Why do you dream of seeing yourself as a child - according to all dream books

According to interpretations, seeing yourself as a child means making new friends in your social circle, traveling together, getting new impressions. According to the interpreter - to make an important decision, to feel an unprecedented surge of strength, to face a difficult choice. At the same time, make an important decision, find strength in yourself, and be on the threshold of a new stage in life. Very rarely - to make a difficult decision, to find motivation and strength, to face a difficult choice.

Different interpreters and researchers have given different answers to the question about the meaning of this dream. In order to most accurately answer the question of why you dream of seeing yourself as a child, we turned to the most accurate and reliable editions of dream books. The collections of Vanga and Miller will help you suggest what the images in your dreams promise. And the lunar dream book will answer the question of exactly when and in what lunar phases this will come true.

According to Vanga's dream book

Seeing yourself as a child in a dream means making a difficult decision, finding motivation and strength, and facing a difficult choice. Appearing in a dream, children symbolize not only concentration and determination. This is a sign of imminent success, goal achievement and some kind of personal breakthrough. In order to achieve what you want, it is enough to accept the signs of fate and not retreat.

Is it possible to speed up the realization of children in a dream? Vanga suggested simple ways to speed up the fulfillment of dreams. The most important thing is to remember the most important details and elements of the dream. Then you need to light any candle, preferably a church candle, and go around the corners of your room.

Dream Interpretation: child in a dream

A baby in a dream can bring both great joy and great sadness:

  1. Pregnant girls have nightmares about small children due to health problems that can lead to miscarriage.
  2. A crying baby speaks of disappointment. You need to think about your actions and attitude towards other people.
  3. A cheerful baby predicts great love and many friends.
  4. A child who walks alone means independence from other people’s opinions and independence.
  5. If a woman sees in a nightmare how she is nursing a child, this means deceiving the person most dear to her.
  6. A cradle with a child brings prosperity to the family.
  7. Embryo means pregnancy.

Miller's Dream Book: seeing yourself as a child

According to Miller, if you dream of seeing yourself as a child, expect relatives on the occasion of a celebration, gather in the family circle, put things in order in the house. To a quick warm family feast with relatives and friends. But it could also be a visit from guests or very distant relatives from outside. It would be a good idea to avoid alcohol and alcohol if you are planning a celebration.

According to Miller's analysis, children are very multifaceted in their meaning. If they appear regularly, this promises positive life changes. Occasionally they promise the appearance of new good acquaintances, as well as possible partners. At the same time, the interpreter recommended relying on caution, prudence and not making hasty decisions.

Why do you dream of seeing yourself as a little girl (5 years old)?


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If a woman sees herself as a little girl in a dream, it means that she will have troubles with children. Perhaps she will receive good news from her parents. Seeing a messy girl in a dream means that your business will fall into complete disrepair. Your hopes will melt away like smoke. Major troubles are possible.

Alena Kozyura

Girl from DIVO, you will be surprised at something and it will be a pleasant surprise just for you


you need to forgive childhood grievances... in order to move on, otherwise it will only get harder

Ivanna Yedynak

k bolezni,znayu tochno ot babushki,ona razbiralas v snah,tolko esli son prisnilsia na chetverg,to eto horosho,takie sni pochti nikogda ne sbivayutsia


Girl (according to Miller’s dream book) - If in a dream you see a little girl with an angelic expression on her face, then in reality you should be careful not to fall for the bait thrown by your enemies. Seeing a crying girl in a dream means that the threat of a serious illness hangs over you. If you do not urgently take preventive measures, then everything may end unfavorably. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees herself as a little girl symbolizes that sometimes she wants to forget about the problems of adult life and fly under her parents’ wing.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why she dreams of seeing herself as a child, Miss Hasse answered - to make a difficult decision, to find strength in herself, to be on the threshold of a new stage in life. For an accurate interpretation, additional details from the dream are needed. A huge number of events and details warn of many small obstacles. And a fleeting and faded dream means a quick and quick solution to problems.

It is necessary to pay increased attention to such dreams. Children, in their meaning, are a harbinger of happiness and positive changes. Hasse assured that in such dreams an integrated approach is important and other dreams must be taken into account. The overall picture of the interpretation can easily change due to the details in one of them.

Dream: Child

The image of a child in dreams, in most cases, symbolizes worries, worries, whims, and changeability. So, if there was such a symbol in your dream, you are at this stage suffering due to the events developing around you.

Thus, if the child is healthy and beautiful

- the dream reflects a reliable friendship or love relationship.

In case he is sick in his sleep

- death will soon take away a loved one from the dreamer.

A child of the same sex as the dreamer

— the dream reflects a person’s relationship with his “inner child.”


- a reflection of the fact that the dreamer too actively suppresses the manifestation of the qualities of the opposite sex.

Seeing an illegitimate

- the birth of such a child in reality is possible.

According to the dream book, to be yourself in the form of a child

- a warning that a person is not competent enough to solve problems himself.

To see another person in such an image

- you will be forced to correct the mistakes of someone else.

If the child is not familiar to you

- the implementation of your plans will require making every effort.

Child in a lonely woman's dream

- her honor can be denigrated.

Similar stories for men

- subconscious fear of responsibility for maintaining a child.

According to the dream book, if a child cries

- troubles await you, sometimes illnesses.

I dreamed about a disabled child

- contact with someone who will need support.

Take the patient in your arms

- the dreamer will suffer, which will affect his psyche.

Seeing a dead person in a dream

- disappointment will soon overtake you.

Lull the baby to sleep

- you have a lot to do for your own success.

I dreamed that they fed him

- your troubles will ultimately bring you great joy.


- a hint that you should not trust those you don’t know well.

If you are punishing a child

- this is a reflection of the fact that you are unpleasant in doing your job.

Babysitting in a dream

- grief will soon happen in your family.

Seeing your child in a dream

- the dream reflects your relationship with him.

Dreamed about the process of carrying a baby

- wait for the money to come.

Why do you dream of being the mother of a child?

- a warning that the young man is capable of leaving her.

His first steps

- you have everything to achieve what you want.

Worry about him in a dream

- the happiness of your family is stable.

According to the dream book, a beautiful child

- this means that soon you will be incredibly lucky, your most cherished dream will come true.

If in a dream the child is small

- this promises you improvement in absolutely all areas of your life, you will be able to achieve unprecedented success in your work and at the same time improve your personal life in the best possible way.

Unborn child in a dream

- portends you success in business, as well as advancement up the career ladder; you will be able to occupy a very responsible position, which will allow you to feel like a successful and accomplished person.

In a dream you realize that you have a baby in your belly

- soon you will have grandiose ideas, but in order to implement them you will have to work hard and worry.

You dreamed of a newborn baby

- this means that in real life fate will be incredibly favorable to you, expect some favorable event.

Infant in a dream

- wait for some pleasant event in reality, something will make you incredibly happy.

If you dreamed of feeding a baby

- be prepared for the fact that a person from your immediate circle will need your support and assistance, and will have to fork out money to solve his problems. If you are breastfeeding, this can be regarded as a favorable sign, promising relief from troubles and serious illnesses, your life will slowly but surely begin to improve.

In a dream you see a baby suckling at the breast

- this means that joy, mutual understanding and material well-being will become constant companions of you and your loved ones, you will live without knowing sadness.

A dream in which a child sleeps in his arms

- portends you great joy, a real holiday will happen in your home that will make everyone happy.

Rocking a baby in a dream

- know that nothing will come to you on its own; if you want to be wealthy and happy, you will need to work exhaustingly.

If you dreamed of a child in a stroller

- you will be able to show your best side at work or amaze everyone with your extraordinary talent, which will bring you not only universal recognition, but also material benefit, the main thing is to act decisively and not stop at any difficulties.

According to the dream book, babysitting a child

- this means that if you experience a vile betrayal in reality, you will be disappointed by someone whom you would not even think of doubting.

If you dreamed of someone else's child

- this is a warning that someone is trying to upset all your affairs in the most base and vile ways.

If in a dream you tried to adopt a child

- you shouldn’t move now, since you will most likely feel much worse in the new place.

If you dreamed that you were trying to save a child

- warns that now and in real life they need to be surrounded with more than usual care and concern.

Losing a child in a dream

- this is a very bad warning that you should not start any new ventures or get involved in adventures, since, trying to gain profit, you will suffer a colossal failure, huge material losses and moral damage will await you, your good name will be forever discredited.

I dreamed that your child was stolen

- this means you should take life easier, not get upset over every little thing, and then your life will shine with new bright colors, and you will see how beautiful it is.

If in a dream you see a child drowning

- this may portend family troubles, or a situation in which you have to answer to those in power who occupy a higher social position than you.

Hugging a child in a dream

- this is a favorable vision that promises you well-being and complete mutual understanding in the family.

If he hugs you himself

- a big misfortune will happen to one of your relatives, but you will need to maintain presence of mind and not show your despair.

If in a dream you find out that a child is sick

- this promises you enormous grief, which will border on despair; what is happening to you can even plunge you into real depression.

If in a dream a child is disabled, with limited physical or mental abilities

- know that someone simply cannot do without your support and assistance.

You dream that a child has fallen

- know that on the way to your goal there will be a lot of unforeseen obstacles that will greatly complicate its achievement.

Knock down a child in a dream

- you should change your tactics and style of behavior in order to get what you want, you don’t have to “go over your head”, otherwise you will harm, first of all, yourself. Difficulties may arise at work, due to which you will have to forget about a promotion for a long time.

If you dreamed of a crying child

- you will be disappointed by the dishonest act of someone you trusted selflessly, because of this your health may even worsen.

Looking for a child in a dream

- you shouldn’t let things take their course and live by instinct, your intuition is silent now, so appeal to reason and logic, try to reason rationally.

Find a child in a dream

- this is a sure harbinger of favorable changes in your destiny, happiness in love awaits you, and as well as success in business and career, you can become significantly rich.

If you dreamed of a naked child

- unforeseen circumstances will arise that will not please you at all and will force you to go on a long and grueling journey.

Dressing a child in a dream

- you will have to fuss and do things that will bring neither benefit nor pleasure.

If you dreamed that your child peed himself

- in reality, you are too overtired, and if you do not give yourself proper rest, then health problems will be added to all the troubles.

If in a dream you saw that a child had crap himself

- you should not take on new projects and activities, as they will result in additional difficulties and grief for you. The vision also warns that you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to solve the problems of your youngest relatives.

We saw a soiled, dirty child in a dream

- this is a sign that you are paying too little attention to your children; surround them with even more care and participation.

If in a dream you began to wash a child

- this is evidence of your perfectionism and ambitious motives, which force you to do everything possible and impossible to prove your superiority and worth.

Bathing a child in a dream

- after much effort, you will still be able to correct all your mistakes and make amends, you will be rehabilitated in the eyes of others.

According to the dream book, a sleeping child

- this may indicate that you are too vulnerable and receptive, you are easy to manipulate, and life’s difficulties literally confuse you, which is a serious problem for you.

Play with the child, organize his leisure time

- this promises you great joy, your life will be filled with well-being and prosperity.

If a woman, during the period when she is pregnant, saw her future unborn child in a dream

- this means that she will cope well with the role of a mother and will be able to raise healthy and educated children. You see a baby that you can only theoretically have - in reality you will seriously think about adding to your family, and you will consider this as one of the happiest events in life.

Swaddling a baby in a dream

- look for the reasons for your failures in business or career in those around you, some of them secretly confuse all your plans.

Dreaming of a red-haired child

- this is a symbol of luck and success in life; you will be able to build a strong family and ensure well-being and prosperity in your own home.

If you dreamed of a premature baby

- an insignificant profit awaits you, but be grateful to this gift of fate.

A dream in which a child died

- is an indication that he has health problems in real life, and you need to pay attention to them as quickly as possible in order to prevent complications.

You dreamed of a dead child

- be consistent and thorough in your actions; by fussing, you can make an irreparable mistake.

Children according to modern dream books

If you dream of seeing yourself as a child, it means making an important decision, finding strength in yourself, being on the threshold of a new stage in life. Unfortunately, such a dream cannot indicate exactly what the choice will be. There will not be much time to make a decision in the life situation itself. Your life experience, ingenuity and resourcefulness will become necessary at this moment.

Recent research has made it possible to clarify and correct many old interpretations. The past centuries have greatly influenced the culture and perception of man. This also applies to the meaning of children from dreams, which took on different meanings in different years. This edition is also useful in that it contains information on things that did not yet exist during the period of classical publications.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see yourself as a child in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means making an important decision, feeling an unprecedented surge of strength, and facing a difficult choice. Soon you will be faced with a difficult choice. Don’t forget that there is no point in rushing to make decisions. Discretion will be your strong ally.

Is there a way to make dream children come true positively? Tsvetkov gave advice to mentally focus on goals and dreams. It is because of this that your unconscious is in constant search of opportunities to achieve them. And at important moments in life you will feel the right decision.

I dreamed that I was very little: interpretation of a dream

There are different dreams - good ones and nightmares, but it is always surprising in such a nightly adventure to see yourself from the outside and in the most unexpected way.
If, after waking up, the dreamer is bothered by the question: “I dreamed about me being little,” then you should definitely look into the dream book and find the right clue and solution for the future. It is recommended to interpret the image “I am small” from the perspective of emotions and internal experiences, since very often the dream itself turns out to be prophetic. In this case, it is necessary to remember everything that happens in the dream in the smallest detail, and then transfer it to real events and, thereby, receive practical advice for the future. But how does a person know that he has seen a prophetic dream?

This is not at all difficult, since such a night adventure definitely touches the soul, excites the mind, and is sealed in the memory for a long time with a significant “taste” of deja vu. After waking up, it seems to the dreamer that all the night’s events were as real as possible, even cold sweat appears.

In any case, you should not get hung up on such a night incident; it is best to remember it in detail and turn to a proven dream book. It is this astrological publication that knows the answer, will allow you to interpret the night’s adventure and will determine your future fate. If an adult woman sees herself as a little girl in a dream, it is possible that she will soon have an unexpected meeting with friends from her childhood. Such a date will definitely please you, charge you with positivity and positive emotions.

If a young girl dreams of such an image, it means that she is afraid of change, responsibility and making important decisions. Perhaps it is easier for her to hide behind her fears than to breathe deeply and live with life-changing changes. The night sign clearly hints that it’s time to grow up and radically change your attitude towards life.

If a sleeping person sees his childhood in a dream, this indicates that he is tormented by nostalgia, or long-time relatives are looking forward to a fateful meeting. Don’t forget about your family and friends, and after waking up it is recommended to at least call them.

If a child dreams of his childhood, then this indicates that he is simply growing up. Children's dreams are not always worth paying attention to, especially if they do not evoke negative emotions and negative thoughts. Nightmares are more informative for the future.

In any case, a dream where a sleeping woman sees herself as small is remembered for a long time, and for its correct interpretation it is advisable to pay attention to all the details of the night’s plot. For example, a joyful childhood with a smile on her lips - to pleasant moments, joyful events and an improvement in the general situation business Childhood with tears - to separation, melancholy, loneliness; but a sad girl in a dream can talk about a sharp deterioration in health, unexpected hospitalization.

Some astrologers are sure that such night symbols must be taken literally, and seeing yourself as small means having a strong guardian angel who protects and patronizes fate. There is also an opposite opinion, according to which a girl in any form means problems, difficulties and troubles in all endeavors. The reasoning is controversial and contradictory; it is recommended to trust only a verified edition of the dream book.

Seeing yourself as a kind little girl in a dream is a sign of great luck, which will accompany and guide you in all areas of life. Being angry means problems at work, difficulties in your personal life and misunderstanding in the family. A well-dressed girl in a dream means material wealth and financial security, while a dirty and tattered girl means poverty, illness, hardship and deprivation.

Miller's dream book mentions such an image, but connects it with the unrealized fantasies and desires of his troubled childhood. Perhaps childhood grievances and claims remain in your soul, which prevent you from living and developing as an adult.

Tsvetkov’s dream book also insists on the relationship between the past and the future, convincing that in the dreamer’s life there are unrealized childhood plans that deprive sleep and burden the soul. Perhaps we should return to such tasks, otherwise internal conflict with ourselves simply cannot be avoided.

Aesop's Dream Book strongly recommends paying special attention to the girl's appearance, since it is her neatness and grooming that are a favorable sign for the future. If a girl evokes negative emotions and looks bad, then troubles, frustrations, resentments and misunderstandings in communicating with others await.

Freud's dream book states that seeing yourself in a dream means internal instability. It is possible that in the daily life of a sleeping person, situations prevail that he ignores, but they are still deposited at the subconscious level, burden karma and deprive him of peace. It is best to resolve such matters in a timely manner, clear your conscience and remove the so-called “stone from your chest.”

Hasse's dream book urges not to take this night symbol seriously, since it is a figment of fantasy or a prerequisite for nostalgia for a bygone childhood and youth. These are simply pleasant memories that improve the quality of your sleep.

Vanga’s dream book, on the contrary, calls such a dream prophetic, while the clairvoyant herself strongly recommended remembering all events and their chronology with maximum accuracy. In the morning you can figure out what to expect in the future and when.

In conclusion, we can add that seeing yourself as a little girl in a dream is always pleasant and joyful, especially if the night’s adventure in the plot is touching and happy. However, you should not lose your vigilance, since such pictures can be an important clue for the future, and predict the course of further events in real life.


See yourself as a child - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, seeing yourself as a child means making new friends in your social circle, going on a trip together, getting new impressions. This dream often visits people who lack communication and social activity in their lives. Children are a fairly old and well-known symbol of the need for communication. The author of the publication recommends not to close yourself off and give free rein to your desires and needs.

Loff's unusual approach to interpretation was the absence of the habit of dividing dreams into positive and negative. According to his theory, any dream is a harbinger of positive changes, a happy symbol. Also, the analysis is complicated by people’s too different attitudes towards equivalent harbingers. And if you dreamed about children, you shouldn’t consider this a bad sign at all.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

Most often, this dream comes true in the first and third phases of the lunar cycle. The full moon also retains a high probability of coming true. At the same time, the chance of seeing yourself as a child in other phases is much lower. This time is also considered a fairly favorable and good period in life.

The edition of the lunar dream book is strikingly different from its analogues. Unlike conventional interpretations, it reveals the possibility and frequency of dreams coming true. A huge step towards its creation was the study of the influence of the lunar cycle and phases on human dreams. And to work with it correctly, you also need to use the lunar calendar.

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