexpectedly replace troubles.

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11. Falling into a well in a vision is a symbol of the fact that you will have a deep knowledge of yourself, your essence and nature. This is an important dream.

And it promises important, global changes in you. You will gain wisdom, understand yourself in a new way, learn a lot about yourself - and it will change your life.

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12. Fainting in dreams is a symbol of change. They will be positive, but you are not ready for them, so you may get stressed.

Prepare mentally for the fact that life can change at any time, and this is always for the better. Although it is not easy to give up old, familiar attachments, if you are not afraid of change and know that there will be new opportunities ahead, then life will be happy.

13. Falling over out of the blue is also a symbol of uncertainty and confusion. It’s like the ground sometimes disappears from under your feet. Only you yourself can cope with this condition - only with your strong-willed desire.

14. Flying into a dark abyss is a good dream, especially if you did not experience fear and panic in the dream. This promises interesting things, and if you felt delighted at the same time, then know that many new projects await you that will bring fulfillment and joy.

15. If in a vision you happened to crash, falling from somewhere, then current affairs are unlikely to bring success. We need to think about what to change - maybe take on other projects that are more promising?

16. Falling into the water is a symbol that you will soon fall in love and lose your head. Well, open up to a new feeling - it will bring a lot of emotions!

And if you dived, jumped into the water, while feeling joy, a lot of pleasures and pleasant emotions await you.

17. If you wake up from a fall, very significant events await you in reality.

Favorable Omens

Why do you dream about someone who is falling holding on at the last moment? The dream book promises: get rid of almost inevitable trouble.

If a patient dreams of falling from a height and wakes up, he will soon recover.

Did you fall into water in a dream? Soon you will fall in love, plunge into emotions headlong, and experience a strong all-consuming feeling.

Landing is important. If the dreamer successfully jumped to the ground, everything will be fine. When not, there are financial losses ahead.

"Noble Esoteric Dream Book"

Seeing people falling from a height in a dream promises great success in real life. Most likely, such an interpretation affects the professional sphere of activity of the sleeping person. For example, at work the dreamer may fulfill double the norm, after which the boss will decide to give him a cash bonus, or the owner of the vision will simply be promoted for conscientiously fulfilling his duties.

Did you happen to see your loved one fall into a well and survive? In reality, get ready to sort things out with your significant other. Although the dreamer’s life partner will be the initiator of the scandal, the dreamer can inflate the conflict so much that it will be impossible to put it out with anything. The owner of the vision must show restraint in conversations with his significant other, otherwise an ordinary quarrel will escalate into separation.

Nuances of relationships

Seeing a familiar person in a dream falling from somewhere above (mountains, buildings) means: the dreamer is avoiding his company. You shouldn’t make far-reaching conclusions about someone you know after just one misfortune. If you show friendliness, the attitude of others will change significantly.

Did you dream about another person falling down? The dream book suggests: failure is possible, but it can still be avoided if measures are taken in time.

Have you noticed another person falling from a height in a dream? In reality, you may not be able to provide support to your friends in their difficulties, although you will have such an opportunity. Try to give them a helping hand.

Russian folk dream book

Did you happen to see someone you know jump from a high bridge into the water, but did not crash? The night plot foreshadows an encounter with this person in the real world. However, if the dream guest died from a blow to the mirror surface, then the Russian interpreter recommends that the sleeping person seek help from a psychotherapist. Most likely, a person has long noticed attacks of anger or depression, but neglect of one’s condition will sooner or later lead to sad consequences in the real world.

We hope you now better understand why you dream about a person falling from a height. As you can see, interpretations of night scenes depend on many factors that should be taken into account for the correct interpretation of what is seen in the realm of dreams. In addition, do not forget to pay attention to your own emotions that arose from what you saw. By comparing information from esoteric reference books with what is happening in the real world, you will be able to create the most accurate interpretation, which will allow you to attract good luck to your side or avoid troubles. Follow these recommendations and you will definitely succeed.


Dream Interpretation of the Yellow Emperor: falling from a height - meaning and interpretation

According to the Yellow Emperor's dream book, falling from a height in a dream means movement. First of all, this is a loss of balance between rationality and dreams. In a dream, falling from a height may portend deprivation of a stable place in life.

Falling from a height straight into the abyss is a sign of financial miscalculations, losses, and lack of prospects for the future. According to the Yellow Emperor's dream book, falling from a height in a dream is bad.

If a person falls from a great height, this may indicate diseases of the liver, kidneys and spleen. However, more specific interpretations may vary.

Water in a dream itself is a very important image, which is a reflection of the surrounding reality, an indicator of the dreamer’s life circumstances and health. And in combination with the fall, this is a very powerful warning sign that should not be ignored under any circumstances. Why do you dream of falling from a height into water?

Falling into a well in a dream is a harbinger of a joyful event. According to another version, you will discover new abilities in yourself that you didn’t even know existed before.

"The Book of the Wanderer"

Have you seen in the kingdom of dreams how a man falls from a height? The dream foreshadows a meeting in the real world with an old acquaintance who will be negatively disposed towards the owner of the night vision. Most likely, the unpleasant person will begin to spread false rumors about his former comrade, which will be perceived by others as the truth. It is possible to prevent an unpleasant development of events only if you somehow avoid an unwanted meeting.

Did you have to skydive in the kingdom of Morpheus? The Wanderer's Interpreter warns that sleep can be "dangerous" to health. Most likely, the sleeping person’s body has some undiagnosed disease that needs urgent treatment. Otherwise, the disease will manifest itself too late. It is strongly recommended to visit the nearest clinic as soon as possible and undergo a comprehensive medical examination.

Dreams from childhood

Now you are no longer a child, perhaps you are raising children yourself, but you periodically have similar dreams from childhood. Why do you dream about falling

from high? To understand this issue, the dream book pays attention to certain aspects:

The dream book also considers options when you lose consciousness in a dream or a plane crashes.

In a state of falling, a person loses control over his body and cannot be in any specific position. This fact of helplessness is used as the basis for explaining situations where the sleeper has to fall

in a dream (fall into the abyss). In this case, the dream book reports that you have a chance to lose power over the affairs around you. In this case, you may lower your status on the social ladder, lose some of your savings, and your pride and honor may suffer.

If you have seen such a dream, do not despair! Not everything is so bad, it’s better to sort yourself out, sort your thoughts into shelves. Perhaps you should change your ideas and goals, understand your miscalculations and inaccuracies, and misfortunes and troubles will pass by.

The dream book also offers another interpretation of the dream: falling from a height may mean failure to implement the conceived idea. This could be a common mistake people make

, which consists of too high conditions and expectations. You shouldn’t immediately set exorbitant goals, it’s better to reduce your requirements and you will be successful!

In addition, a dream with a fall may indicate too much and obsessive attention of the sleeper to his passion. The dream book recommends not wasting
the free time
of your life on a person who is indifferent to you, even though he is something important to you. You have not yet found the person with whom you can walk down the aisle. Falling and getting up at the same time in a dream can only mean positive things. In the future you will become a respectable person with a decent fortune.

A dream in which you have to fall from the height of a bird's flight, and at the same time you remain unharmed - this is good news. You will soon receive a promotion at work and the attitude of your colleagues towards you will improve. In addition, a successful fall from a height indicates a hasty resolution of the issues that concern you and the acquisition of calm and relaxation.

If you dream that you tripped over a stone at night or slipped and fell into a deep hole with a loud cry, in reality a certain person will help you. When you fall off the edge of a cliff and break on the rocks

, it is worth paying special attention to this: at the moment it is better to refrain from making important decisions and not try to resolve major matters, because fortune has now chosen not your side. Wait a little time - and things will change for the better.

"Big Dream Book"

Did you watch a young man fall from the roof of a multi-story building at night? The interpreter recommends paying attention to what the guy or girl was wearing. A luxurious suit or expensive dress indicates that in the near future the dreamer will inherit or win a huge amount of money in the lottery, which should be enough to change his life. Torn rags represent poverty, which will have no end in sight.

Did you happen to fall down the stairs at night? Get ready for an unpleasant conversation with your loved ones, which will take place in a raised voice. The reasons can be quite different, but they all directly or indirectly come into contact with money. In order not to lose trusting relationships with loved ones, you need to learn to make concessions. Otherwise, the dreamer will not be able to avoid a huge scandal from which no one will emerge victorious.

If you dream about the feeling of falling without an end result

In a dream, a fall does not always end with a landing. Sometimes, when we wake up, we clearly remember the process of falling, but how it ended - not.

What does it mean to fall in a dream and immediately wake up?

Philosopher Carl Gustav Jung once remarked: “We dream precisely what is necessary for the fine adjustment of our mental balance.” Do not ignore dreams that indicate the need for changes in life, because a stable present and a happy future depend on it.

Freud's interpretation

Many travelers to the kingdom of dreams are familiar with the works of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. In his dream book, he described many common plots and their interpretations, but in most cases they are related to the intimate life of the sleeping person:

Freud paid special attention to the emotional background that was present in the realm of dreams. Fear and panic personify the sleeping person’s lack of confidence in his own sexual powers. But peace and tranquility are promised by meeting a new sexual partner who will give you unforgettable emotions from sex.

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