Pursuit according to the dream book: why do you dream of hiding from a man and an animal?

Many girls and young women often see such dreams, and men too, but much less often.

Usually this is an aggressor, a madman, a creditor, a maniac, as well as a former admirer who cannot understand that the relationship with him ended a long time ago.

If you had such a dream, the dream book on being chased by a man in a dream requires you to pay special attention.

Often it expresses fear or real danger, as well as various troubles that can haunt you not only during a night's rest.

This is why you dream that a man starts stalking you most often.

Why did he do this?

In the dream, it was clear why he was pursuing? If he:

  • wants to just talk - you will learn new information, perhaps unpleasant;
  • asks for help - according to the dream book, you will find yourself in difficult circumstances;
  • wants to date - showdown, petty quarrels with husband or lover;
  • with unclear goals - difficulties will soon arise;
  • with a knife - promises a woman changes on the love front.

For a young girl to see someone chasing her with a knife means that her behavior is too frivolous and she will soon be punished.

Dream with a chase

Since childhood, we have known the feeling when they try to catch up with us, but we run away. At the same time, maximum tension of all the body’s forces occurs, adrenaline is released into the blood, we feel both delight and fear at the same time.

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As an adult, it is unlikely that chasing will give you as many positive emotions. More obviously, you will feel a sense of terror, panic, or helplessness when you wake up from such a dream. What meaning does it carry?

Unfinished business, machinations of enemies

Did you dream of running away from being pursued by a man? The dream book explains: those around you will show increased attention to the dreamer. Unfortunately, ill-wishers are also becoming more active.

Running away from him, feeling danger, means: the sleeper is under great stress due to some unresolved problems, unclear issues. However, the circumstances are not yet critical; the dreamer has the strength to cope with the situation.

Run away from him in a dream and manage to hide - spiteful critics, no matter how much they want, will not be able to stop you.

Bandits and police

Sometimes a person dreams that he has become a participant in an action movie with bandits and police officers. If in a night vision he was hiding from the police, this means that he is tormented by a secret feeling of guilt. To get rid of it, the dreamer should remember who he offended and ask him for forgiveness.

A dream where the sleeping person is being pursued by bandits means that in real life he is constantly afraid of deception. Perhaps others consider him too suspicious. If the bandits did catch up with the dreamer, this indicates that he is too suspicious. The plot in which he himself, along with the bandits, ran after some victim means that the dreamer is looking for profit in everything.

If a person was pursued by foreigners in a dream, this portends him interesting long-distance travel, perhaps to foreign countries.

Risky undertaking, disappointments

Dreaming of being pursued by a man, as the dream book reports, sometimes reflects fear of an upcoming event. The sleeper feels threatened or is afraid of retribution for his action, so he wants to avoid it.

An unfamiliar tipsy young man who is being chased on the street in a dream foretells: you will start a risky enterprise that will not be profitable.

Why does a girl dream of being harassed by an unpleasant-looking unfamiliar man? They promise: some annoying guy will cause problems and grief.

Meaning of details

To accurately decipher a dream in which a person is running away from persecution, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to detail. The figure of the pursuer can reveal the exact meaning of the dream. To correctly decipher the vision, you need to try to remember all the details, understand who was pursuing whom, and also determine how successful these “catch-ups” were.

If the pursuer was a familiar person, the dream book indicates that the dreamer does not want to get emotionally close to this person in reality. When a woman often dreams of being chased, it may mean that she is afraid of her husband and is trying to hide from him an act that he may not like.

Stalked by a Stranger

If a girl often dreams that an unfamiliar man is catching up with her in a dream, it means that she cannot deal with her feelings. She may like a specific person who haunts her in her dreams, but she is not sure that this romance will lead to a positive result.

The Eastern dream book gives women a different interpretation: you need to be very careful in new relationships with the opposite sex. If you trust too much in a stranger, this will lead to a bad act on the part of the suitor. For a girl, a dream in which she escapes from being pursued by a stranger indicates that in reality she is often being watched. The dream can also warn of the need to pay attention to financial issues, since due to lack of money there is a risk of falling down.

If in a dream it seems that an unfamiliar pursuer is a criminal, it means that a very difficult period of life will come. The universal dream book does not advise you to be afraid of this dream, you just need to prepare. Problems will have to be solved as they arise.

When a woman is pursued by several unfamiliar men in a dream, this means that in real life she will have many problems that require immediate solutions. It is necessary to carefully analyze the situation.

In most cases, being stalked by a stranger means that an ill-wisher has appeared in your life and you need to get away from him. Under the image of the stalker there may be a real person whom the woman is afraid of for certain reasons.

Dreams about maniacs

Dreams when you are being chased by a maniac in your sleep and you have to hide from him cause horror and anxiety. But in reality there is nothing terrible in such visions.

To understand the dream, you need to remember how the pursuer was dressed. If he is impressive and looks rich, it means that the girl cannot forget her ex-boyfriend. A dream in which a man was dressed unkemptly and resembled a homeless person indicates a woman’s mental suffering resulting from the behavior of her boyfriend.

If a guy has a dream with a killer, in reality the situation may be ridiculous or funny. When a man is being chased by a stranger with a gun, this means that he needs to be very careful in his actions and words spoken. A familiar stalker promises the dreamer a meeting with an old friend who was with him during a difficult period for him.

There are often situations when a maniac who is extremely hostile can pursue you in a dream. This means that in real life a person is faced with many unresolved tasks and problems that are difficult to cope with.

If in a dream maniacs are on your heels and you have to run away from them down the stairs, then soon the sleeper will have to solve many difficult problems. If you managed to escape from your pursuer, you will be able to avoid material problems or even make a profit.

Troubles are surmountable

Is a guy you don't know constantly following you in your sleep and it's really annoying? In reality, you are haunted by failures and gossip, but these difficulties can be overcome.

Did you dream of seeing a man chasing, persistently trying to catch up? The interpretation of the dream is as follows: in reality, the one who unfairly insulted you will try to make amends.

Aggressive persistent pursuit by a man in a dream, as the dream book indicates, portends big troubles. To overcome them, you need to mobilize all your strength.

Dream Interpretation - Man

If you dream of a young, handsome man, anxiety awaits you in real life. An old, gray-haired man portends a long life. A very obese, plump man with a big belly - to pleasant events and sensations.

A man with a beard means illness in the family. A man in a shirt is a sign of an unhappy marriage, in an expensive elegant suit - you will fully enjoy all the benefits of life. An ugly man with repulsive facial features means disappointment in your lover.

Failures in your personal life

Seeing from the outside how someone is being chased - you will not help a loved one or friend when he becomes a victim of the machinations of ill-wishers.

Why does a woman dream of being chased by a suitor everywhere? The dream book indicates: if you don’t like it, you can’t get rid of boring routine tasks at work. Pursuing the man she likes - the lady feels lonely and unwanted.

A representative of the fair sex dreamed that her stalker appeared everywhere she went, is a reminder of a rejected admirer. Now, as time passes, the woman regrets it.

Interpretation from various sources

In different dream books, the meanings of night vision with pursuit may differ, so to get a complete picture, a person should familiarize himself with several sources at once. This is what dreams of running away from pursuers mean according to dream books of different authors:

  1. Dream Interpretation of the New Era. Stalking means trying to escape from your problems or a specific person. This is a reminder that it is very difficult to hide from trouble.
  2. Dream book of Miss Hasse. If evil people are persecuting you, then you should expect a lot of trouble.
  3. Chinese dream book. Persecution indicates the onset of happiness, but only if there is no dead person in the dream.
  4. Psychoanalytic dream book. Running away from a feared person is dangerous. If the pursuer is of the opposite sex, then in reality the sleeping person will be pursued by secret love. The dreamer's homosexuality is evidenced by a dream in which he dreamed of a pursuer of the same gender as him.
  5. The modern universal dream book indicates that a person runs away in a dream from a person whom he does not want to encounter in reality. If it is difficult to determine who exactly is chasing the dreamer, then you need to understand your fears and understand what will happen when this individual achieves his goal.
  6. Dream Interpretation from A to Z. If a person has committed a bad deed and the police are chasing him, it means that in reality relations with other people will seriously deteriorate. In a dream, dogs chase hares - trouble for close friends. No one can help them except the dreamer.

The last source contains several more explanations that may be useful when interpreting night vision. They are short and interesting:

  • a man is being chased by a mad donkey - a serious conspiracy;
  • the sleeping person runs away from the bees - a rival who wants to take away the chosen one;
  • the person was a hunter and drove game - success in realizing secret desires;
  • the dreamer himself chases after the criminal who robbed him - the relationship with his partner improves.

Women may experience visions of persecution due to the appearance of a rival who is trying to take away her husband or lover. But you shouldn’t worry about this and blame the man for the alleged betrayal.

If another woman likes a partner, this does not mean that he will succumb to temptation. When a couple is strong and the relationship is built on mutual trust and respect, nothing bad will happen.

For men, visions of persecution promise success with the opposite sex. There is a possibility that at work one of the women wants to enter into a close relationship with the sleeping man. If there were many pursuers in the dream, then the man in real life is very popular among the fair sex. You need to look at your surroundings. Perhaps there is an ideal soulmate somewhere nearby.

If a guy or girl is being pursued by bandits, then this is a clear sign that the person is afraid of being deceived. People around him consider him too suspicious. If the criminals achieved their goal, it means the person is too suspicious.

Pursuit by foreigners is a sign of adventures that will soon have to be experienced. Vivid impressions from a trip to unknown lands are likely.

It is necessary to communicate and improve relationships with friends if you dream of being chased by a dog. The vision promises a quarrel. To avoid it, you need to make every effort and be courteous with loved ones.

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