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Most people are periodically interested in dream interpretation. If you dream of chicks, this is considered one of the most favorable signs. Such a night vision says that all a person’s deepest desires will soon come true. Also, if you dream of these creatures, this portends family well-being and stability.

Interpretation of chicks in a dream

General interpretation

Dreams in which chicks appear speak of family and home. They may portend the birth of a child, financial well-being or pleasant changes. But sometimes such a vision can warn the sleeper from mistakes. It is important to take into account all the details when interpreting.

If you dream that the chicks have just hatched from the eggs and are in the nest, this symbolizes the plans that the dreamer wants to bring to life. Such a dream says that now is a good time to implement them, but you need to think carefully about your actions. An adult bird feeding its young portends unexpected expenses.

For a young couple, this dream often foreshadows an addition to the house. But it can also talk about material wealth; they will probably soon receive a promotion or increase in salary.

If you dream of a chick, when interpreting you need to take into account the following details:

  • a brood that has just hatched from eggs - the dreamer’s efforts will not be in vain, he will soon receive the first reward;
  • chicks without a mother are a sign that the sleeper will be able to independently realize his plans;
  • chicks with an adult bird - it is worth enlisting the support of more experienced people.

According to Miller’s dream book, a chick foretells peace at home and internal harmony. Soon the dreamer will be able to overcome his fears of responsibility and begin to realize his wildest desires.

If a person dreams that he is holding a black chick in his palm, this indicates his doubts. For a woman, the dream book indicates that it is worth showing more determination in real life, then you will succeed.

Chicks of different breeds

Parrots hatching from eggs indicate that small, pleasant surprises await the dreamer. If you had to save owlets in a dream, this means a person should be more reasonable and make informed decisions.

Financial losses are possible, but they will be small.

Swan chicks symbolize the love sphere of the sleeping person’s life. If a girl had such a vision, it means that a new relationship awaits her soon. The fan will be very determined and may propose. For a guy, the image of a swan foreshadows a meeting with a girl and a serious relationship with her.

If you dream of pigeon chicks, this symbolizes peace and quiet. Soon there will be harmony and mutual understanding in the sleeping person’s house.

Why do you dream of chickens hatching from eggs - meaning

Our dreams at night are beyond our control. And it is very difficult to determine on your own what the scenes you see can symbolize.

If an egg is the origin of life, then what does a chicken mean? In a general sense, if you don’t go into detailed details, then the dream of a small, such a pretty chicken portends little troubles.

But the main character can also foretell the profit that you will receive by opening a new business. Yellowbeak is your new business, to which you will devote a large amount of time. As we see, the meaning is twofold.

For centuries, people have resorted to a variety of methods for interpretation. Today, to understand why you dream of chickens hatching from an egg, it is enough to refer to various dream books. On their pages they reveal completely different plots, which most often depend on the details. The more details the dreamer remembers during interpretation, the more accurately it will be possible to decipher what he saw.

Why do you dream about chickens hatching from an egg? Interpretation of a dream

All dream books interpret that hatching chickens in a night dream means trouble in the very near future. Let's take a look at the pages of various dream books:

  • What does Miller's dream book say? It doesn’t matter how many small yellow poultry hatched in your dream - they mean household chores and chores. In my night vision, I watched as the chicken hatched and grew, and feathers appeared. The plot foreshadows an excellent result; you will work on a new project for a long time, but the result will satisfy you, and you will be especially pleased with large profits and financial stability. We saw a little chick hatching, luck is on your side, a very difficult task, which frayed quite a few nerves, will end in success.
  • According to the Russian folk dream book, a hatched baby chicken is a symbol of a weak person who needs protection, summing up a certain stage of life, work. According to the dream book, if you just watch the chicken chicks watering, in reality, you are a very sympathetic person, you want to take all the defenseless under your wing.
  • The writer Aesop in his dream book refers to the fact that it is necessary to sum up the results after completing one’s work, and not to rush. Premature conclusions can harm you. If you dreamed of a chicken that was lost, in reality you will protect a weak person, perhaps a colleague. By doing this, you will earn respect among the team and strengthen your authority. If you watch a bird drinking, you will draw premature conclusions about human performance.
  • An interesting interpretation is given by the Erotic Dream Book. A cute chick, associated with a beloved person. I dreamed of a squad of chickens; in the future you will be very worried about your chosen one. If you dreamed of a chicken coop and you collect small birds in it to spend the night, get ready, ill-wishers are preparing a conspiracy against your person, there may be gossip. A dead chicken appeared in the night vision; events in the future will not be joyful. For a married lady, such a plot promises an unexpected pregnancy, a conflict with her husband. For a girl in a relationship, it portends a separation from a loved one.
  • Freud interprets such a dream from the point of view of psychoanalysis. He associates a small defenseless chicken with the dreamer’s health. In the near future, you need to pay attention to your well-being. If necessary, visit a doctor. Negligence towards the first symptoms can lead to serious illness.
  • According to the Women's Dream Book, the upcoming worries will be beneficial for you. Dreaming of very small or newly hatched crumbs promises good luck in business endeavors.

Attention! I dreamed of a hen with her brood, a very good sign. You will soon receive unexpected profits.

I dreamed of a chicken hatching from an egg

According to the erotic dream book, seeing chickens hatching from eggs foretells a new unexpected romance for the fair sex. It will be long-lasting, and you will put a lot of effort and energy into it. In a new relationship, you need to be patient.

Important! I dreamed that a chicken was hatching eggs; for married couples, replenishment was expected. And for an unmarried girl, the plot foreshadows a very early entry into family life. The mother hen symbolizes a harmonious family life.

If several crumbs hatch, then pleasant, positive changes await in the dreamer’s life.

Ducklings according to the dream book

Seeing duck chicks in a dream is considered a special sign. For a woman, they represent family comfort and peace. The dream book says that if you were able to see and hold this chick in your hands, the dreamer’s family life will be very happy.

Also, these creatures in a dream have the following interpretations:

  • the desire of the sleeper for family and marriage;
  • home improvement;
  • birth of a child.

Ducklings symbolize comfort

If the sleeper already has a soulmate, the dream foreshadows a journey in which he will show himself from a new side.

But you should be careful, because this can lead to a deterioration in family relationships.

If you have a dream in which little ducklings are unaccompanied by an adult bird, this speaks of a person’s independence and his creative abilities.

But if the chicks squeaked in a dream, this is a bad sign. Such a dream foreshadows that the dreamer’s loved one will find himself in an unpleasant situation. If the sleeper had to feed these creatures, this promises trouble. Their cause may be the dreamer's relatives.

Saving chicks in a dream means unpleasant work that the dreamer will have to do for free. The worst interpretation is for dreams in which you saw dead ducklings. They promise the destruction of the plans and hopes of the sleeper.

If you dreamed of hungry yellow ducklings, the dream book says:

  • infantilism and lack of independence;
  • the dreamer cannot make important decisions;
  • he is easy to deceive.

Seeing a nest with eggs in a dream means the dream for a woman

If a woman dreams of nests with eggs, such a vision suggests that it is time for her to think about creating her own family home. You should think about the possible renovation or purchase of new furniture for the apartment. If you haven't been up to it lately, now is a great time to rectify the situation. In addition, you should think about changing your living conditions to more decent ones by purchasing a large house.

Also, a woman who dreamed of a similar plot will in the near future express a desire to change her home, bringing something new into it.

If such a dream appears to a man, he will have a desire to legitimize relations with his other half and even have children. At this moment, the sleeping person will have a great desire to acquire an heir in order to pass on the knowledge, accumulated experience and wealth to the child.

Chickens according to the dream book

Little chickens in a dream can have different meanings. They usually portend a lot of worries. But if a person can cope with them, it will benefit him and strengthen his character.

A chick in a dream that has just hatched from an egg means that all problems will soon be solved.

If there were several chicks in his hands that tried to pinch, the dreamer has envious people. Soon they will try to harm you, so you need to be careful to avoid problems.

Little chickens in a dream are also interpreted differently:

  • catching a chicken - everyday duties that the dreamer is tired of;
  • excess selfishness in relationships;
  • problems in your personal life or separation.

Rejoice or fear?

A chicken egg with an embryo in a dream, surrounded by the love and care of a laying hen, portends good luck and joy. The fact that I dreamed of an egg with an embryo in splendid isolation fully characterizes the independent nature of the dreamer.

When in a dream you were lucky enough to witness the moment of transformation of an egg with an embryo into a full-fledged chick, the Chinese interpreter foretells success in any endeavor.

Meneghetti's dream book offers a rather skeptical interpretation of the dream. According to the Italian interpreter, the essence under the shell symbolizes the dangerous unknown, so it is advisable for the sleeper to be careful everywhere and in everything.

Interpretation of dream details

If you dreamed of chicks in a nest, the dream book says that he will soon receive an unexpected gift. Perhaps his children will give it to him. Also, such a dream is associated with success, material well-being and independence.

Seeing a chick falling from a nest or birdhouse and still having time to catch it means that the dreamer has fears and worries regarding the future of his children. A dream in which you saw a dead chick is considered unfavorable. It portends disappointments and disruption of plans. Efforts will not bring results.

Giving the chicks milk means unexpected expenses. But they can pay off later.


Eggs seen in a dream are a favorable sign for new beginnings. Success is expected in all matters. Eating them in a dream means meeting a person is expected, which will develop into a deep feeling. Coloring means disappointment, resentment, and a quarrel with your significant other are expected. Seeing a lot of eggs means having fun, celebrating some event where there will be many guests. Cooking food from them means loss of valuable things, it could be money, jewelry, etc. Seeing them in a bird's nest means exciting love affairs are expected in the near future.


They unexpectedly found an egg of enormous size - in the future, scientists will discover eggs of long-extinct animals, perhaps dinosaurs or other extinct species.

In a dream you watched with interest how someone hatched - in reality you will also witness the birth of a new life. For a woman preparing to become a mother, such a dream predicts a successful birth.

If you dreamed that you accidentally dropped and broke an egg - in reality you are destined to commit some kind of crime. Most likely, you will take someone's life, and you will do it unintentionally. If it was broken by someone else, then a cruel murder will be committed before your eyes.

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