Why do you dream about a mad horse, if you dreamed about a mad horse in a dream

The vast majority of dreams where a horse appears in one way or another are interpreted in a positive way. However, there are some moments in which the meaning of a dream turns out to be sharply negative, so before direct interpretation it is important to remember what the animal looked like, how it behaved and what feelings the dreamer himself experienced.

Options for interpretation

  • Riding a horse according to Miller's dream book
  • Ride a horse in Vanga's dream book
  • Ride a horse in the Islamic dream book
  • Who had the dream?
  • To the girl
  • Pregnant
  • To a woman
  • To a man
  • Interpretation of sleep in detail
  • Riding bareback in a dream
  • Horse riding gallop
  • Horseback ride through the forest
  • Prance while sitting on a horse
  • conclusions

Riding a horse according to Miller's dream book

Riding a calm, obedient horse is an indicator of agreement and absolute trust between business partners. The dreamer has a truly reliable and united team, with which he will be able not only to earn a lot of money, but also to promote his company, capturing an increasing share of the market.

Riding a stolen horse in a dream, according to Miller’s dream book, is a very bad sign. Such a vision portends serious financial risks and subsequent poverty.

If in a dream you had to ride along a dirty road and potholes, it means that in reality your friends will begin to envy the dreamer - you should not open up to them completely and tell them about your immediate plans, there is a high probability that they will try to prevent the implementation of your plans.

Falling out of the saddle means a serious long-term illness and the appearance of enemies in the work sphere.
Where did you ride a horse in your dream?

If a horse behaved aggressively in a dream, you will soon have an unpleasant conversation

Dreams of men

The dreams that men have have a different interpretation:

  1. A man who sees himself riding a white horse will be successful in business. But with success comes the envy of others. Business must be conducted more carefully. The gypsy dream book interprets this dream as a harbinger of a meeting with a girl. It's worth taking a closer look at it.
  2. If a man dreamed of a mare pulling a cart, he had taken too many worries onto his shoulders. It’s worth sharing them with your significant other, who will be happy to help.
  3. If a man sees a beautiful horse in a dream, he will meet a woman with whom a short romance full of impressions awaits him. A relationship can also begin with a woman whom he has known for a long time, but previously did not pay much attention to her.
  4. Riding a horse surrounded by male riders means profit. If there is a female team around, it means deception and betrayal.

Ride a horse in Vanga's dream book

Riding a horse in a dream, while experiencing satisfaction or joyful feelings, means making new friends whose help you can count on in any difficult situation. If the dreamer pranced or galloped, it means that he will soon lose his vigilance. You cannot turn a blind eye to the shortcomings and shortcomings in the work of other people, as this will certainly play a cruel joke on the one who saw such a dream.

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A wild, aggressive horse that is extremely hostile and tries to throw off its rider is a warning of an unpleasant conversation to come.

Animal color

The interpretation of the dream depends on the color of the horse:

  • white - to success in new projects and a pleasant time with loved ones;
  • chestnut - to a series of white and black stripes in all areas of life;
  • black - to problems at work and scandals with family members;
  • bright red - to the fulfillment of a cherished dream or improvement of financial well-being.

If you dream that you are sitting on a horse covered with a snow-white blanket, try to pay more attention to your health, since there is a high risk of serious illness.

Who had the dream?

To the girl

For a girl, riding a horse means success in love affairs, the location of the person she likes.

IMPORTANT! At the same time, a young rider should know that she will have to fight for this love, not everything will go smoothly.

If a girl falls out of the saddle during such a walk, a declaration of love awaits her, which she will reject.


For a pregnant girl, a horse is a symbol of great happiness, especially if the animal in the dream had a light color. If the dreamer rides a horse, it means that she will have an easy birth and the birth of an absolutely healthy child, in addition, good luck will accompany the dreamer in all her endeavors.

To a woman

For a woman, such a dream is an indicator that she is popular with the opposite sex , has a large number of fans (although not everyone openly declares themselves) and is not deprived of attention.

To a man

A man riding a horse in a dream should expect success in his professional field and victory over his competitors. In the near future there will be a promotion up the career ladder and an increase in wages of at least twice.

Riding a horse without a saddle means a serious fight

Horse behavior

The meaning of sleep taking into account the behavior of the animal:

  • tries to throw off the rider - to difficulties due to the actions of competitors;
  • kicks - to a deterioration in well-being or a strong emotional shock;
  • to shackle - to expose an ill-wisher from the close environment;
  • tripped and fell - to bankruptcy or dismissal.

Expert opinion

Ilmira Derbentseva


You dream of riding a saddled horse, which brings a lot of pleasure - to meeting your soulmate and a happy married life. Riding a dirty horse without a saddle is a sign of problems that arose due to the fault of the dreamer.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

ATTENTION! One of the most common mistakes when interpreting dreams is that a person tries to interpret what he saw based on one main symbol. This is fundamentally wrong, since dreams always include many different details that directly affect the outcome of the interpretation. This is why it is important to pay special attention to individual details.

Riding bareback in a dream

Riding a horse without a saddle means a long, difficult struggle, from which, however, the sleeper will emerge victorious if he puts in enough effort and does not refuse the help of loved ones.

In addition, riding without a saddle means that the dreamer in this life has yet to experience the taste of the forbidden fruit.

Horse riding gallop

Galloping is interpreted as the dreamer’s obligatory need to set aside some specific time specifically for himself: to relax, do what he loves, or simply get himself in order.

REFERENCE! The gallop in this case is an indicator that in reality this person does not give himself a break from work and household chores, completely devoting himself only to them.

Horseback ride through the forest

Riding a horse through the forest promises the imminent appearance of your soulmate. If the person who sees such a vision already has a legal companion, this dream foretells them many happy years of life together and smart, caring children.

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If the horse is very tired and stubborn, then higher powers warn the sleeper about the presence of ill-wishers who, acting on the sly, want to destroy the dreamer’s career or harm his personal life.

Prance while sitting on a horse

Prancing on a horse means a loss of vigilance in real life. The dreamer's interests may suffer greatly due to the stupid behavior of an acquaintance or close relative in a high position. Moreover, if a person was prancing on a horse in the immediate vicinity of his own home, this means that he will soon have to go on a long business trip.

Features of the image of a horse in a dream

If a person dreamed of a horse, then after waking up he should remember as many small details of his night vision as possible. In addition, you should take into account the actions of the sleeper and the place where the events took place. Important features of the horse image:

  1. Color (white, grey, brown, black). This nuance is of particular importance, since the veracity or inconsistency of interpretations depends on it.
  2. Actions (see, go, fly). When determining the meaning of a dream, every detail is important, so you need to try to remember what movements the horse and rider performed.
  3. Quantity. In some dream books, the number of horses seen determines what the forecast will be. The more animals you managed to notice, the more positive the events in real life will be.
  4. Condition (beautiful, wounded, driven). In most cases, a person’s future luck and state of mind depend on the appearance and health of the dreamed horse.

Stallion color

As has been said more than once, for the correct interpretation of a dream you need as many details as possible. Of course, in this dream, one of the most important points will be the color of the horse you happened to ride:

  • Redhead - respect and honor in a certain circle of people;
    What color was the horse
  • the dark one is the financial sphere, while your luck in real life will depend on whether you stay in the saddle.
  • Light – love and mutual understanding. You don’t have to ride alone – a companion, or companions, those people with whom happiness and joy await you.
  • Red - you are used to relying on your intuition, but it will not always lead to the right choice. Sometimes it is worth listening not only to the heart, but also to the mind.

If your enemy offers you a ride on a bay stallion, it means that in reality you will soon make peace and perhaps even become allies.

According to Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, a black horse means your participation in dubious adventures.

Why do you dream of a silver horse? Dream books do not give a definite answer; it is believed that such dreams are visited by dreamy people who are prone to excessive fantasy.

According to Freud

To the guy:

  1. Large - you put the pleasure of your sexy friend above your own. Huge - to a connection with a dominant lady.
  2. Biting an arm or leg - parting with a scandal.
  3. Pregnant - desire to have offspring.
  4. Having given birth to a foal, the dream of an heir is mutual.
  5. Tied, fighting, lying down, mating - the desire for unconventional pleasures.

A drawing with a horse image means being afraid to realize your own dreams in bed. We are sure that the partner will not accept it. Drawing the gelding's face and body is a sign of a frank conversation.


Two individuals reveal the essence of the relationship with the spouse. Carefully analyze their behavior:

  • fought - you cannot forgive old grievances;
  • bites the side - the husband is prone to harsh words;
  • sleep - stagnation, boredom;
  • one eats the other - an irreconcilable conflict.

Protects from an attacking bull - a jealous believer. Don't irritate your betrothed over trifles. Floating - to harmony in the family circle. Yours is missing - your spouse is cheating. Stealing someone else’s is a connection with a married man; snowy - second marriage.



  1. Rushing into the distance - you are afraid of sex. With a rider - an affectionate man will help you overcome this fear.
  2. 2 vorons - a choice between two candidates of equal priority. Three bays - the rivalry of empty cavaliers.
  3. In the water - condemnation of a relationship with a younger guy. On Fire is a hot romance. In the sky - a fateful acquaintance.
  4. On the snow - for a wedding in winter, on the grass - in summer. There is long loneliness in the window.
  5. When you sit in the saddle, you will be surrounded by attention and care.
  6. To be afraid - internal blocks prevent women from opening up.
  7. Hold by the reins - possessiveness pushes away a potential partner.

Theft - to the eternal share of the mistress of the unfree. If you saddle up, you will leave the vicious circle and find your happiness.


Stroking a calm one means quick relief from the burden. Kissing means joyful changes. Talking to a horse means the appearance of a talented baby. Remember, maybe the animal pointed out the gift of the future child.

Watching the horse

If you see an animal rushing somewhere, a person strives for new things. When you dream of tied horses, this speaks of a person’s constraint and the impossibility of achieving his goal.

If you see in a dream an animal that is calmly grazing or drinking, you should not be afraid of the difficulties ahead. Seeing a saddled horse is unlucky. We will have to gather our strength and remain persistent.

If a wild horse appears in a dream, Miller’s dream book promises unexpected turns of fate and love adventures. A circus horse indicates that a person is too dependent on the opinions of others. Wounded horses foretell bad news. You will be able to cope with the upcoming difficulties.

A dead horse portends calm. This sign advises you to take a break, take a vacation.

Meet the favorable period

Vanga's dream book considers a snow-white horse with its baby a symbol of change for the better. If you are lucky enough to see such a couple in a dream, the black stripe will recede. You can safely start what you have been planning for a long time - the result will be magnificent.

In the Mayan dream book, a white horse with a foal symbolizes harmony with oneself and the surrounding world, development, and self-knowledge. Seeing them in a dream is tantamount to an educational journey into your own world.

A mare with a calf, especially a white one, means the onset of a favorable period. Luck and good mood will become your companions.

To dream that a white couple is dirty and unkempt is a dangerous signal. The family interpreter warns that among those whom you are accustomed to trust, there are ill-wishers and envious people.

According to Hasse

Explanations of pictures:

  1. Mares with horses - memories of past romances, mental torment. With foals - making successful plans for the future.
  2. Pregnant - to find the right way out of an alarming situation.
  3. Accepting horse births is a good investment; looking at such an event means indecision.
  4. A walk with a four-legged friend is a burden from the past.
  5. A stable symbolizes financial status: full - wealth; empty - poverty. Left the pen - luck will turn away.
  6. To hide is to seek the support of an influential person.
  7. Horseback riding means satisfaction with current circumstances.
  8. Jumping while contemplating flowering trees means reaching the peak of your career.
  9. Riding in a carriage means making loyal friends.

If a huge eagle flies into the scenario, the value becomes negative. Don't ask for help. You will have to deal with problems on your own.

Islamic dream book


  1. Appears in the house - good luck will settle in the nest for a long time; in an apartment (where in principle it cannot be) - to enrichment; in the yard - a profitable endeavor; in the paddock - stability.
  2. Riding a light one is good luck; on a darkened one - to fun.
  3. Blind - great anger; burning - feast, feast; untamed - victory over ill-wishers.
  4. A loaded caravan enters the city - you will experience greatness.
  5. A neigh was heard - you are an authority for many.
  6. Piebald couple - meeting a rich and very beautiful lady.
  7. Pooping is an inheritance. Feces - to large financial income.
  8. Head - you will achieve power. To look closely into beautiful eyes is to have wisdom.
  9. Hearing a snort means leading.

The speaker prophesies directly. Remember her words.

According to Tsvetkov

Focuses on a business topic:

  1. Plowing with a plow means thankless, poorly paid, hopeless work.
  2. To sit on a sick, exhausted person means to lose your place.
  3. To beat a clumsy nag - the employees are slandering.
  4. Drinking means increasing earnings. They gave water to a small foal - the authorities highly appreciate it.
  5. Hand-feeding an apple means concluding a lucrative contract.

The bite of an angry woman is a career boost. He reaches out, wants to grab it, but you fight back - the place will go to a competitor.

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