Why do you dream about fruits: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

Seeing rotten fruits and vegetables in a dream is a warning from above. What you see means an extremely damaged reputation of the dreamer and his friends. Most likely, you will be drawn into someone’s machinations and will not be able to influence the situation if you dreamed that you had a chance to eat spoiled food. Urgently look into the dream book to clarify why you dream of rotten mushrooms.

Miller's dream book signals

Psychologists suggest: if you dream about spoiled food, look for a person in your circles who will soon betray you and go to your rivals. Seeing rot, a wormhole in a dream, cutting them off from apples, pears, tangerines - means a complete check and cleaning among colleagues and partners.

Miller's dream book, revealing what rotten fruits and vegetables mean in dreams, focuses on the following nuances:

  • collecting in the garden - to promote a dubious project;;
  • buy, accept as a gift - to offend an old friend;
  • eating by yourself or treating friends means poisoning;
  • burying it in foliage or in the ground means identifying a dishonest person in your circle.

The dreamer's actions

Did you eat sweet fruits in a dream? Such a dream is interpreted from two positions.

The fruits were sweet - expect renewal of life values, and therefore personal growth. And if the fruits were bitter or sour, a difficult stage lies ahead emotionally.

It is necessary not to give in to despondency, but despite everything that happens, look only forward. Always remember your dreams - they will be your guiding star among all obstacles and difficulties.

Did you buy fruit in your dream? This means that in reality someone wants to act selfishly towards the dreamer. But the fault will not be the “villain”, but your naivety and short-sightedness.

Become wiser and make every decision carefully, without looking at other people.

A dream in which fruit was stolen symbolizes financial failure. The cause of monetary losses will be a series of accidents and unforeseen circumstances.

The dream book advises taking care of your financial reserves in advance and not making risky decisions.

Were you treated to fruit in your dream? This means that in the future, expect moral and financial support from a very influential person.

Don’t take advantage of kindness, don’t take for granted what you are given. Be grateful both to fate and to your new friend.

A dream in which fruit was sold promises lucrative offers and deals in reality. Here the dream book advises taking risks and gaining a little courage!

The most extraordinary proposals may have the most profitable results in the future.

Even if it seems to the dreamer that this is impossible, do not doubt it. This stage is given to “stir up” the dreamer, make him “easier” in making decisions and teach him to have a simpler attitude towards life in general.

Picking fruit in a dream means failure in the work sphere. To avoid unpleasant consequences and troubles, you need to learn to ask people for help. Many troubles will recede before your union with a friend or loved one.

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