A cow butts in a dream. Dream Interpretation: goring cow, horned cow, cow attacks. Dream interpretation

  • August 9, 2018
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The cow is generally known as a peaceful and kind animal, slightly clumsy and providing food for humans. What can dreams mean in which the dreamer or dreamer saw a cow? Dream books give different interpretations. Naturally, a more accurate explanation of omens can only be obtained when the animal performs some actions. And today we offer an explanation of the dream: why do you dream about a butting and aggressive cow?

Newest dream book

According to the Newest Dream Book, guests often dream about an aggressive animal. However, you should not be happy about such visitors. If a cow attacks, the dream book hints that your guests are hostile towards you. To identify an enemy, the dreamer (the dreamer) should look around her circle of acquaintances. Perhaps he will be able to understand who the person is who is not happy with the general state of affairs of the sleeping person.

The dream book advises to behave more cautiously even with unfamiliar people. Don't trust them with your secrets and talk less about what's going on in your life. And yet, if you are gored by a cow in a dream, in reality you should refuse dubious offers. There is a high probability that they want to accuse the dreamer of something very bad.

Attack of an animal with big horns

In reality, you will certainly have to prepare for not the most welcoming events and difficulties.

And the reason for this will be the huge size of the horns. An angry cow with a big head is a sign of impending poverty. A person must prepare for a difficult period and hard work that will have to be found in order to provide for the family.

If the sleeper managed to grab the horns of an angry creature, financial difficulties await him in the near future. In some cases, such a vision warns of an impending robbery.

Russian dream interpreter

Hearing the loud and angry mooing of this animal in a night dream means reality will not live up to your expectations. The disappointment will be so great that the dreamer or dreamer will cry.

According to the Russian dream book, a cow will attack in need if it is bony and has sunken sides. Pay attention to your financial spending. Maybe now is the time to moderate your spending?


A big black cow portends wealth

Seeing a skinny and bony animal means poverty. Bad times will not last long, and the dreamer will learn to save money. According to other dream books, the image promises a person illness. When you dream of a big black cow, it promises wealth. If you dreamed of a sad animal, a person will face losses. You need to allocate money wisely. A black and white cow predicts a salary increase.

A cow catches up in a dream

A dream with running cows, from which the dreamer (the dreamer) is trying to hide, means that the sleeper is in danger. Some evil person is already taking some action to make your life miserable. The enemy desires sorrows and unpleasant events for the dreamer. The further state of affairs of the sleeper will depend on what followed the chase: whether the dreamer ran away and hid or an angry animal overtook him. Accordingly, when a horned cow in a dream caught up and “counterfeited” the dreamer, the spiteful critic will be able to harm him. If you managed to escape from the animal, all attempts by enemies will be safer for you.

Explanation from a Chinese dream interpreter

Troubles and problems in your life will continue to plague you for some time. Every little thing can become a small, but annoying trip for the dreamer from Fate - this is what the big cow dreams of, trying to butt the sleeper in his night dream. However, you should not be too upset about this: all these little things do not have a serious basis and will not bring much harm. You will become a little inattentive, absent-minded, and you may lose some small and insignificant things. Sooner or later, your gray streak will end, and life will sparkle with bright and pleasant events. The Universe unswervingly observes the rule of balance between good and bad in your destiny.

Noble dream book

A cow butts another cow in a dream. A noble dream interpreter promises a pleasant event in your life. Joy, although it will be sudden, will be remembered for a long time by the dreamer or dreamer.

But if in a dream, in addition to butting animals, you happened to hear their voices (mooing), then joy will not happen. Mooing artiodactyls hint at the dreamer's sorrows and depression, which will fall on him (her) very soon.

A brown or any other dark cow butts in a dream - be patient for the whole year. Debts, troubles at work, losses await you.

Aesop's Dream Book

If the dreamer or dreamer saw in a dream how a cow, which someone was milking, began to kick and butt, do not expect anything good. It is especially bad when in a dream the dreamer clearly understands that she has invited a stranger into her house so that he can help her with milking, or rather, milk her cow himself. At this time, the dreamer is trying to calm down the raging animal so that the stranger can get down to business. The dream hints that the sleeping person (sleeping) may lose a lot due to her own inattention. Both minor financial and material losses, as well as major robbery of the home in which the dreamer (dreamer) lives, are possible.

Beware of the machinations of ill-wishers when the image of a cow chasing you appears in a night vision scenario. You don’t expect a catch from life in the form of harm from enemies, but in vain. Be attentive and careful when communicating with strangers.

Explanation as suggested by Longo

Aggression from an artiodactyl may mean that your close friend (girlfriend) has betrayed you. It is very difficult for him or her now: the torments of his own conscience do not give him peace. To alleviate his condition, your friend must confess to what he has done, but cowardice does not allow him to do this. Therefore, the traitor remains silent and watches the fruits of his “labors” destroy your life.

In his dream, the sleeper is grazing a huge herd of cows in a meadow, and at some point it begins to approach him, trying to trample him or catch him with sharp horns? The dream hints that you will become an object of envy and unpleasant gossip that can ruin your good name. As a result, you may be overcome by conflicts and quarrels.

Coat color

When analyzing night vision, you need to take into account the coloring of the angry animal. Interpreters claim that a black cow or bull is an eerie, mystical image. Such a dream often brings great misfortune, a protracted illness and often death.

A meeting with red cattle is a warning of a fire, which is likely to happen soon.

If the dream ends with flight from an animal, a collision with the elements is inevitable. It is worth noting that a fire will occur, literally or figuratively. The dreamer can be consumed by a love passion of enormous power, which will push him to the most unexpected and inexplicable actions.

If a light-colored cow butts with its horns , dream books predict success and personal happiness for a person in reality. Financial growth in the near future is quite realistic. When you see mating young bulls, painted in light shades, you should count on well-being and prosperity in the near future.

In the vision, a person may encounter a cow and kill it. The reality in this case is not so comforting.

The destroyed well-being, which was created through the efforts of loved ones and family, will become the work of the dreamer himself. The provoking factor for such stupid actions is envy and stinginess.

Vanga's Dream Book

If you see a mad cow, get ready for various obstacles that will delay the resolution of cases and problems. There is no need to try to somehow influence events. The best thing in this case is to wait out the stream of troubles in safety. Moreover, there is no chance to cope with them on your own. However, do not despair - all minor problems will resolve themselves over time.

An emaciated animal attacked the dreamer in a dream - the sleeper’s troubles will not bring any benefit.

A fat cow runs after you in a dream - this means that your life will soon get better. Many problems, mostly related to your financial situation, will leave you. Trouble and need will be replaced by the life you dreamed of. Of course, most likely, not all of your wildest dreams and plans will come true. However, what will come true will bring great satisfaction to the dreamer.

Interpretation of sleep for men and women

For an accurate interpretation, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the sleeper, and even gender. Interpretation for females:

  • If an unmarried girl dreams of a cow, then she may be preparing for an imminent marriage. A calm animal will indicate a carefree life with your spouse. A beautiful and fat cow means the life of the young will be comfortable.
  • A married woman with children dreamed of a dairy animal - you can send your children to the section and don’t worry about the health of the kids. Milking a cow - the relationship with the child will be excellent.
  • For a pregnant woman to see a cow calving means a difficult birth. All measures must be taken to create favorable conditions.
  • A woman chases a cow - the appearance of a new lover. For a married woman, a rich patron will appear. Milking an animal means experiencing financial difficulties.

Why does a woman dream about a cow that butts?

Any female person should be wary if they see this animal with sharp horns in a dream. The situation in the lady’s life is not the best; serious consequences are possible, especially if the horns have reached their goal. This woman’s environment is not on her side at all, the situation is heating up - be careful!

The enraged artiodactyl is wounded and blood is visible. A dream about a horned cow warns of discord in the family circle. Something will happen that can destroy all family ties. Quarrels and squabbles with relatives will be a consequence of what happened.

Did the animal first try to attack you and then retreat abruptly? You are mentally tired. You need rest and a change of scenery. You should not neglect such a warning from the Universe; you need to start restoring your own mental strength. Rest more, think about your hobby. Life moves forward, there will always be things to do, so learn to distract yourself from the negativity and relax.

The scary, enraged, ferocious Burenka is dreamed of as a warning that in many matters there is no need to rush now, so as not to aggravate your current situation.

A white cow wants to catch up in a dream and trample it - the dream hints that your hopes and dreams will remain in vain. Know how to lose. Sometimes it's worth doing it with dignity.

Woke up from a nightmare in which an animal kicks and accelerates to destroy you? A very bad dream - a quarrel with a loved one is just around the corner. During a disagreement, you will see something that will destroy your ideas about this person. In a fit of anger, he admits to something that will throw you out of your normal life rut for a long time.

Individuals colliding with each other

The interpretation of actions in which a cow attacks not a person, but a similar individual, looks completely different. If a herd is grazing peacefully on a pasture, but suddenly rebels and some of its members begin to fight, you can hope for a quick rise in career terms . In this case, all the subtleties play a big role; they can give the vision a negative connotation.

It is possible that during a fierce fight, cows cause serious physical injury to each other, which leads to severe loss of blood or even death. In this case, the resulting career growth can be considered undeserved.

In an effort to achieve the planned heights, the sleeper in real life is ready to commit unseemly acts. He will literally “go over his head”, cause a lot of worries and grief to loved ones, and may commit actions that will cause damage to those around him.

It happens that in a dream, attention is drawn to the bleeding wounds that cover the body of a cow injured during a struggle. In this case, a significant contribution to the events indicated above will be made by a relative or close person with whom the sleeper is in a trusting relationship.

Interpretation from Hasse

An aggressive animal attacking the dreamer (the dreamer) is considered to be a reflection of the inner mood of the sleeper. Therefore, when in your dreams you often have to run away from cows, pay attention, first of all, to yourself. Your inner voice wants to “reach out” to you, to show how much aggression has accumulated. The dream suggests that the dreamer or dreamer is too hot-tempered. This character trait has never been helpful in communicating with others. Various problems are possible not only in the family circle, your aggression can harm your career advancement.

Women especially need to keep themselves under control if they have realized that their hysterical traits and dictatorial tendencies can harm themselves. Don’t nag your loved one, don’t cast dark clouds over your relationship. Try to become softer towards your spouse, and the result will most likely please you.

Scaring a ferocious cow in a dream and causing it to flee is a good hint from the Universe. Failures will not break you; you will be able to cope with any troubles.

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