Why dream of drawing water from a well. Why do you dream about a well with clean water?

Dreams about a well can be interpreted in different ways. The interpretation of a dream is influenced by the presence or absence of water. You should pay attention to its quality, color, smell. The location of the well and its condition, as well as the actions of the dreamer, matter. It is necessary to take into account who took out the water with a bucket, what objects were inside. Also, the interpretation of the dream changes depending on who was present nearby or who fell into the well.

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Why do you dream about a well?

A dream about a well can be a symbol of how a person relates to the people around him. The more carefully the dreamer treats the well, the better his relationship with his close circle.

Such dreams may indicate a person’s desire to return to his roots. Perhaps the dreamer is seriously thinking about making a family tree of his family or learning more about the traditions and customs of his own people.

A beautiful and well-kept well with water portends good luck in business, sheer luck, surprises and pleasant gifts.

A crane well or artesian well seen in a dream is a good symbol, foreshadowing a strong marriage or a warm relationship between spouses.

Seeing a well in an unexpected place, for example, in the desert, is a symbol of making a big profit, a bonus, or winning the lottery. The money itself will fall into the hands of a sleeping person.

Drawing water from a well - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, drawing water from a well means expecting new guests, planning general cleaning, preparing a holiday surprise. Editions of dream books often differ in interpretation between a celebration and a reception of guests. These images have such a strong connection that they lead to the appearance of the same symbols. Loff's publications dwell on the opinion that this dream still promises the arrival of guests rather than the celebration itself.

In Loff's publications there is no place for dividing dreams into positive and negative. In his opinion, almost all dreams are happy symbols and harbingers of good changes. In addition, people tend to perceive certain signs of fate and events differently. Therefore, do not worry about water masses in a dream - this is a lucky sign.

Interpretation of the dreamer's actions

  • Falling into water
    is an unfavorable symbol. He warns the person that in his close circle there are ill-wishers who are jealous and are trying in every possible way to ruin the dreamer’s reputation and disrupt his plans for life. Soon, long-standing enmity may develop into a serious conflict and showdown.
  • Going down the well voluntarily
    is a good symbol that promises victory over enemies and competitors. A fall portends that the dreamer will be drawn into a dubious story that will end in the most unpredictable way.
  • The dreamer’s husband fell and drowned
    - the dream indicates that the husband has an illness associated with his emotional state and depression. To help a man, you should provide him with proper rest and a change of environment. You should not drink alcohol, as this will only worsen the situation.
  • Collecting water in a bucket
    is a sign of the dreamer's thirst. The reasons for this condition can be different: stuffy room, high temperature. Dropping something into the water means minor damages and losses.
  • Digging a well
    means a person will have to do a lot of work. Hasse's dream book promises that the sleeper will receive a great reward for his labors, and the Noble Interpreter of Dreams promises losses and big troubles.
  • Drawing water with a bucket
    means the fulfillment of a cherished desire or an old dream. Another meaning of the dream suggests that soon the dreamer will be forced to turn to loved ones for help. If a pregnant woman dreams that she is taking out a bucket of water, then this is a warning about premature birth.
  • Drinking or washing your face with cold, clear water means
    healing from all ailments and solving old problems.

Treating someone with clean water is a sign that the dreamer will be able to help his friend solve important matters. You should soon expect great gratitude from this person.

Type and condition of water in the well

Clean and clear water means that new opportunities and prospects will open up for the dreamer. The main thing is not to miss your chance. If you dream of a well full of water, then this is a symbol of well-being and prosperity. Previously, a person worked hard, and now it’s time to receive a decent reward for his work.

A dream in which you see a well with dirty and muddy water has a favorable interpretation. It symbolizes wealth and success in all areas of life. Drinking cloudy water means illness or extreme fatigue.

An empty well without water indicates that the dreamer is too trusting. This could get him into big trouble. This is a symbol of pure bad luck. A well filled with garbage means a big scandal with your other half or separation.

Water masses according to modern dream books

If you dream of drawing water from a well, it means a memorable trip, relaxing in new cities, meeting new friends. There are cases when the upcoming long journey also had a somewhat metaphorical meaning. Along with the usual journey, this can also be overcoming new horizons in life. But whatever the path, its choice must be approached wisely, with prudence and caution.

The modern dream book contains all the corrections of old editions, correcting them for current research. The past time has had a strong influence on human perception and culture. The meaning of water masses in a dream also did not escape this fate, having changed over the years. And only in a modern dream book is it possible to find information on completely new symbols.

Interpretation in different dream books

Why else do you dream about a well, according to the interpretation of various dream books:

  • Sigmund Freud.
    The psychoanalyst believes that the well symbolizes the female genital organs. If the water in it is clean and transparent, then this indicates that the dreamer is healthy and wants to become a mother. Drawing water is a symbol of sexual intercourse and passionate desires.
  • Russian folk dream book.
    The interpreter claims that the destroyed well represents the dreamer’s wrong actions and actions.
  • Female dream interpreter.
    Seeing someone pumping water means getting a chance to improve your professional skills.
  • Aesop's Dream Book.
    The interpreter foretells a short separation from a loved one if the dreamer dreamed that he dropped something into the water. After the long-awaited meeting, the relationship will take on a slightly different character. A destroyed well warns the sleeper that he may soon commit an injustice towards his best friend. You should be more careful in your words and actions.
  • Interpreter of esoteric dreams E. Tsvetkova.
    The dream book says that an overflowing well portends minor losses; empty, without water - worries about the health of a loved one.
  • Interpreter of dreams T. Smirnova.
    Seeing an overgrown well in a dream means problems in your relationship with your loved one.
  • Dream book of the medium Hasse.
    A well-equipped well promises to receive an expensive gift from your other half.
  • Why do you dream of a well with water? This symbol in a dream has several interpretations, which can differ radically. Our dream book offers different interpretations of this symbol: you will find out when a vision portends prosperity, a promotion at work, and when it portends trouble.

    Good luck in love ahead

    Why do you dream of a full well of water? For a woman, a dream promises a very generous admirer.

    A full well of water in a dream indicates: a useful acquaintance with a rather influential person awaits.

    Also, a full well of water, if it is cold and pleasant to the taste, according to the dream book means: everything will turn out great, business will bring good profit, there will be prosperity and mutual understanding at home.

    Is it dry, without water? You will have to worry about work or personal issues. Krinitsa without water - you need to be more careful. You can commit an unfair act towards a friend and lose his friendship and trust.

    Did you dream of a dry well, without a drop of moisture? Strangers whom you trust may deprive you of expensive things.

    Is the water well equipped with a gate? The dream book says: the sleeper expects internal dissatisfaction and a decline in business.

    I dreamed about my own or someone else’s child falling

    A warning dream is a vision when the dreamer himself sees his own baby falling from a height. First, the dreamer himself should inquire about the baby’s health, his affairs at school or college, and in general. Give him more attention.

    Although such a dream may indicate other life circumstances. For example, if in a dream you happened to see someone else’s baby fall, this rather reflects the dreamer’s inner world, his state of mind and balance. More precisely, its absence and feeling of discomfort. You should not worry too much about empty questions, as this depletes your mental and physical strength, negatively affecting all your affairs and health.

    Although many dream books often say that often seeing someone else’s baby fall from a height can also indicate excessive pampering, even inability to adapt to life’s circumstances. And it’s worth remembering that it’s important to try to fight this with all your might, since such immaturity will not lead to anything good in the future. It is important to work on yourself.

    Excellent prospects

    Did you dream of a well with water, where there is a lot of it? For a girl, such a sign promises a quick marriage. The chosen one will soon propose to her.

    Is it full, with clean water? An excellent omen in a dream: the dreamer has internal reserves, thanks to which he can find a way out under any circumstances.

    Dreaming of a well with clean water means: the sleeping person has powers and abilities that he does not even suspect. At the right moment they will appear and help you overcome the obstacle.

    A well in a dream: interpretation from 100 dream books

    Miller's Dream Book

    Why do you dream of a Well in a dream?

    If in a dream you work in a well, then in real life you will not be able to withstand the unfavorable situation that has arisen due to your abuse of your power. You allow other people's interests to influence your behavior.

    A dream in which you fall into a well means overwhelming despair that will take over you. If you descended into it on your own, then the plans of the enemies will be crossed out by your own.

    An empty well means that you will be robbed by fate if you trust strangers.

    Seeing water being pumped from a well is a new opportunity to improve your prospects.

    An artesian well is a harbinger that your brilliant capabilities will give you access to the kingdom of knowledge and pleasure.

    Getting water from a well means satisfying passionate desires. If the water is unclean, expect trouble.

    Children's dream book

    Symbol meaning:

    Well - Useful acquaintance with an influential person.

    Big dream book of Natalia Stepanova

    Why do you dream about the Well?

    Drawing water from a well means satisfying long-standing and passionate desires. An artesian well is a sign that your brilliant capabilities will give you access to knowledge and pleasure. Unclean water in a well portends trouble. An empty well means that you will be robbed by fate if you trust strangers. To see water being pumped from a well in a dream means new opportunities to improve your prospects. Falling into a well portends incredible despair that will fill your soul. If you went down the well on your own, the enemy’s plans will be thwarted by your actions.

    Universal dream book for the whole family


    Well - A rather rare symbol in dreams concerning relationships with others: don’t spit in the well - it will come in handy..., as well as secrets. Drinking water from a well is a return to your origins; dropping something into a well means a small loss or separation; a destroyed well means your wrong actions.

    Gypsy dream book

    Why do you dream of a Well according to gypsy traditions?

    Well - Seeing in a dream - promises an increase in property; drawing water from a well, if it is clean and transparent, it foreshadows a profitable marriage, and if it is cloudy, it marks an unhappy marriage or illness; giving this water to others to drink, if it is clean, then it means that we will contribute to an increase in their condition, if the water is cloudy, then it means that we will contribute to the disorder of their condition; drinking water and getting belched from it means loss of property, death of husband, wife or children; falling into a pond portends resentment, insult from false friends; to see a well in a place where there was none before means the establishment of a new useful institution, and if the one who saw this dream is married, then it foreshadows the birth of obedient and virtuous children; For the sick, this dream foreshadows the acquisition of health.

    Aesop's Dream Book

    Allegories about the Well

    Very rarely does a well appear in people's dreams, and this is a special symbol that affects your daytime relationships with people around you. It’s not for nothing that there is a saying: “Don’t spit in the well - you’ll need to drink the water!” Drinking well water in a dream means that in the near future you will need the help and support of your family and friends; they will not refuse if you are frank with them. If you dreamed of getting a bucket of water from a well, then this dream foretells the joy of communicating with friends and pleasant people; you will be grateful to fate for this communication and will remember this spiritual kinship all your life.

    Dropping something into a well in a dream means a small loss, perhaps a short separation from a friend or loved one, however, after the meeting your relationship will take on a slightly different character. Seeing a destroyed or dry well is a warning dream that you may commit an injustice to a good friend and lose his trust and friendship, so be careful in your words and actions.

    World of images: Antonio Meneghetti

    We analyze the vision in which the Well was dreamed

    Well - Ambivalent depth: positive, since there may be water in the well, a life-giving force, and negative, since it is dark, deep and unknown with what it is filled.

    Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

    Well - With a bucket - wealth; crowded - losses; without water - anxiety; drinking from a well is good deeds.

    Collection of interpretations of Zhou Gong

    Well according to Chinese ancient books:

    You dig a well and see water. - There will be a letter from afar. The well itself breaks down, the well is destroyed. - There will be big trouble in the family. The water in the well gushes like a fountain, overflowing. - Portends material profit, wealth. The water dries to the last drop. - There will be no material wealth in the family, poverty. You see your reflection in the well. - You will be appointed to the position.

    You fall into a well. - There will be illness or trouble. The house is located in a well. - You'll get sick. You draw water from a well. If the water is clean - fortunately. If the water is cloudy, it's bad luck. You take in water, but all you get out is silt or dirt. - Portends material well-being. The water is about to dry up. - The family will soon fall apart, the clan will perish, fade away.

    There are fish in the well. - Portends nobility. You look into the well and hear sounds. - There will be a squabble, a verbal quarrel. You hide, you hide in a well. - Foreshadows matters related to punishment, prison. Drunk, you fall into a well. — A situation will arise involving officials, official matters. The family lives in a well. - Misfortune, troubles with the eldest son. Human speech comes from the well. — There will be joyful events. Cleaning or building - portends nobility, great ranks. The dishes fall into the well. - It will be a joyful event.

    Egyptian dream book

    Well what does it mean

    If a person sees himself looking into a deep well in a dream, it is bad, it means that he will be sent to prison.

    Dream Book of the Wanderer (Terenty Smirnov)

    Interpretation from your dream

    Well - A symbolic entrance into one’s own subconscious, the past and the “lower” other world. With clean water, with a full bucket - good; empty - loss of vitality. Overgrown - old maid. Drawing water is a disaster. Water gushes like a fountain - wealth; crowded - losses. Looking into it means thoughts of death; risky self-discovery; danger or death.

    Well (as a structure, tunnel down) – Danger; risky self-discovery; see Add. R. Water.

    Great modern dream book

    Well - why does the dreamer dream?

    The Well – Great Mysteries

    Islamic dream book

    Why do you dream about a well?

    A well full of water has a similar meaning to this. Seeing a well overflowing means collecting property.

    Modern dream book


    Well – Luck in agriculture

    Azar's Dream Book

    What do Wells dream about according to spiritual sources?

    Well - Success in business

    Miss Hasse's Dream Interpretation

    Dream interpretation:

    Well - With a bucket - wealth; fall into it - a bad future awaits you; digging is a profitable job; drinking from a well is good deeds; crowded - losses; without water - anxiety; with fresh clean water - good views; drawing water is a plan; with muddy water - bad views; well equipped - receive a gift.

    Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

    Why do you dream about a Well in a dream?

    Well - A symbol of infinity, mystery, healing, predictions. Seeing a well in a dream in a hot desert means meeting a person in whom you can find a soul mate. Getting water - in reality you will be able to satisfy your curiosity. A dream in which you saw a dry well is a warning. Water poisoned by industrial waste is unlikely to be suitable for life. If in a dream you wash your face with well water, then in reality you will be able to recover from a long and debilitating illness. To dream of falling into a well means that in the near future you will be very excited or frightened by unexpected news. If you see a star in a well, you are the bearer of undoubted good luck; everything that you have in mind will come true. A dream in which you are digging a well means that you will search for true values. Seeing muddy water means illness and loss of vital energy.

    Esoteric dream book

    Mystery of sleep:

    Well - Seeing difficult times. Looking into difficult experiences, looking into the “depths of the soul.

    Persian dream book of Khubayshi Tiflisi

    Well in the ancient sense

    A well usually indicates a woman preparing to get married. If in a dream you are trying to dig a well and another woman comes to your aid, then this is a rival! She is going to captivate your chosen one. If a man sees such a dream, especially if he digs this well himself, then this means that he is destined to get married soon.

    If he drinks from a well, then the dream warns: in order to persuade the woman he has chosen to marry, he will have to take advantage of a suitable situation. Cold and pleasant-tasting water from a well is a blessing. Warm water is a warning about possible losses of financial property. The abundance of water is a sign of the generosity of your chosen one. Its disadvantage is that the character of the chosen one will be terrible, he will simply torment you with his stinginess. If the water in the well is black mixed with blue, this soybean promises grief. Light water portends your receipt of an inheritance.

    A dry well is a sign of the loss of one’s half and possible deprivation of property. If you dreamed that you dropped a bucket into a well, then - only if you are pregnant - you may be destined to give birth to a premature baby.

    Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

    Interpretation according to the saint:

    Well - Success in the household - with a bucket - will give happiness - falling into it - a bad future awaits you

    Maly Velesov dream book

    Why do you dream about a well?

    Well (see Stream) – Profit // widowhood; full – marriage (to a girl) // loss; with a bucket - wealth; dig - loss; collapsed - you will not be cured, losses; abandoned in the forest - a coffin; dry – anxiety; overcrowded - losses; looking into a well is bad for housekeeping; in the house - joy // bad; to fall into it is an insult, an insult; someone fell - he will die soon; drinking from a well is success.

    Interpreter of dreams by Maria Fedorovskaya

    See the Well

    Seeing a well in a dream means to a dead person.

    Idiomatic dream book

    Why do you dream about a well?

    “Don’t spit in the well” - think about others, don’t harm; “spring” - as a source of strength, energy, health. See Add. Fountain.

    Ukrainian dream book Dmitrienko

    Why do you dream about the Well?

    As you dream about a well, there will be a widow or widower; like a new well, widowhood will not come quickly, but like an old one, it will come sooner. A girl dreams of a full well - she will get married. If you dream about a bad one, it means a bad life. If you dream of a collapsed well in the yard, then there will be losses. With a bucket - wealth; overcrowded - losses; without water - anxiety; drinking from a well - good deeds, success. A well abandoned in a ravine: be careful - a coffin. If you dream about a well, the woman will become a widow.

    Interpreter of dreams of the Siberian healer N. Stepanova

    For those born in January, February, March, April

    Well - you will make an attempt to start over.

    For those born in May, June, July and August

    Looking into a well in a dream represents the unknown in your life.

    For those born in September, October, November, December

    Seeing a deep well in a dream means the arrival of interesting thoughts.

    Dream interpretation well

    People usually know what certain iconic symbols mean in dreams. But it happens that in a dream you see an empty well. What does such a symbol lead to, good or evil? Why do you dream about a well?

    Interpretation of a dream depending on the location of the fall

    A dream about a child falling from a height can often mean a degeneration of personality. Although, on the other hand, children represent our own plans and brainchildren, especially if the dreamer does not have children - they can be difficult and impossible to implement. Accordingly, higher powers say through the dream book - a child fell from a height and was broken, then you should not make too grandiose plans. Better yet, reconsider your own ideas and intentions and adjust them.

    Almost every dream book says that if a child fell from a carousel or a roof or other surface, then life will reveal to you the real state of affairs and in a rather sad way. And the reason for such a defeat is often the dreamer himself - his immaturity and infancy, his inability to look soberly and realistically at the current state of affairs.

    Important! Some interpretations of sleep say that a child falling from a balcony or window or other height predicts a serious illness. Both the dreamer himself and someone from his environment.

    If a woman who has her own children sees a dream where a child falls into a hole, this is a reflection of her inner experience for them, the desire for them to have good health. If in a dream a child fell from the roof of a house, for ladies who do not have children, such a vision reflects their fear. Fear of not being able to arrange your own personal life, not giving birth to a boy or girl, not knowing the joy of motherhood.

    If in a dream a man sees a child falling from a cornice or other height, this is rather a warning to be as careful and attentive as possible. His personal life with the ladies may not work out, and his career at work will decline. But almost every dream book says that if you save a child from falling, by catching him, for example, on the fly, you can avoid many problems.

    Dream of a child falling from a balcony

    A baby falling from a balcony is a rather scary phenomenon, both in reality and in a dream. Especially if parents see it, regardless of whether it is their own child or someone else’s, therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary excitement, it is important to interpret the dream correctly. The dream book says that the child fell from the balcony, so you should expect illness. Both the dreamer himself and his relatives, and depending on the degree of injury to the baby, we can talk about how serious the illness will be.

    Important. But if, for example, not a small child, but a teenager fell from a balcony, this may characterize him as a rather arrogant and selfish person towards those close to him.

    A child fell from the roof of a house

    The baby, for the most part, can symbolize the dreamer’s own dreams and experiences. And if it falls, then dreams and plans will not come true due to their failure. But the dream book also says that if a child falls from a very high roof, then this can promise either trouble or a successful breakthrough in business.

    In the last version of the interpretation of night vision, it is important to take into account the general atmosphere and distinctive features. For example, if the situation is positive, and the day is sunny, then everything will come to its senses and will soon fall into place. If, for example, at the moment of such a vision the dreamer experiences a feeling of lightness, the existing problems will be easily resolved.

    If in a dream the dreamer watches a baby fall from a height and bleed to death, this is advice from above to pay more attention to his own blood and close relatives. They need your help, and even if not, at least attention and support with a kind word.

    The dream book says that when a child falls from a height and remains alive, then everyone will come to their senses, but if he dies, the dreamer will be drawn into a scandal, and he will not emerge victorious from it.

    In a dream, a child fell into a well

    Many dream books say that a dream in which a child fell into a well is often a symbol of a certain undertaking, a project that is limited by certain professional boundaries or aspirations. But in this version of the dream, it is important to pay attention to the water in the interpretation - what it was like, what actions the child himself performed, and in general, how it all ended.

    Almost every dream book says that a child fell into the water, which means that the project, one’s own business and relatives should be given more attention. If the dreamer has children, he should pay attention to them, postponing his work for later, especially if he saw a teenager fall into the water. This will help him cope with his studies, position himself correctly in relationships, and simply - competently build his own future, apply for a prestigious job on his own, and so on.

    This is how the dream book by Fedorovskaya interprets the fall of a baby in a dream into muddy, well, very cold water - this is an indication from above of deteriorating study results, lack of job prospects, or health problems, for example, ARVI. Although, on the other hand, such a vision can act as a symbol of a breakthrough and in many directions.

    If in a dream you happen to see a baby falling into a well of ice water, this promises an unfavorable, so to speak, problematic course of pregnancy for pregnant women. That’s why it’s so important to follow a daily routine, eat right and not ignore medical advice. In all other respects, this is an indication of failure in plans, cooling of relations.

    If a baby, having fallen into a well of water, splashes happily and does not cry, he likes it - this promises the sleeping person a new romantic interest. But when, after such a fall, he drowns and cries hysterically, this is an indication of the fragility of apparent happiness, its deceitfulness and even illusory nature. Therefore, it is worth carefully reviewing your own plans, analyzing your actions, and finally taking off your rose-colored glasses and starting to take real, thoughtful, balanced actions.

    Interesting! Falling into a well of water from a fast-sailing boat is a sign of your hopes, and often a sign of the failure of a project. And all because of one’s own inattention to the main details of the project.

    I dreamed about a well

    Dreams where there was a well can be different. A joyful dream - quench your thirst with clean, cool water. Scary - falling into a deep well.

    General characteristics

    When interpreting dreams about wells, an important point is which side you are looking from, up or down. Where you are can change the interpretation.

    In one case, a dream may mean a desire to go back to the origins, to study the life of ancestors and their traditions. Perhaps you are simply going deeper into yourself, analyzing.

    If you dreamed of a well

    In another case, you are consumed by external troubles, you are drawn into the wrong enterprise, maybe you are simply not satisfied with your lifestyle. In such cases, the subconscious signals - do not change anything, it may end badly.

    A positive dream is one where the well is represented in the shape of a crane.

    A dream where you started digging and another female wants to help you - this is a rival who is hunting for your betrothed.

    Degree of fullness

    A source full of water displays the following interpretation. A sleeping person has worked hard enough to earn material well-being.

    Oddly enough, a well completely filled with dirty water is a positive dream. It is believed that the dreamer will have money like the dirt in his dream.

    A completely empty source - you are too gullible and too talkative. Don't trust everyone, because not all people have pure intentions.

    Why does an empty woman dream of an abandoned well - to failure in love.

    The meaning of an empty well is considered fatal. Bad luck will haunt you in all areas of life.

    Any job falls through the cracks, relationships don’t work out. At the same time, the interpretation says there is nothing you can do. Take a time out and have a good rest.

    Your actions

    After such dreams, remember what your actions were. Perhaps you started digging a deep spring, collecting some water, and accidentally fell into the water.

    Fall to the bottom of the well

    If you fell to the bottom

    To fall, meaning - spiteful critics are preparing a trap. Someone has a grudge against you and will go to open war. Interpretation of dreams, where you yourself went down with the help of special devices - you will unravel the enemy’s plan and get ahead of him.

    The dream book also gives another meaning for such dreams. Fall - you will get involved in an unpleasant story with disastrous consequences.

    For a woman, a dream where her husband happened to fall and drown means the critical emotional state of her husband. Your loved one is in danger; prolonged depression and blues can lead you down the wrong path.

    Sometimes the dream book gives such an interpretation of dreams where you have fallen to the bottom - you will be tormented by extreme despair, to the point of experiencing a nervous shock.

    Seeing a well in a dream and dropping something there means you will lose something in reality. At the same time, the dream book does not explain how important this thing will be for you.

    Get water

    Why do you dream of a well from which you get water? The meaning of dreams and their interpretation will depend on the quality of the water.

    What you used to collect the water, with your hand, a bucket, or another container, will play an important role in the interpretation.

    To get a full bucket of water:

    • in difficult times, your family will come to your aid;
    • what you have long wanted and what you have been striving for will come true;
    • for childless couples - the imminent birth of their first child.

    What was the water like?

    If it is full of muddy water, then the dream book gives the following meaning - get ready for troubles, and they will not be minor. But this prediction only works when you don’t drink water.

    Drinking water means you are very tired, you may even get sick.

    Interpretations from competent sources

    Almost all the symbols that we see in dreams are collected in dream interpreters. Let's see what the well is about in dreams.

    Women's dream book

    • Drawing water with a bucket - old dreams will come true.
    • Muddy water means obstacles and troubles.
    • Empty - you will be deceived by people you trusted.
    • Falling is a nervous shock.
    • Draining a well is a new stage in your life, new horizons.

    Gypsy dream book

    If you drank water from a well

    See - increase your land. Draw water with a bucket:

    • turned out to be clean - a happy marriage with benefits;
    • dirty - failure in marriage, illness.

    Offer a drink to someone else:

    • clean water - you will contribute to their well-being;
    • muddy - you will be involved in their ruin.

    Seeing a well where it a priori cannot be located means a quick recovery.

    Aesop's Dream Book

    Drink water - you will need the help of loved ones, most likely they will not refuse you.

    Getting water with a bucket is a pleasant pastime with good people.

    To see empty, destroyed - by your actions you will harm your friend.

    Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

    • Finding a source of clean water in the desert means meeting a person with whom you will have a spiritual relationship.
    • Take water with a bucket - get complete information. If it's dry, there's trouble.
    • Wash your face with it - you will be cured of an illness that has tormented you for years.
    • To fall - some news will greatly excite you, perhaps not in a good way.
    • Dig - you will think about the meaning of life.
    • Seeing a star at the bottom is undoubted luck.

    Miller's Dream Book

    Drinking well water means you will break under the pressure of unfavorable factors that will be caused by your own inappropriate behavior.

    The rest of the predictions completely coincide with previous sources.

    Analysis according to the lunar dream book

    Most often, such a dream comes true during the first and third phases of the lunar cycle. However, the periods of new moon and full moon also have a fairly high probability. At the same time, the chance of drawing water from a well in other phases is much lower. These periods are also considered quite favorable for making important decisions.

    The edition of the lunar dream book is strikingly different from its analogues. It contains the probability of dreams coming true depending on the lunar cycle. It is based on research into the relationship between sleep patterns and the course of the lunar phases. To use it, you need knowledge about the current lunar cycle and a lunar calendar.

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