Why Jesus Christ dreams - 70 interpretations from different dream books

Who had the dream

The family dream book interprets a dream with Jesus Christ as a sign of positive changes in your personal life. Depending on the gender and age of the dreamer, the predictions vary slightly.

To a woman

  1. For a young unmarried person - to the appearance of a new admirer who will look after her beautifully.
  2. For the bride - a gift from the groom's parents.
  3. For a married lady - to a harmonious relationship with her husband and prosperity in the home.
  4. For a widow - to meet an influential patron.
  5. An elderly lady - to meet children or relatives.

To a man

  1. For a young man - for a new romance that will develop into a serious relationship.
  2. For the groom - to a happy family life.
  3. For a married person - for career growth.
  4. For a divorced person - to return to the old family.
  5. For the elderly - additional income that a hobby will bring.


The future baby will be very talented and will be able to realize himself in life.

What kind of dream did Jesus Christ have?

Nostradamus in his predictions devoted a lot of space to how Christ appeared to the dreamer.


A crying Jesus Christ symbolizes problems for a loved one. Moral support will not be superfluous now. The troubles will end, but the feeling of comradeship will remain. This will bring you even closer together and give you a feeling of security for many years.


Family life will begin to bring satisfaction. Home will attract you with its comfort, warmth and mutual understanding with your loved ones.


Living a mediocre life and craving for expensive things can lead to serious financial problems. If you don't stop using borrowed money, bankruptcy is just around the corner. It's time to learn how to spend your finances wisely and pay off your debts.


Fatigue and emotional stress can lead to prolonged depression. It is necessary to establish a reasonable daily routine and at least get enough sleep. Walking alone in the fresh air will help restore energy balance.


Health problems can turn out to be much more serious than it seemed at first glance. There is no need to delay, it is better to undergo examinations and start treatment on time. Otherwise, the disease will knock you out of your working rhythm for a long time, and it will be difficult to restore it.

Walking on water

Jesus Christ walking on water in a dream means extraordinary luck in an important matter for the dreamer. Any obstacle will be eliminated as if by magic. Therefore, there is no time to waste so as not to regret the missed chance.

In infancy

Jesus Christ in infancy dreams of a long, calm life without strong shocks and ups. Everything will take its course.

Christ dream book

You happened to see the face of Christ in a dream: heaven is sending you a sign that should please you unspeakably: heavenly powers encourage your life and hope that you will not turn away from the thorny path of virtue onto the high road of vice.

If Christ smiles at you in a dream, a joyful event will soon happen in your life, and the business that you started quite recently will bear rich fruits. In any case, the dream suggests that heaven is pleased with you and you can expect God's blessings.

A dream in which you had the misfortune to see the stern face of Christ: foreshadows an unpleasant event for you. It is also possible that this sign

If Jesus Christ speaks to you in a dream: try not to forget a single word, because such a dream is prophetic, and everything said by the Son of Man will come true exactly.

If in a dream you see Christ being crucified: you will have to sacrifice yourself, whether you want it or not, this is how the circumstances will develop. One consolation

Taking part in the crucifixion of Christ or the persecution of him in a dream: you will betray a loved one for your own benefit or out of fear for your own life. In any case, your action will be unseemly and your conscience will torment you.

Taking down the crucified Christ from the cross: you will take on the role of comforter and protector of the suffering and unjustly offended. You may face serious dangers in this field, but this will not stop you, and you will fulfill your duty to the end.

Seeing the baby Christ in a dream means that you will soon become imbued with a new, little-known idea and try to spread it among friends and acquaintances, but you will not find understanding, which will plunge you into deep despondency. Don't give up

Newest dream book Christ »›

Christ: blessing. Everything will work out for you if your intentions do not contradict the law.

Psychoanalytic dream book Christ »›

Christ: the perfect man through whom the individual discovers immortality in himself.

Christ on Calvary, the agony of Christ: liberation through suffering: the selfish and demanding Ego is voluntarily sacrificed

dies and then is reborn as the true Self.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn Christ »›

Christ: can be a clear sign of the divine power living within you, selfless love, forgiveness, healing and spiritual attunement to higher energies.

Christ: This is also a symbol of sacrifice and martyrdom. Do you sacrifice yourself for others? Do you feel like a martyr in this life? Self-sacrifice benefits everyone, but self-sacrifice does not bode well for the future.

ABC of dream interpretation Christ »›

Christ: symbolizes the help and protection that you require. Represents love for the world and self-improvement. This dream calls for spiritual rebirth, a pure life.

Italian dream book Meneghetti Christ »›

Christ: every human “in this” has its own individual path of becoming. True bright self-realization will never give birth to this image, since it is a reflection of a divinely destined program.

The inner self unconsciously reflects two negative aspects in the image of Jesus Christ. Firstly, failed identity authentication along the path of life. Secondly, mechanical, erroneous adherence to authorities, ideologies, and society.

This image denotes a situation of “loss of self” by the subject, regardless of his greatness, virtue, compassion, justice, and integrity.

Esoteric dream book Christ »›

Christ, saints and apostles in a dream under a sacred face: as a rule, demonic entities are hiding, from which nothing good can be expected. Be critical of your state of mind: your deviations are the reason for the visit of the seducer.

American dream book Christ »›

Christ: God's power is within you.

Dream Interpretation of Azar Christ »›

Christ: a sign, great joy.

Medieval dream book Christ »›

To see Christ in heaven: to joy.

Mythological dream book Christ »›

Christ: a long period of suffering that will be a great reward and blessing

the sacrificial part of the dreamer's personality. Often: temptation from dark forces, lucifags (you cannot assume that you have seen God himself).

Vision of the inner glow of Christ: characteristic only of saints.

Christ as an archetype: associations: sacrifice, cosmic unity, love, compassion, ideal, ideal traits of the dreamer himself, spiritual knowledge, revelation.

What was Jesus Christ wearing in the dream?

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, clothing worn by Jesus Christ in a dream can help in deciphering the prediction.

In white clothes

Jesus Christ in white robes dreams of a successful coincidence of circumstances that will help resolve a complex issue without making titanic efforts. Everything will turn out to be much simpler than it seemed at the planning stage.

In a white sundress

A happy accident will help you avoid danger or make its consequences minimal. Nevertheless, precautions will not be unnecessary. God protects those who are careful.

In a white shirt

Circumstances will force the dreamer to choose between two unpleasant possibilities. Advice from a specialist in the field will help minimize losses.

In black clothes

Jesus Christ in black robes dreams of a difficult period in life, when complete concentration on work issues will be required. The chance of completing the assigned task is high, but moral and physical fatigue will be incredible. It will take time to recover. A vacation or weekend out of town with your family will help make this process faster.

In a golden robe

In a golden robe, Jesus Christ dreams of the opportunity to make good money in a new, unusual field of activity. If you receive an offer to change jobs, take your time. First, check how much you enjoy doing this activity. Money doesn't solve everything.

Where was Jesus Christ in the dream?

According to Veles’s dream book, Christ in a dream can predict both positive and unpleasant events. It all depends on where he was in the dream.

In the sky

Dreaming of Jesus Christ in heaven promises sad events in a family of close relatives. Help and support will be needed. At such moments in life, it is not customary to refuse, even if this interferes with your own plans.

On the cross

An ailment that seems insignificant at first glance will turn into a serious form. Treatment will be long if you do not consult a doctor in time. But even in this case, it will take more than one day for a complete recovery.

In a coffin

Dreaming of Jesus Christ in the tomb indicates a change in plans due to circumstances beyond the dreamer’s control. A business meeting where an important issue must be resolved will most likely be cancelled. This circumstance should be taken into account when planning.

On the ground

It will not be possible to solve a difficult problem that may appear this week without the help of an influential person. When you contact him, don’t forget to thank him later. Most likely, this will not be the last time his protection will be needed.

In the apartment

Dreaming of Jesus Christ in an apartment foreshadows losses due to risky operations in the hope of receiving good dividends. You should not engage in financial investments this week, no matter what prospects loom in your dreams. Even with large purchases it is worth holding off for now.

In crowd

Dreaming of Jesus in a crowd means problems with representatives of the law. This can range from a fine for violating traffic rules to more serious claims. In the next 2-3 weeks, you should follow all the rules more carefully and avoid even the slightest deviation from them.

In the temple

Jesus Christ in the temple dreams of circumstances that can help in career advancement. All that remains is to show initiative and earn additional bonuses in the eyes of your superiors. This will help in the future.

In the church

The dreamer accidentally learns someone else's secret. It should not be disclosed under any circumstances unless you want to get into trouble.

On the throne

A difficult order from your superiors can only be completed with a lot of effort. The more pleasant the praise of the leader will be. Increased authority will work when the question of promotion arises.

On the tree

Dreaming of Jesus Christ on a tree is a public insult to the dreamer. There is no need to do the same in response, otherwise it may turn into a brawl.

In a desert

A reminder of eternal values ​​and spirituality. Most likely, the dreamer has a bias towards material wealth. The dream reminds you that balance must be maintained.

On a donkey

A dream about Jesus Christ sitting on a donkey promises the conclusion of a profitable contract or deal. This dream is especially favorable for a person who is busy in his own business.

Dream about the coming of the Lord.

Today in a dream, the Lord revealed to me a small part of how His coming will happen. And not only…

It was amazing, wonderful, amazing, I tell you. It was such a sight, it was so beautiful, so beautiful that I can’t find words to describe the feelings I felt... It happened in the blink of an eye. A bright light was approaching in the sky, on raging clouds, like a flame of fire. Angels, angels, large angels, quickly scattered in all directions, one of them hovered in the air, the noise from the beat of their wings was heard... At the same time, the fallen descended to the ground , they were black as coal... The soul rejoiced with joy at the moment of ascension (at great speed). There was such joy, such happiness... But it was also shown what would happen if we stayed...

Oh, if you only knew how it would be... If you only knew what happiness it would be... Oh my God, I want to praise You forever!...

You will be ready to give everything, everything you have, in order to receive such an award. The whole world, all of humanity will look at the event taking place with admiration. And perhaps many are fiercely envious of those who will participate in this celebration... It’s not for nothing that they say that some will want to commit suicide...

Another fragment remained on the ground. Hundreds of demons surrounded, it was no longer possible to hide, no matter how hard I tried...

Vanu Ishmuhametov

About intimacy with Jesus

Friends, hello everyone! Now I was thinking about why Jesus calls us to stay awake and be close to Him in this last time. And the Lord explained this to me using the following example: let’s say you have your best friend with whom you spend all your time, but it happens that he stops calling, writing, etc. You come to his house, he opens the door and says: Oh, is that you? I don’t have any free time right now... if you want, come on in. Agree, you will feel uncomfortable because you are an unwanted guest. This is why Jesus calls us to be intimate with Him. He will not do anything by force. Even if you are saved, when He appears and you are in vanity, He cannot take you with Him. This is what it means to many He will say: “Get away from me...” (We thought You would come later) That’s the whole point. Friends, don't take your focus off Jesus, He's coming! All the best to you!



This morning the Lord gave me a dream about the last days before the coming of Jesus Christ. I dreamed that I was in some bad company, drinking and smoking - I was SINNING, and I understood that something was happening, that the LORD was coming like a thief. Suddenly. Suddenly, out of nowhere, some people whom I don’t know appear next to me, and they try to keep me from sin, they reprove me and do not allow me to sin. EVERYTHING happened unexpectedly, I find myself in some house along with other people (transferred) and people who are next to us and support us, I understand that they are protecting us from someone, telling us what to do, I understand that these are the ANGELS OF THE LORD and what The Lord is about to come for us and we will be lifted up. They gathered all the chosen ones into one place. Then I see how they moved my family, daughter and dad. Kirill was not there with me, and I didn’t even think or worry about him. It's as if he doesn't exist. It's like he's dead. Then I called dad to repentance and asked him to just say LORD forgive me for everything. I told him. that JESUS ​​is already coming and he has repented, I see his tears. The ANGEL tells me that I also have unrepentant sin. I immediately repent of the fact that I gave way and gave way to the FLESH and drank and smoked. After she repented, everything began to shake. the angels disappeared somewhere or became invisible and I realized that someone was coming, SCARY. I realized that it was Satan coming. A handsome man came in and began to approach people and tell them something, seduce them, offer them, and so on. And I see how many he takes with him. He also took away those whom he had the right to, who had unrepentant sins before the Lord. He deceived even the elect. Then he came to me. I felt such HATE. I firmly told him no. He told me something, seduced me, offered me something, and so on, but I only heard a SNAKE HISSING. Then he left, disappeared and did not take me, because he had NO rights to me. He had nothing to cling to and nothing to seduce me with. Then the ANGELS of the LORD appeared again and served us, those who remained. Then the Angel told me to cover my head, I obeyed him and went to the room where my little daughter was. And suddenly, sharply and quickly, I hear the SOUND of an electric discharge and lightning, and everyone who is not covered fell dead at the same time. Only those who obeyed and covered their heads remained alive. I see that the Angel took care of my daughter; she had a towel wrapped around her head. I rejoice and praise the Lord And then I wake up

I don’t understand about the head covering, but I CLEARLY understand everything else. I think that covering the head is complete obedience and complete trust in the Lord. Many Christians will be deceived, Satan will find a place in them and deceive them and take them with him. The angels of the Lord will help us lately, telling us what to do. Therefore, you need to be under the FULL GUIDANCE of the HOLY Spirit, you also need to be firm, deny yourself completely and not give room to Satan - the FLESH.




Marina Dudykina


My rivers! You flow from My Throne.

Don’t let the “beavers” come to you, don’t let them build “dams” on you, and don’t let you become a dam!

I don't want a swamp, I don't want a dam!

You are My rivers, which flow from My Throne and flow into My Ocean.

Don't let the beavers who want to remake you for themselves and for themselves. When they build their dams, My water cannot flow through these dams.

My Holy Spirit is humbled and cannot flow through you because a dam has been built.

Many have allowed the “beavers” to come so close to them that the dam is already powerful, and My river cannot flow through them and finds other ways to flow through other hearts.

I will find - My water is so strong that it will find something to flow through and how to flow out. But I don't want your heart to become closed and there is a dam. Don’t let the “beavers” approach you, who build you in their own way,

who want to remake you to suit themselves, to suit their understanding, to suit human teachings, since it is clear to them, because what they do not understand

from My Spirit they will not receive. They will adjust you to themselves and create a dam.

But My rivers, I speak to you today! Flow!

Don't let any "beaver" come near you!

Flow My Love, flow My Power and My Anointing!

Flow My rivers with My Holy Spirit and water the nations, water them while there is still time!

Give them something to drink so that they can see how the rivers of My Love flow, so that they

accepted this, were filled with My water and flowed with you into the One River.

So that they are filled with Me and swim in the same river with you.

Prophecy of Elena Kruglova

What did Jesus Christ do in a dream

According to the Modern Dream Book, seeing Jesus in a dream means receiving help from complete strangers. Depending on what Christ did, the dream may have other meanings.

Interpreted the Holy Scriptures

A change of job or a new hobby will help you realize untapped potential. In addition to a feeling of satisfaction, this can also bring good profit.


No one will be able to ruin their good mood this week. Even annoying misunderstandings will not affect him. If the dreamer repeated the words of the prayer after Jesus, then such a dream means working on mistakes. You'll have to correct your mistakes.

Wiped the blood from his face

Such a plot means the embodiment of secret sexual fantasies in real life.

I read a sermon

This dream says that at a difficult moment in life, you should seek advice from an older relative or mentor at work. The words heard in the sermon will help you more accurately understand the meaning of the dream.


If Jesus smiled in a dream, the dream foreshadows a happy period in personal relationships. Harmony and trust will settle in the house.


A crying Jesus Christ symbolizes sad events in the family. Perhaps the death of a close relative whom the dreamer loved very much.

Talked to you

Such a dream symbolizes small obstacles that will prevent things from moving forward. Don't waste your time and energy in the next two weeks trying to achieve your goal. It's better to do something pleasant. And return to your worries a little later, then everything will turn out much faster and easier.

hugged you

If Christ hugged you in a dream, it means an increase in income due to an increase in salary or the emergence of an additional source of money. This money can be spent on home improvement. Then they will bring a sense of satisfaction to the whole family.

Turned away from you

Such a dream symbolizes committing an act for which you will later have to be ashamed for a long time. Don't rush to justify yourself with circumstances. There is always another way.


The dreamer - to meet an influential person who will help in a difficult situation.

Blessed the child - the goal was already close. All that remains is to extend your hand.

Treated someone

For those who are sick - to recovery.

Healthy - to a surge of mental strength that will be needed now at work. The situation there will not be the most favorable.

Resurrected the dead

Such a plot is dreamed of the news of the death of a relative or acquaintance. This will not lead to deep sadness, but it is necessary to help close relatives of the deceased with money or deeds.

Knelt down

A loved one can let you down at a difficult moment. This will not be a malicious act. This is how the circumstances will turn out. It's better to have a backup plan in advance.

The meaning of God in a dream according to different dream books

The image of God in a dream has been exciting the minds of not only religious figures, but also dream researchers from an esoteric perspective for more than a millennium. After all, the appearance of a being as powerful as the Creator himself cannot pass without a trace for a person who happened to see Him in a dream. The esoteric point of view lies in the theory that the Divine appearance in a dream predicts changes in the dreamer’s life or warns of just retribution. Also, the appearance of God in a dream can speak about the chosenness of a person, about his special mission on Earth.

In the middle of the 19th century, another point of view regarding the interpretation of dreams appeared - psychoanalytic. According to the interpretation of dreams about God from the perspective of psychoanalysis, such a dream can reflect the internal state of a person. In some cases, seeing God in a dream is considered an indirect sign of narcissism and delusions of grandeur.

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In any case, it is impossible to determine the exact interpretation of the dream without the help of the works of researchers of night dreams. Let's consider the meaning of the image of God in a dream according to the most famous dream books.

According to Loff

According to the point of view of the famous psychoanalyst and researcher of the phenomenon of dreams David Loff, if a person saw God in a dream or felt the invisible Divine presence, he should reconsider the most important aspects of his own life.

The principle of interpreting a dream about the Lord according to Loff’s dream book is a systematic and independent analysis of one’s vision. If you had a similar dream, answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Did God appear to you in the Flesh, or did you see his image or feel the Divine appearance?
  • What feeling did you have in the dream? Did you feel comfortable?
  • Has your Divine Guest spoken to you? If so, what did he tell you?

According to Loff, the image of God in a dream is the higher “I” of a person, his inner voice, his sixth sense. Dreams in which this higher level of the subconscious is activated are prophetic. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to interpret them correctly.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

According to the point of view of the eminent esotericist Evgeniy Tsvetkov, the Divine image in a dream is interpreted depending on the plot of the night’s dreams:

  • Praying to the Lord means that a person will have a streak of luck in life, as well as success and prosperity;
  • If a person sees God speaking to him, he should listen to His words. Such a dream is prophetic, and what the Creator says will certainly come true;
  • Seeing the silent Divine Face - such a dream predicts the dreamer to be seduced by dubious pleasures. In essence, this is a test of the strength of his spirit;
  • Seeing the Lord for a woman or girl means that she either really misses her father, or is completely subordinate to the will of her parent and depends on him.

According to Miller

Gustav Miller is a famous psychoanalyst and somnologist who devoted his life to studying the phenomenon of dreams. This researcher interprets the image of God in a dream negatively. According to Miller's dream book:

  • If a man dreams about Jesus , he should be careful. His will can be broken by a tyrannical woman;
  • Hearing the Voice of God in a dream means in reality being subjected to unjust condemnation for uncommitted offenses;
  • Seeing God crucified on the cross means that health problems and a serious illness are coming, the result of which can be fatal for the dreamer;
  • Jesus praying in a dream means that a person will feel guilty and repentant about a seemingly insignificant offense, the consequences of which were monstrous;
  • Seeing a benevolent God is the only favorable image according to Miller. The dreamer expects the patronage of an influential person, and his business will go uphill.

According to other dream books

In other dream interpretation dictionaries, the image of God is not considered so widely. However, some interpretations of the Divine phenomenon should still be given special attention:

  • As the French dream book testifies , if a person dreams of God and a conversation with him, the dream means immediate joy and consolation;
  • According to Freud's dream book, the appearance of the Divine in a dream can foreshadow the appearance in the dreamer's life of a divinely beautiful person of the opposite sex;
  • According to the interpretation of Ayurveda , a dream in which God appears to a person is unique in nature. Such dreams imply the presence of a higher Self, as inexhaustible energy, higher intelligence and comprehensive wisdom;
  • According to the predictions of Nostradamus, the Lord who appeared in a dream can both bless a person to accomplish feats and announce future disasters right up to the Apocalypse. The interpretation of the dream depends on the plot and behavior of the Divine Essence. If the Lord is angry, expect trouble;
  • The Mayan dream book will allow you to interpret it depending on the color scheme. The red robes of the Lord promise the sleeping person a good teacher who will appear on his path in the near future. If God is dressed in black or is not visible to the sleeping person, this indicates death, which is somewhere very close. Moreover, it is rather not its physical form, but its spiritual one: a streak of failures, an emotional crisis;
  • According to the gypsy dream book, the Mother of God and the Child God, seen in the middle of the crowd, means that you need to devote more time to loved ones, especially children.

What exactly did you dream about?


An icon with Jesus Christ symbolizes a successful period in life for new beginnings. You can safely implement ideas and open a business. It is advisable to go through the formation stage before the white streak ends. So, don't delay.

Face of Jesus Christ

The face of Jesus is seen in dreams of favorable conditions for the implementation of plans. Everything should go without a hitch.


A figurine with Jesus Christ seen in a dream foretells happiness and prosperity in the family.


A statue of Christ dreams of receiving a large sum of money as a gift or inheritance from a distant relative.


Such a dream symbolizes an unpleasant conversation with parents or an older relative. You should not react sharply to these errors. This will be done with the best intentions.


Ideas that are not well thought out will remain dreams. There will not be enough resources to implement them, only time and money will be wasted.

Actions of the Savior

What is important for deciphering a dream is what actions Jesus Christ performed in relation to the dreamer:

Why do you dream about toys according to various dream books?

Behavior of Jesus ChristInterpretation
Walked on the waterLuck, fortune, fulfillment of plans, embodiment of long-held hopes
RisenThe onset of a new, favorable stage in life
SpokeThe most significant dream possible: you should remember the words of the Savior, because they contain great meaning
SmiledJoyful events, success, material wealth
Showed dissatisfaction with the sleeping personA sign that a person is doing wrong and the possibility of punishment for reprehensible acts
Read prayersWarning against unrighteous acts
Stretched out his handHelp from above
Sat on the throneThe person sleeping in real life is tormented by his conscience, so it is necessary to restore justice
TouchedAbility to endure many challenges
HealedBe able to regain the lost position

Deeply religious people believe that after sleeping with Jesus Christ, when waking up, you need to cross yourself three times and say a prayer. Afterwards, you should not tell anyone about the dream.

This will allow you to remember all the small details of the dream and determine the meaning of the dream more accurately.

Who did Jesus Christ dream about?

According to the healer Akulina, the prediction of a dream changes depending on who was next to the Savior.

With God

Seeing Jesus Christ together with God the Father in a dream means moving or changing jobs. In both cases, changes will be beneficial. The level of well-being will rise.

With Our Lady

The white streak, which will soon come in the dreamer’s life, will bring with it good luck in all areas of life. We need to take advantage of this moment, as it will not last as long as we would like.

With mythical deities

To meet a person who will bring you into your circle of friends. Their interests will differ from the usual ones, and can completely captivate the dreamer.

With the angels

Jesus Christ with angels dreams of a loved one’s illness, which will be difficult, but will end in recovery.

Dream Jesus Christ. Why do you dream about Jesus Christ in white?


On an intuitive level, a person understands that the image of Jesus is associated with some kind of spiritual search. It can warn that you are acting rashly, or be an incentive for further spiritual development. In the article we have collected for you the opinions of several famous interpreters who determine what it means to dream of seeing Jesus Christ in a dream.


In the human subconscious, the image has some higher meaning. For a correct interpretation, you need to understand how the son of God behaved in your dream. He didn't have to say anything to be understood.

You need to pay attention not only to words, but also to facial expressions. For example, sadness warns you that you are doing unseemly things, and deep down you understand this.

On the contrary, a joyful and spiritual face indicates that you have embarked on the path of spiritual purification and are moving towards self-improvement.

People's dream book

The classical interpreter states that the image can have many different interpretations. Why you dream of seeing Jesus Christ in white in a dream depends on what mood he was in and whether he said anything:

  • a smiling face indicates that you are on the right track. You do good things, but try to avoid sins. The coming period will be favorable for the implementation of your plans, since the Son of God favors you;
  • to see that his face is frowning, or that Jesus has turned away altogether is a bad sign. He says that you are now in a dangerous situation. You need to be careful in your actions if you want a successful resolution of what is happening;
  • if Christ appears to the newlyweds on the eve of the wedding, this indicates that he blesses their union. Married life will be long and happy;
  • if the face floats in the air, it is a symbol of spiritual rebirth, strengthening of faith and self-realization. Perhaps you are now in thought and do not know what choice to make. If you follow the right path, you can achieve anything you want;
  • to see a cracked icon with a face in a dream - you have lost faith in God and in yourself. You need to understand what is the cause of the internal conflict and eliminate it.

Freud's Dream Book

In the dream book of a famous psychoanalyst, the image of Jesus Christ is associated with the sin that you commit. Freud believed that the face is the one who perceives the relationship with a partner as something wrong and sinful.

Perhaps you are dating a person who is officially married. However, the guru of psychoanalysis did not exclude that you yourself imposed this stereotype on yourself.

It may also be that in fact there is nothing sinful in your relationship, it’s just different from relationships between other people.

Miller's Dream Book

The interpreter determined that to see God’s son in a dream means to feel in reality the despotism of a powerful female person. If you were talking to him at the same time, you may soon encounter illness, things will go wrong, and relationships with others will collapse.

In your vision, Jesus prayed - this speaks of repentance and a feeling of regret for past misdeeds. He forgave you and blessed you - a powerful person will provide you with protection. As a result of this, you will achieve everything you dream of.

You have felt grace - you can find true faith. Hearing the voice of Christ at the same time means future prosperity. People around you will respect you and show you respect.

Vanga's Dream Book

According to the clairvoyant, seeing the image means that soon the population of the planet will participate in religious confrontation. People will suffer many losses due to this conflict. It will take a lot of time to get life back on track.

If you dream that you are removing an icon with a face, there will be another crisis of faith, during which people will not live according to the established commandments. If you dreamed that you saw the son of God in a church, you will find consolation in faith. Now you think that you are inclined towards atheism, but one day everything will change. Feeling a blessing means finding a powerful patron.

Longo's Dream Interpretation

This dream book claims that vision is a kind of sign from above. It predicts you good luck in business and the acquisition of true faith. If you continue on the path of virtue, then everything will be fine in your life. The interpreter also contains the following explanations of dreams:

  • Jesus smiles at you - something very important and happy will happen in the near future. Perhaps you will complete a project that you spent a lot of effort on. You will be happy with how everything turns out in the end;
  • to see that Christ is upset or dissatisfied with something is a bad symbol. This warns that you are not acting in the best way, for which you will be punished. You have to go through numerous tests. If you can endure them with honor, you will be forgiven and find happiness;
  • talking to God's son and listening to his speeches is a prediction of something. It is important to remember exactly what he said, because his words will prove prophetic;
  • If you dreamed that Jesus was being crucified on the cross, you have to make a great sacrifice. Your wishes will not be taken into account because you will not be able to control your circumstances. The action you take will bring invaluable benefits. You may be able to save someone's life;
  • if you yourself participate in the crucifixion of Christ, this indicates that you will show cowardice. Soon you will betray your loved one because you will not be able to cope with your own temptation. After this you will greatly regret your actions;
  • If you dream that you are removing God’s son from the cross after the crucifixion, in reality you will bring consolation to those who need it. You will become a defender of the oppressed, although this path will not be easy for you. But you will not be afraid of difficult trials and will continue the good work;
  • if Jesus appeared to you in the form of a baby, it means that you will soon have to come up with something new. At first, the project will seem crazy to others, and they will dissuade you from implementing it. This will be very frustrating, but don't give up. As a result, you will find those who will support you, and you will be able to realize your plans together.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

In this interpreter, the image that appears suggests that you will be able to find the patrons you so need. At a difficult stage of life's journey, you will not be left without help. Don't despair as support is on the way, you just have to wait a little longer. In addition, the dream suggests that you need to move along the path of spiritual development.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

According to this dream book, Christ is a symbol that warns a sleeping person about something. Most often, the dream represents someone who may soon commit a serious offense. If you dream that Jesus is sitting on the throne, you will suffer from an unseemly act, which you yourself will commit.

If you dreamed that the son of God was wandering through the desert and experiencing suffering - you have forgotten spiritual values ​​and are behaving badly. In your vision, he is praying - you may soon be seriously mistaken about something. If he appears in the form of a baby, it means that you will experience a surge of faith and will be able to find peace of mind.

Christ was a carpenter - you should work harder. If you dream that he is preaching among people, you need to find a spiritual mentor. If you dreamed that Jesus was walking on water, you will be strengthened in your faith and aspirations.

The Dream of Jesus Christ Link to main publication

Other dream plots about Jesus Christ

  1. Kneeling before Jesus - according to Miller’s dream book, some misfortune may happen to a loved one. It will be necessary to provide him with moral support and take all the worries upon himself.
  2. Dreaming of kissing Jesus' feet represents the risk of becoming a victim of tragic events. Particular caution should be exercised in public places. Try to avoid large crowds these days. Take care of yourself.
  3. Jesus Christ surrounded by the apostles, according to Loff’s dream book, dreams of a white streak in life, when all matters will be resolved much faster than usual. Peace and harmony will settle at home. Enjoy this moment, especially since there is hard work ahead.
  4. Dreaming of going up to heaven with Jesus means career growth in your enterprise or an offer of another job, where a position higher than the one the dreamer currently holds will be offered.
  5. If Jesus Christ was touched in a dream, Sigmund Freud considered such a dream a symbol of the fact that a cherished desire, which one was even afraid to dream about, could come true in the most fantastic way.
  6. To see in a dream how Jesus Christ died, according to Phoebe’s Great Dream Book, forgetfulness can lead to unpleasant consequences. In the coming days, it is necessary to monitor the fulfillment of promises more closely. It is best to abandon them completely for now, at least categorically.
  7. If in a dream Jesus Christ died and then rose again, all obstacles on the way to the goal will suddenly disappear, and it will be possible to achieve what you want. The only thing that can prevent this is the dreamer's laziness.
  8. If in a dream Jesus came out of the fog, according to the dream book of Catherine the Great, reluctance to control one’s own emotions can lead to a serious conflict in the professional sphere. It is necessary, at least in the next couple of weeks, to show diplomatic skills and try to restrain your anger.
  9. Jesus Christ came to church by car - all planned things will go much faster than expected. You need to take advantage of this moment and not put off all the most important things for later.
  10. Jesus Christ came to the funeral of a stranger - a long trip. This can be either a business trip or a vacation trip. A friend - to the long life of the one who dreamed of being dead.
  11. If in a dream you stood naked in front of Jesus Christ, the Intimate Dream Book predicts that some event will undermine self-confidence. You don't need to take everything so seriously. Everyone has failures.
  12. According to the Ukrainian dream book, praying to Jesus symbolizes a favorable period in life, when it will be possible to finish everything that has been put on the back burner. Over the next two weeks, luck will smile on those who decided to deal with old debts.
  13. Sitting at the same table with Jesus - Miss Hasse's dream book interprets this dream as unfavorable. It portends problems at work, dissatisfaction with management. If the dreamer shows dissatisfaction in an aggressive manner, a demotion may follow.
  14. According to the Russian dream book, following Jesus means a long illness that will change all plans and prevent you from completing your work on time.
  15. According to the French dream book, asking Christ for help in a dream means receiving the support of an influential person in real life.
  16. Kissing the hands of Christ - according to the Love Dream Book - a cherished desire can come true very soon thanks to friends.
  17. According to the English dream book, washing Jesus’ feet in a dream promises the appearance of a new acquaintance who will become a best friend for many years.
  18. Arguing with Jesus in a dream means betraying a faithful friend in a difficult situation. This will greatly undermine faith in people and cause severe depression.
  19. To be baptized at the sight of Jesus Christ - wasted time will not bring satisfaction.
  20. According to the Home Dream Book, you dream of accepting gifts from Jesus Christ to the defeat of ill-wishers.
  21. Wearing a cross with the image of Jesus in a dream means hopes for a happier future will come true only if you make enough efforts to achieve it.
  22. To dream of meeting Jesus Christ on the street means reconciliation with an old enemy. After the subject of rivalry disappears, it will be possible to establish constructive relationships.
  23. If you dreamed of Jesus with a halo on his head, the dreamer will have the opportunity to appropriate the results of someone else’s work. You shouldn’t do this, since the truth will still be revealed and there is a risk of getting into an uncomfortable situation.

Seeing not Christ himself, but only his statue

Often in a dream you may see a statue of Jesus or an icon. Is it worth considering such visions, giving them meaning? Interpreters still advise looking at information about what the following dreams mean: “I see a crucifixion,” “I see icons.”

Why do you dream about a statue of Jesus Christ? This plot is no different from the vision in which you simply saw the son of God. If the statue looked good and you did not experience negative emotions in the dream, then you will be able to enlist support when you need it.

Why do you dream about the icon of Jesus Christ? At the moment, the sleeping person is in dire need of support. Only a person endowed with a certain social position can help you. The sooner you get his support, the better for you.

According to the dream book, an icon of Jesus Christ that is cracked indicates that the dreamer has stopped believing in himself. His faith has been shaken, he has lost his bearings, and cannot find the right way out of the situation. First of all, you should understand yourself. When you are able to understand your fears and desires, you can build a future life.

The icon is held in the hands of a clergyman - unfortunately, you do not find understanding and support from those closest to you. You want to get closer to them, to gain their approval, but you come across a wall of misunderstanding and alienation.

If you yourself are depicted next to the Lord on the icon, then your ambitions are somewhat inflated. You should be more realistic about your abilities.

Dreaming of the Ascension of the Lord

Also, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ or an icon with his image may be a sign that you are endowed with great inner strength. Thus, all your actions can have consequences, both for the people around you and for yourself. Be extremely careful, always think about your words and actions.

The face of Jesus depicted in the picture also says that a certain person is closely watching your life. Think about what kind of person is trying to control you.

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