Why do you dream of a horse in a dream for a woman, man, girl, guy, child?

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Kira Stoletova

Dreams are an integral part of our lives. Sometimes they frighten, sometimes they delight, sometimes they warn. Our ancestors believed that during sleep a person’s soul is able to leave its bodily shell and travel to other worlds inaccessible to the human eye.

Why do you dream about a horse?

As for scientists, in their understanding, dreams are some kind of vector tests, the reaction of our subconscious to certain life situations, which should not be taken lightly.

Dream interpretation is a special science that cannot be contained in one article, so in this article we will just touch on the topic of what a horse dreams about and what our subconscious signals about by showing this majestic representative of the animal world in dreams.

General interpretation

Even-toed ungulates have been living side by side with humans for a very long time. Previously, horse-drawn vehicles, passenger vehicles, and tractors were replaced. They acted as a reliable comrade on the battlefield and in love affairs. The image is considered well studied.

A lively, prancing, well-fed individual is an excellent sign. Indicates:

  1. On horseback - the success of the enterprise.
  2. Ride a troika harnessed to a cart or carriage - loyal supporters and followers.
  3. A herd rushing past is a lucky turn of fate.
  4. Prancing bareback among flowering fields and meadows is a dream come true.
  5. An incredible coincidence of circumstances with a snow-white cow.
  6. Flying is a wonderful relief from annoying problems.

Error and Failure Warnings:

  1. A drowning mare is a sign of loss due to circumstances beyond your control. To save her is to correct the situation for your own good.
  2. Mutilated: without legs, without a torso, with a severed head - a misconception about what is happening. You embellish your talents and capabilities. In reality they are much smaller.
  3. Being hit by a vehicle means great harm from a powerful person.
  4. Dead is a stillborn idea. Waste your energy on something that will not bring you fame or money. Has come to life - you will be able to find and correct mistakes.
  5. Crying - vices. Instead of development, they chose the path of degradation, succumbing to temptations.

Standing still - activity has slowed down due to exhaustion of resources.

Possible situations

Even the smallest details are important for the correct interpretation of dreams. Sometimes what seems secondary and completely unimportant is the key to an intricate vision. Therefore, in order not to get into trouble when analyzing what you saw in a dream, you should pay special attention to your own role in the dream and personal feelings. To make it easier to navigate, we present the most common dream situations with horses.


Since a horse is primarily a riding animal, most often people dream of themselves or their loved ones riding on horseback.

  1. Riding a beautiful, full of strength stallion means expecting positive changes.
  2. Riding a sick, tired horse means your dreams will not come true.
  3. Riding a black or dark horse means bad news.
  4. Riding a snow-white mare means some pretty good news.
  5. Riding a horse on a rough road or hilly terrain in a dream means that your life will resemble a swing, where victory will be immediately followed by defeat and vice versa.
  6. Riding a horse with other riders is a fun time.
  7. Riding a stallion through a wooded area is an indicator of being demanding of yourself and those around you.
  8. If you saw in a dream a horse with a rider sitting on it, wait for news.
  9. If a dead man was sitting in the saddle, try to understand what he wants to tell you.
  10. If you had a dream in which you happened to be riding a horse and a pack of wolves were chasing you, beware of betrayal from your friends.
  11. Riding in a horse-drawn carriage means increased status. If you see white horses in a horse cart, glory and honor await you, and if there are black horses, disappointment awaits you.
  12. Riding a cart or carriage pulled by a lone animal means it is better to prepare for difficult times that you will have to go through on your own.
  13. Riding a sleigh drawn by a horse troika foreshadows a successful combination of circumstances.

Dreaming of riding a horse

Aggressive horse

If you dream of a restless and even aggressive horse that kicked you hard, this is a harbinger of family quarrels or debriefings at work. If a mare hits you with her hoof, then this means that soon a person will appear who will cause you a lot of trouble. It happens that in a dream a person sees how a mad horse bites him and even clearly feels its bite on his leg or arm. This dream means that your lover or lover has secrets from you.

Dreaming of an aggressive horse

If you dreamed of a horse that tried to knock you off your feet, expect the appearance of a long-forgotten enemy. The interpretation of a dream in which a horse knocks down a stranger before your eyes is as follows: uninvited guests are rushing to your doorstep. If in your darkest nightmares you had to run away from an angry mare who kicked you painfully with her hoof, pay attention to the color of the individual. Running away from a white pacer is a sign of a love affair, and hiding from a black one who is beating you with its hoof is a sign of bitter disappointment. If you are hit by a horse covered in apples, your affairs will go well.

Miller's Dream Book

The psychologist looked at positive and negative symbolism. A beautiful horse is a harbinger of great luck. Participation in horse racing means long-term, stable prosperity. Losing will come true.


  1. Dirty - sadness. Wash it clean - I'll turn it away.
  2. Dead, killed - misfortune. To kill yourself or to see others doing this is to experience a terrible decline.
  3. Wounded in blood - to trouble that can still be corrected.
  4. The patient is a conflict with an uncertain outcome.
  5. Falling under the rider - enemies will do harm.

Fell from heaven; turned into a stranger who began throwing dirt and stones - you will lose complete control over the situation.

Other transcripts according to Miller:

  1. She ran away and joined a wild pack - news of someone’s illness. Caught - false information; caught - the patient will recover quickly.
  2. Cleaning a horse - success is achieved through hard work.
  3. Combing your mane means realizing a long-planned dream. Feel the courage and strength within yourself.
  4. Shoeing is an unexpected success. You will find a true friend with whom you will live in harmony until your gray hairs. Admiring horseshoes means working hard on your own happiness.
  5. Given as a gift - for support in an important situation.

To lose is to destroy with your own hands something that you have been working on for a long time.

What does a white horse mean?

Positive signs:

  1. Skachete is a lucky person, endowed with the ability to make friends.
  2. Woman giving birth - marvel at your luck.
  3. With wings - a great talent. Look for it within yourself. It is a great glory to fly it.
  4. The saddled woman beats her hoof in anticipation of the rider - wonderful prospects will open up.
  5. Runs towards you - a declaration of love; in the opposite direction - separation.

Bathing in a river, lake, pond - wedding. Read more about the snow-white horse...


The bay color reveals financial prospects. Riding a horse means taking a high position. For a lady - to get rid of an unpleasant gentleman.


Voronoi denotes vanity, wasted efforts, ill-considered actions. Troika - the team is not managed by the smartest management, which is why everyone suffers. Old nag - to betrayal, cooling.

A dead crow means losses. If the dog is frightened, it will lead to trouble with the regulatory authorities.


Hugging a cowgirl by the neck is a sign of flirting. Details:

  1. Standing - worsening of the situation.
  2. Rushing is a short-term hobby.
  3. Dying - unnecessary seriousness of intentions.
  4. Biting - to a scolding from the authorities, an older relative.
  5. Thin - criminal inaction.

Enraged - you will fall under the charm of a dishonest, selfish lady.

Other colors


  • in apples - to benefit;
  • red - to passion;
  • black and white - to the changeability of fate;
  • gray - to joy;
  • pink - for tenderness;
  • green - to hope;
  • blue - to despair;
  • blue - to alienation;
  • gold - to win.

Fiery - an unprecedented event. Observe the signs of the universe carefully. Lit - get a chance that only comes once.


A grazing herd is a sign of a successful businessman. It promises business activity, prosperity, mutual understanding with partners, colleagues, and management. A snow-white herd means a happy marriage.


Horse-drawn transport prophesies:

  1. The cart is pulled by a nag - there are many worries ahead. Riding it is a dependent position. There are not enough own funds yet.
  2. Driving a cart means a slow increase in wealth.
  3. If you saw the carriage from the outside - immerse yourself in dreams of love. Traveled in it - reciprocity of feelings.
  4. A sled in harness is a slippery turn. Riding in a group means accidentally letting a friend down.

Harness yourself - become a project manager. Someone has a subordinate position in the team.

Horse riding

The following scenes are treated equally:

  1. If you climb a narrow path up the mountain, you will achieve a strong position. Leading him by the bridle to the top, tired, will have to expend a lot of energy.
  2. Cross a stream: transparent - good news; muddy - bad rumors.
  3. Drowned in the dark slurry of a swamp - you will lose everything you have acquired.
  4. Riding on a croup without special devices (stirrups, saddle) is a challenge. They will scare you, but will not lead you astray. As a result, you will become the happy owner of a comfortable income.
  5. The evil one rears up and wants to throw it off - enter into an unequal confrontation. Resist - win; threw it off and tried to trample it - it would defeat the enemies.
  6. Riding on a mad, kicking horse means great difficulties caused by unfriendly actions.
  7. The frantic galloping came to an abrupt halt as the mare broke her leg - a sharp turn for the worse.

Aggressive - incorrectness of the chosen behavior strategy. If you managed to pacify, life will sharply turn into the direction of luck.

Meaning for a girl

The essence is determined by the suit:

  1. Black under saddle - your wish will come true. Consult a wise man.
  2. White - something will cause great anxiety.
  3. A horseman was chasing a bay horse - protect your interests.
  4. Pony - for marriage for love. Darling is a loyal but down-to-earth character.
  5. Traveling together on one horse means the appearance of successful fans.

If the rider jumps off her rump and the mare turns into a pig, then think carefully before refusing courtship. A nondescript-looking, but very worthy gentleman is achieved. Turned into a bear - on the contrary, you need to realistically evaluate the applicants. The womanizer whips.

For a man

The cavalcade in which the girls took part reveals the shortcomings. Unable to determine goals and intentions themselves. The opinion is controlled by another person. Riding a small one means minor difficulties, driving a huge one means success. To be afraid of a jumping woman is a sign of jealousy. Being the owner of a purebred dog means success is guaranteed. Going down the mountain means a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Decorating a tail or mane is a sign of successful professional activity for businessmen and writers.

If you kick, your beloved will refuse. Traveling bareback in a male company means friendly help at the right time.

A good nag licked his face - you will get a thrifty, loving wife.

Buying and selling

The implementation clarifies the risk perspective:

  1. Were a seller - it's worth a try. The situation will turn in your favor, bringing profit.
  2. Buy - losses.
  3. Buying a brown or bay cow from a gypsy means unknowingly investing in a fraudulent project.
  4. Selling a bad one, leaving a young one for yourself - you will get what you want by cunning.


In search of an answer to the question of what it means to see a horse in a dream, you should turn to the symbolism of this animal. The range of interpretations of the horse symbol is quite extensive. Stretching from heaven to earth, from light to darkness, from life to death, it affects almost all aspects of human life. The horse as an archetype is a symbol of strength, power and wise rule. Its appearance is associated with travel and movement forward.

Horse in mythology

As a vehicle, the horse is mentioned in many ancient myths and legends. In ancient legends, our distant ancestors harnessed horses to the magic chariots of the gods and endowed them with wonderful mythical qualities. Thus, the favorite horse of the Old Norse god Odin was a stallion named Slepnir. It is described as an incredibly intelligent, strong animal with 8 legs. The chariot of the great and formidable thunder god Zeus was driven by the magical flying horse Pegasus, who was depicted as an animal with powerful wings.

Horse in the form of Pegasus

The connection of the horse with light and darkness is reflected in the image of Death riding a black horse, symbolizing the end of the road, and the four horses of the Apocalypse, symbolizing the eschatological end of the world. The white horse is a symbol of life, light and enlightenment. In ancient Slavic mythology, special attention was paid to the color of the horse. Thus, a rider on a white horse symbolized the day, a rider on a red horse symbolized the sun, a rider on a black horse symbolized night, and a brown trotter foreshadowed death. In the famous revelations of John the Theologian, a pale horse was mentioned - a harbinger of death, a red horse - war and a black horse - famine.

In ancient legends, the horse is a symbol of speed, beauty and vitality. This animal is associated with wind, fire, storm, and running rivers. His image is imbued with courage, valor and thirst for freedom. The horse personifies the male solar force, lifting from the knees and dragging along. This animal is associated with human wisdom, prudence, the ability to find a way out of difficult life situations and quickness of thought.

The image of a horse among representatives of various countries

Followers of Islam have a legend about Burak, a creature with the body of a horse and the head of a man. According to Muslim beliefs, Buraka was the vehicle of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who rushed on it from Mecca to Jerusalem so quickly that water did not have time to spill out of the overturned vessel.

Ancient Iranian legends mention four white horses: wind, rain, cloud and snow, which were harnessed to the cart of Ardvisura Anahita, the goddess of divine love. In Japanese traditions, the goddess Batō Kannon appeared in the form of a white horse. The Romans harnessed white horses to the chariots of Mithras and Apollo.

For a more accurate answer to the question of why a horse is dreamed of, just understanding the symbolic meaning of this animal is not enough. The details of the dream are important: the number of horses that appeared in the dream, their color. You cannot ignore your own role in the dream: you are riding a horse, leading it by the bridle, or just looking at it.

Next, we will look at some of the most common circumstances in which a person sees a horse in a dream.

Vanga's Dream Book

You are not going through the best period of your life. Light - a difficult time is coming to an end, positive changes are near. Dark - to grieve and struggle with difficulties.

What do jumping mean?

A symbol of the future realization of spiritual aspirations. Our everyday life is structured so that the total vector is always directed towards the goal. And dreams correct mistakes. For example, I saw a mad race with a pack of greyhounds - they took the right course. You rush towards what you want at full speed:

  1. The guy - to a certain mental level of well-being, position.
  2. A girl - to create a family with her beloved (a lady can also reorient herself to purely business priorities).


  1. A cavalcade of beautiful ladies and gentlemen, among whom the beloved is a sign of betrayal. The feelings have long cooled down.
  2. Children on the back: The son/daughter will glorify the parents in a good way.
  3. Singles and singles should remember the gender and number of riders. The prophecy concerns the likely heirs.
  • Armed riders on blacks - a threat to life; on bays - to a difficult task.
  • A herd galloping through the fields means a good offer. Grab the outstretched hand, no matter what the initiative concerns. Otherwise, you will miss the benefits.
  • Those running in fear from chasing wolves are unfounded suspicions. Blame your co-worker for your own mistakes. The boss will punish a colleague, and he will definitely take revenge.
  • The rider is a now deceased person: bring up an old matter that has long been forgotten. Now is the time for its development.
  • The mare was chasing, and you ran away in fear - you are about to take on something new, unusual. If it knocks you down and you fall to the ground, it’s better not to start. There will be no success. Stepped on a hoof or kicked - rest against the intention. The environment will not support you, but in the end you will rise above the crowd.
  • Falling while running is a business nuisance. It is impossible to prevent it, only to correct the consequences.
  • Falling off a rushing plane means dismissal, censure, punishment, losses.
  • The clouds in the sky formed into a horse - happiness.


    The death of a noble animal is always a bad omen. They kill a lot - humanity will plunge into global problems. Slaughtering thin cattle in a slaughterhouse or in a yard is a disaster for the area where you live. One is clogged - a disaster for the dreamer.

    To commit murder yourself is a refusal of good work, a happy life. If you died by accident, you will lose something important. Options: divorce due to disclosure of infidelity; theft of property; loss of inheritance rights. Bloody meat means illness.

    The dead stab - you will face a karmic problem. You have to work off a debt from a past life or ancestral one.

    The dead has suddenly risen and kicks, jumps, bites - beware of the long-time irreconcilable hater.

    A revived equestrian statue means amazing events.


    If you dream about horses, first of all focus on their number. First, let's consider a situation where you dreamed of one horse. In this situation, the gender of the animal is important for the correct interpretation of the vision. It is often quite difficult to find out, but sometimes night dreams themselves give a clue to the dreamer.


    Without taking into account all the details of the vision, the dreamed mare is a symbol of female beauty, sexuality and attractiveness. If such a dream comes to visit a man, then he should expect to meet an attractive girl, which may well develop into a love relationship. For a young girl, a mare in a dream promises a meeting or news from a friend. Such dreams may signal the appearance of a rival or ill-wisher.

    Dreaming of a mare

    A beautiful muscular stallion is a symbol of masculinity and male sexuality. For a lonely representative of the fair half of humanity, the appearance of a young stallion in a dream foreshadows a pleasant acquaintance with an attractive man. If everything goes well, then a love affair with subsequent marriage is not excluded. If a stallion visited a man in a dream, he should be wary of the appearance of a rival or foe. If you are a business person, then such a dream may be a herald of the appearance of a profitable business partner or a high patron.

    Dreaming of a stallion

    Two horses

    If in night visions a person happened to see two horses of the same sex, then this is not good. Such a dream means that quarrels and misunderstandings on the part of relatives or acquaintances will soon await him. The situation gets worse if he sees one animal attacking another, kicking it and biting it.

    On the other hand, the horse dream book says that a mare and stallion that come in night dreams indicate a possible love affair and can even become harbingers of an approaching wedding. In other words, a dreamed pair of horses promises a person to find his soulmate.

    Dreaming of two horses

    If you happen to see a horse with a foal in a dream, then after a while good news will knock on the door, which will be associated with an improvement in your financial situation. Those who are lucky enough to see in their night dreams a mare giving birth or a horse that has just given birth to a small foal are in for a change for the better. They can be associated with a change of residence, success in business, and even the birth of a child.

    If a child sees a little foal, then parents should think about a brother or sister for him.

    Seeing a horse with a foal in the house in a dream means luck and happiness. Such a dream can promise profit, the arrival of pleasant guests and good news. Any appearance of a foal in night visions is a favorable dream. The only exception is a galloping foal: this dream signals that a person is prone to imprudent actions.

    a trio of horses

    Consider a situation where you dreamed of three horses. On the one hand, three horses can be an omen of an approaching journey, but on the other hand, such a dream signals that you have made the wrong decision or committed an unseemly act, the consequences of which will be disastrous. According to Juno’s dream book, seeing three horses in a dream means gossip and reproach from ill-wishers. If a woman had such a dream, then she should think about her behavior with the opposite sex, and if a man, then we are talking about the need to get rid of bad habits.

    Dreaming of three horses

    Those who have dreamed of three horses harnessed to a carriage or cart should focus their attention on the behavior of the animals. If the horses pull the cart smoothly, a person will have a calm and measured life without shocks. In the case when there is no agreement between the trotters, and they act according to the principle of the swan, crayfish and pike, the dreamer is in for trouble. Most likely they will be associated with quarrels at home or at work.

    Herd of horses

    It is not uncommon for many horses, a whole herd, to appear in people’s dreams. So, why do you dream of a herd of horses? First we pay attention to the behavior of animals. If you dream of a herd of calm horses that peacefully nibble grass and emit a joyful neigh, it means that in your near future everything will go like clockwork. For a woman who had to stand among such animals in a dream, such a dream could mean a happy family life or an upcoming successful marriage.

    Dreaming of a herd

    When a feeling of horror arises at the sight of a maddened herd of horses rushing towards you, trampling everything in their path and chasing you, in reality you will have to face human aggression or experience life’s upheavals. If in a field where many horses are grazing, you can see lush green grass, birds are fluttering around and the sun is shining brightly, this is an excellent omen that promises good luck. If the grass in your vision is yellowed or trampled, and the sky is clouded with dark clouds, expect trouble. Failures can come both to your home and to the home of your relatives or friends. Perhaps a person who lives by the principle will turn to you for help: if you do a favor for me, then I will do my best for you.

    When analyzing the circumstances of a dream where people can see many horses, it is worth noting horse racing. About those who often dream of horse races, we can say that these are risky people who are not used to making plans and thinking about tomorrow. But, if the subconscious focuses on this fact, then perhaps it wants to warn you of impending danger. It is worth moderating your ardor and living more calmly, without taking unnecessary risks.

    Islamic dream book


    1. Appears in the house - good luck will settle in the nest for a long time; in an apartment (where in principle it cannot be) - to enrichment; in the yard - a profitable endeavor; in the paddock - stability.
    2. Riding a light one is good luck; on a darkened one - to fun.
    3. Blind - great anger; burning - feast, feast; untamed - victory over ill-wishers.
    4. A loaded caravan enters the city - you will experience greatness.
    5. A neigh was heard - you are an authority for many.
    6. Piebald couple - meeting a rich and very beautiful lady.
    7. Pooping is an inheritance. Feces - to large financial income.
    8. Head - you will achieve power. To look closely into beautiful eyes is to have wisdom.
    9. Hearing a snort means leading.

    The speaker prophesies directly. Remember her words.

    Horse color

    The color of a horse, according to Miller’s dream book, is as important as the number of individuals, so if you are wondering why a horse is dreaming, look at its color. Most often, a white or black horse bursts into people's night visions. However, there are often cases when the colors of dreamed animals are striking in their unusualness. But nothing happens without a reason, so if an animal of the most intricate color enters your dreams, there is an explanation for this.

    White horse

    First of all, let's try to get to the bottom of what the white horse is dreaming about. In terms of white horses, all dream books are unanimous: this is good luck.

    If a young girl is lucky enough to see a white horse in a dream, she will soon get married.

    When white horses visited a man’s night visions, then in the near future he will not suffer from a lack of attention from representatives of the fair half of humanity.

    If in a dream a man sees himself as a rider galloping on a white horse, he will quickly be able to win the heart of his beloved woman.

    A woman who dreams of finding her soul mate often dreams of a white horse. In this case, the animal is seen vaguely, as if through a fog, now appearing and then disappearing. If a woman dreams that she is being carried by white horses harnessed to a cart and there are many of them, then this is a signal that she should be more selective in communicating with the opposite sex.

    Black horse

    If a black horse appears in your dreams, this is a sure sign of dissatisfaction with yourself. A black horse is often seen in a dream by people who are in an eternal search for the meaning of life. If an individual’s subconscious constantly introduces a black horse into his dreams, then he should perceive this vision as a signal that it is time to relax and slightly reduce the demands on himself and the people around him.

    If a woman who is in search of her soul mate was lucky enough to see a black horse in a dream, then this dream can be regarded as a harbinger of a meeting with a man who at first will seem like the only one to her, but will ultimately disappoint her.

    When a representative of the stronger half of humanity comes to a vision in which he was given a black horse, this means that the guy will soon experience love without reciprocity. The same fate awaits a woman who has had a similar dream. However, if you are lucky enough to meet a beautiful black mare in a dream, this may be a signal that you will finally be able to defeat a bad habit or a protracted illness. Seeing a black horse in a dream means the collapse of hopes.

    Colored suits

    In addition to white and black horses, individuals of other colors may also be present in people’s dreams. So:

    1. A beautiful brown horse in a dream comes to those people who will experience success and recognition in the future. If a guy dreams of a dark brown horse, it means that everything he plans will come true. Brown stallions are usually seen in dreams by young ladies who are popular with men.
    2. According to the dream book, a gray horse may indicate that either the dreamer himself is a believer, or he is about to meet a religious person.
    3. A pink horse appearing in your dreams means that you are a rather romantic and frivolous person. According to the dream book, a pink horse means that you will have to thoroughly rack your brains over an unresolved problem.
    4. A blue horse is a sign of the dreamer’s extraordinary nature. According to the dream book, such a horse means that what seems insoluble will be resolved. To do this, you just need to rely on intuition and original thinking.
    5. If you dreamed about a red horse, then you will soon have to work hard. It is possible that you will be faced with a huge pile of problems, which will be very difficult to solve. If you see an old, ugly, thin, sick mare, this means that the result of your efforts will be disastrous. If you were visited in visions by a beautiful young horse, then everything will be resolved quite successfully.
    6. Those who happen to see a red horse in their dreams need to show composure in life and try to think with their heads and not with their hearts.
    7. A good omen is the appearance of a horse covered in apples in night visions. Such a dream means that the one who watched it begins a white streak in life. For a woman, a handsome stallion with dapples means that she will be able to get an enviable groom.

    According to Freud

    To the guy:

    1. Large - you put the pleasure of your sexy friend above your own. Huge - to a connection with a dominant lady.
    2. Biting an arm or leg - parting with a scandal.
    3. Pregnant - desire to have offspring.
    4. Having given birth to a foal, the dream of an heir is mutual.
    5. Tied, fighting, lying down, mating - the desire for unconventional pleasures.

    A drawing with a horse image means being afraid to realize your own dreams in bed. We are sure that the partner will not accept it. Drawing the gelding's face and body is a sign of a frank conversation.


    Two individuals reveal the essence of the relationship with the spouse. Carefully analyze their behavior:

    • fought - you cannot forgive old grievances;
    • bites the side - the husband is prone to harsh words;
    • sleep - stagnation, boredom;
    • one eats the other - an irreconcilable conflict.

    Protects from an attacking bull - a jealous believer. Don't irritate your betrothed over trifles. Floating - to harmony in the family circle. Yours is missing - your spouse is cheating. Stealing someone else’s is a connection with a married man; snowy - second marriage.



    1. Rushing into the distance - you are afraid of sex. With a rider - an affectionate man will help you overcome this fear.
    2. 2 vorons - a choice between two candidates of equal priority. Three bays - the rivalry of empty cavaliers.
    3. In the water - condemnation of a relationship with a younger guy. On Fire is a hot romance. In the sky - a fateful acquaintance.
    4. On the snow - for a wedding in winter, on the grass - in summer. There is long loneliness in the window.
    5. When you sit in the saddle, you will be surrounded by attention and care.
    6. To be afraid - internal blocks prevent women from opening up.
    7. Hold by the reins - possessiveness pushes away a potential partner.

    Theft - to the eternal share of the mistress of the unfree. If you saddle up, you will leave the vicious circle and find your happiness.


    Stroking a calm one means quick relief from the burden. Kissing means joyful changes. Talking to a horse means the appearance of a talented baby. Remember, maybe the animal pointed out the gift of the future child.

    Wounded or dead animal

    A wounded, tethered animal from a dream is a hint that in reality the girl dreams of breaking free from the shackles that dream of her achieving goals and expressing herself creatively. The restraining factor can be either unrequited love, the upbringing of strict parents or condemnation by society.

    A dead horse turns out to be a symbol of physical fatigue and the need for rest. After seeing the plot, a representative of the fair sex should think about a vacation or ask her husband to relieve her of household duties a little.

    According to Tsvetkov

    Focuses on a business topic:

    1. Plowing with a plow means thankless, poorly paid, hopeless work.
    2. To sit on a sick, exhausted person means to lose your place.
    3. To beat a clumsy nag - the employees are slandering.
    4. Drinking means increasing earnings. They gave water to a small foal - the authorities highly appreciate it.
    5. Hand-feeding an apple means concluding a lucrative contract.

    The bite of an angry woman is a career boost. He reaches out, wants to grab it, but you fight back - the place will go to a competitor.

    According to Hasse

    Explanations of pictures:

    1. Mares with horses - memories of past romances, mental torment. With foals - making successful plans for the future.
    2. Pregnant - to find the right way out of an alarming situation.
    3. Accepting horse births is a good investment; looking at such an event means indecision.
    4. A walk with a four-legged friend is a burden from the past.
    5. A stable symbolizes financial status: full - wealth; empty - poverty. Left the pen - luck will turn away.
    6. To hide is to seek the support of an influential person.
    7. Horseback riding means satisfaction with current circumstances.
    8. Jumping while contemplating flowering trees means reaching the peak of your career.
    9. Riding in a carriage means making loyal friends.

    If a huge eagle flies into the scenario, the value becomes negative. Don't ask for help. You will have to deal with problems on your own.

    Other circumstances of sleep

    In addition to the above situations, there are a number of other circumstances that also need to be mentioned. So:

    1. If you often have to feed your horse while asleep, you are a kind and sympathetic person. Feeding a horse with bread means receiving unexpected income. If your horse takes food from your hands with pleasure, everything is going swimmingly for you at the moment. If the horse refuses to eat, wait for people to appear who will put a spoke in your wheels..
    2. If you feed a horse in a dream, this means an improvement in your physical condition and overall well-being.
    3. Plowing a field, having adapted a workhorse for this task, means getting a good position.
    4. Kissing, hugging and stroking a trotter means a visit from good friends.
    5. If you dreamed of a dirty stallion that had to be washed, then in reality you will have to overcome serious obstacles.
    6. If the filly ran away and you had to catch it, this means that your loved one wants to leave you. If, while asleep, you managed to catch a runaway horse, the conflict will be resolved.
    7. Losing a stallion in a dream, looking for it for a long time and not finding it is a bad sign. This dream may be a harbinger of an upcoming divorce or breakup.
    8. If you had a dream in which a stranger sits on your trotter, this means that your life partner is in mortal danger and you may lose him.
    9. If you dream that your stallion was stolen by gypsies, this means deception and financial losses.
    10. Saving a horse that has fallen into a trap or is injured will lead to a successful outcome.
    11. Seeing a horse in a dream in a house or apartment for a woman means a successful marriage, and for a representative of the stronger half of humanity - success in business.
    12. If you were lucky enough to buy a horse in a dream, this is a good sign. It is profitable to buy a horse - to material well-being and success in business.
    13. A horse falling under you is a bad omen. The interpretation of such a dream is as follows: you are facing a difficult period of life, which will be quite difficult to survive. The situation is aggravated by a fallen black horse, which means that the dreamer will face great losses in the near future.
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