Dream Interpretation: Why does a pregnant sister dream in a dream for a girl, woman or man

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  • Jung's Dream Book
  • Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus
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  • Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great
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Pregnancy in a dream is a good sign. If the sister is pregnant in reality, it means that the dreamer is closely connected with her and is worried about her health. However, if the girl is not actually expecting a child, it is worth turning to the dream book to understand what the dream means.

What actions were taken towards your pregnant sister?

  • Quarrel with her - to troubles and quarrels;
  • Stroking the belly means resolving long-standing disputes;
  • Taking birth means a quick resolution of a problem over which the sleeper has been tormented for a long time;
  • Hugging - soon the sister will need moral support and friendly participation from the sleeping person;
  • Seeing a baby move in your stomach means watching the conflict unfold right before your eyes;
  • Congratulate - if the sleeping person is close to his sister, then to greater rapprochement and happiness, and if not, to the collapse of hopes, including for rapprochement with a relative;
  • Killing means problems with work and money; you will have to make a lot of effort to overcome this stage of life;
  • Talking - it’s worth paying attention to your sister in reality; perhaps she needs support and advice.

Interpretation of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud and others

When asked why you dream that your sister is pregnant, different dream books answer differently. But they all agree on one thing: if the pregnancy in a dream was going well, and you were happy about the news you received, this means family happiness and material well-being for both you and your sister. Let's see how various dream books interpret this symbol depending on various details that influence the interpretation of the dream.

Miller's Dream Book - fame and fortune

Gustav Miller claims that the appearance of a pregnant sister in a dream is a more than positive sign. He associates this symbol with wealth, authority, increased social status and advises not to tell anyone about what he saw, so as not to scare away good luck.

According to Vanga’s dream book, your sister’s pregnancy in a dream symbolizes your good relationship with her.

Vanga's dream book - a quarrel with your sister is possible

According to Vanga’s dream book, a sister’s pregnancy in a dream is a good sign. But only if in reality you have a wonderful relationship with her.

If your relationship leaves much to be desired, carefully remember the dream and analyze all the details. Were there any quarrels or other negative background? This may be a warning about possible problems with relatives.

If your sister is a cousin in a dream, Vanga’s dream book indicates that you underestimate yourself. If your cousin talks to you, it foreshadows the upcoming visit of pleasant guests. A pregnant sister-in-law is a sign of your extravagance.

Freud's Dream Book - the appearance of a rival is possible

This symbol has different meanings for men and women. So, if a woman had a dream, she should be wary of the appearance of a rival in her life, namely a sexual competitor. If for a man, this symbolizes the desire to change sexual partners or the desire for sexual contact after a long period of abstinence.

Modern dream book - a new successful acquaintance

The image of a pregnant sister in a dream means a possible meeting with important, influential people, patrons. For the dreamer, this vision can promise an increase in wealth, increased authority, success and good luck in various fields of activity. For a girl, the image of a pregnant sister can mean meeting a wealthy and generous person.

American dream book - rash actions

The sister may soon commit a rash act with negative consequences. An unmarried sister can enter into a marriage of convenience or accept a marriage proposal from an unloved man.

Meneghetti's Italian dream book - good news

Seeing a relative pregnant and happy portends success and good news, but if the pregnant woman you see in a dream looks sick, it is recommended to treat newly emerging circumstances with caution.

Dream book of yogis - it's time for an update

Pregnant with a big belly - it’s time for you to get rid of all fears and find your best friend. You are helping a pregnant woman who needs aesthetic improvement of her home. The sister gives birth - to study her body with new interest, to get a chance to learn new feelings.

Imperial dream book - imminent marriage

Your sister will soon get married; if you are happy about her pregnancy, her marriage will be strong and happy. Prosperity awaits your family. If you talk to her in a dream, your sister has problems.

The newest dream book is a pleasant surprise

If you dreamed that your sister was pregnant, and during sleep you were filled with positive emotions, then the dream promises a good surprise, or a great idea from your environment. Dreaming of a sister usually means trouble for a man.

What actions did the pregnant sister perform in her dream?

  • She cried - you need to ask your sister about her health, the dream predicts a miscarriage, so the girl should rest more often and monitor her health more closely;
  • Dying - to the financial losses of the sleeper;
  • Screamed - to troubles and quarrels in the family;
  • She wanted to have an abortion - a sign that her sister needed extra attention, advice about an important decision;
  • Rejoiced - to good luck and resolution of problems;
  • Stroking the belly - to productive meetings that will change the financial situation of the sleeper for the better;
  • She came to visit - she wants to see each other, tell her something important;
  • Driving a car is a sign that the sister knows what she is doing;
  • Asked for help - to quarrels, financial problems;
  • Getting married means happy changes, meeting a loving man;
  • Cutting her hair means that her sister is in a creative crisis and the dreamer will need to support her;
  • Had sex - the sleeping person should be more careful and monitor his actions, otherwise he will have to answer for mistakes and blush for a very long time;
  • I drew on my stomach - if I wrote the name, then I should call the child that; if I just drew and was happy - it meant good luck and health, and if I was sad - it meant problems;
  • Drowned - to the sister’s crisis, loss of strength, the dreamer should support his sister and not abandon him in such a difficult time;
  • Nursed a child - new addition to the family
  • I chose a name for the child - if the sleeping person participates in the action, then there is a high probability that he will be made a godfather or godmother.



I dreamed of a crying sister. My husband and I were in my godmother’s house. We were fighting very hard...it seemed to be about money. My dearest one wanted to know how much money she had and whether she would lend it to her? my sister didn’t want to talk and cried.. I stood up for her and felt sorry for her, but she tried not to give in to me (I wanted to hug her) and then I saw an old house as if we had bought it. but I was arguing with my friend there because she was in my house that is, she sprinkled garbage around everything around the house and said it would rot. The earth would be fertilized. For some reason my husband helped her... although she was ready to tear me to pieces and he saw it. Thanks for the help


I was visiting my sister who died 21 years ago and she introduced me to another family and she had a son, in reality she has a daughter


I saw my sister in a dream. I don’t remember what the dream was about, but I woke up with the thought that she had done some kind of dirty trick to me.


We were walking with our sister, in the courtyard of the house where we lived before. Then we went down the slides. We walked and chatted for a long time.


I dreamed about my own younger sister, with whom we are in a quarrel! and asks for help because her feet hurt so bad? I had this dream in the morning at 7.45. I woke up immediately.


I'm with. My sister is in trouble and I dreamed that I would help her with everything


I dreamed that my sister liked my sandals. And she said that they are very comfortable


I dream about her very often and promise me to myself and I walk halfway and wake up


My older sister dreamed from Sunday to Monday that I, her own younger sister, was actually alive (but she told me that they were burying me and she was crying). To be honest, I was walking home yesterday and I was scared, you never know. Who knows? What does this mean, please help me find the answer to my question. I will be very glad, maybe this will help me calm down a little.


I dreamed of police officers at a formation, they asked for help with something, I was not legible, I still didn’t understand what they wanted, then I dreamed of my mother and sister cooking a duck or goose in the oven for a policeman they didn’t know, the policeman left without waiting for the preparation. Explain why dream?


I dreamed that my younger sister (she was still a child) and I went to another city and she got lost there. She was never found. What is this for?

Which pregnant sister did you dream about?

  • Sister - to positive changes in life;
  • The husband's sister - to resolve problems and conflicts; if the husband does not have a sister - to a quick addition to the sleeping family;
  • Cousin - to imminent problems that will greatly burden the sleeping person;
  • Unmarried - for an imminent wedding;
  • A sister who is not pregnant in reality means changes in her personal life, the nature of the changes depends on the emotional coloring of the dream;
  • Second cousin - to difficulties, changes, possibly to resolution of problems;
  • A sister that does not exist in reality - to a leap, career advancement;
  • Step-by-step is a sign of the sleeping person’s too strong attachment to his relatives, perhaps of his excessive interference in their lives;
  • A deceased sister means trouble; the dreamer will very soon be faced with problems that will require immediate solutions;
  • The eldest - to victory over competitors, the development of the sleeper;
  • The youngest - to unreasonable actions, the responsibility and decisions of which will fall on the shoulders of the sleeper;
  • Drunk - the sleeping person should treat his sister more strictly and not turn a blind eye to her actions;
  • With a big belly - to good luck in love, to meet your destiny soon;
  • Being sick is a sign to think about health;
  • Crazy - to an unexpected but pleasant surprise;
  • Naked - to health problems, both the dreamer and his sister should be checked for diseases;
  • Without a belly - the sleeper’s uncertainty in his beliefs and thoughts.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some recommendations for interpreting a dream about a pregnant sister. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the moon.

Assessing the feasibility of a dream on January 27, 2022

, according to the website Gadalkin House.
Today is Thursday, the Waning 4th quarter from January 25 16:42, the Night Sun entered the 1st house. If you had a dream on another day, you can look at the recommendations in this table
. Now let's look at the main indicators of today that influence the interpretation, according to astrologers.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexGuidelines for interpretation
Day of week:
Try to remember everything that you dreamed about on the night from Wednesday to Thursday as accurately as possible - pay attention to small, at first glance, insignificant details. Most likely, the interpretation of today’s dream will be somehow connected with your personal life or some hidden desires.
Lunar day:
25 Lunar day. Today is the day of prophetic dreams. Much of what you saw this night may come true in real life in the next lunar month. It’s more difficult with those dreams that you don’t want to come true. To avoid such a dream coming true, wash your face with cold water and whisper “The water has flown and the dream has gone.”
Moon in sign:
Scorpio (0°24'14");
Scorpio - when deciphering dreams, symbolizes personal life, love, carnal passion and emotional conversations. Try to find among the interpretations one that is connected specifically with this side of your life.
Waning 4th quarter
Waning moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If there are some global projects coming up or active actions are required from you, put things off until the period of the waxing moon.

Family blood affiliation

People don't always dream about their pregnant sister. Other variants of this image-symbol are possible, differing in the degree of relationship:

  1. The interesting position of the husband's cousin warns the wife: do not meddle in other people's secrets. Otherwise, you will pay for being too curious.
  2. The pregnancy of her own cousin predicts problems for a girl in communicating with others. Don't be too shy and things will get better.
  3. A stepsister who marries with a belly warns a person against the machinations of ill-wishers. They are very jealous of you and try to harm you.

A good sign is the birth of a child from a step-sister. This promises quick profit. The birth of twins promises winning the lottery and receiving a bonus.

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