Why do you dream of chicken eggs: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

In ancient times, a chicken egg in many countries was considered a symbol of new life and rebirth, which is why many folk healers and fortune tellers used it in their rituals to change fate for the better, as well as to eliminate damage.

I would like to reassure women who saw chicken eggs in a dream, since they are considered a good sign , but you also need to take into account other details of the dream that will help more accurately predict the near future.

After waking up, it is recommended to write down the details in a notepad. You should also try to remember in detail all your emotions during sleep, as they will also help to correctly interpret the dream. So, why does a woman dream of chicken eggs?

Raw eggs in a dream

Raw chicken eggs in a dream indicate relationships with other people.

So, if the eggs in a dream are large , then the dreamer will have a good time with old friends.

Eggs in the nest are a sign that you can trust your family with the problems and life troubles that bother you.

If in a dream you drank a raw chicken egg , then expect disagreements to arise with your superiors due to your own mistakes.

But in general, raw eggs in a dream foreshadow only good news, perhaps they will be related to your family life. Sometimes such a dream means your desire to become a parent.

Psychologists' point of view

A person’s emotional reaction to an egg in a dream can sometimes provide more valuable information than the image itself. Among other things, this symbol can be interpreted as an attempt by a person’s subconscious to return to childhood, which means that such a dream is a hint of certain problems that the dreamer does not want to notice in his real life.

The shell, in turn, plays the role of protection, often vital for a new “life form” to form. Looking for bird's nests is a sign of impatience, due to which a person is unable to implement his plans in life. People who blame themselves for one or another action may dream of a scene in which they are pelted with slop and eggshells.

Sigmund Freud

Since, from the perspective of a psychoanalyst, eggs symbolize the female reproductive system, such a dream, with a high degree of probability, indicates a person’s desire to have a child. The presence of a large number of eggs indicates the dreamer's or dreamer's need for family relationships. However, there is a caveat - if a person goes to bed hungry, then he may well have a similar dream!

The terrible and nauseating smell of rottenness and staleness of the product indicates a person’s concern for his health, as well as the possible occurrence of hidden diseases. Boiling eggs is a sign of a person’s immaturity and shortsightedness in sexual matters; It is quite possible that these qualities are caused by frivolity, as well as young age.

Cooking fried eggs or an omelet means a person’s subconscious fear of losing his child both during pregnancy and in adulthood.

Gustav Miller

An egg seen in a dream speaks of an opportunity that the dreamer should take advantage of before other people become interested in it. The absence of yolk means problems that will arise due to the slowness and excessive caution of a person. For a man, such an image can mean subconscious worries about protecting his vulnerabilities from attacks from other people.

Cooking egg dishes, as well as eating them, means feeling the need for unnecessary information such as listening to gossip, rumors and opinions of other people about unimportant issues. Peeling the shell or holding it in your hands means that in the near future a person will have to reconsider some of his views.

A lot of chicken eggs in a dream

If an unmarried young woman saw a lot of chicken eggs in a dream, this means that soon her personal life will be filled with pleasant moments. In addition, this also means that she will have many fans who will not have the most serious intentions.

A large number of eggs in a dream means that in the near future a woman will experience positive changes in her personal or family life, as well as financial success. If a woman sees herself collecting eggs in a dream , this may mean that the most exciting and pleasant events await her soon, climbing the career ladder and serious success in business, as well as a very pleasant personal acquaintance.

Interpretation of dreams depending on details

Let's look at why you dream about this product in detail.

  • Collecting eggs from a chicken coop means making a sudden profit.
  • Seeing them in the nest means a strong marriage and the birth of a long-awaited child are expected.
  • If you drop the egg from your hands, your only chance will be missed. There will be no second opportunity.

This product is a sign of the birth of something new, interpreting happiness and success. And if you see a broken testicle, then this is a symbol of a waste of time. They will bring destruction and collapse of all hopes in reality. If the testicles turn out to be rotten, unpleasant situations await the person.

Broken eggs in a dream

Dreams about beating eggs do not bode well; sometimes they are dreamed by those who are in for financial troubles in the near future, as well as by those who will make a large and thoughtless purchase in the future. Those who have had such a dream need to be on their guard, they should not make too expensive and dubious purchases, and they should not lend money to anyone. It is also worth refusing not very reliable offers to purchase real estate and increase capital.

If a woman intentionally breaks an egg in a dream , then this may indicate a lucrative job or business offer, as well as receiving an expensive gift in the near future.

Gossip, intrigue, losses

Such a vision in a dream warns a woman, according to the dream book, about the gossip and intrigues of spiteful critics behind her back. She needs to be careful in her behavior and communication with others.

Did you dream that you accidentally broke a large egg? In reality, there will be significant losses in business due to your own mistake. You will have to put in a lot of effort to correct the situation.

Buy eggs in a dream

Those who buy whole and fresh eggs in a dream should only rejoice, as this is a positive sign, because a woman’s life will become more active and interesting.

According to another interpretation of the dream, if you bought eggs in a dream, then this means being immersed in everyday affairs and worries . Moreover, the number of eggs purchased in a dream corresponds to the amount of time that you will devote to your home life. It is worth noting that this work will not be easy, very exhausting.

Great time to implement plans

Why dream of seeing it in natural conditions? The dream book suggests: a very favorable time is coming for the implementation of plans. Try not to miss it. But the project needs to be worked out well, all the nuances taken into account - only then will success come.

Did you dream of buying a big egg? This is an excellent sign: you will soon receive an inheritance or a large monetary reward.

Fresh and whole chicken eggs in a dream

If you dreamed of fresh, whole and large chicken eggs, then such a dream could mean some major acquisition, profitable deals, career advancement, as well as meetings with best friends in the near future.

For an unmarried woman , this means that she will soon meet a serious and interesting young man, and for a married lady, such a dream is an omen of an imminent pregnancy.

a pregnant woman dreams of
fresh and whole chicken eggs , then this is also a good sign, since the birth will go smoothly and without any complications, and the child will be born completely healthy.

Cooking chicken eggs in a dream

If you dreamed of boiled eggs , then this means that many obstacles have disappeared on the path to your dream, so you can act, since all good plans will be easily realized with minimal effort.

Those who see in a dream the process of preparing dishes from chicken eggs need to think about the fact that some people from their inner circle do not have very pure thoughts.

If a woman dreams that she is feeding her man some dish made from eggs , then this indicates impending betrayal on the part of her significant other.

Those women who themselves eat egg dishes in a dream will experience some good event in the near future, but this is only if they like the taste of the cooked food.

Other interpretations

We turned to sources of popular oneiromancers, psychoanalysts of past and present years for information about why we dream about fried egg dishes. But there are many publications that combine information compiled from observations, surveys, and various experiments.

Why do you dream of fried eggs in other dream books?

When you dream of frying eggs, in most cases this foreshadows events that will literally turn the dreamer’s entire existence around. What does this event mean when you dream about it according to the interpretations of other dream books?

From A to Z

I dreamed of frying an omelette, where one of the eggs had two chicken yolks. This promises success and wealth, which, however, were achieved thanks to persistent and hard work.


If you dream of fried rotten chicken eggs, this is a harbinger of loss of property and decline in activity.


If you happen to see an omelet made from a huge number of eggs, you are destined for one of the best places in the service. It will bring you stable and high earnings and security for all family members.

Seeing chicken eggs in a dream according to an esoteric dream book

If the egg is cracked , then this is a warning to pregnant women, as miscarriage or serious complications during pregnancy are possible.

If a woman dreamed of cooking scrambled eggs , then this means a subconscious desire to raise her children.

A large number of chicken eggs in a dream means great troubles associated with your own children.

Basic values

The symbolism of the egg is obvious - it is the beginning of life, a reminder of the fragility of all living things. Broken eggs have a negative meaning. And finally, cooked eggs are again a positive sign. Scrambled eggs in a dream are an exceptionally successful combination of colors, a powerful hint of high nutritional value.

Eating in a dream is usually a sign of hunger. A person wants to eat and sees what he wants in a dream. Scrambled eggs in a dream are no exception. Seeing scrambled eggs sizzling, sizzling with lard or a fragrant omelette sprinkled with cheese in a dream is a sure sign that you are hungry in reality.

  • Pregnant women often dream of scrambled eggs due to their high nutritional value and the presence of a huge amount of elements beneficial to the fetus. Such dreams are especially typical during the first trimester of pregnancy, when hunger is especially strong. Note to husbands - feed your pregnant wives scrambled eggs and a hearty breakfast, and you will be less likely to have to run in the middle of the night for ripe strawberries or melon.
  • Fried eggs have the best meaning - there are practically no negative meanings. Dreaming of fried eggs symbolizes success, financial well-being, good news, and joyful news. The brighter the orange yolks, the more interesting and joyful the news.
  • Toasted chatter means that the news will be different. Good and bad mixed in. A clever person will be able to find benefit in this.
  • According to the family dream book, omelet has the meaning of deception and flattery. But according to eastern dream books, a delicacy of eggs beaten with milk is a sign of an exalted and refined nature.
  • Fried eggs in a dream have a good meaning for students and those involved in science. Seeing scrambled eggs in a dream means an important discovery, an interesting and bright thought. If you dream that you are frying eggs in a frying pan, heated arguments, discussions and even quarrels are quite likely.
  • For pure-hearted and happy people, a fried egg in a dream is a sign of sun and joy. Most likely, you are on a hike, dreaming of the comfort of home and a delicious breakfast.
  • Asian cuisine including omelette rolls and omelette pieces in soup, sauce means great success.
  • An omelet with shrimp in a dream means a happy day.
  • A Canadian breakfast, when a fried egg is fried on a piece of steak or with a slice of ham, is a sign of hard but well-paid work.
  • If the food is over-salted or spoiled, it means failure.
  • Getting dirty with leaking yolk, dropping a piece of fried egg on your clothes - you won’t be able to take advantage of the best deals.
  • Sometimes burnt scrambled eggs along with the shell are dreamed of by people suffering from guilt. In this case, broken eggs remind of unborn chicks, innocent lives ruined. It is curious that such dreams often torment vegetarians and strictly fasting religious people. The desired tasty and nutritious food seems to them spoiled in a dream.
  • A phantasmagoric dream in which all the eggs hatch into live chickens shows a missed opportunity. If you hurry to correct the mistake, you will be able to take a worthy place in Forbes.
  • Eating scrambled eggs with a fried white bun in a dream means enlightenment, new interesting and fascinating knowledge.
  • An egg sandwich means you need to hurry up in business.
  • Boiled poached or benedict eggs mean legal troubles. You may need to confirm your rights to a land plot and real estate transactions. Unfortunately, there is a high probability that troubles will be associated with receiving an inheritance

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