What does a drunk man promise and why does he dream, the dream book reflects.

A state of intoxication in a dream warns a person about frivolous actions that can cause big trouble in the future. A detailed analysis, as well as the correlation of what was seen in a dream with events occurring in real life and the search for answers in the dream book will help to correctly understand why this image is being dreamed about.

Feeling intoxicated in a dream, according to the esoteric dream book, is fraught with the threat of getting sick or seriously injured in real life due to your carelessness. If you dreamed of a drunk acquaintance, then you should prepare for the troubles that this person can cause. Perhaps the dreaming person will feel unwell or unexpected grief will occur in the person’s family.

According to Miller’s dream book, seeing oneself drunk predicts reckless and provocative behavior for the dreamer in the future. Moreover, the person will not feel remorse about his own frivolity and rudeness. Also, this dream is a sign that the dreamer in real life avoids difficulties and life problems, hides from difficulties and is afraid of responsibility.

In the modern dream book, the meaning of a dream in which a drunk person sits at a table next to the dreamer speaks of the prospect of working shoulder to shoulder with a special person, causing unpleasant emotions and irritation in the sleeper. It is worth keeping your emotions to yourself, because your opinion will soon change to the opposite.

A familiar drunk man in a dream

Seeing a drunk man you know in a dream means that in real life there is a risk of committing an act that will make you ashamed. But this act will not be committed intentionally, but accidentally, mistakenly. Also, such a dream can portend health problems for the one who dreamed.

Talking to a drunk acquaintance or friend means quarreling with him in real life because you won’t be able to understand each other when doing something you decided to do together. Quarreling with a drunk acquaintance means difficulties in business for unclear reasons.

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