Why do you dream about heights? Why do you dream about falling in a dream?

Often dreams reflect everyday life stories, but sometimes there are such colorful and memorable pictures that you want to quickly find out why such an unusual dream is happening. One of the most experienced dreams is heights. A sign that can express both a lot of good and troubling things in your life. Let's take a closer look at what heights mean in dreams.

One of the most experienced dreams is heights

Why do you dream about heights: interpretation

Usually, height is a reflection of worries and worries before any upcoming events in your life.
Fear says the following:

  • The more severe the fear of heights in a dream, the more uncertainty the dreamer is exposed to.
  • A signal indicating change for the better.
  • It's time to gather all your strength into a fist and start acting.

If there is no fear of heights, this indicates that the sleeper feels confident enough in society, and any fear of possible difficulties is minimal or completely absent.

Other options

Additionally, it is recommended to consider a number of other interpretations depending on the accompanying details of the dream:

  1. Falling off the top means an upcoming increase in responsibility.
  2. Falling from a cliff, building or tree, foretells an upcoming recovery.
  3. A child falling indicates the need for support from adults.
  4. This dream may indicate that in reality a person cannot conquer a single peak.

We should also not forget that in this way, the subconscious can convey to the dreamer his own fears.

Important! Since the height in dreams is not unambiguous, it will be extremely important to take a closer look at the details, which will allow you to more accurately determine the sign.

Almost every person experiences certain dreams in their life. Many people like this, but not everyone understands that there is often a hidden message in the vision. That is why it is necessary to remember with special attention what happened during the moment of rest. Since the event and accompanying details may indicate dramatic changes in human life, and this may affect all areas of it.

Fear of falling from a height in a dream

Often those who in real life are facing future problems have to fall from a height down in a dream.
Often those who in real life are facing future problems have to fall from a height down in a dream, because not everyone will be calm about changes in their life. And the dream, in turn, reflects precisely the fear of making decisions.

Changes in the dreamer's life will definitely happen, but most likely for the better. And a person with iron self-control, who is not afraid of change, rarely dreams of heights.

Usually the dream book reveals several meanings of fear of heights if the dreamer has fear in everyday life.

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If you are indifferent to heights, please note:

  • Stop dreaming and setting impossible goals for yourself. When planning important decisions, assess your capabilities more realistically.
  • A number of changes await you in the near future: serious trials or the loss of a loved one.
  • Soon you will have to make an important decision that can significantly change your life.

If you had to sit on a high bridge, after which you fell, this is the threshold of a difficult period in life, which will be quite difficult to survive without the support of loved ones.

And if it so happens that heights do not frighten you, it means that in life you stand quite firmly on your feet and all difficulties are easily resolved.

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Falling from a height in a dream may indicate the following:

  1. If you are lucky, then this dream can promise overcoming all sorts of obstacles that may come your way.
  2. When a fall is fraught with injury, it means loss of material assets.
  3. Falling while experiencing great fear means overcoming difficulties on your life path.

If you say “I’m afraid”, but still fall from a height, this indicates a loss of control over your emotions.

Different stories

As a rule, a fall is explained as a lack of support and absent-mindedness. Sometimes a person cannot decide on one of several options for solving a situation.

The correctness and accuracy of interpretation depends on the plot:

  1. Fall - the plan is unlikely to come true. If the dreamer does not wake up immediately, it means that problems are already close.
  2. Seeing a friend or loved one - it is recommended to exercise caution. The person in the dream will soon need your support.
  3. A stranger in a dream means that the dreamer is very tired and feels like a squeezed lemon.


Dreams in which the dreamer is going to jump indicate that the person wants to give up all problems and evade responsibility. Well-known dream books claim that after this it is better to take a break and have a good rest, without making any hasty decisions.

If fear appears before a jump, this means that the dreamer’s idea is not perceived as desired. The desire to realize your plans will overcome fear, so in reality there is no need to be afraid.

Jumping down sharply rather than calmly descending in a dream is not the best and most positive omen. There is a high probability that disappointment, loss and grief lie ahead. It may be that all the events will not be too dramatic, but the dreamer will take them to heart.

The feeling of freedom is what the dream book associates jumping with. The dream suggests that something is preventing a person from taking steps forward, and also reflects the desire to be free.

A fall

If you fall to the ground, you should think about your well-being, and also change your diet by adding healthy foods. Falling from a height in a dream suggests that you need to return from heaven to earth and begin to act.

Below are interpretations of dreams in which a person falls:

  • into the swamp - to melancholy and boredom;
  • into a puddle - to appear in an absurd situation;
  • into troubled waters - to cause trouble, and take a long time to get rid of the consequences;
  • into the lake - to a long-term illness;
  • into the river - to a revaluation of moral values;
  • on the asphalt - to grievances, after a conflict a person will feel pain for a long time;
  • to fall and break - to the onslaught of troubles that will not allow you to live in peace.


If in a dream there was a choice, and as a result a person still decides to jump, this means that in reality he is capable of an extreme and unusual act. That is why many dream books recommend being attentive and judicious so as not to be disappointed after certain events.

Look down without any fear? Do you dream that you are sitting high somewhere and your legs are hanging over an abyss? You have already reached certain heights in life. The dream provides a chance to believe that you will be able to stay on top and further.

If in a dream there is a feeling of fear and fear of falling, then you need to be attentive and careful in reality. The world around us is not as friendly as before. The likelihood of getting hurt, being betrayed or deceived increases significantly.

In conclusion, it must be added that the interpretation also depends on the person’s attitude towards height. If you like to feel between the earth and the sky, then dreams will certainly symbolize positive events and situations. For those who prefer to stand firmly on their feet, on solid ground, dreams of heights once again remind us that in reality we need to be careful.

Be afraid to jump from a height, but jump successfully

A dream in which you are about to jump from a height hides some fatigue from workload and continuous work in real life.
A dream in which you have to jump from a height hides some fatigue from workload and continuous work in real life. You should just take a day off and take a good break from everyday life.

Sometimes the high jump is explained differently for men and women:

  1. For the weaker half of society, such dreams may hide some kind of intimate attraction to a completely unpredictable person (an employee or boss). In this case, you need to understand yourself and set priorities.
  2. If a man successfully jumped from a height, then in real life he is strong in spirit and has a strong masculine core.

And for everyone who is not afraid of a high jump or who enjoys it, positive changes await you in life, in which you will be the main person.

Looking down from a height in a dream

If you had to look from a high-rise building, this indicates the presence of ambition, which means:

  • In real life, you talk a lot, but implement little.
  • The dream calls you to act, it's time to pull yourself together.

If you dreamed of a height and you are afraid of falling, this indicates a difficult struggle for survival in the near future. The greater your fear, the greater your chances of winning.

And if you had to stand at the height from which you wanted to jump, you are easily ready to leave your usual life and break out into the “big voyage”.

If you dream that a child has fallen from a height

Absolutely any fall from a height hides a lack of confidence in oneself and one’s strengths.
Absolutely any fall from a height hides a lack of confidence in oneself and one’s strengths. In addition, such a dream can call for overcoming various difficulties, and the result can be seen in the injuries received from contact with the surface.

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A child falling may mean the following:

  1. If you see a dream in which a child has fallen, you will soon be deceived or are already being deceived. A child is your sincere, unmasked state, which only you know about.
  2. If your baby falls, is badly hurt and is crying, pay attention to the people close to you. Right now they can betray you.
  3. If your child falls from a height, expect failures in business.
  4. If the baby falls into the mud, a change of scenery awaits you or you will be slandered (depending on the injuries received).
  5. When your child falls in a dream, this indicates difficulties for the baby in the near future, try to protect him from this. Although this dream may be an abstract reflection of reality, perhaps they are trying to complicate your brainchild (business, venture, etc.). At best, they are simply jealous.
  6. When you dreamed of an image of a child falling from a height, it speaks of a moral anxiety that has been affecting you indirectly for several days now.

But as practice shows, a feeling of anxiety in reality can provoke such a dream, in this case it is worth remembering your dream in detail, it is directly related to your conduct of business.

In general, seeing a child in a dream is not so bad, quite the opposite. Such dreams are a warning, especially clear if you actually have children. Your subconscious throws out what your conscious mind cannot handle, and by the details of the dream you can determine the degree of danger that awaits you. Sleep allows you to prepare for some important event, so that if something happens, your landing in reality will be softer.

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