Why do you dream about snakes: temptation, women and an insidious enemy

Snake in culture and mythology

It has long been associated with magical rituals among many peoples. For almost all of them, this animal was the embodiment of both evil and good, being universal and one of the most complex symbols. On the one hand, it was associated with fertility, wisdom, and a creature guarding happiness. On the other hand, it was a symbol of fear, death, and destruction.

In mythology, this reptile was perceived both as a killing force, associated with the destruction of life, and as rebirth and resurrection, since this creature is capable of shedding and changing its skin.

At the same time, it symbolizes both the male fertilizing principle and the female ability to reproduce, so this creature was often associated with pregnancy. In addition, it is endowed with such feminine qualities as developed intuition, mystery, mystery, cunning, and unpredictability.

This reptile was also a symbol of self-generating deities, since it was considered bisexual. It personified the power and meaning of life, the beginning of everything spiritual and material, the ability to be a conductor between the world of the living and the dead, to act at the same time as a protector and destroyer, a destroyer and a healer, a symbol of death and rebirth.

It is easy to assume that this creature evoked both fear and a reverent desire to worship it. From ancient times to this day, it has been depicted in different guises in painting and literature of different countries and peoples.

As we see, in beliefs and myths it is associated with duality and can symbolize both good and evil. Therefore, do not be afraid to familiarize yourself with the meaning of the dream if you dreamed of a reptile - there is a chance that such night dreams do not portend trouble.

A dream about a snake can be interpreted in different ways. It depends not only on the dreamer’s place of residence and mythology, but also on the type of reptile itself:

  • The color of her skin;
  • Location;
  • Behavior;
  • Actions of a snake towards a person;
  • Your actions towards the snake.

The reptile in the dreams of women and men, single and married, also carries different meanings. You can’t remember them all, but you can look them up in dream books from famous predictors.

The plot of the dream

Since the snake is interpreted ambiguously according to the dream book, it is important to pay attention to all the circumstances of night vision. Decryption largely depends on them.

What did the snakes do and how many were there?

If there are a lot of snakes, you will soon get the position you have long dreamed of. A nest means doubts about the decision made, and if there are a huge number of them, it means that mental balance will be disturbed.

A tangle is a feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself, an internal struggle. To get rid of them, you need to pay more attention to realizing your dreams and desires.

Two snakes - internal struggle, condemnation from others, the need to defend one’s own principles in society and win a place in the sun.

If a snake bites you in a dream, beware of betrayal by loved ones and illnesses. These are not the best times to implement plans. An attack is a threat to health, it’s time to take care of yourself. When a reptile eats the earth, you will receive news, but it will be dangerous for you. You should beware of quarrels and conflicts.

Seeing a snake crawling towards you, which you are not afraid of, means that you will soon be able to make money through a chance acquaintance or make a new friend. If she crawls across the road, intrigues are being hatched against you.

A sleeping snake promises great luck

Crawls away - victory over enemies, but this will require a lot of effort. Eating eggs - children should be protected from danger.

The reptile has wrapped itself around the body - expect changes. Perhaps new feelings and love will soon come flooding in. If she suffocates at the same time, then problems will pile up from different sides, and it will be difficult to cope with them.

The snake is sleeping - incredible luck or an upcoming battle with enemies. A swimming snake means worry about the future, possible losses due to the machinations of attackers. Hissing - you are protected from an invisible enemy, as the Muslim dream book says.

What did you do in your dream

Killing a snake means that the work will soon bring results. For the well-being of the family, sacrifices will have to be made. If someone killed a reptile, ill-wishers will retreat. Running away from the reptile that is chasing you means hiding your feelings and desires. It’s worth thinking about this interpretation and trying to understand yourself.

If you catch a viper, be vigilant in real life. If you manage to catch it, you will find peace of mind. Did someone else catch and catch the animal? You will have an assistant, do not forget to thank him and provide support. To strangle the reptile means to solve a difficult problem that has been haunting for a long time. Save a friend from - help him get rid of troubles.

Cut off your head - win an unconditional victory over your enemies. Cutting with a knife means coping with your fears and anxieties. Tear off - searching for a path to salvation that will be crowned with success, solving the most difficult problems. Cutting the body means finding a way out of a difficult situation, the need to make sacrifices to achieve a goal.

Eating snake meat means striving for knowledge. Unfortunately, hobbies remain short-lived; a person quickly jumps from one to another. The dream also means betrayal of a close friend. Just swallowing it means your most incredible fantasies will come true. The vision promises healing for a sick person, pregnancy for a barren woman.

Feeding a reptile means offering help that will not be appreciated and will only cause ridicule. To stroke and enjoy the skin means to suffer from your own whims, to please a person who does not deserve it. To run away and be afraid - to avoid difficulties and conflicts. Throwing a bag over means hiding a problem from yourself.

Where was the snake

It is important to understand under what circumstances snakes are dreamed of, and in what circumstances they were seen. Here is a transcript of the dream taking into account this principle:

  • In the water - change of housing. If a snake swims in a dream, it means you should be wary of contacts with strangers.
  • Crawls or jumps in your house - family troubles, due to which there is a risk of losing your home and breaking with loved ones. Crawling in someone else's house - intrigue from friends or colleagues. She crawled into the apartment - there were economic problems.
  • Crawling out on the street - happy twists of fate. An unknown force protects you from mistakes, the dream promises success and luck if you do not get too close to strangers.
  • Hiding in a bed or bed - beware of theft or deception. The dream promises unexpected events and warns of problems and dissatisfaction with family life.
  • If you dreamed about your neck, expect events related to mysticism, magic, and sorcery. If the animal squeezes, it means the marriage will crack.
  • On the chest - envious people appeared surrounded.

You always need to pay attention to what emotions a dream about a snake evokes. If peace is almost neutral, joy - events will be positive, negativity will be smoothed out, fear - a warning of danger.

Why do you dream about snakes?

Our ancestors took the issue of signs of fate seriously. If you dream of a snake: the dream book was immediately picked up and opened on the letter “Z”. It collected both folk beliefs and predictions:

  • Nostradamus;
  • Miller;
  • Wangi;
  • Medea;
  • Freud;
  • Hasse.

Esoteric and psychological interpretations helped to gather strength and prepare for the approaching difficult times.

Various well-known interpreters and dream books give different general interpretations of such a dream, and here are the most popular of them:

  • Loff's Dream Book. According to him, what snakes mean in dreams can be interpreted differently depending on who saw it in a dream and how. For Christians, such a dream can mean temptation and the person who will become its source. But, if the dreamer holds a reptile in his hands, this indicates that he has the opportunity to draw wisdom, the source of which is very close. Shedding her skin, she symbolizes the coming spiritual and physical renewal. The sensations that the sleeper experiences are also important. If this is a chilling fear, there is a risk of some events in life associated with destruction. But we should not forget that such emotions can be a projection of the feelings that a person experiences towards these creatures in real life;
  • Esoteric dream book. About whether snakes are dreamed of, why it is, he says that such a dream symbolizes a woman who has a hostile attitude towards the sleeping person;
  • Dream Interpretation of Hasse. It also speaks of the presence of an insidious, cunning enemy among women;
  • Dream Interpretation of Tafsir of Ibn Sirin's dreams. The collection tells what snakes mean in dreams according to Muslims. The Koranic interpretation shows the reptile as an evil omen. If you hear hissing sounds, real enemies are afraid of you and will not dare to cause harm. If the snake is killed, the ill-wishers are defeated, you can breathe a sigh of relief;
  • Dream book of Nostradamus. He says that such a dream means that someone is hatching insidious plans against the dreamer. It has the most negative meaning if you see this dream in the year of the Snake. In this case, a person will have to struggle with the feeling of loneliness and the readiness of loved ones to betray him. It is possible that this is just his internal psychological state, which has no basis. Dream Interpretation - a snake attacks a person. This indicates possible losses and troubles.
  • Vanga's dream book. The seer interpreted why snakes appear in dreams as a harbinger of future troubles, destruction, and betrayal. If you see an animal crawling, you should expect a confrontation with ill-wishers, and if it is rolled into a ring, they are waiting for the right time to strike. A creature of enormous size entwined around the neck is a warning about receiving news about a disease that can be fatal;
  • Dream Interpretation of Medea. He interprets why you dream of a snake in the house. Such a dream warns that you need to beware of troubles that may happen in your home in your absence;
  • Miller's Dream Book. According to him, such a dream is a harbinger that some evil will happen in the dreamer’s life. If you dreamed that an animal wrapped itself around him, this means that he is unlikely to have enough strength to cope with the machinations of his enemies. This dream also has another interpretation - illness may strike in the near future. Touching a reptile or holding it in your hands means minor events in life, which, nevertheless, will be associated with excitement.
  • Assyrian dream book. Why do you dream of a snake, according to the Assyrians? To goodness, security and the onset of an easy stage of life. One of the few peoples who depict the reptile as a harbinger of the appearance of defenders and influential patrons.

Most interpreters give a predominantly negative general meaning to a snake appearing in a dream. But one should continue to explore its interpretations, taking into account a number of factors that are important and may provide additional information about what it may mean.

Snake for a man in a dream according to dream books

Esoteric dream book

A coiled snake is a symbol for a man of an important period in life; an unrolled snake is a symbol of a dangerous adventure.

Freud's Dream Book

A snake in a man’s dream represents the state of his genitourinary system and sexual life.

If a snake bites a woman, there is a desire for intimate contact with her.

Dream book for a bitch

The snake hints to a man that he needs to keep his emotions, words and actions under control, otherwise disaster will not be avoided.

Complete dream book of the New Era

A man dreams of a snake as a reflection of his vitality, potential, as well as dependence and the need to get rid of it.

Dream book of the 21st century

If a man dreams of a big snake, it means that he will be able to achieve his goal and gain wealth no matter what.

Why do you dream of killing a snake?

The interpretation of such night dreams can be both positive and negative. It all depends on their details:

  • The general meaning of such a dream is making a profit, a surge of vital energy and strength;
  • Miller’s dream book says that a living reptile is a source of danger, but if the person sleeping in the dream managed to destroy it, this promises him pleasant changes. They can manifest themselves in improved health, general well-being, and financial situation. If someone close to you suffers from any disease, then recovery awaits him in the near future;
  • Miller believes that killed snakes in a dream indicate an imminent victory. In reality, you will cope with enemies and ill-wishers, get out of dead-end situations;
  • Vanga claimed that such a dream suggests that good will triumph over evil. In real life, this may manifest itself in the fact that the dreamer will be able to cope with the machinations of enemies and receive a good income;
  • Nostradamus believed that a reptile killed by a sleeping person in his night dreams is a harbinger of positive changes coming in the dreamer’s life. They may consist in the fact that new interesting acquaintances and hobbies will appear in it. In addition, it is possible that he will reconsider his views, preferences, beliefs, and this will also bring positivity to his destiny;
  • The family dream book gives many meanings to such a dream. If the dreamer destroys an animal when it is heading towards him, such a plot indicates that he has internal contradictions and the upcoming need to make a difficult choice in a difficult situation. Destroying a snake's nest means getting rid of a person who brings negativity into life. We are most likely not talking about an enemy, an ill-wisher capable of causing significant harm, but about someone who can spread gossip and weave intrigues. The family dream book also talks about why snakes in water are dreamed of, and it is in it that the sleeper kills the creature. Such a dream suggests that a person is indifferent to the events that happen around him. If you kill her in a cave or in the mountains, this may indicate that you are somewhat confused in the current circumstances, which is why you experience melancholy and anxiety. But soon you will be able to find a way out, answers to troubling questions in the support of others and in yourself;
  • Hasse's dream book says that killing a reptile in a dream promises victory over those who tried to cause harm and unpleasant circumstances and problems.
  • Tsvetkov’s dream book says that if you dream of snakes that you try and cannot kill, then in reality you are too weak. Physical and mental fatigue is caused by stress and the struggle with life's adversities.

You should also pay attention to the characteristics of the reptile, and in some cases the personality traits of the sleeper themselves are also important:

  • For example, dreaming of a big snake that you killed is interpreted as a harbinger of pleasant changes for those who are currently going through a difficult period in life. After a “dark streak”, you will be lucky in the area of ​​life in which you are looking for it - your financial situation, health, relationships with someone close to you will improve, etc. Considering the difficulties you have experienced, the resulting well-being will not only please you, but will allow you to fully experience the taste of true happiness. But, if the dreamer has a stable period in his life, and he himself is a trusting and even naive person, he should take a closer look at his surroundings. There is a possibility that there is an insidious personality lurking inside him, capable of causing a quarrel between the dreamer and someone close to him;
  • If you kill a reptile of enormous size, such a dream foreshadows big troubles that can unexpectedly overtake one of your blood relatives. For example, someone in serious condition may end up in the hospital, lose a child, or become a victim in a fire;
  • Kill a poisonous animal - be vigilant with enemies, whose machinations can disrupt the calm flow of your life. But, if you mobilize your forces and choose the right moment, your response will lead to getting rid of the problems caused to you;
  • If a dreamer kills a small snake, he should honestly analyze his character in order to understand the meaning of such a dream. If he is a person prone to conflicts, the latter are not excluded with the people around him. To avoid quarrels and scandals, you should show miracles of patience and learn to give in. Those sleeping who have made mistakes in the recent past will have to admit them and repent of them. To get rid of the oppressive feeling of regret and persistent remorse, try to correct the situation or at least ask for forgiveness from those who were offended and those who were negatively affected by your actions;
  • If you destroyed a green reptile in a dream, this is a good sign. Wait for the elimination of difficulties, troubles, and problems. For those who have bad habits, such a dream suggests that the fight against such addictions will be successful. Success will come in the area in which you need it - in health, relationships with loved ones, work, finances, and endeavors. Actions will also be required from you so that everything turns out the way you want, but by completing them, you will receive not only the desired result, but also the respect of others;
  • Destroying a red reptile means changes in life that will please you. More often, such a dream foretells good luck in matters of work, career, finance, and material sphere. But it is possible that it also promises victories in your personal life - for example, a meeting with your soulmate. Upcoming positive events in life will help you forget about the problems of the past;
  • Killing a yellow animal in a dream suggests that, having gotten rid of excessive modesty and indecision, you can finally improve your personal life and build good relationships with others;
  • If the world has lost a white reptile at your hands, be careful with your spending. There are chances that you will spend a large amount on a purchase that may not be useful. Such a step may negatively affect your financial situation in the near future, and this will lead to the fact that you will have to go into austerity mode or turn to other people for financial support.

What does a psychologist say when you dream of snakes:

  1. In the biblical dream book, a snake is a symbol of sinful fall; it can mean that a person is ashamed of a casual relationship or does not accept his instincts;
  2. Snakes denote sexual energy; killing a reptile in a dream may indicate problems with libido, unpreparedness for close relationships, rejection of a partner;
  3. Reptiles killed by someone signal insufficient vitality;
  4. If the snake behaved aggressively, perhaps the person is suffering from suppressed emotions and is experiencing stress, in which case a killed snake in a dream is a subconscious desire to free oneself from emotions.

The meaning of a dream depends not only on archetypes; the interpretation must take into account the details of the dream, the plot and human behavior. This is the only way to unravel all subconscious fears.

Dream about a snake eating a mouse

Seeing snakes in a dream foretells that you will have enemies among women and generally experience the influence of evil forces.

If in a dream a viper tries to sting you, then in reality you will experience suffering from the malicious intent of someone posing as your friend.

If wriggling and hissing snakes fall on you from trees or from a roof, this portends a struggle for your love and worries about this.

If in a dream you kill snakes, then in real life you are able to sacrifice everything to achieve your goal and will be able to force not only your friends, but also your enemies to take this into account.

Walking through a forest infested with a variety of snakes foretells that you will have to live in constant fear, fearing exposure of your unsightly deeds, because of which you will not be able to find a common language with friends.

Seeing people or animals dying from poisonous snake bites in a dream foretells that you will succumb to flattering persuasion and fail to the delight of hidden enemies.

If in a dream you find yourself the victim of a huge python that has squeezed you in its coils and is strangling you, it means that you will be powerless to defend your honor and dignity from slanderers.

Picking up snakes means you will be able to find a way out of the most difficult situation and in the most extreme situation you will be able to maintain peace of mind and a sober mind.

A dream in which you see yourself in the guise of the Gorgon Medusa, who has writhing snakes on her head instead of hair - in reality, seemingly insignificant events can cause you serious anxiety and puzzling worries.

If the snakes that attack you in a dream suddenly turn to stone, this portends that in reality you will be haunted by the envy of your ill-wishers.

If at the same time the snakes freeze in the most incredible and bizarre positions and poses, in real life you are in danger of troubles, which, if you ignore them, will pass you by.

Seeing a snake crawling into your bed portends betrayal; unfounded accusations will plunge you into confusion.

If in a dream you were very frightened by stepping on a snake, which you did not notice at first, then in reality you will worry in anticipation of the result on which your future fate will depend.

If you were bitten by a cobra in a dream, it means that in reality your good friend may offend you. If a cobra inflicts a fatal bite on some animal that dies in terrible convulsions, this means that your enemies, trying to harm your business, will end up harming themselves.

Seeing your apartment full of snakes and other harmless small snakes in a dream means that you will give a warm welcome to people who will secretly spoil you with slander and provoke you into vile acts.

If in your dream you see children playing with snakes, it means that in reality a situation may unexpectedly arise in which your enemies turn out to be your friends, and your friends turn out to be your enemies.

A dream in which you are trying to save a child from a snake means that in reality you will agree to give up something very dear to you in order to save someone close to you.

Seeing snakes in a dream attacking a person from behind who does not see them means that in real life you will expose intriguers who will try to discredit you.

A dream in which you see a snake charmer performing, foretells that you will have to turn to influential people for help, who will demand a high fee for this.

If in a dream you cannot move from your place, hypnotized by the gaze of a snake staring at you, then in life someone will try to infringe on your rights, but will be punished by your defenders and friends.

Seeing a snake sitting on your lap in a dream threatens you with humiliation, which will be caused by new acquaintances.

Looking into a well in a dream, at the bottom of which is full of snakes, means you will make a mistake if you trust strangers.


Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Interpretation alphabetically

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Dream Interpretation – Snake

Snakes are a symbol of deceit, betrayal, enmity, and illness.

Kill snakes - defeat enemies.

A snake bite is evil from someone or the threat of an accident.

A snake in the water means danger associated with water.

A crawling snake means treason.

A white snake is an unusual help for you.

Writhing, falling snakes - remorse and the struggle for life.

Walking among snakes means experiencing fear of getting sick or losing friends.

A snake in your hands means worries and worries.

A snake wraps itself around you - to powerlessness before enemies.

If a snake bites someone in a dream, then in reality you will offend your friend.

Little snakes are slanderers whose behavior you have no idea about.

Dreaming about children playing with snakes is a sign that it will be difficult to distinguish enemies from friends.

If a woman dreams that she is fascinated by a snake, this is a dream of insults from which influential people will protect her.

Interpretation of dreams from Rommel's Dream Book

Why do you dream about a lot of snakes?

Dream books and seers speak about the meaning of such a dream:

  • Dream Interpretation of Hasse. It states that it indicates that minor quarrels and troubles are coming;
  • Vanga. The seer interpreted a dream in which the sleeper saw a snake ball as a sign indicating the presence of a large number of envious people, people plotting something bad against him, and, perhaps, wishing him illness and even a quick death. You should be vigilant, careful, try not to trust anyone except those closest to you in order to avoid troubles;
  • Miller's Dream Book. He says that if a person dreams of a lot of snakes, then the dreamer experiences panic fear of some kind of disease. He also signals that there are ill-wishers trying to take his place in the lives of his loved ones and friends;
  • Dream book of Nostradamus. According to him, the sleeper should be careful not to become a victim of intrigue.

There are other meanings of such a dream associated with its specific details:

  • If there are many reptiles hovering right under your feet, this indicates obstacles preventing a person from achieving his goals;
  • A very large number of reptiles in night dreams is a sign that the dreamer does not feel the support of loved ones that he needs;
  • Falling into a hole with them means a deterioration in well-being, which will overtake you unexpectedly;
  • If in a dream you are trying to catch reptiles, get ready for temporary financial difficulties;
  • Dreaming of large animals in large numbers can foreshadow separation from your significant other due to deception;
  • Black reptiles promise the mistrust that the dreamer will show towards his loved ones;
  • If their color is green, hard physical work awaits you.

This dream also has positive interpretations:

  • Seeing a snake in a dream means you will have a pleasant time at the celebration;
  • Feeding a lot of snakes in a dream means that your creative ideas are destined to come true;
  • See colorful reptiles in your night dreams - pack your bags, because an exciting journey awaits you.

Fight snakes

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Dream Interpretation – Snake

Imagine that you are being protected from a snake by an animal or bird that hunts snakes. For example, a mongoose or a stork (see Stork, Mongoose).

Victory over a snake means victory over enemies. Stepping on a snake, crushing it with your feet - you will stop attempts to harm you in time. Snakes crawl away from you - you will not allow interference in your life. Catching a snake means you will have a strong patron. Kill the snake - you will be able to resolve the conflict without loss to yourself.

Tame a snake - your enemies will become your friends. Holding a snake in your hands means the fight strategy you have developed will be successful. The snake is subordinate to the melody of your pipe - you will reveal a conspiracy against you and your friends. Fight a snake - you will discover enormous inner potential in yourself. Seeing a snake in the hands of another person means you will receive wise advice. Holding a snake in your bosom means you will gain fame and honor.

Imagine that you defeated a snake together with a famous hero (see Hero).

Dream Interpretation – Snake

A snake on a wife means the birth of a son.

A snake crawled into your bosom - to the birth of a son.

Finding a snake in your house means troubles that are happening or will happen in the house in your absence.

Keeping a snake in your bosom means you will soon enjoy a good reputation and gain good fame.

A nest of snakes symbolizes a person from whom it will be difficult to free oneself, quarrels and discord in the family.

A ball of snakes is a feeling of internal discord, discord within oneself.

Snakes sting others - to undeservedly offend someone.

Being entwined with a snake is a sign of powerlessness against enemies.

Snakes in the water that you have to cross - success will follow anxiety.

The snake turns into a dragon - expect the support of an influential person.

A snake moves under water or enters water - you will be moved to a new home or promoted.

A snake follows a man - to his wife’s betrayal.

Python in a dream - to achieve your intended goal you will have to overcome a physical obstacle.

Already, matchmakers will come to the house.

A bronze-colored snake can be a harbinger of envy or deception.

A snake trying to attack you, run away from it - in real life you are surrounded by many ill-wishers, and in order not to lose everything, you need to be vigilant, especially if you are too gullible.

To kill a snake means to triumph over cunning and envious enemies.

A snake swaying from side to side - you are surrounded by cunning and ungrateful people, envious people, possible imprisonment and other misfortunes.

A snake has wrapped itself around your neck and you are suffocating - beware of a joyless marriage.

To be bitten by a snake means someone’s enmity, quarrel, trouble.

To crush the head of a snake is to give a lesson to a spineless or immoral person.

If a snake bites you, it may also be a harbinger of acquiring great wealth.

Dream Interpretation – Snake

The snake is a universal symbol of any contradiction - from quarrels and disputes to abstract cosmic dialectics / betrayal, secret deception, enemy networks, some kind of evil, the male organ of love and thoughts, desires and worries, fears associated with it; your unnatural sexual aspirations.

A small snake is evil, a quarrel.

A large snake (but not a giant one) - deception / recovery, health promotion.

An affectionate snake is harmful flattery.

Petting a snake is a dangerous whim.

Seeing a snake on a wife means she will give birth to a son.

Killing a snake means wealth / victory, getting rid of enemies / some kind of sacrifice on your part.

A completely black snake is your spinal cord in your spiritual development and health and what is connected with it.

A white snake is a strange piece of luck, big money that fell from the sky.

Finding a snake in your house is an evil that is happening or will happen in the house in your absence.

Snakes crawling around you, getting under the blanket, crawling over your body - something new in your life will come into conflict with your past and its heritage, also a new source of knowledge, an introduction to the secrets of magic.

To keep a snake in your bosom means to enjoy a good reputation, to have a good reputation.

Seeing a snake's nest is a person from whom it will be difficult to free oneself; quarrel and discord in the family.

Looking into a pit with snakes means seeing evil, contemplating a world of darkness.

Being bitten by a snake is a disease.

Seeing a small snake on a tree is punishment/slander.

Giant snakes on a leafless tree - the highest wisdom; understanding the mysteries of human existence.

Snakes in the branches of a green tree are the beginning of a certain path / an idea that requires materialization.

There are snakes - to join dangerous wisdom.

Seeing snakes raising their heads and pinching you means you will come into contact with the demonic world.

Dancing snakes - restless dreams, lusts, contact with the other world.

A room, hall or cave with snakes is an image of your soul, your spiritual abode.

To be pursued by snakes is to experience fear of people, anxiety generated by the struggle with one’s erotic desires and dreams.

Fiery snakes are your spiritual impulses.

To see snakes in the water means to plunge into melancholy.

Burning snakes - something you are experiencing, a victory over what spiritually burdened you.

A snake on a casket or precious things is a symbol of dedication.

Seeing giant snakes in the mountains, abysses, caves, or plains is a dream in which your entire upcoming life path will be revealed to you.

To see a giant snake occupying the entire field of vision - to be in a dream on the verge of life and death, to be on the threshold of secrets that can make life unbearable, impossible

Dream Interpretation – Snakes

If a woman dreams that a dead snake bites her, it means that the anger of a hypocritical friend will make her suffer.

Dreams about snakes are generally a warning about any varieties and forms of evil.

Seeing snakes writhing or falling on someone in a dream means a struggle for existence and remorse.

Killing snakes in a dream means that you will do anything to achieve your interests or to ensure that other people take them into account. You will triumph over your enemies.

Walking among snakes in a dream means that you will live in constant fear of illness, and selfish people will encroach on your place in a friendly circle.

If in your dream snakes sting you, you will succumb to evil machinations, and your enemies will damage your work.

If you dream that a flat spotted snake is crawling towards you through the green grass, you jump to the side, it crawls past, and you forget about it, when suddenly it approaches you again, increasing in size and, finally, transforming into a huge snake, and you, at the cost of frantic efforts, successfully avoid his attack and completely get rid of this terrible vision - all this means that in real life you will soon imagine that you are being neglected and disrespected, and your affairs are going worse and worse.

If you dream that a snake wraps itself in rings around you and shoots its sting at you, it means that you will be powerless in the hands of your enemies, and you are in danger of illness.

If in a dream you hold a snake in your hands, it means that you will develop your own strategy to overthrow forces hostile to you.

If in a dream your hair turns into snakes, it means that seemingly insignificant events in life will give you painful anxiety and worries.

If the snakes you dreamed of take on bizarre shapes, this dream is fraught with troubles for you, which, however, will dissipate if you treat them indifferently, maintaining presence of mind.

Seeing or stepping on snakes in a dream while swimming or wading a river means that you will be anxious in anticipation of pure joy.

Seeing snakes stinging others in a dream means that you will offend your friend.

Seeing small snakes in a dream means that you will give a warm welcome to people who will secretly slander and disgrace you, and also try to upset your plans.

Seeing children playing with snakes in a dream means that you will find yourself confused, trying to recognize where your friends are and where your enemies are.

If a woman in a dream worries about a child behind her because she hears a snake hissing, it means that she will be persuaded to give up something dear to her for her own good; but later she discovers that she was involved in a dishonest intrigue.

Seeing a friend standing on a path in a dream and snakes raising their heads menacingly behind him means that in reality you will uncover a conspiracy organized against you and your friend. If in your dream you understand that a friend is keeping the snakes under control, it means that some powerful organization will act in your interests and repel evil machinations.

If a woman dreams that she is bewitched by a snake, it means that they will begin to oppress her, but the law and influential friends will come out to protect her rights.

Dream Interpretation – Snake

The snake is a symbol of the fall of man, evil, and cunning.

Seeing a snake crawling on the ground in a dream means that you should be wary of the years under its influence, that is, 2001, 2013, 2025, etc. It is in these years that a real threat of finding yourself without shelter and material resources hangs over you. Most likely, there will not even be a person nearby who will help you overcome the disasters that have happened to you.

A poisonous snake entwined around the number of the Antichrist is a sign that at the moment when the Antichrist comes to Earth, all the most terrible human vices will become active. The time will come for murderers, thieves, rapists.

To see a non-venomous snake approaching a person in a dream is a warning that the head of one of the most powerful states on the globe is a person who will start a war against a weak state, but at present there is still an opportunity to prevent this person. Such a dream warns the dreamer of an impending danger that can be avoided.

If you were bitten by a poisonous snake in a dream, you will, unwittingly, become the cause of a very big scandal; perhaps, through your fault or the fault of someone close to you, a political revolution will occur.

Why do you dream of a white, black snake?

The characteristics of the night guest are of no small importance in the interpretation of sleep, and her color also plays a significant role. The general dream book says that a white reptile in it speaks of positive events in life, and a black one speaks of negative ones. But not everything is so simple.

For example, about why a white snake dreams, different dream books give different answers:

  • Miller's Dream Book. According to him, an animal curled up in a ball foreshadows the loss of trusting, harmonious relationships with loved ones. If she bites, one of those you trust may commit meanness towards you;
  • Dream Interpretation of Medea. A reptile attacking children does not warn of danger looming over them, but that you should devote more time and attention to them. Otherwise, there may be problems in your communication with them when they become adults;
  • Dream book of Felomena. He says that a white reptile is a harbinger of quick profit, which will be a pleasant surprise for the sleeper. But you should pay attention to its size. An animal that is too large warns him against hypocrisy and vile actions on the part of an enemy in the guise of a loved one. A small reptile is a sign that he should pay attention to his health. And if the snake in a dream is white and transparent, expect good luck, unexpected profits or the elimination of difficulties.

Seeing a green snake in a dream means money. This dream has several distinctive features:

  • The color of the skin symbolizes the color of the banknotes;
  • Length means the amount of money - the larger the reptile, the bigger the jackpot you will win;
  • Emerald boas indicate wealth that will come to you very soon.

The main thing is to manage your money wisely.

In many dream books, a white animal in a dream is interpreted as help in difficult times, which the sleeper will receive from someone from whom he did not expect.

The appearance of a black reptile in a dream has a less positive meaning. Usually it signals future problems, tears, betrayal, illness, and the machinations of enemies. But interpreters recommend accepting such trials as life lessons, after which long-standing problems will be resolved, and you will become morally stronger.

Consider important sleep details:

  • If you dreamed about a lot of black reptiles, reconsider your approach to choosing friends. Perhaps you are too trusting, which others take advantage of, and it’s time to thin out your social circle, ridding it of potential traitors, spiteful critics, and gossips;
  • A dream about a large reptile may indicate that someone close to you will soon need your help, since he will find himself in a difficult situation;
  • A small animal warns of future gossip that an envious person will spread. You should show indifference, maintain composure, so that these minor troubles do not turn into problems for you;
  • If the reptile is poisonous, be careful in transport and while driving - an accident with your participation is possible.

But there are also positive meanings of a dream, the main character of which was a black reptile. If it has a long body, expect improvements in business or personal life. And if it is thick and massive, then it prophesies personal, spiritual growth.

I dreamed about a snake based on colors

black snake - means fear of facing problems

light brown or copper snake - you are afraid that you will not be able to realize your dreams and desires; you may hurt or deceive other people because you cannot achieve what you have long desired

dark brown snake - you will suffer a loss that will begin to negatively affect different areas of your life

green snake - indicates low mental stability

blue snake - you neglect your religious needs

red snake - reflects your increasing sex drive

purple snake - you are likely to experience spiritual enlightenment

Snake is one of the most common animals in dreams.

Snakes are very complex dream symbols because they can have both positive and negative meanings. For many people, the shape of a snake can evoke fear and horror. Snakes can behave unpredictably; they can attack at any time, even without warning.

Why do women dream about snakes?

Often such a dream warns of the imminent need to compete with another woman - in work, for a position, for a man. Sometimes he says that you should beware of betrayal from a loved one, girlfriends, colleagues.

But there are other interpretations of why a woman dreams of a snake:

  1. If she crawls in your direction, trouble may await;
  2. Dream Interpretation: a snake in the house means gossip about you.
  3. A green reptile indicates that you will be able to get rid of a bad habit;
  4. If it is manual, expect a win, unexpected profit;
  5. The meaning of why a girl dreams of a snake often comes down to the fact that rumors will creep around her, but they most likely will not cause her any harm;
  6. A married woman may dream of an animal as a sign of ill-wishers appearing in her environment. But, if she holds it in her hands without fear, she will get rid of troubles, including in her personal life;
  7. Do not be afraid if the reptile hisses - this is a sign of joy;
  8. A small white snake often indicates that a woman will have a daughter.

According to the dream book, women dream of snakes for different situations:

  • The bite of a dead snake is a sign of intrigue, an omen of betrayal by a close friend;
  • Being fascinated by reptiles is oppression, which friends will help you solve;
  • A reptile in a pregnant woman’s dream means good health;
  • For an unmarried woman - a happy marriage.

Opinions of verified interpreters

The interpretation of any popular dream book posted on the Internet can be found out for free. In them you can find the answer to why such unpleasant night dreams come.

Almost all authoritative sources say that snakes from dreams mean the hypocrisy of friends and small financial losses. They explain it a little differently if the emphasis is placed exclusively on the snake's head. This is what the family dream book says: you dream about the head of a snake before a meeting with an important official. If you can impress him, then you will easily achieve what you want.

Miller's Dream Book - Hypocrisy

Miller's interpretation is almost consonant with the explanations of the ancient Slavs. The snake from dreams is the personification of lies and deceit. Since Miller's opinion is based on deep psychological analysis, it is easy for almost all Europeans to accept that this reptile is an exclusively negative symbol.

  • To see that a snake is hiding in a tree - you will be able to find out in time about the plans of your rivals.
  • Notice that there is a snake skin on the road - your envious person, having carried out an insidious plan, will achieve what he wants, and you will not be able to prove your innocence.
    In such dreams, skin means that the enemy has already changed his appearance and you will not be able to harm him or bring him to light. If the skin was damaged in a dream, a competitor left his traces somewhere, but it will be very difficult to find them. If you find snake eggs
  • If you dreamed of dead snakes, it means that your hypocritical friends are exhausted and are ready to reveal their plans to you.
  • If you dream that cats are running away from snakes on the street, and that they are catching up and stinging them, your reputation will be restored as quickly as it was trampled upon.
  • Snake eggs found on the road are a bad sign. This dream means that your acquisition, which you have been striving for for so long, will only bring you disappointment. The overall symbolic meaning that eggs have is positive. But understanding in a dream that the eggs are snake eggs is a sign that the business or aspiration that has begun will end very sadly.
  • A dropped tail, if you step on it, means that the enemy is ready to lose less in this battle in order to gain overall victory. This tail indicates that you have learned only some of the plans, and the general understanding of further work against you still remains a mystery. If the tail comes off with blood, your loved ones are in danger.
  • Watching snakes in a cage or terrarium is news of hypocritical friends. If they crawl around in a cage and feel great, you will be upset that their business is going better than yours. A serious fight in a cage means that the enemies will quickly waste their strength on petty dirty tricks.
  • Crossing a river in which snakes are swimming and noticing that there are also crocodiles in the water is a more dangerous enemy than you think. If the crocodiles did not react to the noise in any way, it means that a more powerful opponent is not interested in you.

Vanga's opinion is a strong enemy

Vanga's dream book interprets dreams in which snakes come rather pessimistically. The only thing that can be positive in such dreams is killing the reptile, says Vanga’s dream book.

  • When you dream of a huge snake, you need to be extremely careful in your statements. The enemy catches your every word and is ready to use your knowledge against you at any moment.
  • Snake skin means that your opponent changes his plans so quickly that you simply cannot keep up with him. Also, skin from dreams can mean that they are lying to your face, or at least not telling you everything. Skin in which droplets of blood were found - your opponent knows for sure that your sore spot is your loved ones. That's where he's aiming.
  • Seeing a dry skin lying on the street (or hanging on a tree) means you should give up rivalry.
    If you dreamed of a snake skin
  • Accidentally step on snake eggs with your feet - you will be able to recognize the intrigue in its embryo. Collecting snake eggs for food means you have become tough and far-sighted due to the strong oppression of your rivals. Crushing the eggs you find with your feet with ferocity will help you get rid of any influence from your enemies. Seeing a snake hatching from an egg means that you will not attach importance to incorrect behavior on your account in time.
  • A tail torn off with blood - you will learn unpleasant news from your relatives. If the severed tail moves, you will have to help your loved ones financially, but if the tail has turned into a new snake, do not expect gratitude for your worries. Catching a snake by the tail and not being bitten will help you avoid trouble.
  • Watch the reptiles in the cage - be careful, as long as the enemies cannot harm you, but if circumstances change, then you will have to pay for your carelessness. Feeding snakes in a cage is dangerous entertainment that can end in disaster. If in the cage, besides snakes, there are other animals (for example, cats) and they get along peacefully with each other, the dream means that omissions with people you like will force them to go over to the side of your enemy. Lock yourself in a cage to avoid being attacked by snakes - your safety is only apparent.
  • Finding a dry snake skin on a tree means that your enemy is a distant relative.

Why do men dream about snakes?

For representatives of the stronger half of humanity, such a dream in general also portends competition, ill-wishers, and betrayal. It is possible that problems are coming at work, in business, and a deterioration in the financial situation.

But even in this case, an unfavorable prognosis can be positive, and the exact meaning depends on the circumstances of the dream:

  • Seeing a hissing reptile in him means the appearance of a woman in your life - beautiful, charming, seductive, but most likely cunning and even insidious;
  • If a man dreamed of snakes that followed a person, he should take a closer look at his companion - perhaps she is a cheater. If they have bitten innocent people, you need to be careful not to inflict heartbreak or hurt feelings on your loved ones.
  • Several animals in a dream indicate that you need to beware of intrigue, trouble, difficulties, deception, especially if the night guests show aggression towards the dreamer;
  • Dreaming of a reptile in your home can warn of unkind thoughts of people who will pay you a visit as friendly guests;
  • If you see a snake ball in your car, be careful while driving. Trouble can await not only in the form of an accident, but also in the form of a trip with people who can harm you;
  • A tangle of reptiles found at work in a dream foreshadows career-related troubles. It is possible that one of your colleagues will try to do harm with their intrigues.
  • If you dreamed of a snake lying on top of your wife, this means the imminent birth of a son. If a reptile appeared in your wife’s dreams and took your place, such a sign promises favorable changes in relationships.

A snake in a dream could mean future changes

If we feel positive immediately after waking up, then sleep can mean pleasant changes; a feeling of renewal and growth; influx of wisdom and knowledge. For example, the dream of a red snake emphasizes our good qualities and fiery passion. Fighting a snake means resisting future changes; says that we like things as they are, even if they are not a cause of personal satisfaction and pride. Sometimes a snake in a dream can also refer to a creative mind, creativity and potential.

Why do you dream about being bitten by a snake?

This behavior of the heroine of night dreams is aggressive, and this is interpreted by almost all dream books and interpreters as not a very good sign:

  • Miller's Dream Book. What a snake bite means in a dream, according to him, may mean that ill-wishers are not asleep, and are capable of making sure that all the dreamer’s attempts to achieve success in his endeavors will not be crowned with success. If it also wraps itself around the sleeping person before biting, most likely he will not be able to resist the machinations of his enemies. Such a dream may also indicate an upcoming illness. For a woman, a bite from a dead snake can indicate troubles that will arise due to the hypocrisy and deceit of someone close to her. If she bites someone else, refrain from hurting your friend, thereby offending him greatly;
  • Vanga's dream book. She interprets such a dream as a harbinger of betrayal and disappointment. In real life, the dreamer may be extremely unpleasantly surprised by the news that a loved one is to blame for his troubles, who deliberately went to harm him;
  • According to Freud. In his interpretation, if a snake bites you, it is somehow connected with sexual life. If this happens in the water, it means your new passion is not free, but he is in no hurry to tell you about it. After such a dream, a man should be examined for sexually transmitted diseases, and a woman should be vigilant, since it is possible that a rival will appear in her life;
  • Loff's Dream Book. He explains why he dreams of a snake biting the dreamer, first of all, with the emotions that he experiences in the dream, and how he relates to these reptiles in real life. If these are negative sensations (fear, panic), then the meaning will be similar. Having respect for the animal at this moment is a good sign;
  • Dream book of Nostradamus. In his interpretation, a reptile is always the personification of evil, sinfulness, cunning, and deceit. Her bite is a sign of troubles and losses. It is possible that someone else will suffer due to the dreamer’s fault. But, if in a dream you managed to repel her attack, this means victory over negative circumstances and enemies;
  • Dream book of Tsvetkov. According to him, an animal bite foreshadows serious emotional experiences caused by the betrayal of someone close. If it crawled towards you for a long time before the attack, pay attention to your health - there is a risk of encountering illness;
  • Esoteric dream book. In it, the dream symbolizes a woman who has a negative attitude towards the sleeper and is capable of causing harm through intrigue, deceit, and gossip. But if he manages to kill her, in reality he will be able to cope with the situation.

Dream Interpretation: snakes

Seeing snakes in a dream - what does it mean? We explain the meaning of sleep using dream books.

The snake is an ambiguous symbol. It is associated with wisdom and calmness, but at the same time inspires some special fear. Dreams with reptiles can be either a good sign or not. This depends on the additional circumstances of the dream, as well as on the observations of the person interpreting them.

Miller's Dream Book

If a woman sees a snake, then it is worth seeing this as a warning that someone intends to cause harm or oppress. Being bitten by a snake means suffering; if the snake seemed dead at the same time, then grief will come from a hypocritical friend.

Curly snakes falling from above symbolize remorse. Fight for rights.

Dealing with reptiles in a dream is a triumph in reality about overcoming difficulties and defeating the enemy. Persistent action to achieve goals, interests, and to ensure that your opinion is taken into account.

Wading through snakes is a constant fear of getting sick. Someone will aim for your position, jealousy of friends.

Snake bite - evil is planned for your work.

A snake curls around - powerlessness in relation to enemies or troubles, illness.

Holding a reptile in your hands is a hassle. If there are no negative feelings, then things are pleasant, but disgust and fear in a dream mean anxiety.

Dancing snakes - perhaps you should not focus on the problem, while maintaining composure, and then the difficulties will be solved on their own.

Snakes in the water while swimming or crossing a river - anticipation of joy, anticipation and aspirations about this.

If you dreamed that someone was injured by a snake, you should be more careful, as you may inadvertently upset a friend or relative.

There are many small snakes - the people you will welcome will turn out to be hypocritical and will slander, shame on the sly or try to upset your affairs.

Children playing with snakes signifies a situation in which it is difficult to determine the intentions of others: who has good thoughts and who has bad thoughts.

Hearing the hissing of reptiles means you will be drawn into intrigue, because of which you will have to give up something valuable. At first it may seem that they are looking out for your good, but in the end - losses and deception.

I dreamed of a friend and snakes around him, behind his back - you will help a loved one uncover a conspiracy against him or help solve his problem.

Vanga's Dream Book

I dreamed of a crawling snake - very soon there will be a fight with a sworn enemy or ill-wisher. He was probably hiding earlier and acting on the sly, but now his intentions will be revealed.

If the snake is poisonous, then you most likely will not be able to win, since this enemy is cunning and stronger in his plans. But if the reptile is non-poisonous, then the struggle will not last long and victory will be yours, and the enemy’s attacks will turn against him.

A ball of snakes is a bad omen. This means that in reality there are many unkind and envious people around who wish you trouble, problems at work, in your personal life, perhaps even death. It is worth being careful when communicating with others so as not to give away too much, which could turn against you in the future.

A snake bite means severe disappointment in a soul mate or friend. If recently problems have been pouring in one after another, it may turn out that this person is causing them. The rituals of black magic, which he resorted to in order to darken your life, help him do this. Probably out of revenge.

A sleeping snake curled up in rings is not at all a good sign, warning that enemies are waiting to carry out an attack from which it will be difficult to recover.

A snake squeezes a person’s neck - he has some serious illness, about which you will be among the first to be notified. You will have to inform both the patient and his relatives about it.

A huge snake, according to Vanga, dreams of a great tragedy. The prophetess spoke about the transition to such times when Satan will rule on Earth in human form. And dreams of a giant snake can be an omen of this.

Killing a snake means eradicating the cause of the tragedy described above. Humanity will realize the importance of faith in God and will go to temples and churches again. And the dark forces, seeing that people have become wiser and warmer, will retreat.

Islamic dream book

The reptile is a rich enemy.

A snake in the house can serve as a warning that the enemy has gotten very close and is planning something evil. But if one manages to kill a snake in a dream, then the enemy will be defeated.

But if the snake is killed on the marital bed, then such a dream foretells the imminent death of the spouse.

If snakes are shown in a dream, but there is no fear of them, it means that the person has enemies. Moreover, the man himself is a deeply religious person, but his enemies are not. And faith in this case will help defeat enemies.

Seeing a dead snake means fate itself will deliver you from spiteful critics; you won’t have to do anything for this.

It is interesting to interpret the dream, where snakes continually penetrate the house and crawl out of it. Nobody pays much attention to them, and they do not touch the one who observes the dream. In reality, these are ill-wishers among loved ones, families.

Freud's Dream Book

What the snake symbolizes, according to Freud, is probably obvious to everyone. Therefore, his interpretation of such dreams differs from previous versions.

  • A snake that is dozing, basking in the sun, means excellent sexual tone, if a man dreams of one. If a woman sees this, then changes in the relationship are possible, most likely pleasant.
  • A man may dream of a writhing snake because some thoughts about homosexual relationships are hidden in him, perhaps they are only in the subconscious. However, such a dream can also be interpreted as a warning that someone has similar intentions or thoughts towards you.
  • Snake attack - another man may interfere in the relationship between partners.
  • Does a snake bite someone in a dream? This person is probably the object of your desire. If it was not possible to determine who it is, then we can assume that in general there is a desire to change the partner.
  • Catching a snake means your sex life is very active or there is a desire to make it so.
  • Running away from a snake - there are problems in the intimate sphere, but there is no desire to solve them. Or they are simply ignored.
  • A coiled snake is a desire for self-satisfaction.
  • A crawling snake is a symbol of sexual intercourse. If watching her in a dream brings positive emotions, it means you get pleasure from changing your sexual life style and from it in general. Negativity, on the contrary, speaks of problems and a desire for conservatism in lovemaking.
  • Touching a snake with your lips in a dream means thoughts about oral sex that you are embarrassed to admit.

Loff's Dream Book

According to this collection, the interpretation of dreams with a snake should be based on what emotions they evoke.

How did you feel when you saw a snake? Fear or respect or desire to get rid of it?

Was there anyone nearby at the time?

Having answered these questions, try to interpret the dream specifically for yourself, because the prevailing emotions are a reflection of the subconscious. And the people who are nearby in a dream are those who occupy thoughts in reality.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

The biblical snake is a symbol of wickedness, evil, as well as the Fall, which led to expulsion from paradise.

If you dreamed of a crawling snake, then you should be wary, especially if the year of this animal is coming or approaching: 2025, 2037, and so on. During these periods, you can be left without housing and livelihood, and there will be no people nearby who can provide support.

The snake and the numbers 6 are a sign warning of the approach of the Antichrist, and with him all the terrible human vices will become active. This is the time of robbers and thieves.

A non-venomous snake approaching a person is a warning that the head of one of the strong states will start a military conflict with some weaker state. But if you take the warning into account, you can avoid this.

If you move away from global events, then for the dreamer such signs may lead to danger that can be avoided.

Bitten by a snake - you will be the reason for a scandal, perhaps even some kind of revolution will occur because of you.

A snake strangling a person means he is in danger.

Black - universal evil.

A snake entwining itself with something means that something dark hides the truth. Some negative people can deceive.

An attacking snake means disasters and financial difficulties.

Kill a snake - eliminate the enemy.

A snake with several heads can deceive big time.

The snake hidden in the fog symbolizes a nuclear missile. Such a dream warns of the possibility of a nuclear war.

A snake stares intently in a dream - special attention of influential people to your person. The attention is not with good intentions.

A ball of snakes - in reality, suffer from gossip, slander, and intrigue.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

The snake is hypocrisy, cunning. If she crawls, approaches - to malaise, illness.

Wriggling - to treason.

Killing a reptile means solving problems, making peace, getting out of a negative situation with dignity.

Lunar dream book

A snake dreams of illness. If you manage to kill or crush her in a dream, then the disease will also be defeated.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Snakes are enemies among females. To deal with a snake or several of them is to find a way out of their difficult life situation.


If a poisonous snake haunts you in a dream, boredom and apathy will also haunt you in real life.

If you bite your finger, there will be a misunderstanding with someone in the family.

A snake that attacked a dog dreams of self-doubt.

A reptile crawling on the bed means that in reality a betrayal of a lover will happen or has already occurred.


If you dream of a snake or other non-venomous snake, the fears that overcome you are, in fact, empty and groundless. Also, such a dream can talk about the condition of the spine and warn of problems with it if it has a negative connotation.

In the house

A black snake inside the house - to be appointed to a new position and a subsequent increase in income, a change in social status.

A big snake means changes in the family; you should be more careful and not leave your loved ones for a long time in order to protect them from troubles.

A small reptile means a change of profession; an opportunity will present itself that will lead to profit.

A snake in an aquarium is a deception from a loved one.

There are a lot of snakes inside the house - you need to increase the level of self-knowledge and self-improvement. The environment and the current situation contribute to this. There will be an opportunity to look at yourself differently, to open up from a new side.

Driving a snake out of the house means profit.

In the forest

To doubts in real life.


A bunch of live snakes - you will be able to reveal the deception.

From the dead - to gossip and scandals in the team.


One is to complications of illnesses.

Many snakes - to triumph over ill-wishers.


To health difficulties. It’s worth trying to say goodbye to bad habits.

Injury from a poisonous snake means difficulties in life.

Bitten in water - to a vicious relationship that will be revealed. Possibly because it will lead to illness.


Coping with difficulties, solving financial issues, recovery.

To strangle a snake means in reality a pleasant conversation with an interesting person.


Catching a snake in a dream means winning a conflict.

Some unpleasant situation, even extreme, is possible. But thanks to self-control, you will be able to overcome it safely.


To see a large snake in a dream means in reality to discover a source of energy, strength, and recovery. Getting rid of chronic diseases.


Success awaits, cherished wishes will come true.


Depends on who sees it.

  • A woman will have to compete for a man or a profitable position.
  • For a girl - material wealth.
  • For a man - improved health, a surge of strength and energy.


Enemies are close.

A man needs to be more careful with his words.

A married woman should be wary of her rival.

For an unmarried woman, such a dream predicts a new romance.

Anna Popova

Why do you dream of a dead snake?

Regardless of who caused her death, such a dream is often regarded as a good omen. The most popular interpretations of it are:

  • A surge of vitality, elimination of negativity;
  • Getting rid of competitors, ill-wishers who tried to destroy the plans of the sleeper;
  • Seeing killed reptiles in your own home means solving conflict situations in the family, bringing peace and prosperity to it;
  • If in a dream a dead reptile suddenly comes to life, beware of a new outbreak of already extinct quarrels and scandals;
  • For a woman, a killed animal can symbolize that she should not expect pregnancy in the near future;
  • Stepping on his dead body is a sign of joy;
  • If in the dream the dead reptile was red and black in color, a storm of positive emotions awaits you.

According to the dream book, many snakes are dual creatures, and an action such as a bite can indicate both great luck and possible problems. When interpreting, it is important to consider the location of the bite:

  1. Thumb - a visit to a respectable person who will solve your problem;
  2. Index and middle - wait for a marriage proposal;
  3. Ring and little fingers - you too often act according to feelings rather than reason;
  4. Lower back - worries about loved ones are coming;
  5. Neck in front - admit guilt and compare yourself with the enemy;
  6. Neck on the side - spontaneous joys are approaching;
  7. Back of the neck - you will have to give up important things for the sake of your partner.

If you dreamed of large snakes, then killing them means the end of something big. For example, a large-scale project at work, long negotiations or home renovations. When you kill a reptile with your own hands, it means that in reality someone will appreciate your talents. For creative people, a dead reptile is a sign of gaining new admirers and fans.

General interpretation

The interpretation of the symbol is complex and contradictory. Many people are afraid of reptiles. A dream in which she is present causes unpleasant feelings. For them the meaning will always be negative.

A reptile is a container of poison, which is why many perceive it as evil or a warning of danger.

In ancient cultures and in the East, the snake was considered a symbol of wisdom. She constantly changes her skin, therefore she serves as the embodiment of endless life and renewal.

It foreshadowed new experience and knowledge for the sleeper. In Judaism and Christianity, she is compared to Satan the tempter, who caused the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise. The Islamic view also added to this interpretation the symbolism of earthly power.

Seeing another person holding a snake in his hands means that he has influence on the life of the sleeper, power over him.

A friendly and kind snake means that an adviser and assistant will soon appear. A ball of reptiles or worms in your home means that in life you are entangled in intrigues, you are surrounded by attackers.

Creeping into the house - a close acquaintance wants to destroy the family. If a reptile dreams of being pregnant, it means that her child is not in danger and will be born healthy and strong.

Why do you dream about small snakes?

Such a dream is also interpreted depending on the circumstances:

  • If there are a lot of them, and they crawl into your bosom, expect the birth of sons in the family who will grow up to be worthy people;
  • A small snake biting symbolizes disappointment in someone close to you due to their ill will. But such a dream can also have a positive meaning - quick unexpected wealth;
  • If you hold a lot of small snakes in your hands, it means that troubles and problems will soon recede;
  • Accidentally stepping on an animal means you risk repeating mistakes that once turned into trouble;
  • Small snakes seen in large numbers in a dream can also indicate that you should be more careful with people whom you trust unconditionally. There is a risk that one of them is spreading rumors about you and weaving intrigues.

To correctly interpret your dream, you should analyze it - whether you dreamed about one snake or several, what characteristics the reptile had, what it and you did in your night dreams. Even if you don’t really like the meaning, don’t rush to get upset - perhaps your dreams are just a reflection of your feelings in real life, and will not have any unpleasant consequences.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some recommendations for interpreting the dream about the Serpent Gorynych. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the moon.

Assessing the feasibility of a dream on January 27, 2022

, according to the website Gadalkin House.
Today is Thursday, the Waning 4th quarter from January 25 16:42, the Night Sun entered the 1st house. If you had a dream on another day, you can look at the recommendations in this table
. Now let's look at the main indicators of today that influence the interpretation, according to astrologers.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexGuidelines for interpretation
Day of week:
Try to remember everything that you dreamed about on the night from Wednesday to Thursday as accurately as possible - pay attention to small, at first glance, insignificant details. Most likely, the interpretation of today’s dream will be somehow connected with your personal life or some hidden desires.
Lunar day:
25 Lunar day. Today is the day of prophetic dreams. Much of what you saw this night may come true in real life in the next lunar month. It’s more difficult with those dreams that you don’t want to come true. To avoid such a dream coming true, wash your face with cold water and whisper “The water has flown and the dream has gone.”
Moon in sign:
Sagittarius (28°18'55");
Sagittarius - in the case of dream interpretation, symbolizes the progress of relationships, the achievement of goals and a successful combination of circumstances. If you have come across something similar among the interpretations, take note.
Waning 4th quarter
Waning moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If there are some global projects coming up or active actions are required from you, put things off until the period of the waxing moon.

Dream books of psychologists

Anxious people dream of a snake

Several psychologists and psychoanalysts have paid attention to dreams. In their opinion, people with increased anxiety dream of a snake. It can be a manifestation of minor fears and health problems. The most famous dream books of this kind are Miller and Freud. How do they decipher the meaning of the dream?

Miller's Dream Book

Miller's dream book speaks negatively about the snake. In his opinion, this is always a warning of evil and danger. If a dead reptile bites, then you should expect betrayal from a close friend. Seeing a ball that wriggles or falls on someone means struggle and remorse. Killing an animal means not choosing means to achieve goals, dealing with enemies.

If you dream of snakes and you have to walk among them, you are constantly afraid for your health and well-being. Bites are the machinations of enemies. Did you see a small snake crawling that ran past, but then returned and began to grow? This means you have a bunch of small problems, the significance of which you greatly exaggerate.

A poisonous reptile wraps itself in rings and bites - you are surrounded by enemies that you cannot cope with. Such a dream also warns of a serious illness. Holding it in your hands means coping with troubles.

Hair turns into vipers - even small difficulties will cause you great anxiety. When a snake takes on strange shapes in a dream, you should gain strength and patience. If you take troubles more calmly, they will pass faster.

If a person is swimming and sees a viper, or steps on it while sleeping, it means that he is looking forward to a joyful event with great impatience. If a reptile stings another, it means you will offend a close friend or see injustice towards him. Small snakes - people you sympathize with want to harm. Seeing children playing with snakes, trying to understand your own environment, recognizing enemies and friends.

A hissing snake in your hands, showing its tongue, will help reveal the intrigue. When you dream of live snakes raising their heads behind a friend’s back, it means you will save him from a conspiracy and serious problems. To be bewitched by a cobra is to find an influential protector or friend.

Freud's Dream Book

Freud's interpretation of dreams about snakes has erotic overtones. The psychoanalyst viewed the animal as a phallic symbol. If it warms up in the sun, a person has excellent sexual tone. When a woman sees a reptile instead of a partner, it means she will soon change him.

If a man dreams of a snake instead of a partner, he has hidden homosexual tendencies.

A bite means that another man will soon interfere with the partner’s idyll. When an animal bites some other person, the sleeping girl is attracted to him. Chasing and catching a snake is a sign of increased sexuality. Running away from her means experiencing an aversion to sex, psychological problems.

Dreaming of a viper curled into a ring speaks of an addiction to masturbation. Crawling is a symbol of sexual intercourse. Admiring is the desire for erotic experiments and constant changes of partners. Kissing during sleep is the pleasure of oral sex.

Dream Books of Seers

Such famous seers as Nostradamus and Vanga also compiled a dream book about the snake. They tried to guess the future from night visions.

Vanga's Dream Book

Poisonous snake symbolizes loss

A crawling reptile warns of an imminent battle with enemies. If it is poisonous, you will lose.

If this is Already, you will easily emerge as a winner. A ball of snakes in a dream warns that a person is surrounded by petty ill-wishers, intriguers and serious rivals. Be careful, they threaten your health and well-being, destroy your family and even wish for death.

Bitten by a viper - you will soon be disappointed in your closest friend. Your problems and failures are connected precisely with his machinations.

The snake is curled into a ring - enemies are waiting for the right moment to sting you. The ring is tightened around the neck - soon you will have to find out about the illness of a loved one.

I dreamed of huge snakes - a warning about natural disasters, epidemics, wars. Such dreams warn that one of the earthly rulers is Satan in human form. If you fight monsters and kill them, then God will soon come to the aid of people. Fighting reptiles and spiders - a war between dictators.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

According to Nostradamus, the snake is a symbol of cunning and the fall. If many people dream about it often, it means the whole country is in danger. It is worth waiting for a crisis and even an attack from a neighboring state. Perhaps this is a warning about the coming of the Antichrist, the time of thieves and murderers. A viper bite is a warning about a big scandal, a political coup.

A huge snake on the neck is a great danger. The attacker dreams of hardships and disasters. An animal wrapped around a rod means they are hiding the truth from you. Curled up in a ring - beware of hidden enemies. If you kill her, then you get rid of them.

If you dream of three or four heads on a snake’s body, it means you will become a victim of a terrible deception.

According to the dream book, if you dreamed of a black snake, an incomparable evil awaits you. If you feel like a snake, then you have become a victim of very cruel people. A tangle of reptiles - beware of schemers.

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