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  • September 5, 2018
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A dog is more often perceived by people as a four-legged faithful friend. Why do you dream about a dog attacking? Dream books give various interpretations. The most accurate assumption will be if you take into account not only the actions that the animal performs in a dream, but also remember the various circumstances that led to aggression. The color of the dogs, their number - this is all very important if you need to interpret the dream as accurately as possible.

According to the Family Dream Book

A dog attacked you, a purebred and large one - a sign of impending betrayal. Let's go through the dream logically: the dog, appearing in a night dream, is the image of a close friend. A friend attacked you, which means he betrayed you. Look around. Perhaps you will be able to identify an attacker who is causing harm in real life. Of course, such “friendship” must end immediately.

How to explain the dog’s attack on the dreamer (the dreamer) and the exhausting pursuit? It is assumed that in this way the subconscious mind sends signals to the sleeper, saying that there are traps set around.

In a night dream, seeing a dog (or dogs) attacking someone who wanted to harm a person in a dream is a good dream. The vision hints that your friends are loyal and decent people, and very soon they will prove this by protecting you from the attacks and machinations of your enemies.

Detailed interpretation from Denise Lynn

For the sleeping person, the dog is the prototype of his friendly social circle. In a dream, fighting off dogs that bite your hands means that one of your friends will want to harm you by preventing you from taking part in something that is very important for your future well-being.

A very aggressive barking dog - your loved ones (friends) will do harm by deliberately revealing the dreamer’s (the dreamer’s) secret.

Why do you dream of an attacking dog of a cute appearance and a small breed? A cute pet is an image of a very close friend, who in reality will soon show her teeth and act very basely towards the dreamer. You should not forgive such a person, even if she outwardly repents of what she has done: having betrayed once, this lady will no longer be able to stop.

Having a true friend

Walking your dog on a leash is always a positive symbol, indicating that you have a loyal, honest, devoted friend. But if in your night vision you are walking someone else’s dog, especially a dirty one, this is an indication that in reality you will suffer serious losses and losses, and you will be haunted by troubles.

Also, during the process of sleep, it is worth starting from the breed of the pet - if it is a purebred greyhound, then the dream promises prosperity and a successful outcome. But keeping a lapdog on a leash is a romantic rendezvous, and dogs of fighting breeds are a difficult and unpleasant conversation with the enemy. But if you lead a hunting dog on a leash, this is a pointer to spiritual development.

Mayan Dream Interpretation

Expect the appearance of a faithful person in your life if in a dream dogs attack a stranger, and you watch what is happening.

Animals squabble among themselves - this vision speaks of jealousy between friends. Everyone wants to communicate with the dreamer (the dreamer), and your friends are not very close to each other. Try to pay attention to everyone, then the intensity of passions and the spirit of competition may subside.

Russian dream interpreter

But this is what dreams of an attacking dog mean, according to the assumption of this dream book: your friends will prove themselves to be traitors. They will sell themselves to their rivals and help your enemies deal with you. Naturally, they cannot be called friends after such manipulations. What can be done to mitigate the execution of such a dangerous vision? First of all, carefully look around your circle of acquaintances and stop trusting secrets. Keep your secrets to yourself - it will be much safer. Do not give future enemies valuable information that can throw you out of your normal life rut or completely destroy you completely.

If you rely on the explanation of this dream book, the dog attacked was small and not very big - perhaps this is an omen of a small quarrel between relatives. Soon everything will get better, the family will be reunited.

A more vicious dog, but still not causing any particular feeling of fear, barks at the dreamer - the relatives want to harm the dreamer (the dreamer), but they will not entirely succeed.

According to the assumption of the nobles

Why do you dream about a dog attacking with a loud bark? They want to defame you. Gossip is already being made, and soon you will find out its content.

A bite from a dog that draws blood portends attacks from relatives.

According to the scenario of a night dream, a peaceful animal suddenly attacked and bit the sleeping person? Your enemy will harm you on the sly. He is very cowardly to reveal his corrupt identity. This person smiles in your face and pretends to be excited about your problems. In fact, the sudden attack of the dog in your dream has already revealed the vile coward. Look around and pay attention to the one who is too sympathetic and tries to often start conversations with you about troubles (yours) - do not feed his meanness anymore, stop sharing secrets and failures.

Gypsy interpretation

A dog running after the dreamer, wanting to grab his clothes, means you will lose the process.

As the Gypsy Dream Book suggests, if a dog attacked and bit you in a dream, in real life you will have a quarrel with your significant other.

If you feel threatened and even hear barking, the dream foretells approaching danger.

Did you want to pet a dog in a dream, but instead became its victim and felt pain from the bites? The dream warns that it is too early to relax in your situation. The danger may return.

Why do you dream about a pack of dogs?

A pack of dogs represents people from your inner circle. In the near future, there will be more of them thanks to new acquaintances, or you will find out how your relatives or friends really treat you. This will be facilitated by a joint vacation or changes in your life.

For good-natured people, a pack of dogs promises the activation of gossips and enemies. Their source may be an envious colleague or comrade whom you crossed the path of.

Be more secretive and careful. Initiating others into your plans or secrets can become a reason for new intrigues.


According to the Chinese dream book

Was your dog that you know well attacked? A very vile act from someone close to you. This person will contribute to your ruin.

If a dog barks at you in a dream, bares its fangs, and foam flies from its mouth, then in the coming months you will need all your strength and endurance to withstand real danger (or betrayal) and achieve the defeat of your enemies at any cost.

See Stick in a dream

Seeing a stick in a dream foretells that you will soon hit the road. A straight, planed stick - defend your rights to inheritance; a crooked and knotty stick - in reality you will receive unpleasant news. Breaking out or cutting a stick - you will engage in an activity that has always bored you.

Leaning on a stick means illness, driving dogs away with it means you will have to resort to self-defense; hitting someone with a stick portends profit in a profitable business. Using a long stick as a pole, jumping over a stream with its help, is not far off when your views will be shared by those who previously treated them with obvious irony.

According to Miller

Fighting off a pack of aggressive animals is a real-life attempt to deal with two-faced deceivers.

A bloodhound overtakes you in a night dream - a warning. Do not give in to provocative actions or even your own weaknesses. Any situation that slips out of your control is now dangerous.

Emaciated dogs want to overtake the dreamer (the dreamer) in a night illusion - you are excellent at avoiding failures and health problems. If the dogs caught up with you, you will not be able to avoid problems with poor health.

Hearing a dog bark and hiding from it means you will soon hear unpleasant news.

A dog with several heads growls at the dreamer (the dreamer) and wants to tear him to pieces - the dream hints at the fact that a person should not get carried away with several things at once. Unresolved, they will roll on like a snowball if you ignore the hint from the dream book.

What does fate want to tell you if you managed to defeat an aggressive animal in a dream? Victory over a dog attacking in a dream is a good sign, indicating the developed intuition of a sleeping person. You will be able to reveal the plans of your enemies even before the enemies have time to do anything, if you managed to kill the dog. And even in the case when you only neutralized it, this is a sign of good luck - revenge awaits the enemies, it will defeat them forever.

What was a pack of dogs doing?

The plot, where a pack of dogs attacks, symbolizes danger and risks to life. You risk getting seriously ill, getting injured at work, becoming a victim of a rapist, or breaking a leg during repairs. Neglecting life safety rules and the symptoms of an impending illness will speed up their onset.

For those planning to travel, such a vision gives an unfavorable prognosis. Due to possible problems with the car, an accident or a flight delay, you will not reach your final destination on time. Against this background, important negotiations are likely to be disrupted, a party will be late, or a trip will be postponed.

A pack of angry dogs attacks - they want to bewitch you or deprive you of your vitality.

A pack of familiar dogs attacks - your friend will suddenly go over to the side of your ill-wishers.

A pack of dogs attacks and bites - a sign of emergency at work or intrigues from rivals.

A pack of dogs bites until they bleed - to negativity on the part of blood relatives.

A pack of dogs attacked and tore the skirt (of a girl) - you will marry a guy from a wealthy family.

A pack of chained dogs attacked and tried to break free - there are people who long for your tears.

A dream in which a pack of dogs is running has several interpretations. If they frolicked in an open area (in a field, on the edge of a forest or outside the city) during the day, you will experience spiritual renewal, increased creative potential, the fulfillment of secret hopes and a severance of ties with the past. Against this background, you will find new life goals, find use for your talents, or go on a romantic trip.

A pack of dogs was running in a confined space (for example, along a narrow corridor or in a cramped basement) - you are on the verge of despair. Its cause may be problems in various areas of life or a person who morally oppresses you. For fate to put you on opposite sides of the barricades, you will have to quit your job or move.

A pack of dogs was chasing - you will find yourself helpless before the onslaught of failures.

A pack of dogs ran towards you - you will end up in a hospital bed or lose a blood relative.

A pack of dogs behaves indifferently - to a pleasant surprise.

A pack of dogs wagged their tail - to prosperity and profit thanks to the stupidity of competitors.

A pack of dogs was fussing - you will be afraid of the next mistakes or you will not be able to forgive the offense.

A pack of dogs runs past in a dream - problems will not affect you in reality. You will successfully pass a professional check, pass an exam, return safe and sound from a trip, or make a deal with a decent person. By boasting about your achievements, you can attract the glances of envious people.

Sometimes such a plot signals a forced separation from friends. They will go to study in another city, spend a vacation in the countryside, or go abroad to work. Your sincerity and initiative will help keep the relationship at the same level.

A pack of chained dogs broke free and ran away - to victory over their opponents.

A pack of dogs was chasing a cat - you should not interfere between the warring parties.

For a woman or girl, such a dream symbolizes the beginning of love rivalry. A girl will appear near the object of your affections and try to seduce him or make him fall in love with her. How the love triangle turns out depends solely on his upbringing.

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