Dream Interpretation: Christmas tree toys. Why do you dream of a broken Christmas tree toy?

Fun awaits you

If in a dream a person decorated an apartment or a fir tree on the eve of the New Year, then in reality he will have a good time or pleasant surprises are in store for him. You should also expect surprises, even if someone else hung the toys, says the Modern Dream Book.

A meeting with friends is guaranteed to those dreamers who dreamed that they went to the store to buy Christmas tree decorations for these people. But what should we expect when, in our nightly dreams, New Year's decorations were bought for those who have already left this mortal world? The English interpreter foretells the end of a long-standing enmity.

Family dream book

Christmas tree decorations (balls, icicles, lanterns) portend serious grief for a sleeping person if he sees them in spring, summer or autumn. But in the winter season, such a plot promises to bring good news to the dreamer, thanks to which it will be possible to change his life in the new year. In addition, fate itself blesses a person to realize the most daring ideas and undertakings, especially when it comes to creativity.

For entrepreneurs and businessmen, a nighttime plot with colorful toys foreshadows serious financial problems. In the next few days, it is best to refrain from signing important contracts and fighting with competitors. Otherwise, the sleeping person risks losing most of his money or even going completely bankrupt.

Dream details

To more accurately understand what Christmas decorations mean in dreams, interpreters recommend remembering what these toys looked like in a dream:

  • impressive glass balls - the dreamer will have fun or find something valuable;
  • glass cones - you will earn money through a hobby or by providing assistance;
  • glass figures are a reflection of desires hidden in the depths of the subconscious;
  • tiny balls - changes in personal life;
  • sweets - the dreamer will soon be promoted at work;
  • other decorations - you will achieve your goal, which will be highly appreciated by others.

Where did you buy Christmas toys?

According to Grishina’s dream book, it is important to take into account where the toys were bought. This will allow you to more deeply understand its meaning.

  • in the market/bazaar - to the visit of an uninvited guest;
  • in a store - to the end of a long-term relationship;
  • in a shopping center - to the opportunity to realize oneself in creativity.

Do not be afraid!

Why do you dream about buying Christmas tree decorations? The general dream book states that you made the right decision when choosing a profession. In this field of activity, you will definitely be able to achieve significant heights. In the case when in a dream the dreamer is preparing for a winter holiday in splendid isolation, this is also considered a good sign. In reality, the time has come for him to realize his dream project, which he had been putting off for so long due to an unsuitable situation.

Ukrainian dream book

Christmas decorations symbolize undiagnosed diseases that can cause big problems for the sleeping person in the future. The interpreter recommends getting examined at a clinic as soon as possible.

Buying New Year's decorations at night means household chores, which close relatives of the owner of the vision will help you cope with. But even in this case, you will have to make a lot of efforts to return a calm life.

But breaking a Christmas tree decoration is a rather positive sign, which promises the sleeping person to meet an old acquaintance in the near future. However, such an event can end in a great drinking binge, so watch the amount of alcohol you drink - that’s what the dream book advises.

Christmas tree decorations are one of the most ambiguous symbols that can promise the dreamer favorable changes or serious disappointments. For correct interpretation, learn to compare the information written in the interpreters with what is happening in the real world. This is the only way to lift the curtain on the future.


What does it mean to dream that a glass ball breaks when it hits the floor? The universal dream book says that large Christmas tree decorations are broken in dreams on the eve of a family scandal. To prevent it from happening, the dreamer must keep his emotions under control.

Why do you dream of removing decorations after the holiday? Ladies should look for the answer to this question in the Bitch’s dream book. This publication recommends that dreamers not plot against other people. Such actions can backfire.

What kind of Christmas decorations did you buy?

According to Denise Lynn's dream book, dreaming of buying new New Year's toys symbolizes empty fears and groundless suffering.

  • old - to minor troubles in everyday life;
  • dear ones - to causeless fear;
  • cheap - to great achievements at work;
  • dirty - to danger;
  • broken - to a meeting on vacation with a school friend;
  • metal - to overwork;
  • plastic - to condemnation from others;
  • glass - to a conflict with a colleague during a business trip.

Dream Interpretation of E. Tsvetkova

Christmas tree paraphernalia, appearing in a dream, promises the dreamer a series of problems and unpleasant news. Those who are expecting a new addition to their family have to buy New Year's decorations. Finding them means inspiration, changing your usual environment, moving, or acquiring a new hobby. Shards of toys warn of the appearance of a hypocrite in the immediate environment, ready to deprive not only hope, but also all financial savings.

Who bought Christmas toys?

According to Olga Smurova’s dream book, who exactly bought the toys plays a big role in the interpretation of a dream.

  • mom - dreams of a promotion;
  • deceased mother - to an offer for a new job;
  • father - to forced savings during the trip;
  • deceased dad - to repentance of a committed act;
  • grandmother - to the opportunity to achieve a high position in society;
  • deceased grandmother - to win a large sum;
  • grandfather - to the successful implementation of old ideas;
  • deceased grandfather - to temporary separation from loved ones;
  • son - to the end of a period of failure;
  • daughter - to loss of strength and health;
  • brother - to the risk of losing all the money;
  • sister - to win in some important matter;
  • husband - to illness or despair;
  • ex-husband - to participate in a hopeless project;
  • wife - to great monetary reward and fame;
  • ex-wife - to suspicion and unjustified jealousy;
  • colleague - to betrayal of a loved one;
  • boss - an attempt to correct a mistake;
  • neighbor - to a nervous breakdown at work;
  • boyfriend or girlfriend - to fulfillment of desire;
  • dead man - to an unsuccessful attempt to evade work responsibilities.

Who dreamed

For a girl, a dream with New Year's toys means deception by a loved one. She may find herself in an awkward situation or gain notoriety by trusting a hypocrite. For a woman, a dream about finding or giving Christmas tree decorations means receiving an expensive gift or purchasing an expensive item. Breaking a Christmas ball in a dream means conflict in the family and emotional overload. For men, shiny New Year's decorations predict a series of worries related to an unsatisfactory financial situation. For entrepreneurs, a night vision with home decoration with tinsel is a warning to refrain from investing and concluding new contracts, so as not to face bankruptcy.

Seeing a Ball in a dream: Intimate dream book

If you had a dream about the Ball

A ball seen in a dream symbolizes the desire to give, to sacrifice oneself and one’s own pleasures. The ball is a sign of submission, softness, warmth, plasticity. If a man dreams about it, it means that he lacks female warmth, naturalness and, quite possibly, that he is fed up with easy prey and accessible sex. For a woman, such a dream means that she is physiologically and psychologically ripe for conceiving and giving birth to a child. Seeing an inflatable balloon in a dream means that in real life you are engaged in empty activities and chores, while all the most important things pass by. Imaginary hopes and dreams.

Ball // dream book of Calvin Hall

If you see the Ball, what is it for?

Ball - what is it for? 1. The ball is associated with the playful, childish side of ourselves and our need to express ourselves freely. Playing with a ball means striving for freedom. Looking at a globe in a dream, especially an earthly globe, means that we take a broader and more expanded point of view. We can cultivate the ability not only to not be limited, but to become more globally aware. If we look at a crystal ball, for example, we can look at a lifestyle. The ball represents the integrity of life. 2. If we play games with a ball (see Games), we realize our need for freedom or dream of power and dignity. From a psychological point of view, it is necessary for a human being to celebrate holidays. A ball - at a formal party - allows a person to do just that. In dreams, such an image can encourage us to be demanding of ourselves. 3. Solar and lunar holidays are often symbolized by balls, as well as a sense of impenetrable wholeness.

What if you dream about Christmas tree decorations?

Christmas tree decorations, if the dreamer decorates the Christmas tree with them on the eve of the holiday, will certainly bring with them something very pleasant and long-awaited, most likely connected with a loved one. If garlands, tinsel, or any other holiday decorations were also visible on the tree, then the weekend will be spent in a warm family atmosphere, and in addition, a pleasant trip to another city will take place in the near future.

Decorating not only the Christmas tree itself, but the whole house with toys in a dream means the onset of a new happy period in life, from this moment in time everything will begin to work out in the best way and only for the benefit of the dreamer.

If a person sleeping in a dream gives someone a Christmas tree toy, this promises a big win and luck in money matters to the one who was lucky enough to have such a dream, but if the toy was given directly to the sleeping person, this is a good sign for the future: a matter that has long been waiting for the hour to come true , will definitely happen exactly as planned.

A broken Christmas tree decoration is an unfavorable sign; no matter how it happened and under what circumstances, such a dream will certainly bring upon awakening unforeseen complications in important matters or problems with one of the people around you.

If a married woman dreams of a Christmas tree toy, this is an indicator of family happiness and the presence of common values ​​and warmth in the house; do not worry about the children, troubles will bypass them.

It is important to remember exactly what material the toys were made of: traditional glass ones foreshadow the dreamer’s very serious plans for life, but nevertheless, all goals and desires are fragile and unsteady. Wooden toys warn that a large-scale event will happen in the near future, in which the dreamer will have to invest a fairly large amount of money, but do not worry, the dream shows that all this will definitely pay off and even bring some profit. Toys made from soft fabric promise a new period of life, marked by many achievements and grandiose projects; the sleeper will find a new field of activity in which he can fully realize himself, using the acquired knowledge and skills.

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